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The shouting of the people has died away

and they have turned their faces to one

another again fiom n dall brown horse ' the Pirismn has won the Alclhournc (up before the ives of probablv li1) 000 people

Hit greatest multitude that Ins ever rushed j

to I lemington No hoise in Hie lift) )ears that enfold the biston of the Mel bourne. Cup ran to nctor) before such an immense and brilliant iissimbligc It was a httmg jubilee gtthcniig over »»Indi pom ed as a fountain the sunlight of pro-pent)

Pitches of blue sk) peered through (loee) clouds in the morning and cxp miling as Hie sun rose higher formed at middav an almost unbroken canop) On the racc iom_e blue w is ndiant not ont) m the sk) hut in the costume» i f the Indie* mid m then parasols, twirled light before men s i.xcs na tin omen the ladies ina) sa) that gre» nnd white nnd in un were les pre- dominating colours as bim hut the fact remains tint the udcr of Hie Parisian woie a blue jacket, and ¿hut being so, blue was tile striking oolam of the da)

Liri) nrhvals nt the course who hoped to enjo) long uninterrupted piomcmlcs along lawns and vol gain with mt dilheultt, seats in the lcrricc found that thousands of people had aimed before them Bv li niluik the Terrace Beats were occupied sue in the rc-encs for the »iceregal pir tics ami tin merrilie s of the ARC Indies in plumed hats s it in solid ranks is if on guard, and here uni there at wide «inter »als sat soht in men deep m thought wondering perchance how m the long dix before them the) might make their escape for n bet 01-lo see a friend \ soft brcize pi lied about the «lins m the silent betting ring und the new I) nit linns and the rose blooms smelt fresh and sweet in the mona ing mi and the birds then hld not been l"re.litoned nv»n» to the treetops l*lic (lal w is like a »1st green pildoik on «»hull Hu drosse» of ii few in!« Iluttercd like I lues of paper m iltcicd bv Hi« wind The hill was but» nul M ein, ind |cicoftil ami in «he dislamc the elms along the mom _tn drnc Mimed like gricciul green um brellts of Ince

Hut the motorcar*, with window« nnd limps and lins* mounting* Hashing in the sunlight, glided in front of llio llunhjr noag stund, and carnages ihttcil noise Itsslj 'dong the tan, and discharged their louds of gaily dressed p issenger* nt the 1 nilling »tip« in unbroken ordir, n*_if Hie nrnt it had been rehear»»! *- 1 he people from Hie trims ( une trooping down the »Up» to the Tirracc, laughing eli ned nml pil pit went tin» shoes mid In nail boot« for ii little white, until then »vi« n willi neve

(ii ling stnnm of people and the pit pat* ««I« lost li I «oiitiiiunu« dutter *> on (he lawns líenme strewn willi gn»ir ! blooms than Hu» li id i»ei bien grated

with bcfori Hu blossoms in the »tarni* t \ pandisl and the scene be« um lulled willi mun» bright hut* »»hull all liiriunni«ed in Hu sunlight in Hu Miling of Brien, nnl

the wlute-streikcd blue skv

The people of the Hit sw murd in blick man-is nt the northurst <titi ut Hu t ist tndosiirc Wuk I« the colour of the foot liall i row ii tin n uki I nott«! tin eight hoursirowils and Hu nuegoers of the tilt The «Ut nrttsiui nml the mile fntoit limul lovi thrir haul hot hnxir hats ml their Hillls dirk suits willi a w iroith windi th«

hottest-.nu nitiiilinti* 'Hie whit« ntl or groin milln i 11 n« of the gul« mull lu nsd» r nint«ii ¡n the blaikncss In their «mm ings nuil til«ir »waving») the people of tim lint »ecmed like bluk and white unrlili« rolling to and fro on a huge grten lui re table Tin} wcie so con»lanllv on tin nion without un» ippinnt nirthod, tim their »u«mungs luther and llntliu miuli them nppiar as if the» weic ul'ninl of some Ihiiig-n* if. for last inn, lluj were ft ulitrnprl of being iramplel upon Hut the i onl> trouble w i« tint lint win« anxious to see o«cr»thing mil on Hu flat Hill i» nn ttnilirtivkmg llu people of the lull appeared n« if the» lind no room to mi vi ovin if the» vine nnxiou« lo «lu so It »» i« hard to r« disc lim lhere Wiro commodious »lind» ptctnrt spot*, not lu mav fruin tin ii (IomIv prosud ranks 1 mm llio crown of Hu lull uoeo a «loud of mole-from Hu pipe* ni Hu min-windi ?suggested thal a lui would verv »hortlv break out ind lonsunie Hie piopl«

Not onlv vvns the githermg inornions mt uiilv w is the dnssing woiukrful ami lu ml if ni ni it« haiiuniiu* nml contniRts li* lolonnng« and it« designs, hut it »vu* nil emin icing It was the most losmopoli tin etei »»on it I lemmgloii \ iro-rovitltv nnd the repiisintiitu«« of the Hiitlsh nniiv nnd nutt nml llu tnimmllii- of Hi« A II C alono stniiil iloof Hill nu the lawn llileimingled number« of the House ol Commons m the pcismi« of tin Irish in lois visitor* from lu minni nml Ita.» (members of the Melba O pi ra ( nni|i.iiii I wool hu»or« flinn I rum uni othtr I um pean i mini i n * \ slung of I linicsi thrcndnl tluoiii.h tin billing uni, n .lapanesi gtiilhiiiiu in in uiepiouliiibli J ngllsli Hld suit tink »iiip-hutw of lim dunging semes Um st enrj iiiitlon »»li« I li|iies<nlcil und the luopl« ol ¡ilmosl

tvn» loloiu win Hu re ]

Ill fine (lu hrst I ne (lion vi i« the usual I Mt i ula. nt «horns 11 "ia Hu lulling ung mulei the elm«, from Hu In ukiinikiis m dont nf Ila hill »I,mils uni fiom linn gnuie ilniikiil lut'tliriii m llie Imlln« Hu shunting ewollul min ii gi mil nullum, willi »mil ».iiion ni Hu ilma limn: full justit t tn Un mus, »el lulim it Im m ti i|iietiiliim Hat tin mihi iii soil, ii, I

ni »ohmio »ir» t ni» in Un ml. i im,,ii li ,

was mil lit tuiisi the IiiihI iniiki i» »u i« nu I | m lionise, hut Unie was nu nu.-site I'm I thiiii lo sing ni shout m luil fu nunn» und bits, 'lluro »ni« no mttssil), and Unte Wits tin linn As fist as \\» bookmaker« could pix Unir pt in ils Hiev limito wilgirs. 'Hu thrushes Im,I no tim« to slng-lhero won too many worms to be picked up on Iii« law n. U-sUc mid rcnose

ful was the sreno in the morning-in the call) idternoon from the gentle slope one loikid for a moment on to a qmxcriiig lake of h ils ami was prosee I onward b)

nn urn» m the rear

Aten and women who bul their »» ilkmg sticks broken mid their dresses torn in the midda) rush from the cit» b\ train having gamed in experience, pros ed their wav into the npjier stand nt nn hour when at prono'is Cups the» would have gone to lunch in erdcr that thev might be sure of soils and i view of the big race But others in thousands liad profited bv cvpcri

cnee as well and the stands wore filled two

I hour« before the starting of the Cup race

T.iciisands of ladies novel left their seats after muldu A oung Indies who »meut ten ling their first Cup »nt beside bronzed men who lind come li iel to Alilbournc to sec the grent nice uftoi tweutv venn ab scnec Alen looked up to »ce m nn ml joining s"itt old school friends nttrtetcd I from remote corners of the continent to

»co Hie speitaclc It was u di) of m_nv reunions tin Cup removed from man) the harriers of distance and revived auc- tion itc friendships long grown cold

At the hour of starting ntl eve» were fixed upon ii wavv coloured iibbun fur down Hie slrught-the held assembling nto line the ribbon fluttered for an in stant mil then parted in mum pieces

Hie) ic off' flic roar rc»orbcratcd from flit to st mils to lull Hie impression of a parted ribbon w is gone m an instant

mid in its pine was tin spectacle of thirlv three hor«es nindi» galhpihg with i Ihm curtain of nil dust closing up he lund them dong i »title gricn line hedged with shouting gcstiuiiatmg peopli Ihc thunder of Hie hoofs ha 1 «cartel» reached the ens of the spectators on the topmost stands ind sir lining e»cs lint c night but i confusion of colour« from silk Jackets bellied bv the breeze when the held li ni turned the bend at the river and was cn Unding tself into i thin ribbon aga)»

J hat w is practical!) till mini thmisinls -cecil those in the stud--stw if the

nice infligir' J nifnlgoi win-' »cllesl mi optimist as Hie horses npproaehed the turn leading to the straight and the horsts assumed shipc and form distinguishable to the naked eve from between futlicre-il hats winch rose higher and higher m men's imaginations and fluttered tountlcss plumes as excited women jumped up on the scats Didiis' Didus' ' 1 litre was a note of triumph m the shout Who s next" appealed a -null man ilutihmg the ligs of n till man »»»»mg ti" ruc vv th lieM g1 isses from i comm miling po sition And it a iii» hrst Cup' almost sobbul n »onng kid» pressed nut of »lew l-»cr»one »»us shouting cvin if he or she eoul 1 not see anti Hu fnies of nil were working tunouslv us if the grcitcst irisis in their live» bul nrnved Coined) King' was the jovful cn as the Muk li irse niovid swifllv fonvard but a »coonil liter there was onlv one name on the lips of the thousand«-Ihc Pinnum And tint is how minv people who lind sat p.iticntl) for hours to see the race knew who won The) heard the ninic of the winner



Owing to the rrgrcttuble accident to Hist I.M-ellem» tin (loscnior llenera) (l.onl Dennuui) the arrangements, nindi for the Vue rigid parlt for »isilmg the course »»ere shghllj modilicd «V« Hi* l'xccllcnc» bul not lompletdv rccovtrtrd from lu« neil «li nt while praili«ing |k»Io. it wa« decnieil ul»i»iblo to mike the div * outing «borter lins wa« lu» hrst Melbourne Cup, nnd Hi* I'm ellem» waa verj anuna« to »co it, hut lie d«Ulled not to go out till nflcr the tirst

I ir«

His 1.Millern» the C.overiioi (Pip .lohn lullt i ) and l.id« 1 ullcr (attended bj Cap t nu W lie nie», I aplani Awdr», and Captain (mu on and Mr Wilberforce) wire at rain pimid bj Sir II Di» llosampiet, Ijul> ilosnn.net anil Mis« llosniiipi«t, anil Ihcj

arrived ni linn foi the first nu

An imposing display iii» made bv tim (lOieriKir (u in nil * purl», windi, hended bj n tletnt linn nt from tin field Artillen, nuil«i l.iiiitcuiint l.lovd dru«o up Hie tourse nt hilf past I odoik lu the' hrsl eirnage wire ulled Hi* IaooIIiihj uni l.adv Di nunn, anil III» lXidhncj the

lio» cram of 'tasmania (Mr Hum llarron) ' Hiding in front were luptaiii lliittelnt mut. lupina! Nutting, in mi'tortti In the sci-ond niriiugi wen« Mr* \irni), Ml»* (junk, and l.onl llli hard Nevill mid I upturn Drum In Hie third uirriiiKC »»tie bul» Ihirtulnt, Mir* Ogilvie. «Ml \ «ilion, «uni (upturn

\ erin J


Outsail isintu!» und hwn and lorrn-e an i lim di «I willi p« »pi« Ihiiv an »o min» Hint milking ii wav through Hum I« almost a« Mtreaumi« as playing a toothill game In the ring it is worse lhere men In id on one nuntin r h tocs josllc, anil stliiggli mu) tight to undi tim honkmnkirs, wlios« mar uig iniikisn dm »»huh »et* Hu head nilling and the »til-i.« »»lulling Hut Ihlnugli the tiuirow guli* m Hu high netted fenn with ¡Is »pring lusttimi of i limbing ros««- lu* pi no anil luuttnt»* li is Üh hliiliugi

Ihn« me ii gr« it miiiij pinpi« tim« Ino,

hut tillie I* no noi-c Hu» spi ik ia sub I duet! vont s uni! Hu» tuon nlmiil sion h

and «h lib« lilli I« lusidi lins «iidnsur« Hu I

j Inn m 'is ling with hi« munn ti troinei*1

nml .ml«»« uni lirrui« uni slabli lui« ' 'Hu piopli who k» ihn» K'topiv hum ige, | lo look mid minmi uni pi i hip- lo muli

tutu Hu mi «I« of « m» 11 it i« ni tint ii« ul« I | ll/lll III Isllll II tl|' |

li i« i milli llu t up h r-i« Hint ullin

Inn ullin-. < I i mi Hint in LI if I llu iii nil umbi» mg linn lind t ulit-. I.iilil tin I in I» nut nml »«mi thne I» an

I ur ol nivr.li tv an I lilli n-t iii ml all ol i Hu iii In «ni» mu Kihi pts-.il I« wiitin i

I Min Ml lni.li« his hoistitl ii nil nu lug

llilml mimili i iibuvi linn hill« ln\ of hi«

\[\n ml« n st iii U ni Hum m ni li ist m I Wot llu tu, failli Ui Indi mon than a hilt« i

«memory Until thm, all linn then ud ,

lunns and hiipportirs

Janie« J x ni li uni his Iwo Cup horses, Pri/ciicjiti i nuil (omelv King eumo lirst m Hit numil if the Imtli it»e Comttl) King was Hit putiiri Iioit-t of the cutíosme Ht holed pultet u »trv ihflfcrint itnimai from Hit sill lotmhiiig lioi-se who heit lit filgn li-t »tu But foi tin Alelboiirnc I Slults I mining nu Situriliiv the hiindsonie

bl iel woulil line lind nu nun) of sup Jicutcis liimes l)iiili was suit nf Hie nbilitx of the Persimmon Imise to win the I up a -i conti time-t fitt teeoinplislieil onlv oatt in tin heston of the race He -toutt«I ill doubts t i-t upon Coined) Kings hollis!) Nu stuighltr or truel hoi-t nei loiiktd through a bndlt he dctlarotl

and lit will »crv ntarlv win Iles t bet tci hoc e Ulan he was last )eir He looked it, too full of life and lue J he bo) who rubbed lum down before the rice I ept i whip in his hand as a »v ni nmg that teeth anil hoofs »vere to be kept out of the g inn Pll/cfightci, a quilt gelding of the lind Useful sort formcil a stiiking eontrist to his iiiistooratie stable mate X Alclbniirno Cup to lum was mere!) a d i) « work and he tlo/cd 111 his stall till it w is time to bl gin it

lillie »»as the next Cup horse in tin line

She was Junien Scobies sole ltprtsenlative in the inn High hopes »vere held about hu, and a stor) »»as »»Inspired among ttic people in front of her stall of a wotidi rful ti ml anti a large stiki to bl lifted bv tho-c connected with the stable Her appearance gast tridibilitv to the rumour for Glue has furnished into a good, solid maro in tin vein in winch she lui- been absent from the laiecourse

