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never had


Recipe swapping

" , aTong neighbours and wider travelling by young people has led to "" >'reater range of in gredients used in the in ternational recipes at every cook's fingertips.

Margaret Fulton of c"ri

weefcS,andS,in Canb"°T tott

femeAdosi;? Wot'

brief sta" P dUn"B hcr


recipe", Mrs Fullon safe!.

pans and, if possible, invest m an iron oven casserole,

" ?hey may seem very ex 5K? at.,the lime b.« they Md 'hfm for a lifetime and these days they are so at .active that they ea" be

She °h^C ,ab!c". ^c said

fnr fi-r a, special liking Jor Italian dishes and the squid recipe is taken from her'Italian Cookbook"

t ' rec'ne, Chinese style 'or shredded beef and omons is taken fr0ro the! Marpi-et Fulton Cook-'

The recioe Mrs Barlin If", tor her pikelets i"

added for good measure.


,c" Ingredients 750gr (Hlb) squid. 3 tblspns olive oil. salt and pepper.

_ . Method

»Kin squid, remove head and msides, rub any black

wash15 futWh-h, and

. 4 v*Ut into several

, Pieces for grilling 0r fmo

llmi slices for pan fry na f Vlace in a dish with oil? s"tt

P=PPer to season and

occasionally.0116 h°"r U,rnin8

To pan fry: heat a heavv "ToSl?-A

Si S'S«C." ","omT 5°r ftMSol'S

sionallj; with oil. g Ca"

*P. Piquant sauce: pan frv *?!i i >r ^ cloves garlic Whni'f ?, snla" hot chilli When tender, remove garlic

Mrs Fulton at the Embassy Motel, DeaKin,

last week.

and chilli. Combine 1 table spoon each of breadcrumbs,

t parsley and butler and toss over squid, stirring over a high heat for 1 min ute. Serve with lemon wedges.




500gr (lib) fillet of beef 1 tsp salt

1 egg white

1 tblspn cornflour 4 tblspns oil

4 onions, thinly shredded oil for deep frying

1 tblspn Chinese wine or dry sherry

1 tblspn sugar

1 tblspn soy sauce Method

Pound beef with back of chopper or large knife. Slice thinly and inlo strips 5cm (2in) long and ' icm ('/iin) wide. Mix beef with salt, egg white and coin fiour. Heat 4 tablespoons oil and fry onions until soft

and light brown. Remove to plate.

In hot oil, deep fiT bcel for half a minute, drain. Put beef and onion-: inio 2 tablespoons hot oil, then add wine, sugar and soy sauce. Stir over high heat for two minutes Serve im mediately.



1 cup self-raisms flour £ Isp saU .

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda 2 tblspoons sugar 1 egg

i cup sour > milk (or fresh with 1 tsp vinegar)

1 desstspn melted butter


Sift dry ingredients, stir in remainder of ingredients and mix into a smooth paste. Drop dessertspoons of the mixture on to a light ly-greased heavy based pan heated to 200 degrees C (3S0 degrees F). Turn when light bubbles form and cook on reverse side. Serve with butter or jam and whipped


Digitisation generously supported by
Friends of the National Library of Australia
Digitisation generously supported by
Friends of the National Library of Australia