Out in the centre of tilt paddotk a c-o»vd of (icople gathered rounil u rug-to»cred

chestnut »nth ii silvery tail and two »»lute feet It was lYa'algai the favourite hold mg a h »ci He had fought some mernot

able Cup battles with the crocks of other »ears -Iii) beat lum and ihoppctl out He was «till thcie game as evir better than evil, nt Hie top of the weight«, and rciitlv to put un íes stern n fight ns ever Walter lliikenbothim prepared lura and overlooked lies saddling with a loving t»e 'I hough he was far from »veil in the list few weeks lliekeiibotliam clotelv snperintcndeil trafalgar He sent out Hie chestnuts grandsirc Caibini m just the sime nav tindisinn)cd bv the defeat of the previous )cir with the i rushing weight allotted lum bv the hundicapner Hint »»as in 1800 In 1888 be won the Cup »nth Alontor I hen there »»as "Niwbavcn, and aftei that Blut Spec HickcnbotKnn wanted »a-tlv to lead in another winner sisttrdn), and he wanted it to be I rafnlgar, so that he could put ii Utting finish to the clo-c of Ins long tare« r os i t Hillier AAhen Hickcn hotham hrst got 1 rafalgar to Hain be thought lie w ns going to turn out a sprinter, but he soon changed his mind on that score

Ile is n borst thal takes a lot of under si miling, u» he dots not pluinl) show »»but

is wrong with linn like «omi horse»; the I trainer has lo ferret it out for himself Hn nuil to lu nu indilfe ia nt trail» horse, but Ins mil no» id m Unit rc-peit He lins man» of l.irliini s ways Like his gramlsirr, he is imfriendl) in his bo\ occasional!) loaf« nu the I link hut i» »in gum mid nimble Iii i« a »or) »olid sla>«r ami is rathir n hard hoi>i to nile \ I od .Sloane r is not of gnat Use to lum as lu wants n lol of dn»

mg along llickonbolliiim had a second string to Ins bo»» »estríala» in 1 hub who, despite his Dorln failurt, ins ivpcctcd to linke ii decent showing under the lighter J

Cup weight

The Hine Knghsh hnrsis in Hu bird tage sec med to tetras, their mttiouaht) in Hun appear mci I lure is a roundniss mid ii fulness about (hem all wInch is »cr) difTtnut from the len» winncss of in Aus t mini ii horse Comedí King has that round »month np|«cnr.imc ¡Nindi) ith, as he le ins buk on lus Imiter, has it and lillie-an imported gnmdson nf Carbine has this same 1 iiglisli look Xeithtr »nnd Kath mu Bille attriited much serious at lenton ns Cup landidiitcs Hartfell on the other hand, wits serioiisl» eonsidereel li» man» who could not let a Moonee Anl li» Cup winnci run against them

Kver) Cup horse had his little trowd of g-inrs Piastre and Jnrnmar held altin lion for a long time rvervbodv remciii

lured thnl .tunmar was ii full brother to Poseidon ami might for all Ins Derbv de foil prove us great a racehorse .lacamar looketl big ami solid-a horre who would »illili n lot-bigger Ullin Poseidon and imiri logg) Bísalo bim stood Pustre. whom man) regarded as the dark horse of Hie race Posailns, another of the colts in tin nie wa» to s|tort tin pnrplo jaikct »»Illili Poseidon so ciftin carried to »litnr»

the vetenn trimir, Hum llaxiicr, had lum in ilinrge Xobod» seems anio to re member when Rii)ner was not training horses He tit the« father of the birdcage He has vii to tram a Xlolbourne Cup win nor Alonltnn looked like being one and there »»ere bones of Aborigine He had two ihincn this »ear in Posadas and Br'dge "I he New Ze ilnnd horse hail man» critics Hi holds tin Austrolasi m iT-innl for two miles mid his appoarunic »cstiriltiv showed lint Ittixner lind lum lit enough to mu «I Hu Performance

Aurofodim s-'imlbllli Dallis, Lulus' I Man and Wold hud ti io.nor of Hu pail

I dock lo tlicinsclvc« Xurofodini smipl)

»li pt Dlilus ki pt a isalihfiil est on n bos who was applsmg »min nnlirocalion to a sore on his bulk lint hi ni »ir lu,mil ison when the i tubrooition was rubbed in I Dulas and Atirofodmii have leirnt to np Iprniiilt the value of i tai Ladits' Mon i tunket! tilth mûri thin a pou) a« lus

tnmei. I XIKon slrippul lum for the 1 saddling I «ml Solan snitihod a Alclbourne '(.up from 1 ullicroei onlv three sears ago Ile

w is lo tarn i luxurious weight »istcrdnv, but millier his nvvnir mu Immer ixpccted him to win Inditcreet hid nothing In re minimini lum-not even a past Cisco, the »lillili winner of the Dirh», had hosts of fnenils who lonlldiiitlv ixpiiled lum, with the llghtci weight, to man home nt the hind tit the Cup luid If looks mille! have won Hie (np Duki I'onli most or tninlv wmilil have brou ni iced Um gallop -ltnglbs mil from the Ililli-m the IXibvi won h» his fu ninas rt Intimi Pi ince loott, has uni bun I'm got te li lind tin Prune beni m Ihc rare tin».

loir the Duke would nevct have beinl

look« «I ut, lint a« the onlv representative of Hie l'oiite faiiulv, und llio «ingle stung of Mr, ,1. Huron, iiianj considered lum »»nilli attention. I'lnvd wa* one of the

handsomest hnr»<* in the hinls-ugo, bul ho] lnoknl big I'lnvol has alua»* boon n ililli

mil lim so to train, nuil most pco|i|ei thoiighl »»hen he went to 'lasminia tint! he bud still led on his list raie W (kui,

howivir, in »onie inirntiiloti« wa» man ! iigeil to get the hor»u into Iriimin-r «uni tit1 to ian' Anothci I Inn«, ulm liiul mi «inn« of (rand«, was 1'l.in-in »»hu «ti« lool.nl ii|iiiu as (lie out* nrtaiii pine liol*« of the

I a« i I

Nun«' of the hoist« «Mitnl wiuulii that

Hu» should bo in i M. Ilium in ( up luid ,1 j

nil 'I he uni» imiisi Im Murk- 1 « iiitliisit.il

iippiuiil lo lu Hu, lui iliul lu i numil i« «in i han mini ii llu \ IM «mummil' | Killian was nuntin i lm»i ulm nun would

lum bim iiiii-eil lum llu ( up lu Id Mun I wa« hop« "( I nub ilh ii um. « un« I lung li r had lu in t mu ti nunn II ii« Ii i «I ii I ml ll.ltl lind tims« i min. I ii willi llio Mihi, win nu in» \Uni In woulil upniilim tint finn ia llu line \ lui»! ni «» h mi gn ii thuik* win i \|in ii I »i n Ut mun II«

loo! ni Hu tonghi» »».II I

II, »« i» 11 nml..I ii» tim lu-u tin«, nm nl.l ii list n ii nml bul fin intim ii/.i at tai I, ing linn i* ti «lui » ' mun». Imr-i'« lu might Inn Inn llu lum ni tin Di Hut » As ii v» is lu did not lu« in Millionth!' last Hiaiiig Hi won Hu A .1 (' M l,«gn in tin nutt.i. Iinuini, nml lu* -Up dunn« wits li ghi» thuughl ol Hut lie iiiipnired lulu ii unit son «I \ Mutti hint i hurgo ni lum Iliul« Ink Main hu usul In I» tullid tn distinguish lum Irom Hi« r«»l ni Hu Mun fium!«, foi thoio aro a lol of tin in, und thej hilve all Inca brcideirt uud

ttaintr« of Cup horses Hut that wu* lotit, ago anti Blick 1 ul M ij > m rapidly becoming .Silver' Jirl M"vo ( Kioma ha* two owner«- the g« ntleni 111 »d10 race« as Mi A Mnnshcl I 11111 Mr ) I

Williamson Mr M undid 1 »ns there »cstcrdit proudlv » it hull, the horn « linil toilet In 111 1 .outing st ill wi* Hie J'arihinn He w is Ihoroiiglil» lit In his gallop« »tith Ctdon 1 it l/vultitl I it na« known that he ein e 1 well nit! !)-.t mil licuiv hu shoes »n tint the fict tint L uloni 1 hibitmll. 11 ii lum loiinted lol nothing Hi«, bun c1 lu c1 hil di np ponied in I the liol« li id not been mteilcred with 111 hu worl Hie I'ari-iaii "pout Hi ifteiuoon nt miling m the shade flipping his ein. Ile won lining He w 1« not tv ill <c1 1111 und d«i»ii lie just stood still m 1 plea»_ntl» w uni cormr of the mnct piddox! It tv t» pinn tint he understood nil lint »»1« going on Hie crowds of pi-oph The ta--t imoiint of attention Invishod on lum«df 1 »enthmg told lum Hi it he w is to be -wl ed to mid c a supreme effoit «omi time during the afternoon Hut In shown! ni cm linn ni li« wn« too much of 1 gciitlemin for that Ml his nerve« were 011 the »trim howctcr Hint could be gue« ed from the c« i«eless quivering of lu» flink Ho looked .otfcit C W lieelot li id »till lo lei I 111 11 Mdboiirne Cup itmncr nml he lool ed to Hie Parisian to ptovidc the oppoitiuutv I he horse hu« the appeal ance of tile idetl long dislnncc galloper I tcrv lut of lum is of use lhere 1« not na ounce of lumber on lum So *A heeler pinned lu* faith to I he Parisian He had missed the Cup in 1008 bv the iiurrowe«t of nnrgin« Indeed the mun hu« not vet been found who can tompletclv con»mee Wheeler tint lulkeroo did not win that Cup Hut it is time foi The 1'iru.inn lo give np hi* »list« in the »hade I hut bell winch l«. tangling 1« the »uddling bell foi the Cup Through out tin birdcage there 1« n paling off of rug* nnd a circful idjusling of «addie cloth« and ¡«addle« Hie irowd 111 the bail

1 ige incriase« for a w hilo and then begin« to meit awn» nnd add itself lo the roaring

thousands outside



The judge saul lint Hie Parisian won the .51st Melbourne Cup bs two lengths, but the margin to the onlooku« appeared much greater than Has Howcsci, it is , certain tint the niton ssas a hollins one

'the Parisian sson »sith a lot ni li mil, and had lie been re ill) pushed, the time, in- stead of being a quarter of a seiond out


side the rcconl, would base been ion»iiler ably inside it Ihc victor.» »».is n most popular one. but the itimonstrnttons of approval »sere mild to sshst they would base been had Trnfatgir c night the judge's c)c first It ivis, however, The Parisian's anil not 'I rafalgar s da)

1'he Cup fuld tlus)ear was rcallv ii good one Class ss.is well represented bs 1rs falgar. Comcds King, Onion a 'Hu Parisian, Bridge. Aurofodun, am! Lor«l Kolan 'Hie three »eir olds were hirdlv up to the mark, but Hiiro »»ore i fm other gooel handicap liol son nm,iiii,»t Hie U starters There were 37 nneptnrs for the race a week prenons to its running but the Dorbs mci, na usual, bail the effect of discounting: the chaine« of sen lal Cup candidates \\uulerilli Durdiilis Rudiiitnr, and .Sanskrit four Der he I id urcs, did not sic the post »e-Hirdn» .mil ti were thus lift to do battle for the lag slake .lie weeding out process might with ndsantage bise bei ii further pro ceeded willi, as eight 01 len of li»»«» thal went to the post hid, on no foi ia oitlur public or private mv timm lo lu ineludul in such a held Mon» owner« »»host íiulg ment in racing matters is othcnvise sound persist, hone»cr, in stirling their horses in the thief »*acc of the sear winn then chinee« look hopeless 'Iluso owner« .in often men of mentis the lianoui of bus

ing tlioir colours cirricd in sut li n ina eudenllv appeals strongl) to tin m 'i li it a lirge percentage of these boises ran quite as badly in yesterday's race as was   generally anticipated will make no dif- ference as regards the future. Next year the Cup field will include the usual sin ink ling of linders Long hefme the horns lummcnccil lo leisc the snililhng naddoik for the ciaii'se all the mudable |W nts of »-iitiigc from »vhicb to sic the nice lud been occupied Ihc arm ni of the alliance ling ide en used no excitement 'Hie spec t-itors were waiting for '1 rifnlgnr, .uni when he (it last mine out-the second last to emerge-he si.is elu.retl all along the line His ruler gase bim a »harp 'bluah up ' In get his galloping nnchincrs into working onlcr, nnd linn took lum down to

the post

Hie betting oser the rare w is heisy, mid all sorts of prices weil' lind about the » une horse in different pills of the rug While batkors »»ero uigeilx aiciptiiig ii in J iboitt -intnlgar m omi plan, book makers in annthei part wcic olfirmg 7 to 2 without leading to business 'I hu Parisian's price varied from .1 to 1 to li to I 'the trow «I in the betting nug xv is so tienne that the avenge biitkei nicipti'il the tirst pine offered lum rather thin ' bat Ile lound" for bcttei todds It is the limul experience on Cup Div a\t one tutu Comedy King »vas at 7 to 1, but al unv part of the ring odds of 10 lo 1 wire til the fin'sh obtamabto Hie tutiial starlin* prîtes about the two fuvoiiiites were 7 I i 2 iraf ligar and 5 to 1 The P.iiisiin Overnight 'Hie Parisian wns at »I to 1, su he shortinid a limul em the lourse. but C idoim iluftid mil 'Ide oxer night pruts about the lending horses worn as follow -7 tn 2 ngst 'liafalgar, li tn 1 ugst 'Hie Pntisiaii, II to 1 agst Comidv King, U to 1 agsl Cadonia, IÏ lo I igst .luuinar, 10 to 1 enli ugst Timan nnd Piastri, St) to 1 nub ng»t Piiztlightci, Biidge, ( ism, nnd Dalu« '.'.I to I cnih ngst Glue W'onil, HartfiIt. mid lrfidles' Mun U to 1 ug»t Auniioihna li will he set n, on lomp irmg Iluso quoi ilion« »»Uli tin starting pruts, that then wen a

few othi r i hangi s

IP "tis n vin pnttv mc lo u ali li, and, what is mon In tin liomt it w is n eleni mu thin bung as fir as mull lie »i li from the stand vin lit ti« humping Hun wi» a solid pm fruin tin slut the Hist li iii mil« lu in» um in "il»u , ( >»m Hld IV-1 di- bung iHin, n, ill» nspoiisiblt mi this I lux xu ni ntl i- ii Hu I hi ii is i nilli ni sleuil of tit i milt- Hie lull w is fmilx will strung mil as tin jinki s box w is pls«l I Hil Hist Illili PilMllls t Ism I luth nul Xui u nlini Innig pi uti ill« in i lint al tin liiul ni nil ins it lint punit »ililli l.ltt ml Mimi itt I u ii-lituiitl iii lui ni Hu luhl Xiiinli lim i ia I i Hu lunn al Hie lindel muí lu lisltd neill tn Hu li nu lina Hu »Illili c nap nu in Dalas nindi

i fnrwiiiil mm liar» uni, is Aumin Inn Idioppid buk Dulas liii.l i inmnul nul

»litiiti I Hu w i» mt t Hu sti n»lit Win tin i li w is Di Ills ni Ailie f dun ni Ir lit ut this ! punt vin fi »» puiph mill.I till lau tin

nu rue -. i I liol li »nu lu turn »limit..I nut ns tia prub»bli »»mini Hi I'trtsiin i ml I lu ri lu tbsiivid mil in», lu- »ii» ii ila Hunt but ( min m w is nut iii t. i i,i. ti i, linn» Hi w nu I nulli Ha ilistiiiiu »» is ia nhill mil linn h l Iii Parisian li ii, lu» lund Hi ml down Dallis m t i u »tiah s ami though 111» um nul m a k "H| rut lu i milli mil« mil Ila shrill, si iiiim, ?,." h m, Hu I'urisiita, vvhi wui with tia »nut«! nisi It was a xt ix s it va mu ila «isa st ma Milburn ni t up sin,, Newhaven ian awi» willi tin im m lhllil Dallis striisglul on giiiulv In Hu uni mid uah lost »timid plan In 1 I tu m lix i la ni (loloma who was simiiwlint soil la hu tin sturt, was putting m sph mini muk o»,r Hu last luilf nilli Ile lum. lunn mm hu,

as the Having is, ami, passing liar« afin horau iu tbu atnuglit, llnbiiid lunn li, in

fioul «t Comedy lung while Wond and Ailt,io »» io the ninrcst of th« other«

jnfil(,ii icgisteicd nu iltOMtlur dis npi intiiiK pcrioim mc« He »tis in a good pj-uLion most of the wi» and li id a win nuil, di ince it the homt turn but just a« lu i linirii-s expect« d bun to come on and (Ut low li the leader* is he did in the "Viel

honnie bl ike.« he »topped short Hie »»eight ippucntl» told it» tile When Illili, st«» that pursuit of J he Pinsnn w h hopeless lie did not persevere with tim «heatnut »iho other»»i«e would hutc been miidi ne tici th in hfteinth the aetiid post tion he oc< upied a« the post w i« p isncil Incarnai did bist of the three »cn olds but »till lu »» i« well beitcn at the distance, after showing pronunentlj at the home lum and lie« running ns well is Hint of Cisco confirmed the opinion preiiouslv held li> ncing men thal the three te ir old« tin* season nie not u good lot Croitn Grunt nnotlur of tin* division wn* «bowing n very bold front at the home tina but he like ruc umu failed to stund the final «train Comedj King ind Cidonia both showed the "Melbourne Stnl c« form to have been wrong J nell ran badi» in the mile und a quarter race but shaped much better over the Mci

bom ne Cup distance while *.niful|,nr one of the best btavers in the lund mile«! a« ilreadv stitcd, lo «how up at the end of the journev It i« úseles» Irving to ne count foi the different form displayed bj horse« I hcj arc in a word not ma clune« Before the meeting is over I rafal

gar mi« demonstrate tint lu« Cup ninmng was all »»Tong W II Ml.ndilm who won in 1000 ontPnnee loote and last tear on Coined» King Ii id a poor tide on Hart fell who wa« never prominent, und wa« amongst the list lot to finish J.hc \otv /cdand two miles record broil cr, Hridgc wi« iinotlict great disappointment He vu« netci once sighted in the race, and neither was Marlnl who ten poorlv represented the eoloul*« ot the vice chairman of the VHC tonimittce rho, greit trick gil

lopcr C.imlnllo quite fulled to reproduce lu* luuutc form, ind the Adelnde rcpre »entatuc Alnnn nm about a« well ns most people thought he would In finishing se com) in both the Caulfield Cup and viel boiiine Cup 1 hvinn ha« followed in the foot

slip* of Devon tradition Silt ermine, and

'Julkeroo Mr It Crawfonl ii member of Hu VRC committee own* 1'lim in, who mi» be considclcd the luiluckv horse of the »elson He will nctcr ignui hn»c sitih ii chance in a handicap a« he hud here, k« lu* weight wa« unit "st 51b, i great lutuij for so fine a horse

Jin Cup winner this veir is trained bv C W hielci who wa» vcrv unluekj with lui kcroo m the same event three j ears ago lulkeroo like Ilavuin wa« second in both the Caulfield Cup and Melbourne Cup M inj of the speetittor* thought Hint lulkeroo ni tuillj lint lyord Volnn in the Melbourne I up but onlv the judge « «minion count* in a mutti.- of tin« sort \\lu-ilir w of a

quit uni inning disposition and lu* whole lum is in the trailing ol Ins horse* He «líale* no puns lo g« t them reid» io I licit «-ni. iM'ini nts und it will h irai» be dum 11 » those competent lo judge that The 1'iirisnn wa* turne! nut in splendid oon ditton W heeler In* lia I »omi untiou« mom ut« during the p.i»t wcik or so with Hie Pirisim as Hie gclihng hnnsed In* heil while «I ing u ».illnp it ( «nilli«lil Vt one tmu it w11« foircd tint then would lie n i e« in ron o of the tmillik tbnl om.nl The I'litiMins withdriwal from the MeUmurno flip I ist ti ii lie »» i* r« g mini bj hu con ins lion« a« nevt door to a iirtamt» for Hint (Vint but netn siw tin |si«t He, how ovtt minagcd to win the Vu«ir.hin (up ia the iiiitumn Hie Piriniin is a natural fluir He never «(em* to get properlv w innis! up until he hu« gone it mile mid nt the end of i mile nn I a half he just begin* to enjo» things Hil ( micron so desinsl

he i nulli h i» o iona to the front with Die l'ansi in much sooner thin he did C tmeron tv i» mi rrifulgtr when the elie*tuiit finished «coonil to Corned» King list »ctr He mnv not 1 « a strong finisher but he possessc* excdlint julinu«nt in ft nee Ile »vu« not require«! lo rid« ii strong finish on I*hc l'an sim win wi« going freer nt the end of the jotirni » linn in an» nirt of the rare Ciimcr« n is one of the most rwpcctcil j» le»* ndmg at llu present time, and he prkssiss.«e« n nnme tint low jixko»« em boost «f Hi will not iceorling to popular belief, rule i hot>« ot!icr»»ist tlnn lo win lim »im e»s m n nee of this importuna i« there fo-e p irticnlnrlj grntifting

1 lu tun fur the nice w is etactlv the sime n« li«t »our tin "mun 27}»« hut it. wa« nut in a diffirent w-ij ii« I he following rompiritno tibie of the time for each hall

mile will »how -

First halfmile .. .. 0 VI s. on I lull mile .. n .v. TI lol I all mile .. n V tait I alf mil n vi

l-»t sit furlunpi . . 1 lil 11*

laut mile 1 41 1 «|(

Hie victory of Phi Purismo wa« agani«t the nu min in of the ring a* he w is a well h icked horse nght through Hu piece How ever tin bitting on the event wa* \crv «¡.not! lind there «ml I not batt been a great «led lost li» tin boolmikir* Tnifiilgar« victor) would Into Ima «till lest* lo their liking. The people behind The Parisian     landed a good strike in bets. One supporter         of the stable backed The Parisian early,       taking the risk of his standing a prepara-     tion. He laid off some of his money, but still won £6,000 or £7,000. The double Lady Medallist for the Caulfield Cup and     The Parisian for the Melbourne Cup, was     well backed, but the suceess of an outsider   like Walari upsed all the Derby and   Melbourne Cup doubles.  

Detaiils of the racing are appcnded:-  

tu i not um* ci i»

V hjntllcap of 10 uni» rail »»lill "OMI kui aditr I

ind a Ir | li) «al ic ino »m«. « c« n. I lix) «o« Ihlrl nu so«» n it of li e linke Twu inilf» J 1 llrl««lrg Hu Piirlsilnii, 1y Ilelsi

illl-n Parisl in» H sr» 81) (II ( aim ron) I It Crawl rl« Ir I 1 lut Inn, by H«»tt»-Po»

lea 1 »r» "3 (li lanlicrl)

I llr-rlni a 1 ._ nhill», I» roallano-Doilo

aged * arrl I " 1 (VI II Ismllli)

I ( Willi in son ul V Vlti.n Ila Ir c fit.

linn In, I« I ni Uni hin«-I nooma I >r»

8 0 (It taut»)

I* uni W Vllt leila rli h iltVUI/llll I.

\l «Ila s-Ural I Cunar« ll)r< (JO (VI Illicit) 0 S Tren» Il h rOVII l)\ KIM, limp) ly

I r»hniiimi-Tnkc 1) 9 if ti 5 yr« 0 7 (N

I) I nil»)

I I VV It* Ir g IlltllXlf I» lie Pomllle-.

he. tia .'. vr» 8 V (VI V Ulan)

1 VI rtns ill li VltlinillDIN V ly llavua

St-rrl I I jra r> V (II Is-ek)

I S lu a Ir I llllirviN 1> Onitlon-llrlglit

VII « ii J r. ? 1 II- llltkcy)

S VI Wilsen a iii li II W11 I» I lavin

lad» Kirml 0 yr« 8 1 carried 8' (V\ P

II irait

s V Haw Inn « I li I Ulm Mil V*i l> PoiltMio

-lil» l.v-111 H J" 7 13 (IV Osborn«')

vi «sa I It SVNDIIVTII (Imp) ly Illari« s.il-llrii»J I) »ra II. Intituling 71b I uillv (»I Connell) .. . ill V VI su* I i lAOAal VU hy I-wluno

la lilli S vr». * li tJ I I'lk-) .

I lil 1 a I r g I ltl/1 I KIIITHI I) llaiix-rtie

Iris Vin« "III liululltu "ll> iwnally (C

II li i)

V VV lllsi-relt » Ir g PIVIIIIUI I) líala III

li «rs "II III Si ir I .

II II liiUtilr« Hisvnvs I« ln.lt.ino

n W i ir I »nt * (IV .1 r> I »I I I n I« > I I lill 1 l»N I» I Islol-llrUr

l.r» "s(l II mssl) I M I II »II KIMI (I | ) I« I «III g

I I Vi. ti I » « (V II 1 ) 0 v »» i « i i mun i li t» v»r um -

I ¡J I li arl I «ri s ii I lill. II I lull),

r r 1 I " l (VV II M I Hat) -, <1

II r » I I DI I I KI II I« Sir I M«I'- ll I 11 I us " (»» VU I r) ." I» I VV ill « I « I I i 1 »Cn tram-l» rs

I I VV II 1 »ra II lint, lit | on

I li II I ... II I II « I r Ir II VUII I) llobiiill

uur i. i J «r I (I. 8 lirai«) ». _, M 0

J V Snltli» I m CLUL 1 Gluten-I ollco

.fred ! carried 7 » (U Uos.») O XV T No»la » b g XDGIO b) Mozart-loll)

8 )T» 1 (li XV Bro nan) 0 I II hnichta !r ! MUni Aro» by Grafton

-I) n ! u n jrs 1 (A HierKins) 0

J an 1 1 ^Unui s I r c 1 VDU S X1 XV 1 y S m er

-Sai la ,1 srs 0.10 (O 1 in ) 0 F Halter« Ir I Al AUX! by Vengcance-I ady

X1 6»r» (11 carried 0 (I X Cain) 0 VV Browns h e 1 lASTHF t) Pnmlano-Chan I

Bec Bee 1 jrs US carr is! 0 0 ( «. «banni nn) 0 A Knot i bl or 1 r c CHOWN ( ItANT 1 » Traf

ton-1"!) Iiochlol l)rs,t"7(«. Saw)cr) 0 S A Ila» Ion s 1 I INniSCIUJ-T !> los!

Uno- Dlignce 4 jr» 07 (V I otter) 0 A M Crackrn a Ir ni XIVIUIU ! y Wallace

Marlo aged 6 carried 0 0 (D M Cotvan) 0 li XV Ta)lor» ch I CASinALLO hy Caiman

-Olivia 4 ) r» 0 7 carried 0.0 (1- Harmer) 0 Hunier XVhitc « br g XVOAI) b) Tr ic Bl ic-Car

berra 4 jr» 0 7 (I Townsri 1) 0

(Winner (raine 1 I y C XVI ecler )

HITTING 7 lo * agit Trataljrar

5 - 1-Tin I'nrlslnn 10 - 1-Comeily bing

10 - 1-Haiiai 10 - 1-Uri Ige

"0 - 1-La lies Man. JO - 1-1 lastre "0 - 1-Cadonia 20 - 1- Tacamar I -5 - 1-Hartfell

_ - 1-Clico " - 1-DI I s. » - 1-Glue 1,1 - 1-XVoad

13 - 1-Prizeflghtcr 40 - 1-Xluttlator

40 - 1-Duke loole SO -1-Ilatth

50 - 1-Aurolodlna. «VI - 1-nrltaln

06 - 1-Sand bath M - 1-Camballa

Wl - 1-Cto»ti GranL m - 1- Xdirio 100 - 1-Havel

100 - 1-IMabolo 100 - 1-lUfflan loo- i - mae

mo - 1-Maries! 100 - 1-Alarm

1*0 - 1-Iain! Nolan 200 - 1-Posadme

«00 - 1-Indiscreet,

The starting hour ivas about a quarter of an hotr al ead when XV oa 1 caine through the gate (mm the »addling paddock lo the course proper nn I after a i Interval of t»n or three minutes, Ladies »Inn p it in an appearance I osadas -as the rext to file out and then in npi i succession followed Dldus Bridge Cisco Xlarm Britain Camtallo Duke boole MuUIator Havel Diabolo Marled nine Anrofodlna Cadonia Ilartfcl Xdgio Crown Crant Glue Sandhotl Lord Nolan Indiscreet 1 ruu-flgl tor Con edi hine Ha» lan The Pari-Ian llifnan Flalth, Piastre Trafalgar and Jacamar The preliminaries occ pied a few min "es, b it I net tall) to time Mr Watson took the field fn han! Hatel to.k tie berth on He rail« and he

bad lieble lum (¡lue, Crown tirant. Cl»es>, and laonl Nolan, and lontpicuoii« lu the centre of the line were Utiles' "an, Posada», Duke Foote, Tra (algar, Hartfell, and Conictly King. The positions on the outside eve re taken by Mutilitor. Diabolo, Britain, Didus, and Piastre, Diabolo having the   position nearest the outer rails. Diabolo gave less trouble than usual, and, after a very brief delay, Mr. Watton released the barrier, and the field moved away in a perfect line. Among the quickest to find their legs vere Hartfell, Cinco, Crown Grant, and Posadas, and Chico, rapidly dropping Into lila tirlde, piloted the Brid otrr the Ant lair lons, anti as they reached the course proper he »as »bowira- Just in advance of Pcaodas and DliliK, and then in very elcttt» order caine KlaaJ.ti. Auro- fodlna. Hartfell, I'rlretlghler. Flavian, and Piaitre, and the last Hen »ere Mutilator and Glue, l-ss ing the stand«, rosadas, Cl»co, Flaleh, and .lum («»lina »orealmost inline.andaltertlienicaittolndia. . rec!. Hartfell, llnülp, l*laiUn,l'riie!l_hu-r,i_idtr»' Man, and Duke Foote. Cisco had charge as they went out of the »trjlght. and turning tow-anbt the river «Ide he wa» a leneth i)-r ct Posad«», »ho had rTallh, llarlfrll, .Xurofttdlru, Britain, Indis- creet. Piastre. Trafalgar, and laidics* Man in i lose altcndanei', and the la»t three at this atage were laird -Nolan, (Hue, anti Vltilllator. Before rearhin" the bridge Aurofodlna ran past the lea-rr», and «vnl on »Ith the lead (rom Cisco, l-sadas, Klallh, nritaln, Dldus, Hartfell, Flavian, -acamar. Cbmody King, lauUea' Man, The Parisian, and Trafalgar, and Glue wa» now t-etr-picuou» in the rear. .lum. fodlna i-antlaucel to force the pace along the bark stretch, where Pou liai, Hl.lui, liai lan, ITalth. and Jacamar «-rn his roost prominent (ollowrrs, »nd Iho nr»rc»l of the other» »ere Comedy King, Trafalirar, anti - The Parisian. Bunning patt the abattoir«. Auroioilltu waa out (tilly Ihn. length» from Cisco, and then caroo Britain, Didu», Kia» lan, Jacamar, Cornelly King, The Parlilan, l'lsstre. Klailh, and Trafalirar. A» the field ap- proached the home turn aXurofndiru I «-un to drop bark, but nevertheless, ho wits »lill In front aa they caine round the tum, »here Jacamar had nm up, into Uilnl place Just behind Britain, and aller that trio. Us- nvost conspicuou« of the others «ere Didos, Ha»1au, Crown Grant (»ho »a» writ lip on the otiukle), Sandlealh, The Parisian, and Trafalgar, «rim were both mavin»: up to»»rd» the leaders. Aurofisllna dropi«. ritibt out a* «ho field turned for hinnr, »rsl bia stable mata«, Dldus, «a» the Hrst lo enter Ihc straight, closely pumieil by I'la» lan, Jacamar, baialhath, The Parisian, Trafalgar, Oom c-y Kins, and Aurofodlna, Dldua showed the »ay lo Hie illstaiiei-, uhi-rc Flavian, Tho I'lrlslan (who wa« nuking up lila ground very fast), Jacamar, ami Cornelly King were all handy, whilst Cadonia, who had been well back In the Held, »as beginning to eil clear is" the nick. Immediately Hie itislaiusi «ra» pi »so. I, Tho Parisian ran past 111.li«, follmed by nallan, .ml hi» victory »aa proclaimed on all »Ide». By Ihr time the half-dittanee «aa reached, The Parisian »»? out a length tirar of Flavian and Dlthi» anil Coninly hing, »hitit Cadonia could l«s .eon coming »try fast lu Hut middle <.f Hie course. Tho Parisian continued lo «Ira»' away as tho |H-t »a» rcaihtsl, and he »on »cry easily by t»o lengths trom I'lavlan, »ho brat Di.lua b) a brad. Cadonia, »ho lin-hi-l fast, waa tlose four I li, Umicdy King Ililli, W'.uil sliih, Adulo se-veiilh. Prlarflthtcr ilghlh, Sandbalh ninia, .taiamar Irnlh, .Mutlhi.nr rlriTiith, Duke Kooli' iwrlflh. Utile.' Man thlr lecnlb, lUie'l (uurlecnlh, Trafalgar till, culb, Cruwii (.rant »latísnth, »hilo tin- la.I hunch is.in prised ( iscti, Hartfell, lu Ile-, (Hut-, Diabolo, Mi- rlan, »hilo lainl Nnlati wa» Hu. hut lu I suis lint |iosl. lune, 'lutin. .*7(sea-,


le«. . iX'edett

r. (¡aliHiln Firing Duclios»

1B 61. Simon ,-. ,-, St. Angela hint-Tun

y _i-dciiiKi

I fe Sterling Whltisr

fiKtcrtrlo -!-. " Light Knlitlit of St. '.', lleachy I.trick a S_ Head jllcee-linut

J 1 Muskel Toioohllltii "

_ . (linn.) X1'. .VusUallan in.

I Nonlenfelt

Onys Angler

IJ Crirysollto

_? ». Illrdi-tiher

' I ¡-»vintner Innul

< ¡Sienne - . >-. (Imp.) Secluaion Tailmnr

ia I_Min Bellon

_ lallmlslw

_ iToxonhllll« Is nrdeuialn

?* Musket |-. «"» I (Imp.) Daughter of .V. Amlrullan

1 llrnwn Hess 1

,. iB iFlrrvrorl ~ >£ (ioldihrnugh 'billia

Z I Frailly ÑTiVxx'aTrbñ-"

._ Hura M'hor (lui|i )

| ' I _!__ '____ g r~r~ I lim II iron

_ (ling Moek-ell I'm.hunta«

1 l'orn-anl . ,. Ü v (Imp') '""tr Mary Orlando

fi Jj!___?mv___

-*. !ll.M.l«iuan SP 1-0 Palmer Mailaino

Si , I't-lcnllnn

SÜ Jtiseplilns I


kiln OsVsorno i iflmlnatlra


I I I Cuvahaiu

wiivsms oi im MEinounNi CUP

O cr | W inner. V. '.gel VV |_ |Tiroe

Sir Ile Mestrc Mr lie Mestrc I Mr IlarixT

Mr li H«Iii«i

Vrcl cr

ArtKr 0 Banker 3 tan tern 1

lS05|VIr Marsl all Torylmy

leailMr 1 Tait TI c Har! 3

ISO" Mr De Slcatrc Tin WI ilflcr 5 180S Mr Tait Cíenme 4 ISflOIMr San I Warrior 0

l8 Olia- VV Craig Mmblcfoot a IS I Mr I Tait Tlclcirl S 18^ ¡Mr I Tait The Ouitk « 18-1IMr IV Johnson Bon J in 1 18-1 Sir «. C1 irnsidc Harlcol 1

l8 - Mr Shurp VVoPomal 0 l8 OlVIr I Wilson Briseis 1 ir Mr T White Cheater 1 18 Stir Do Mestrc < "'an la u

18T)|Slr Ilaivllnaon Darrm-cll «.

ISSOIVIr W long «" «li lane r,1 1SS1 MrOlI Ponai 1 t 1 *

1SS Ivir I E. SaiillTlcAititTlon 1 1S83 Mr J White Mart I líen y 1 ISSIIMr I O liglis-t-hia *>

1SS. VlrMta ghlln s' cetAncl or a ISSihlr VV Cannon Arsenal 1 1SS ¡Mr U Dono an,') nlo) j lRSSIMr I) S IV llacelMcntor I 1SS0 Mr VV T loma |nra»-o 8

MOO Mr D S Wallace Carbine r ISDlhlr I Itcdfcan |Mahollo 4 I-Wlr Cnrmodv nsCIenloll 6 lSmlMr I I) ta»vl»iiaTarcoola a

llSlr V VV I uni «sPatron 1

lllr D lame« V irarla 3

IIMeitsrs. Jones «I: -

Cooper |\evlnrn 1

|"0,1 17

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The late Mr S C Cook i« returned as the "reeder of J he 1'ansí in but a* a v ear

ling the Cup winner went up with the late Mr 1 1 Grunt» ade is lot and Mr Kirbj got lum for 130 guinea« Bobidtl the siro of Tile Pnnsinn I» bt Bill of Portland nnd was i good performoi on the turf winnini, ainong«t other race« tile Champ on Stake* and Australian Cup for the late Mr \\ It -»-.ilson The X'irisnenne the dim of The Pan«iin is also the ihm of Clnrmaiit und

Karn itt in sMC was raced by Mr i> G Look nml was »«hen in training a tcrj lino mare ¡>ho u bv Trenton, and most of the Trenton mare* do w oil at Hu stud On the death of Mr Cook flic Parisienne went up for «.ile, and w i« purcha-cd bj Mr _ Grctn, who now lies her al lu« Muplcj stud *«he rcccntlj foaled a colt to Positano Bobadil w t« a fe» montlui ago purchesed from Mr lame* Wilson hy Mr I* U|i lull for hi« Pranjip «tud in tina btute, ut the high pnce of J TOO guinea*

Ihc Parisian did not run as a two-jcur ol«l and n« a three > car-old otily \»oa a 1 nul Handicap al Mentone An u. four-jcar old he did mu« li hotter, and incidcntallj demonstrated Huit ho could get a di«tancc Carning 7»t 41b he »va« onlv liciten half n length hi Knox (Ost 01b ) in the W ilium* Iowa Spring 11 indicnp one mile wini« with 7*1 Jib up lu »iii-cuinbcd bj n lund only to tillie ("el 71b ) in the Mentone Cup one mile and i quarter Hi« turn eamc in the autumn After carrj mg Ost. (ocativ tictoiv in tile II million Cup, one mile and a ipiar Iel (Skjholt 7*t Sib second), he «uc ctcded in th« Warrnumhool Cup one mile and throe furlong* with the «arno weight in tin »addh Ile came into \\ heehr* hand» sliorll» aflcn»ard« I'ostur« boat lum in llu \ Ii C Sihcrmnor Handicap at the Jane lixture but in the ( uroona Handicap one indi and a half on tin second du. of In« meeting ho made amend« for lu« de- feat lit winning ut a «intir with Hst 81b np Crete (7«t 71b ) «ctond and l'nattire |7*t lib 1 third and the time .'nun «I7J*ic Ile «bowed bitter form u* u live j i a rolti \t the last \ lit \ uluma Meet ing he ran fourth to I omedv King in the Ijisenilon stake« (weight forage), and then, with 7«t 71b up «con- in the Australian Cup one of the softewt of win* ever wit

m «seil at I lemington Ho won in a ranter bl hilf a dozen length« from Apple Pic ("st

1Ó11) ) Diabolo (7«st Ulb ), \urofodin-v (Tst lilli ) and 10 otlur« Tin going wa* benvv

but »till rim Parisian put up tin «plendul tune of lunn "fflsec for the two ami a quarter mile« Hu wa« allotted 8*t Ulli in the sjdiicv Cup and took tho trip over

but wmt nninw tiftir lu« nrrivnl at Huind wak Ile wa*, linnet cr a start« r but made no show nor did he do an» lu tier in the Citv Handicap at the «anio nuetmg I hi«

»fison he mude no «lion in the Caulhtld J Make« »um bj Mult King hut the «lístame of that mee wa« ralhti «bort for bim Ile slum «si in tim Milhourno Slakes, on the hrsl dij of tho VIH meeting tlnlJie h id come on «ince the Caulfield meeting bv finishing an ex««11«lit third to I rafalgur and II««» erui.e

Ibu Parwan * connections were nil virj «outillent jesUrdnv l.ant spring tin -ilding »»"it lamí nilli running ni (lu (llenhuntl» llanilieap nt Cutiuidd nml lind in consequeiite to for«go lu« eimageuu nt in Hie Melbourne Cup for »»hull lu hail beni haikod (o win ii good stake W lucia i« n iiuwt painstaking Inn mr and h« In« hud no casj timk to gel I lu Parisian tit a« (lu re w i« alum« a danger of a roi urn nee of tho «pring

trouble Wliceler hill« front the North Ijistern distrid where lu« father who dud s« nu timi iiuo wa» n will knot»n owner of horsi« Hu Pirisiau« tinnier and hi« brother« all used 11 ri li 1 in« in the coull tij «omi ji ir« ag


OWNER. JOCKEY, AND TRAINER. I I iola Hu se iii s I h.amis Kon il.l ( inn ron, itht winning jo lu stippul into ii snr"i of lia|)|>) st ibh lids anti jatktvs and look a stun pounding on tia luck willi titi!) Siol tish u m i »i Whin um lud is hold mg mu' litnl nmt niiotli«i pin nie pump lum.linn; Ila i Uni li.s noiliing lift fur the otlii is i » s [it In p ii Hu t up » mini ( lulu as a e,it ininti u ni good lull li It was a ».""I jib fa ( um ron Unit tilt) »xDim n wini hud wini (turn 7 ti to III/ n» 'Hu PiriMin e.ailil nil Hitit Hu jntkc»» i nihslli, ,,|li, nu», hi »»null un doubl« di» hu»i bun li».«, ,1 lo tit Hill II« luiilnl lunn I at Hu »it ni «¡uni« linn,I kt rtliii Is »»uti u neill ni ulai ut lus reg tri!, us ilnaii.li llinikui» Pinn linn that Uni linns »vin sluing Omi in Du dirk litlh nunn In tall ni is lu stiippul nlT lb» bim mil nlliiw sill 1 mu aw iv as »nil as au» ni Iliun lu »aid w« II nn with tin« li uhr« uni tool np pit-Ulna about hull

w iv al ng Hu luid l liming In Hie hist lum I lliml 1 vii« luug ila.ni ilixiiitli mid I I ipi Uni | - >-1111111 pull) lull X1 Un ululions I pis-, .1 luifile.il mid inpt up lau si In Ina re until I lav .iniiiiliiiii ali ml »non.I u tim,I ns I I iii ned min lim stiaiglit Hu I'm 1st in Was going well

ran splendidly all the wi» On Hie turn f letkoned the rue was minc uni when 11 une out I km »» 1 w is going to win \oti «in» how he um n»viv fioin them at thu tmisli 1 he rice w m perfeetlj fair I never got i bump the wholi wa» and it waa a.

big field too

Tins ii mj first Melbourne Cup I rode second on lrnfilgii hit year, you knott 1 ti 1 cen at the game since I wa« 13 tears old and I in 21 non My first »»inner »vis a horne called Operetta in llntvl e« Baj \cv» 5*ealand, and really I dont know that Im molo excited today th in I wn« o\cr that win I vc been riding about three jeir« here

Hie congratulations however were not all giten to the jockev the owner (Mr J 1

Kirbj) milking a triumphal procession through the birdcage among-it Ins mitiv frieads and ncqu Hillanco) III* (laughter met lum with the one espres«i»e word 1 ithtr

and lu« friend« clustered about him nml hemmed lum nwnj from Ins horse When he disengaged himself nml the excitement

had «immured down a lillie he said -

Yes, he ran well But then he s a goo«! hone I bought lum from Grimwade at the »ile« a« n three j car-old for 130 guinea* T didn t do inj thing with him for a while hut tool linn up to the station lhere he won the Hamilton Cup and afterward* I cnteicd bun for the Warrnambool Cup which lu won loo I no\er had ant (bunt about hw t» inning the Melbourne Cup, I wn» quite confident I bid ed lum und nothing else and told mj friend« to «lo the sime W heeler (the tniner) b iel ed lum too being just i« confident n« I tins

Mr C Wheeler bejond corioboritingtlus statement, had verj little to »it He had »opnratcd himself I rom those who »»islud to congratulate lum l»v «tuting inside the nils of the winners bo\ 1 net cr thought the race ins in doubt he said Good thing«) get bciten sometime« hut I uns con- fident right through After the Glenhuntlv Hindicnp he broke donn nnd I had him otcr in Stdnej Lust Tnesdnv he bruised his heel prtttv bidlt but »va« all right to-dnv Cameron rode a splendid mee-« there is no doubt ibout that '



\\ Black the rider of the fatoiinte Tra« falg-ir was sitting in the joel ey* room a quarter of an hour after the race Ile had hid lu« eliot»er und »» i« discussing the struggle with tivo or three of the boj« who were prtpinn., for a mom t in the nc\fc rice Cool and courteous he w is willing to discuss the race flicro i* one thing ' he »aid I mint nj It w w i true run race all the waj through AH the hoy« are saving the same Tin j got a clem go from sturt lo finish Ae for mj own part I em only sa j that the old horsi got iiwaj well

nml we »vere ljmg in i (,ood position, about fifth when we pissed the umVc «bo\ on the first time roun I Olbin in the held pulled up to ii« after we turned out of the strught, mid Irifalg-ir w i* ninth or tenth nt the rivcnudi We icmnmcd in that position round the cutirse nnd before turning into the «tmglit I moved up Trafalgar w ?« going well and we wort, »omenhere in the first division on the turn into the straight

Then I mide inj run 1*1 liait,n ansnercd bntelj and 1 hoped for a gool finish There i« onlv one luir c I can remember noticing noir me at tint time It na« Comedy King When two furlong* from home I felt the held moving nwuv from me I knew that there wa« no chaine

"lie weight was telling and Triinlgir del iiwij under mt 1 do not know where I timshed The result i« a hit of a disappoint mont to mc c«pectnllj after mt cxp«_ricnco on Snttirdat whenmj mount ("Wo ni« just beaton for the Dcrhv I hat« thought of that »co «ince and although I ein take i boiling somehow 1 wish 1 could have tho Derb) o» or agun This i« mj first season on thi« course 1 am n nat n c of Sydnej, and enme over here for this meeting



Srs-ncor"trcot bos seen many crowds during ils existence as a station, but surely never beforo one »a large, so excited so im- petuous, but »nUial so good humoured, -is that ai luth, surged over its platforms for a couple of hours > cstcrday morning. Until 11 o'clock it was possible to book and to entrain for Flemington in comfort, bub w ben Uie rush set in, comfort was the last thing ono expected to find associated with the tnp to the course There were many who took ndsanläge of the calm before Um storm They were mainly folk who sscro seeking n commanding st-tt in one nt tho stands, from which they did not intend to shift all da) , or families »»ho »»ere combin- ing a picnic »sith the other nttnctions of tlic outing Jockos carrsing handbags and whips, persons having business on t lia course, u few buskirs" in grotesque cos- tume«, nnd men with portable. Kide-shows, ?were ulso amongst the carl) ti-isil'ir»

AA'ere it not that everjone w_s well dressed and bapp) looking, despite Hu in- conveniences of the moment «mc might base thought thal the scene at Us busiest was of the people of n eil) iii flight. í »cry tram that tra» cited tosv_ri_i Spencer strc« t was laden csery street pounal out i seem- ing') endless stream of pedestrian» wini »-niggled around the ticket windowie, fought their way inch In inch to the entrame gales, ran ulong the platforms, and fought again to enter tin.« carnages lo Un dis mtore'Slcd it looked loo strenuous it pee ionmuiec to lte worth while, and )it it was no1 even weighed agunst the pleasure lo w hitli it gave ina is* Ladies who stoppt 1 with the utmost euri off the triimcir nmí picked their xs i) ne ross Um water« _ stn« t in much Hie »say the» would through snake « infested grass, plunged unlicsitntmgl) into the thickest of tue fra), uni! hinglitt I liny wire lambell and crushed tit the pn>s around Hu baniirs swipt along the pint forms whither tin» minted lo go Unit uuv or not, und lambell and crushed again when fort) ot lift) jKople sought In inlet u carriage sshicli would not hold ii hilf of their number, and «Dil the) laughed V )oung lad) on tim Block ma) wither u min up because bo happens lo iiiitdvcrtenllv bump her protiudiiig lint or scrape a morsi I of putent dressing olí her shoe but on tin xraj to tin Cup the some young bul) will Iel! her fneild that she is so glad Hu poer man they walked on in the slnit-kii at tho gale wits not hurt

1'vcrv few mimili a the trams whirled hundreds of racc-goirs away ftoui "-ptiicir street, without iippiireuüy diminishing Um siro of the crowd that »»as clumounng fur ndnussion al noon The oNodua wai« m full working order and a half a hundred thousand people wen' un I turd with n |>as sion for travel in (ino direction. Anting men, impatient al the delny, leapt tim feints when tho gates wem closed against them LldeTly men, w/ith red face" and short breath, saul that they multi get iii the same xvny if they liked, on!) they wiro not in the same hurrv. A pnrtl) benign looking citir.cn carno out of one clnmoroni attack on an undersiieel carnage with his hat battired over Ins eyes, anti mm omi nt his collar Moating loose. (lu any nillir du»', after n similar exjiencnoe, he would liavo comme need a vigorous letter of pro. test to the press, but on Cup Day tie vv is li reel willi Uni spirit of a long linn «if sport- ing ancestors Hurling himself into tim scram In front nf another carnage door, ho Ieil with the ngbt list crossed with (he I« ft foot, dodged a hatpin, and found liimstlf half undit Hu« stub-but inside, and on his was to 1 lemington.

Good humored the crosvd sins to the omi of the liselv scene at r-pimir-streot An iinnnoiiliittI)-dressed »oimg man willi iho i rnoki m1 of his cane prolnidmg at n jmtntr angle iii his rear, swtrved to avoid u foi midable-looking hatpin, but i night iiiiuUh r m his tie and drew it out of n lids s hil. In turning to apologiH« first to No I liomin, plicated iiiiitUr« »»iib No 2 b) uitihmg tia» i rook of his stnk in hil hat This tnwtr mg structure bul airead» boon rinaldi ii somessliat insicuro upon its base bv the innovai of Un lint inn and it cunio nivav with Hu imnk Mv hat IP von please

loninrkoel ila lad), willi gnu lons du,nllv,

Amu halpin also ladv," ripiad the self |n»»sos»ed )oiing man



'llio ri'onrl in lunnirlinn »nth flip nil« wn» ti ililli w i» «asti» lirokin viHicdnv, winn .lliTi.' peopb mre ciiiintid I» tins niuiise 'I lu» pinion« i«<ord niimbei of ]ius.stiigi i« «a« 11101 li wa« carried l«»t vuir, »«hilo in IRsH when the week'« book« ing« v\«is> the git'iHest, 11,720 people »»ero tinnspnitcd lo riimington lo leo tim Cup inn di rillid Train« were deiipaloliod ?''*"» shoillj nlt«rl)aiii,anda«tenihl) iiiiren«in« «rou.l made its tv»j- to Spencer«tmt station. About noon some difficult was ex--  

pcricnccd in bundling the tnfhc, foi people, tintions to seo the lust nice wcic tanking their wi» like ii »uarm of districted ants Ihcie noic 12 hist iiW Iriiin«, which took '0,4_1 passengers while nine seeond-elnsa Hain« contejtd 20ñ2l people Hie bool

_ng« repiesetited a »inn of 1.17 201/11/3 as ngain«t _l*i210/l-»/10 lust teni, but much of Hie te»enuc will be till cn In the Victoria Baring Club is ut most instinct« rntlnn fares and admission to the comae »»ero paul for it the »nine time Hie liomin« ml tup« wcic begun soon uftei Hie IHn«iun hld won the ( up mid li nu« michell Spence (.tuet with i elm nmg i itc(,oor« until 8 p m

toniideiing it» mugiiitude, the traille waa handled in ii ten siittefiietoij mniuici At »otcril Miluiilum ccnties mid nt the tourist bin cm and u Innpoutr» oihec it the (.cneinl Post ofliie ince tickets ncic obtain nblc and niau» people »lived themselves in convenience bv booking in advance, but

the mijontv waited until the» ntnvcd tt|

Spencer-si I cot »lhere nt 34 ticket windows the st ifl* wn« busil» cmplovod On the pint lol ins the tiufhc wus supervised bj the p noial superintendent of passenger tiiiin »en ice (Mi I B Alolombv) nnd though thoie na« a little clouding the depaitment

I inn» thnt tin people »vere to blame for t Ifo«»e»ci though in mv were impatient nobodt nu« in n complaining mood The milln lue of n glonous «hit and the nlcnmr able nulli pition of u good win nt Heming Ion n»e i une momentan worrie« If in the trow«! tint letunicl there were man» popio who tv arru d it was not the judg ment of the Itiilwuj dcpirtment that was

lit fault


Hie trm-poilation of the passengers who booked at llio Spencer street station ncces »itttcd 82 trip« being tun lo the course Of thcfC »1 itere made lit first class and 20 bv »eeond-cldss trains Hie starting times of the trams with Hie official summary of then complement of passengers nre as foi

low« a lull train catrting approximately liO pissengcrs -

a ni Class Condition

li 1st ¡ full ii I r 1 ] full in in 1 full in io i»t ; full

in "i i»t full li" id I nil

in t«t : full IO » 1»| lull Tai I" "nd I nil

12.4 1st Tun 1 '. 2nd Tüll ii« i«t run I" 10 1ft lull 12.11 "ni lull 1 II 1st lull 12 18 1st lull

li » M lull ll-.ll) "ni Hill mi l-l "lull 1'JI l»t lull

in KI "ni lull \\« St "ni Pull

io Is l»t 11 ill 1 ' 51 l»t lull in ' l«l lull ll"¿s "nd lull

1«) » 1st I nil io ni lull io i 1st | ull ti 1 l«t I till II «I 1st lull 11 -nil lull It in 1st I nil II II "nd lull 11 II l«t lull 11 li l-l lull II VI ni lull II .'? 1st lull

lull lull Hill lull lull lull lull lull I ill I nil lull

lill IA t* l«l lull 1" T.. "nd Hill 1 17 1st lull I 41 1st I ull 12.11 .-nd lull 1- «IS 1st lull

1» li 2n I Í full 1 ' > 1«. i lull 1 > I.. 1st i full

1 11 i ai 1 al 1 » 1 11 1 40 1 «1



I pnn two men al loa»t the hand of fate fill« heat il» «m I up Da» \s the horses nu liluig don ii the st might to tile post for I he f up »dirt their dut» begin« and if the» wini then bett the» will be ltickj to finish their Insk hi the time the horse« hate woikhed in attei flic "ian *lein sukes an lunn and a half later In that time coin of lb« te dm to the amount of _4 000 and odd will Into pissed through the hand* of ti«o liank olhtiiiN liecn ncdirntel» told, counted, dieekcd and pircellcd for removal to the Miiilt* It might rcadilv be expected that in »o large au amount of read» cash, col

Irctrd as it I« al all the pa) ing gates upon rtcrt part of the comiso there would be na npprcciable percentage of Hue coin, but in «nt vear ' «rook 'un«," ns the generic name toi* nrf conspicuous In their, absence and -i estonia» onlv amounted to a few «hillings

I line» nre too good and mono», too casa» mudo without untiece*?.!.-» risk« Lost tear was a fine Cup record and on that occasion the \ It C takings at the various' gates on the course for the Cup Dij, exclusive of niiltta. receipts amounted to £i 874/11/. of w Inch £4 117/0/0 was collecUsd at the outside gates and 1.757/12/0 at the saddling pad «link How much better vestcrdaj was tnaj be gathered from a comparison of the figures fruin lins source nlone At the gates jester .lit « receipt« were _4 854/19/0, while the »addling paddock receipt« amounted to 1.1016/5/ or ¿I 871/4/0 in ni) o«aictlj ft s il short of nn increase of 11,000 over the rec« ipts for 1010



Hu tnilli«, lo the course from the eil» ti-lnlit iinpliisisisl the decline of tin I nu in h nul ml tin ii-« of tin motor cir Duli lim four in Ininti could lie seen in the «lillico piddnd but in the «penal en

i lu-iii i «»in *i-4 motor eira

li ii is nie» ilulili tint the stream of tan« i»ii|.i.oiicttc» mid mrs should raise dust but it »» i» Imped lu the roul (otitingnit Huit the untiring «art« would ha»e prticihsl I li« in to »onie purpose The road howeter «« i» not wntciod us it should have been iillluiiii.li ni hen« ne no fault could be fount wirb it ljirl» in Hu morning hansom i iii« uiul <»ug|.n!.ctu»n»!!cmli!iil in Itusstll «tro I

while a billot foi position« wa* tondu« tis! In an in*!»«lol of the hacLnr» cirnai,c iiiiiinutUc It was hurtest time foi the « iliincn wlio «liirgcd i fare of 2/ or 2/0 lo the ionise and who no doubt eidi »how« I ii piont at the end if the «lav of wv«n! I nun I» lor an hour «ft« r half past 11 m lock the tnifhi in 1 I« mington-ro id wes ««ii lion» ami it iscenud busker thin over 1 vciv kind of »clinic wa« lcnrescnted in tin throng and thousand* of ptrsons on tin i Hillside look a delight in the ummit<-d »«cm Motor mrs containing women mid) ..«theil glided past lumberine vans oom uti

mg winn» partie« who intended topienu on the Hill, «mart troll« rs in light nthlm

ttred trap» oierhnulnl loaded four w hu le ». und mule evdisls kci^p ii «harp lool mt

moulu i> who walked from llu citv glinct 1 without envj nt the vi lui li borneirowd fir it w is ii line dnv and walking »in* pic is ml

?nul tilt luiwkei in lu« dilutndlied «arl hid nulli Hg byl appro» d for llu sink alum ii» lint »»hilled llu stnldj r irruyes ahm.,

I lu sk» »»us bim, the mr »»us light mid too in« i r» n »pu it «» i« "broad for « n» » oi it pining to l iki p i*»« «sion of tia mind

Hu mil» diawbiik was Hie dust Jho-e tia» «Hough of It ill 1 lirabrlhslriit Du I hmitigtnu rou! water lim! lina fini» um I iii phur« hut whin l"iiccoour*( mid wu« II m heil dum!« of dust lind Io lu 1 nillir« d Illili-ami «1 urid\ antnbire ilsi all di» -grumbling was to 1« henil

(lu hoiiicw in! joiirno» like that to tin ionise w11* a bright and e\lnlaritiiig e\ Illume with dust as a »oditivi Poll«-« nul Ullin«»»,» min 1 uni I out Hu woik of 11 kid nmg the (milli will ami ns d-mr» |iu«l tverv priciut.on, time wire no stiiou»

¡m nk nts



Two »lilian- look pn-scssion ol ila' lull line went lime to »u the r.a mg. nnd if pinsilile lo make inniicv, and lluv wolf lint mi the lawn because the admission lie ¡mil thi'ir vvirkl) wage would not bt.ii mm p.illsou, 'I'la-ni lu i sutton «.nod little about the mung, but min li iib.iut Hu «.'alli.i

nuil Hie mutent- of Hie li.inipu. 'I lie hist set lion opened Hieir nun mug newspaper In »io wini lilli.» Ila- spoiling mitti» had lipill'll; lill pie me ki I» We le- »len e» llttlte-leil iii Hie Ciimmunwi ilih iiiotuiiiilngisls't. np ping, wlnih wa» Inane nat. li wa- lim, muí Ila It. o,i cloud- l,in|i. ir.l Hie Mia'» nie», ," th,,t ,| was ilebghltiil lo loll mi

Hie gin»» muí natch tim malina» and .»ming in nail make li i. Behind i ho ginnd-Maud, while llie lu oc/«' dal no1 roath, it was bul ami close, bal evor.» nil. le else mt Hie hill III.' Iii'.llll» id Hie spllllg lili'Villleil.

'I he gl',iliil'»t.liiil wa- soon pit kisl In Hie edges, bul Hu' aii'i.igi' pallon ni the lull is .1 hopeful, lulu«'- man. wini builds lion»!-, nuki» all »tuts ni llmigs ia all «ort» ..I lae lill..», plough, and nap- nuil bollol e» tli.i' uno llover km»»»- »»bal nue cm do lill nile' trie». So it happened linn all I he al Iel

noon fiomcbodv was trsmg to squeeze into the stand nnd a little I itci lctiiing fiom Hie frns Hushed dishucllcl hut still op linu-tie In places on ho lull the grass was «hppon and bumps and toe crushing weio not imminent but the tilmo t good hu inouï picsailed Ihc «ide show men were doing btttti for thcnisehc« than if «tilts bad hu n »»(«¿rung because mono) was plentiful and then Ittinngucs weit sei)

peí su i»i»e

tjntlci an elm Ins a portly fut hoi of a famil) who lift it to his »vitt to keep the lads and lisses fiom stiusing too fnr the) told him at half p l-l 1 o eloek thal if he wished to sec Hie Cul) inn lie would base to hesta himself ile seemed interested bul the gong anil (he excited eiy I lie» ic oft' sscie but nitompiiumcnts of Ins snonng J lies wo! c bun anti told lum thal Ihc Parisian lind »son and lu asked foi unotliei snuiiwiili In front of Hit stand the cNcitenicnt the miNietv Hie disappoint ment that showed in the fites of the men who love lacing and wagering were m con trnst with the calmness mid quiet enjoy ment that chnractei iscd Hie loungers in the sslsnn glade at the leal

do on the lawn encd n man who was .utting »nth his bick to a tree and he garcd up at Ins questionci Not T I can see a race betlet fiom here and if I xvnnt to do so T can get out of the crowd and enjov lnvself

1 he bright ness nf (he du» made the pano- rama from the hill worth fcomg a long woy to sic W'litn the great nice »vus being nm it mattered not at all that the visitot knoiv nothing of racing there »voie self appointed nnnotmccis ns plcntiftil as curmnts in n cake xv ho named the leading horse and made keen comments lill the winnot passed the post J hen the» i cm ni ed I took 5 to 1 nhout lum which, no doubt, svu_ not quite correct

- _


Tram carl) ¡norning a continuous stream of people How ed on to the lint and 2 o clock in the afternoon saw the gicatc-t concourse set assembled Hine At first glante it ap pearcd ns if the crossd »sere mteresttd in gastronomy rattier than m racing judging b) the countless number of píeme parties ssbose attention seemed to bo »»boll) con fined to the absorption of succulent fruits and acr-tod »sulcrs As one neired the bet- ting reseñe where the high priests of hu ince chnntcd Ihc odds this impression, bowcier.vns nlmosL obliterated bv the sight of dense throngs of persons »»ho mo»ed reso tutelx in and out treading heedless].» on a tb)ck carjict of torn up betting tickets, is huh (.use telling but thniikless tcsrtuaoii) of the frudt) of hopes and horses

Hie distinguishing feature of the 1 lal was ils mixture of calm mid intense rc-Uossnes« One section of the crowd exhibited tittie or no intcnwt in the racing programme sti) ing quictlv for long periods m one spot

while the remainder of the throng surged backwards und forwards us if obsessed »nth the idea that a chance of locality might secure for them a better »antagc ground from winch to vie»» the racing A'irious gimes of skill and i banco »»ire offered for the div crtisemcnt of the de\t crolls and the timvnr) during the intervals betwicn the »nnous events nnd man» availed them selves ot the opportvmitv b\ tmng to locate tho elusive pea or to encircle with n steel ring man) of the m1»cr loins glue! to n tilt board towards the centre and the out- skirts of tim crowd little knots at bvsttindirs lollccted round tho»i who were fortunate enough to rstosscss field (»lasses ami at the conclusion of each event the numbers of the winning horses were circulated through the throng with astonishing rapid ii» \s soon as the winner of the Cup was known Hie 1 hit lugan to dear and its numbers wire so depleted before the nett race that it was 3into apparent that the great cveut of the

a) was o»er




With the succes«e« of snturdu so noir nt hand it did not seem as if uni Cup Di» mullí record a grci cr tuuinpli As the da» dnxxned n (.lex »eil of mist wh eli might baie tinned to ulm at aux limmen: hung »cr) elo-c to the earth But fort un natcl) the uni«limitx xx is not lasting and slowlv hut surolv the forbidding ilouds rolled aw a v leaving the tendel gricioiisiitt« of n spring dgv

Within the lusl few .»ears n toil na mo lion of the caiuinumt) has ut templed to upset the old tridition» of the spoin! Cup dress It« dipitplis have prcailnd the doctrine of utilitananisni mil point« d out bo»» much moro sensible and inmfoi table it is to wear n »»ashing frock Uni H lukes more thnn Hie opinions of n fiw to up i

the firinlv hied notion which is leoogni-til throughout the ( ommonwcillh Uni on Cup Dav a »»oman »»oirs Hie »or» lies gown she possossis It m1« be lint ii i onI) a washing niii«bn or it tun» le a duint) creation of shiminciuig satin and

Auriiíiiillnn lomeily Itlin. I'rl»«'llrth«er Flut inn The l'urlslltu

X ii-let nlilll» Cniliiuln

T_E_EJB _P^__RISI-A.Isr -WrI_i^_--TI_tsrGÎ- T_E_C_E _M:_B.T_._BOXJ_R__Ñr_El CXJ_P.

cloudy niiion, but in iinv o.i»e tin« i« the piiipor «iii-.isinii lui- it» ilispl,!«,

When uno thinks ni the I hull« mil» ii.tv, lons ni llmiisiinds ol i\i|tii»iu. loilt-l«, the In ml) nt »«huh »«a. enlucí» passed mu in the «lund til veslerd.it. one I» Idled willi ivgnt. Nevoit lu le««. I hen- is tin- inii-iilii tinu illili, su pellín »t.is iln> iniiii.igi'iiunl, illili liiere ««.I« no danuigo dim«' lu «hin il«' di apel io* b« iHiiiUiwiling m the trains .li- nt the mill-r ilsi-li. uinl -n llio hiii'liniss ul llu- gunn« »«.i» uni lift iiii.igtlltti. In

the «fin. lint li.it>« p.i-std mu' ..in i< int'iii , b«-i- seeing min« a tu-lli linlel linn tn

ribbiuis lit'lni'f llu- viiilii'iiiuito ui-nii-i hail I

mullid Un e lit lune « «.ile- Hill thill li is nu sinli I ile ii win told »ittiuli» Illili

was nullum» lo nur tia pit i-iiu t I tin I lino»! du» ni »pim Xiisinliii , m «iltt i I

Nothing more bn»dil« ung lina tin nu I mo« ni» |ii, tau» nt t ii,mi aid lu mt» i ni lu i mi uuu ii \l mm« it »nun I a» ilinae.li I i » 11 v ni lu i it ran ill li ni , mia ni ii blue 1111 k ' Hun (lu bint fa.lt.h.i »of! mist .1 lil,1,1 1 gu»s wliali m ii-luía Im ma ulkt J willi 1 Hu lusv pink ni divv u du nun ill» 1 »nul

null 1.1 iol.au gina In 1 lah |.iii pi. 11111 agkUssivi luipi uni bim 11 1 lim 1 I » u ht li. Iptil in mi1-. 1 .11-1111 t mil u.-i n bul Hil.11 tin »li h 11 « 1» > Hill lllllllill lilli lil It li UK 'ii I ! I llllllllll m u In. li k ni Hsl« nnd 1 nm 1 pi. I.

min Hi ii dm t m hu II» -1» I 1 nun li ii Ha Miiitul m Hu iiiiivu-ilil» and 1 d milgun nt ii tin mivdiv Amiral in

winnini m lui 'I'.I I" "" "»J» «"'Iv nilli,«« a nii-nki 1 Hint iii Hu ml mi lint

suit« her best or in the design most be

coming to bet figine Sonc of the dictates |of fashion nie taken ns ii sine «pi i non ill is quite line «he cndciivoiii« to be ns np , to ilute us she i m uuwiiulioiisl. uiinugc

bul »he is tunit In nihipt llu liiiulc« to her own personal icipiironicnt* mil hen is the |icn»on in ii nutshell win iisilut to tlusi

l hoics mt ni mid» (\elimi on Alhe»,vt«ill

.«licsscd «ripe u mee of «11 ami, fhtuli », ¡women anil gul« Inste id of following ii

, hill in laws laid down lu a foi» Aiistrali in girls willi n larc kii.i of the eternal lit

Ino«» ol thing« ne in Hu iniittci of «Iks«

n lau until thcnisdtis dil« »eir the ti \ tines emplnvcd in tlic niiiniifictiiie of the lu mulei ful toilet 11 s have given thom a ni liol ginee lu then »»oudciful design and roliiniing nnd this nu ii nu ha«, lcvonled the delicate flowered sill s the dntntv Ince« nnd goigenus ten died trimmings, combined with oiiginithlj mid stibtk.lt of design .a Inch ure tlie le tiling fcitures of the art of Hu couturier« of the dnv

Tlic sublet» of n gown rcall» rests in the

manner in winch the dressmaking artist car-'



ncs out the conception of lier brun It is in effect a pie lure xvIllili has tliiiiniitrd throiu,!) the mullum of sensors, needles ind cotton, tokithtr »nth piticnce ami ung) unlit» lu iMimple of tins was mcii »is Ionia» iii Hu pi ison of a i lau ming vouiig gill who in lurstir was Ispuil of sp mg Her gonn was «unpliuts H»ilf for it was nothing mou tia »it tiepe «I« mho in ii tendí r shade of gn 1 ii but in among the late w lia li fanned Hit sole «if liol I mil ho mil in Hu little wisps of mulei sicosis lo her bod ne «nu saw I us emla ende ed sp a»- of apple blossoms nut hu bruni brunna- bal wa» literati» loud««I with exqui-itilx lim tilted apple Mumu« Su, n u dress as this worn bv the girl whom ii silted to ptrfu turn vv i> a triumph m itself

A neil lu r i\ nilpie of ivrilltnf diessmg is quoin! as not it« basing a picture eliott so iiiuih as I mik nullinlixi ol'good ellie nilli

«nil w hu li Hie lust 1 ia! si liemos of mice und «I-i »«mai trs king ifl tis.lt \ la tin-in« the »u nm vv is I ill «lui nnd sh u Iel mid her lu mtifull» luina: ill iprnos in neil willi a ilikiutv thal i uno a> a suninso in thi»o ?Ins of lush nnd basile Hie town itself vii- of Uni i ni mu» sh idi ni Ulai brown ii ir »illili mi »ii klein disinlicd as bin« Hu tilleul i f tu m h nilibili r.« Jin

swiipin" aailtisk.it, with its iiimiiiu m '

pli .»um ni »»nilli ni« nilli n mun»» «hi tlh nul uni llu- ««I» ii ni), t it m« >'f numil i I Mu . um « his n minni I In I n lui »ni» «.I Iii, pi mi VI i i ti ti pt tut li «1 III lill n s I, »«lill l lillnl ni lu li blnll/i »ni pihl . mb-ni h i « .um«« llu iii,-ulh Um bulli bul, mil litml Um this l,iiiii,l iluiii un« un «ni i liions, ni tin sim, hint uiiuui a» llu lunn ««huh gi»« tin ili»insl it ni«

|i ii« lit «oki «Uni I.mu nilnill.il »lint»

nml lins, n "ml «ni.-li ni. «»m .1.1 ni- tia it ? lu Ipul tin lull. II« in its i>« i;>?<ti.m ulm hi «« is it nhill in llu i>,minium ¡mi.«..I hink hil ««lill i | nilli« lu'«» ««I a pilli 1)11' ul -lit,lui iihhnti .not li« i «««unit i lull« «Hi,

ii», mil. It, «« i« in indi i|iul <> 1 mr«. lill It »I l* mithin.! muli lil li *s ililli .1 m till - tv mil mil »I li «nun I « a lum ami mu« Mil ««h« hul pniiiid i gi« ti knob «if iiiiii-i n « Ik I'M « H lui n nst nuil mint lu i tit lu hu llu« lim« »i»l<- on« li «nu II null« tit-lum in in . it It nllu i « in be .indi I i- t \ nulli« « ni llu lu si du-«making

iii 11 Iii «t it Hu I'm« in ««nu III« I up

I li« i I m, Iii in« I ul« Di um in »».»it .i ¡. Illinium ¡. «« ii it in ilk il.lt Im il» sim

| lint» in I punt« ni Un 1*11 ii tn 111 \ ti »»us I ..I » II «lilli siltii bul Hu« «« is mvcietl I ««tilt it ini du -- ni ««lui« um hi ul t

I Ulm lill 1 li Milli Hit lit 111 ni lill M li i ml lut ti is I,ml,, n li« a nut,,« I I nul ii li« i llu km« i- ii lilul union .llu «II. I I ««lu lu« i. m, um m ti It» stn ill lund ill« n» I j ul I in ntslil iiinl «ill lil

I Im I m Ik « ull. «I llu lum I.guli. in i i ' Hu I di i ««luth ««i« i lim I'- ««i» lilli I ni ««tlh i um «« »ttko ul Mullins Im mil llu mi. mi ,,f (he munn ¡iuiIiii »«us ..nllu, ,| |,j ,. ,"»« m »ii«,

lu ul» llu lu« nulli« hul worn In I lei


l-ucllinc» was of white chip covered b) M»ft frills of plisse net and bnisbcd at one suit by n largt lion of black »chct

1 ml» 1 ullu wok a giaicful gown of soft gin union mountid on a »»Into silk foiimla lion the cm ace bul i i>ointed »oke and I Hint of nor» Al ihm s Inn dehnen! bv loltls and lu It of pile-l blue silk and a nutt» iii ipul tlfeit wa« emu to the bodice In some kio» and snivel litt edged with -ilsti pimpille funge »vhieh was ilso in Induced at tin cd"« of the shoit, bell sletses Hu Inikc ¡,n\ tngel hit was cn uuleil b» a muli ni ol pile bim lined with a bind of the stun mil li id i huge 1 not of shaded ltd io»es tlu-teitd in front

lad» Bosanquet s still mg town was of

mutual coloured shantung with a large| na»» blue spotted ile-igii lins »»as covered to about 18m from Hie foot hem with nas» blue union which was eleven) arranged so ns to allow ni the foundation of the v edi ii bodice entering into the scheme of its trimming Hie crown of n rather blight nav» blue chip hat was cn circled b» embroider» with a touch of royal blue, and was finished nt the Bide by

a posv of crimson mo «io i Ali Bo-au ipiet s -imple frmk w i« if »ililli Imbin lawn Ihc M ie» ir bl m-e bil i s pi m collar of linen Al ill«-« lue ami th skirt was n bl» ciiibniulircil »» th broil»re \iikhi- Hil lui bat ni I immisl »»iib n luv. i hi n uf until ii eli-i« ml sin ill »cn riet iHippu« Lui» IS ii I ti 1 >t »as m u hilt ainsi ii with nell design if bred re \iikh>- anti lie 1 ii-tiiu li it laid Inn» bhi'k .»tv.11« pinn e» Alis» Lluirl s uncommon fioik was of nor» irojte neleoi nindi in (lu bel id linne st»li Hit etlge of the lunn us well a- the font Lorelei »»as worknl III n ion»entlan ii ilesign of small

kreeii Innes llir »»Into hit was »imp)» , trimiiiiil willi palo m«i» gicen folngt und; swiithul in n nnd g oin union »eil "VIsK_«_ Phipps »inn it beautiful fioek of ililphimum billi trepi do eli nu willi tombes of black »clxet imliioidi icil willi kohl at her neck and waist lins smart toilet wa» com pi« (eil bv a high i row ned liljtk hat and pleureuse ostrich pluiui« Mi-« Aland Ogilvie vuiri i prêt v frmk of tin di nil ullin »! ripe ti muna mounted on while Ila »lim | »»1» «ted liodlc« w is caught bv a kinlle nm! Hie collin lo-» ncik was linulicd li» i tlcep full of net fustuiel li» n knot of blnek selset Hu larki sihite pirtme

hit w is ttiuimul with mill roses dime nuil

nndir the brun Air» liilph A'cnii» s

Isiniplentl fro, I ttiunl »duli lind» liukisl

*-««!-» iniisliii llu ho«!i . hum«, i nillir I.-.» pmiiitil »nli of lu iiiiuiil html «« ul, I Mi hu i niiliiiiil, m muí .II,,«« .1,,!,« ««iib mil mil» ol »muli ««oil ii il.n up liiiiu- n» u »lui nimming limits ii Ir m Hi «»utsthui. ilugi »«hilt I ii.« I li ii lim I ««iib |iili pud mu ni und »ii ««iib an nu I nu n-, pit nu list It illui m i nth »hull of I ul pink n ni pit li «t lui ul I in

Vu iniin« n-, nuntin i ni ««hu« muslin li «Is »»«ii »i in und u» tin nuiorit» nt ««.min li.ilh » mug nml nltl link llu ii lust in ««hil« ««Inn «nun in «I i« Ubi nilli ull llu Um i-l I i in ill,', t» ul »iin-hint blui »I» mil ImUilti llu I«»ull «» i« ivol'iut

I lu »«lull iniisliii i. ««uni Indu« i» not li» in» motin« th« iiuvp«n»i»i all iii u-uillj «li«-«i| i» i situpli wishing lim!« li un» tpp< ii I«|Mi ii «it ntl tint ««huh is mu i

«nu nul iiiiMi|>hi.-iu itul but Iii,»,- »«hi In» li pi« In tin lil knot» 4 li K (lull i» li,tltliik mult iiisitlinu» and ile« opt im I lum llu eu bun hud marlin froik »»huh «iii io-l in uini/tiit, mimbil m giumiis lo «li» llu I ifhiiui i» fu hen»» imbioiiln« of lill pttlllll I |ltll » HI IISllllllj lltsslllblll us

bro Inn angln» I |tt|ii( ntl« lur-li ti lui lui hut li tliiiu uinpiiii oi ilium» \ lient u um» i» biiiiighi ml i ju\ti ), -ituni tiilh Hu iii lu t »»ml nuil ii is t Hut« »nth ti» tin«i Iliul lnl|i lu nuki Ih «»hill lend, u mu ni li nf is»»ll« niisll« »« ii, Uni «thin i,!'«»!! ««huh «««II do ««in an nil in u i« Pi uh ibl» llu musí «\ |nii«ivi i <««>i ii» ««ill n« llu iiuvsl billilli

tal nu Ila lunn »l-l i nli» llu« bold

slat« ninii t« mu iiiiuh «itlimit duo um (

»k1 i,ition but the fuel (hut the »kilt was

made with two ptifectly plain Honnie« lnuoicnt of an) fullness of the most e\ qmsitc and rich Irish crochet was pioof <nungil to the initiated onlooker ila pal

tem of the lace showed the art of the cNpcrt craftsman foi the lita») pndd ii ssork was clcsorls intiodiiicd ilniik-uli the (limit» bib) troclat wliicli needs not mils skill lint es ci listing pitientc anil cicsight

A hint of blush pink mnon introdtuid us a lint ob) sash and in the -oft fiothy fcitlurs of a smiiit bat was tis. iffciinc us tilt pink bntkgiomid of a dtbcattl) cars id sinll i lineo

'Ihc tlas8 of toilette gcnerillv described as n fete gown ' linds its most popular e\ pression in the veiling of some vivid colour nm til an oscrdrcss of iicntrill) shaded semi

transparent matonal lhere is something pcculiarl) atliactisc in the elusise colour ling and half hidden treasures of nth em Ibroidcrs and although the fashion »i is m

trodutcd last )ear it still obtains foi it is as artistic as it is elegant Among the charm )ng gowns that showed to best ads int ige on the lasvn was a conl pink satin »oiled

willi i pi u mum creí c d « Inn of a s cr) lim li »turo thrniji win li the i dmr of the un lenlross win m ire siiegosttd thin sun Another I»|n- nf In inlv us e »ciuph lied bv i kiwn w i» to lu seen m i com | lilt »benth skirt « I Jil it minn mid siller i m liroiilir» bat tin kon, « ii»ius« i I I lu metal wa- loia.l b» Ha soft ill iperp - willi h pu lull» dulled the kbtln Hld Hut nu lui embroider» l>« nitifnl as it »» i« been ttft

i\|Ki»i'd m tin siinbkht H would baie laen I dist ribcd as the it rail 01 gandí but n» H1 w is tin ini-t» cloud of limon hld the a (Te» I of ti instorining it into a incline frock ad mind b» all

Comcinp nous amusement Is Hie attitude wh iii 'lu masculine maid luars towards womens bats of Indi» No doubl the

mint«! nu lit is natural enough foi in tin cmud c-pcualli that on the tcinie it was iii» uncommon sight m sim the brun» of broad leaflet hats m erlockeil like the horns if lighting rams linn s» no «loutit that the lag hat of the horn is_i aiiisanct to the ii.i-i.erIn but nt the same time it is tin most becoming to the wearer, am!

above all it provides the shade so isicntnl in our glaring sunshine sm) dina is n distinct dilTorcnii between the shad» hal ami Hit míos««! oin II» tolos-al oin means to describe not on!) thou that ore

lonnriimii» in di uni lu-, bul in lu ighl .1» wnl.l

¡und Hie .tililtil lintisti» ul it ulm» and

finnois nre often na much luglioi than I hi loftj crown« that the gintesqm element fro «.uentli picdoiiunutcs. In distinct eonlinst to the big hat »«a« the tiirbitn or clo«c]j fitting < i| lire «ul ii inn Ion on the lund Agnn lluro w «s the lae« and muslin mob ei| ttintt« ! nown n« the (hnilotte ( 01

daj Nuill«»« lo sij ii i« onl» thediuni« of »oiith tint nu st in I the «lemunds made upon ti bj the fieulish li it «»hub «omi

linn is mm tmng in Hinninei Hum in wintci Iheie his nothing nioie distinc tite in th «.mci ii trimming of Die huts »»oin je«teiliv be»omi undoubted lienntv

I cillci« of tin co thcsl limci tnnclv vteie uscil in in fusion hu* then so were Iloner« most uncommon and beuitiful m thou urti

hcial ropicsentition 'standing up frills of net lind i rhirnunglt simple effict nnd sonictimes one »in bon »tnl ing n great knots of i ihhon or tulle rniild be 1 he lint was frcijuont!» clio en a« the medium of introducing a «ontristing note of colour to the otherwise ncutrnl toihttt and though there is nothing no»» in the notion it is ns cffectinl a« it c»er »ras mil e»er will be


""The Murillo le no »»hu li upum! the da»'s I proeecilmgs brought nut i luid «if 17. and

in nmg took i wide l in"'e, mill» euri thing Hi Hit rice Innig linked it one prue , or nnothn. Uo-t Aal« .ind Itittei» wire

¡ the best i.u oui iles, and «nib got n place,

but tin winner w is l'oiest Punie, who was" well bin kui «low n to 8 to 1 I'orest Pnncc and Hut I in wcic alni»« in the fiont dm sion and the pur caine mer the last hurdle on iicn terms, while Klddleiilring and Hose A'alc »»ere ju«t beliinil them. A little further on llo-c A'alc »».is disappointed in tr.sing to get up on the inside (where there was redil» no room), and this iindoubtotll» lost bun the race Porcst Pnnce had Bat- ter) hi Hen oser the last half im hing, and won metis li) a length, while Rose A'alc »eis onl» brati n a head for second place. Piddle siring being a dose fourth Porcst Prime is a good looking horse, but lus pre- nons form was onl) fair. He is b) .Sainfoin the horse that got tv Caullield Cup on np

I pi il In Hu A I! ( » .mimili c aftei 'I mi

-un. II« i h 11 | i-sid ihi |",si m.! I In ri I ii i- t ni. i in unship in iIh i m X1 ism

I.Ibiik » tin I i-t lamil, So diniini

| w >- don.

| Mun' »us i laid ni l"i fa tin I! nil» i»

Uanda ip I mi np ita -li »ubi »is lui'mu-

ll! i*M w is iii»!»- I ii..illili bal Han v» is

ph al» ni in.» lui X1 ih iii m wlinsi ? limit old» m I to I win lilui ii ila 1 i-i ni am ni HI i-l kid l<> Ihi li.nil it Hu . ml ni Hint finit lu- bul Hu »»tullí lol I ii tali mil in tin um li.mi. 1 !i.ui_li lu lilli.lnilkiiH.il lu w isla ma In Inlh X1 iii mid -sluip-hniiii Hu lilln i ma 1 l-l midi i Ila jiidk« -bu», uni mil» lulu! lo i ilili Mil, li» i sinai "ni HI l-l bung lull i Iniklli nun» willi I I» nut lilísima nuil Olíalo Hu liitidiisi , t ih ultu r

AIhIi i» ..iim.I In Xh II Mm (nun I i lulim in m Ha \ V I ( . uni is i Nm I in u lo l Hiimlii ip wmiai Iii lu- hu I» bun lind «nu i ami Ih tlisl uno, but In i» a) j, u. ni le. nun i at li uni mu « m» lui

I,alfs iniirst lliiaik'h lu »lum« »ola. ib» | pisitinn In st i» Ib i» allulla i ni Un sin i..»liil Miill.it'i binti »\ s Makin bull) mi ti nins bun, india tumut Hu lior.i out pi Hit lu t ni i .million

I In Nins, ii H nube 11» ..inn aisl II w i. um .iii'iin.l ifit lum I lu n win -I um mis um! u i i Iniu turn Hu Alt. nu X ill.» lillian t'.l.i ti is li» aiim lut u tin linisli Kntlilia wa., in in..si tit lamil u lilli Han was i lol ni mi,m » Im I'la, iiiiniii and »mid 'Iluv fililí I la mm nil m non indii, ami Ivan ikai and I'osiiu» dwell, and lo»l »i »t ml lingi li», lint lile i jumped out

ten sinai 11», and uns no» cr caught "Ma» tah luul Hun I I ml lui lui lum ii tin «li« lime hut could nude no nnpii «»inn und lltithlci non »civ « isih bj neailv tno

hugill» »»lui« III« lltltstii hil« 1 lasl li« ii Ala» lah li» half a head for si conti place Piicmiuin mid Diesidi win Ila neiri»lnf llu other« Culi.t «lui not m1 »»«II unaj

ami »»a« m»ei li ill« «1 ingcriius li.it li lea is owned b» tilt '.»«lue» ti miel W Kds i

who ha« onlv iccinllv lecovncd from ii »ciiuiis illness Ile nu« |iit»e;it lo »ee the coll nm Rill lile i is li» Ho» ii I usilcir («on of Ilotdikiss) from Í is« ulm n In Hill of Port lund f toni Coov i bj avoid« nil hil from Iludíante li» Iircnork» Ile na« bred in Neu /calami li» "ill I II Lorn» ind »old iiR i teuling m 's»due» list \pril to lu« present onnei foi Jin gnuie i« laissi iliuii w is bred bj the Inte "Vii W It

V d»on

Aftci the o\cilcincnt o\ei the Cup race bad «omen li it subsided the two miles Steipleih isc cune u foi decision I hole wcic 14 runners und Lou! 1 nuns with his owner, Mr ( linde firm up waa a strong I favourite, V M It ind Central Green being

the best backed of the other« Lord -.niiiiB mido all the running and nfter covering n lot more ground than unj othci horse in the rice through running out wide, won us he liked from Alert Dre-im and Altir Ho» Don Q »» is the only horse tint fulled to get round He fell nt the abattoir« lord Limns is etidentlj a very smart 'chisel lie i« thoroughbred being by the Grind "flaneur homo Pen ince (who nn third in Glenloth'« Melbourne Cup) from Ltdy 1 mm« bj laord liundoora from laovol Peeress by J he Peer lie eirried a 711) pcniltv for t recent »vin at isnndown park Jlr Cace »vas iccordcd a splendid reception on returning to the weighing cn


A fan- imount of the nioncj won on The Pnnsnn in the Melbourne Cup was lost bj the stable o»er Burston, who wis guntcdlj backed for the Yan Yean

takes and »tent out fitounte of the U starters at J to 1 Lager »vus i btrong

lip ind she »ta« bael ed down to 1 to 1

The pair had the lirnt.li to themselves Burston led into the »triight, but in the run home was cut do»vn by Liger, who won with nc-rlv two lengths to spare Lager, like the Kulmj Handicap winner Mill, claims Maltster a« sire She nn rather a poor riei in the Coburg -tikes.,

won bv Ladies' Min

net ids of the minor events arc np

pended -

cup HLnnu itACF

A handicap of ' so«« radi with -00 sd»s added

6,mini CO so»> third K> ants nut of tlic

stake Two mile*

P. S Clement » li g 1 or«-«t Prince bj ts-ltlfoln

-forest ()u-on st« 11(11 Cairn«) 1 i II Cro hie s b f. Hattcry, aged 10 1- (U J

Ca g> ) .8 J If Slades br h Roso Vale, 0 }r«, 110 (!.

Cusirroirt . . 1 Oller «tari«-« - lliilltritan-i 0 »r» 12.0 fl

Chnallcy) luir» r jrs, 11 1U (J Kian) ItOTal Hist aged II J (I VV M Cabe) Pnimrciigh agid 110(1 r 1 hviirds) larrubar agwl 100 (I linbrrtsrsi) I*lddlcstring aged IO li (V O Carter) Uibl» nllikr aged 10 1(1 Hum) Master plrrc, 5 jrs 10- (J S M uro-or) Icicle, aged, 10 . (A Ilaukins) Donui» 0 yr« « 12 (1 I Moones.) Ord ti je» 0 Is ( I Deer)) Otu« aged n 8 (It Kool»), Ortho« ages! fir (W J llnlilcll) ("annon Wheel 0 »ti. HO (1- Carter)

(VV inner trained by 1 Watt )

Betting-«J to 1 radi ass« llano Vale and liai Ir-rj T to 1 JKSt lllbbcnlnkc S to 1 cadi agit Koi-rst I'rliice and linllatvan-i 10 lo 1 «ar'i ntr«t II«.tal Hist and Varrabar ]J to 1 «aili trott Ori-a an I Jljstrrpicee 1. to I t »eli at,st 1 lddlc Itxmi, and Prumrcat.1 20 t > 1 aqst Iciiii

A« faion is thi flld latí «Titled donn lorrst Frin c took up the nina ni, an 1 le »sent past ti e rt in I and alni IT tie nur «idi closely ittrndsl I» D-umrncl liddlrstrug urta lioso Vale Hulla warri On« and VLi«Ur. in »villl IHmu« la»t At ti «? t rl It.» I uldlcs-trin- liad i liarle nnd he wa« MIoKtsI in llosa urdir b« rnri-st Pritier nose Voir nailer« *iarralar Orea and Masterpiece I id lleatru i. <s ntinticd to mikr tlic pace alone Hie laik lut passing tile abattoir« he wa* joiner! 1 » Ilatlrr« -ind the. came on logcther clear of Hose V ile lor-tlnmr l)nimri-a>.h Itrsvnl Fleet

Pullitsarra ititi Ilillsrnlike tie Acid being well struniT out with Ortltu« and Otu» last. Patter« I cadet! lid iii string rounding the turn and then cime Hose Vale 1 ire»t prince Rosal Fleet and Varrabtr That waa the order In which the» came

Into Ile straight lut at the last hurdle ilattenr in 1 lotest Prince hail (barge from Hole Vale and li llleatring the other* being tome distance awav Pefore rcaihlnjr, the half distance Forest Prince drew past Hatter}, and won comfortably by a Irnctli Rose Vole who finished fast after being I locked being a brail off third Hddlcttring »»as fourth rand ti en after a gap of sit lengths fal

lowed Ho» ti llret fifth Orra tilth. Var ra bar »rirnih Dil licnlukr eighth Dnimrragl» ninth, Uulliwarra fourth and the last home was Otu», Masterpiece fell at the last hurdle Time, 3min



Of 1 »one eoeb with 300 «ass. added arcona, CO

«on third 30 so»«, out of the »take Six furlong»

li Vlan Currie « I r li Mila bj «Malutct-U

Iraner A j» 1)5 (VV ¡smart) .. , 1 S A llatrdona th li Sharpaliooler, 6 j ra, 710

((. ldmlrrt) .. S VI Kelso s bl c lllast, I yr» 0 8 (J I- Pike) . 3

Other n_rters-Ohaono, 0 jra. Dil (J Kenny), »«Hantier « »ra 8.3 (V (1 Phillipa), llrookorur. f.»r».ri0(C Holton) Homcn 4 yr», 7 9 (VV II II l_thlan), Ayrloch 4 yr» 71(1.8 Oran) l-l «anltc 1 rm, 78, tarried 76 (V. II Smith) TT. Jrr«,"1«l Pinn), Orrleto 3 yr« 7 1 (IV Cody) »lachtun J »r«, 71 (J Totvnrsrnd), Hrrrj Con»)» I its, TI (II Uek), Debutante 3 j» 8.13 (II Residen), »lila Langton, 3 ) ra, 0.7, carried 0 S (G

Downe» )

(Winner trained u> VV S lllekenbotliam )

llettlng -7 tn 4 agst niatt 4 to 1 agtt Main, 8 lo I ogat Ort lelo 12 to 1 each »gat Ayrloch Syl

»ander and Ilerrj Conaols, 15 to 1 each agat llamen tlinnhe and Ma-htun 20 to 1 each agst Miarirthooirr llmokong and Ohaono

TT whipped round when Hie barrier rose ond look no part in the race. Ilrookong Want and Herr» Contóla mad«; Isr-it une of the «tari anti at the ern! of a furling Ithut-wa« «bowing in «id«an,o o! Ilerrj Consols Ort lelo »nd Si bander »vhiUt

I li mite wa« well up on the oiiWde. Three fur I lies ir hi li nu HI l-l »a» »Hil »honing the »a« lo Hurt I ",~,l- Dr» inn, I lui.li.. ,s|iarp»hi«olrr, Hil Villa »tala I,,lilli In Imprnii. bl« l».»ll|.in 1,1.i, iii. ,11.1.01,, nul b, lor,' riaililng Hie half. .11 lan.. b. hid liken Hi, bul Sharpshfloiir, HnMiing iiii.l. r llu Jiiilm » bn». caine »eri fast. nil »Uli lui bim bl uni» l short link; Illa«! l.iiik I,tit i bhuih ann ililr.l lliattie was ( .rill ni n>. Illili tiribio »tub, Virltnh setrnlli, I I nm n iiklali linn I on» di »ililli., anil Hie last i. I i « lb. p »I na« -loan.It i. linn', 1 ml ti.



nf . »ot-. ii li mili too ».is »dib I, »ctond, CO

» i- tlilrl li» i» mt ..! tin stile Fur Ino* i. ir ..I.I» I ni und i hilf dulong«

V» lui-1» bl i II ullin. I« lineal I usllccr

I l-l lum , 7 (I II.In li) ....,., I b s »u. I. I'» n f II.»«, r.u ((. l/.|inaril).. 2 I' I au i » b I Mai rall 7 1 IV Nuiier) .. ., J

ml « r »liners Lu, lu, nu 11 I Pike), Cider, -|,ii\! li xi'ir bimi Die Ide, s; (it l_»xi»), »lU-l» >a TIM!. Hnilvin) bing Mostm, 70 (II, XV Iii.minn. Puk o' Mm, 77 (it. «-marlI. Ilir.o, 7; (V Mimaban) leurrakal, 7 1 li.

II ..i Prime Vurtu Tin l'bllllp«on), l areel, I , I ti, Plum i... 1 naalong 7 J narin! 71 (t.

Uni I'u niliiiii Ii i irrlul 7" (XV II billilli), IV li i» .1 I«. X I in. I, li.hu 7 I (II leek!, 1 I I i. min i nu ii. i.rate), Madden, titi d'

tli.irl, I). , li in Dorins ii D (A Puller), hil I »Util til IXX tul«) libel lim kin, t I (I - Oran ) la nur ti 7 11 l..i»ii»eiiill

11» um r li mi,,I lu "»mr )

Hilling U t . ' i.i-st Itallili'ii, ', t, l , "a ne«! ( bl r mil I', a, minni ti m I ig»i Hu, l,r in i.« I « ith ni t Hu-Id Inn» »Minmi ml I la- ndina I! lo I a,-»! I l.»l u in I ig»i s|ni lin

I'« -lu-, ml luirril ii mr, bil ii lit pn.t

Ililli!, i, »luiiih. Du,I,,, li,.i.i,I,, bing »lootn, nuil Pi a nili,in »ure Hi ipilc'asl ti g, t going, nll.l mundill«- llu lum II Illili it bul i birgt flinn »lairth, I'..lui, I lu.k, He««bli, llu.l.r, and Prat

minni. II ilbleu uas Hrst Into Iii.' straight frmu

Xlavrali Flask Deeside "ucler and Fedan and, holilhik lils min In Hie run home ltnthlea won I) i Iel kill und Ibrei ipnrtcrs Ir m Unslt Xlavrah I dug I if i hen I m ii third I) nable »as fourth, lui i«in I lim Klug Mnstyn »Kth ( Idrr seventh t ii ii ielilli mil Ihc list tun were Positus nnd harris ii lime lulu H'src


A handicap nf 1 sois each with TOO added second,

«1 ti Ir.! 30 sots out of the »inkle About lev» tulles

C (.ric sbg Ixeril I mms bj Penance- Iasdy

1 inni» 0 » rs 101 including 71b penally

(Mr C drice) f L. Ha» Ii ma hi g Xlcrt Dream aged OB

(V Hiaikins) I (1 M I limer s rh g Altar Bo) aged 0« (W.

I I orler) 1 Olher slarlers-S »in ¡urctl II 0 (B I Case)), Cent ni ( rein ngeil 119(1 f licvnlloy) Scjiiirrli, ngel 117 (I! (.nv) «leam ngtd 11. (f Smith) Pint ns»» nee I IO li) ( I li Faiwar 1«) Ciinus lgc«l IOS (I) (nlctnill) 1he_luldc aged 01. (VV loncll) Vlliert iked 04 carrie I 0 0 (W Hingston) Don Q n er» O' (J N X1 Ore kor) Comstork ige I 0 0 (P Cosgrove), Oomrno« don aged I) 0 c irrled 0 1 (V ( ray)

(llinnei trained prl» itclj )

Belting - I 11 1 ngsi I «rd I'mms., (1 lo t each agst V M H aid t-entrtl Green - to t agst Comslork 10 lo 1 cat h igst 1 Inj ress «*qulmi, Xlbcrl nnd Alert Dream 1 to 1 rich agst Don Q -nd Alur D )

Lord I mm» ee s first a»a» nnd he showed tho a» o»er Hu fences in front of the stan 1 lo The Cuide CnniBtork X11 ir line I entrai Oreen Xlert Dream aid Don Q nnd 1 inprc»s and Commodore

at th tall of Hie Hell Going along tho side lord 1 innis bat increased his leal to six Icnktlis ind ti ero was nn alteration in tho order until re a hine the fence at the abattoirs, where Don (j fell n ere Lor I > ninia »vas out hy himself ciglt lengtl« rlcar of Alert Dream »bo was being ft Ho« I lu Ccnlnl (.reen Altar Bo). lull X1 It At the last fence Lord I-mms held an adeantaee of flee lengths from Alert Dream, and lie Iel into the straieht from Alert Dream Altar Ilov On I ral (.reen I VII Comu«, anl The (.tilde Lotd 1 n ins was noter troubled in the run home nn 1 won b« six lengths from Alert Dream who beat Altar llov I) fifteen lengUis Centnl ( reen was fourth X X1 Ii fifth tomstork rixtli. Conns «"leiitb Albert eighth The Gnidc next, and 1 alpress last I inic 4min 1 »'«_»


A handicap of 5 sovs. each w"h 'Î00 added,

second 00 tot-, third SO sots, out of the stake One milo

T Hannan s cb m Loger by Maltster-Lgalc,

4 )r» 0. (VV II )! lachlan) . _ J M Launn s bl b Burston G yrs, li 0 (It

Lewis) . 3 If I His s cb h hcrlic 0 its S 12 (It. Carne

ron) . . 1 Olher starters-Hajtcn fl yrs 0 7 (ST Connell), Coldcn lonit 4 ir» 8 2 (XX 1! SmlUi) Ute Hour« 0 »r» alloue 1 Dib "4 (I* trues), sc quarloti« 5 ir» "8 (fi Itoss) TT, 3 1rs 74 ((I I inn) Mountain Heather fi yr» 71, carried - (I. Indre»«) XVlbsall 1 it» 0.11 (I! Lwk), Ipili I ir 0 7 (I Holland), Iean«rare, 3 yrs fi.7 (C SnilUi) Llcnspean, 4 yr«, 0.7, carried 0 J (XV Codj)

(Winner trained by n A Campbell )

Belling -. In 1 agst Burston 3 to ! «est l.ni-cr. 7 lo 1 agst hcrlic 8 to 1 agst Golden I'oint 10 In 1 agtt Haven 1» to 1 agst Lalo Hours JO li 1 agtt XlounUin Heather

Kerlie Haien un I Burston nnde liest u«c of the start but at the end «i! a furlong 1! irtton was making Hie parr aitri ded I» TI Liger Iterllc San.uarlou and I olden Folnt X» tliev ran past lb abattoirs TT »as showing Jtnt In front of llursti n afli r eebnni «ame XXas-il laiger hcrlic Stain mote and l*alc Hour- Itoutt Ung the home turn r T »lill li I from Hiineton I ist once the stratkbt wa« onterru 1 e relirtsl an I Bur Ion cairn nn followed 11 TT nairn Lager herlle anil ( olden Point Near the li lance Lager ranged nlonersld« Burston an I I ti bim home In a length "ni threo-n tarter» herlie leiig hil! a length nit thirl ( olden I oint »as fourth Haxen tiltil IT. «Util NX ass ill seventh Mountain Heather etkliHi, Climspcan ninth anl the la«t hört* was -eepiin cms Time Imin 4n'«e



There iver« 180 poheemen on dnlv it I'lemington »estérili» from ali branches of the s-mce and the» experienced little dilhciilt» in m uni arning order **upcnn tondent Gleeson of the Cnmmal Invcstiga tion Branch, »vho lins attended Ifl Ale] bourne Cup meetings, had 27 dotciliica under his control including Detective Ala lone, of "«ydncv, and Detective O-Milli» an,

of Adelaide "sergeant Hammond of "Non* Zealand, was also present

\t 10 o'clock in the morning t»vo mounted constables appeared at Hu eourse thirkell »nth the dut»_ot i>ro»cnting unautliori»ul persons from taking in food or drink for sale Later the dctettiits |iostoil llinn sehos nt the entrantes in order lo den» admission to repulid thieves ""«»nal nun »vho aro unfavourable, known to the polite mannged to secure admission in spite of ill

S recautions but two of tlicin whom the

ctcctiscs classifs is 'whisperers were soon pounced on under tilt elm- Hie) »vere escorted to i trim ml -cnt bul lo the citv Hies »»ont »»albngly enough, pleased tint their punishment was not worse Ililli tia» sttsed on the inur-c thos »sould no doubt hist obnine! monos

from the guilt loss m the pretence Uni it »vould bo sngcreil on i eirttnn »linne na! would base betn seen no more bv their »ictims s-ub inspntor lone« had ilnik«

of the unifonnotl prill« Ino mounte«! mon patrolled the li it where breiehe» of the peace som« tiiiu-s occur Aestenh», howo»er e»or»bodv we« in good binn »ir and onl» onoarn«t»»a« muli nn thee>in>o itobert Iacslu .« vi ir« nf i»'o i Inrst

trainer wa« ana «ted b» ( on-table 1 » die on i charge of In» nig stolen i betting lu ket for li lie wa» lodged in tin Ot» walch


A few seirs igo it ivis rare that i nee meeting »»is Inlet in the nutropnlit.ui nrei at which i »» Hill and chun was not stolen "»ueh thott« seldom occur now «lb« ( nil held Cup the Dorl)» md the Milbourne ( up hive bet u nut tins voir anil few com plunts of m\ kind ba\t been made to the I obre Undi r tin elms »tsterdi» a mung man who had wagin- on Hie Pansiin, vv is linn,ling Ins tuket to a bookmaker when he fi It n band slip into lu» pocket He shot las «lliow buk and it the s uno in st mt a uv st inder st nu I tia would ho pit k pocket a hoi»» blow on the no-e Ila in- tending thief ila! not wait ti nmonstrutc, but disappeared like a flash in the crowd


TinRD DAA'-liH Rsn AY, X0\" 0.


N.OX ".Mill It III ni>Ll RA(T,

Three mile«.

laved Cannent» . 11 ', sea Urchin .. ., 0 fl Hulla» arm . 1.« l Masterpiece 0 li lilies .. ,. 11 1 Kure ... 0 7 B se Xalo ., , It _? Mrrakla 0 7 Deception.. . . 11 | Menlwoola ... 0 7 Ballin .. 11 1 All .... 0 ft Drumreagh . lo li Nimrod .... 0 1 HdUrstnng . . 10 4 Trajectory ... II 1 liri- l-rince 10 1 ( -Hinan . .. OS larra! ar .10 0 Omi . . , II I) lice«, .... 0 12 OrthM .. . . 0 0 Mundlaba . . ,. o 10 Montreal 0 0 hlhrnlukc . oin Cannon Wheel p 0 Icicle ., ,, 0 10 lascinate (dead)

( XBNIX XL IIXNDIOlP, One mile and a quarter

leur neal ... 0 7 X11»« Holier ... 7 ii nairn ... 0 2 Hi.nlt- . ,71 lie i.lass .. gil bamkrlt ... 7 1

'. '," " s li Mamen .... 7 1

Uti es Man

Hartfell .. .,

H union ,. ., ,, 8 ii

herlle .8 7 Brookong .', ii ti Cinboat .S 1 nadlalnr ... lill Stn Hath .... st Airloch ,. ii ii

S,"-'? . I» "I'««" . « II

r-l",r*. 1 13 Marled . ti li

""'T.1, " " '" .'-""wo ..»«"I' .. «'I

Mullíste- . 7 11 »lan- beaton . II 0

.."JJ?? ,.olnt . 7 " XlaiiSlun .... II 7 A! Cull«h .. ,. 7 11 XVastail ,. ., li 7 V si 7 10 ¡»arl . li 7 Hallh , 1 to l-audor .. . II 7 CrotiTi Grant .. 7 » Pnslo . H 7 Miarpiehoolcr ..7 0 Ibtngarr .. ii 7 !_"c_ .7 7 Isothermal ... II 7 ¡.o»id_i ..77 (lenna) ... n 7 Dike lootc .. 7 7 Ipili. 0 7 (duo. 7 ft

XITHIXN- RTAM-S. One mile an 1 a half

»t Ih st lb.

Kuringai.ni Hine . . . Hailan.8 II Ululan .. 7 1 Urbain.b II Manu.A 13 Illili!« . . 8 il Mario.) Il H Hartfell ... H 7 Illa I II II Priretlghler N A Prince link . Il ti 11» rsl (tarnirnla . 8 S Nari .. .. Il 7 I laicl s I Cunil-llt) ..... «1 7 Ni.ls-I 7 II Pi-tun .« 7 Xtittllalnr 7 It X lint lis.I f (lai Bob 7 0 Isollieriiial ,.0 7 Mountain Oak 7 0 llallniii-.ii ,,,,0 7 Xilsjlo 7 0 Nanlss-a .... ft 7

lillie .... 77 Uhnspeaii. »7



Vheiiit three miles

si Ib si Ha Xlnltrlr) Il II lambin»Un li II X M II II I Vlcrt Ure um 0 II (mirai l.rrcn 11 4 bon lier h U II) hlih II .' Mnlnsl li II .Squirm II . onie il (I 7 laird I innis II . Haullmin (Ti») H 7 Xanguird 11 1 II «il i 0 1 llminiri II | VUiii II » 0 A siram lu I 11 k 0 1 Xrluga IO io »II« n 0 0 lirait lilísima lu 7 I «minion 0 « Phil ros.» lil f l nrnslrirk 0 <X

X» V MI \/\\ », Hsiidlcapiwr.