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TIioni.li »lill in both (ups it I« lll_.li lliat TI el Pnri.il in »ill lu se ii to more n It ml tgi in the| I limit (.lou cunt ti in ni tin Cmlllrl 1 Cup Vii) mimi r of lior»ct cm i ct 1 mile nnl t lxlf lut the ptrrilitat,! ol this, in trainln», ri|tnl to two Ullin i< snill The lan hu btlini.« to Ihn », I. it Kind an I foi lint re i on Indi n lint ol all nillir tonsil ntlom li n«i t be taloumbi« re lit Uti ti» u M llitinit (ti) t tit li lite li rec «ctr« nso t W heiler «ho Irani« He Pari.nn at Caul

Hill »nil nr) lit irlv liking the Vlilbounie (np tilli Tulki roo main tf linne in lln (.round thought inlet I that Tull t roo finishctl in from of Iori No1 tu lut tli jil Im s "[uni, ii is Hi onli one rhat com 11 llheilu 1 in»« exailll Hie train ing tint u ( up hoist rt juin an I has the Pirislan just not« in «plimli I ftttl for tilt li nal slag! if ni« pre|varatinn List «tai tile Parisian «vint uniUs before tiio siring ruling cuni on hut lu «bonni Ills quillt« lu the autumn Hi dil not run a« a two «cur old mu! as u llirct «ear ol I on!« «on tin

rrl-l 1! nillup at Minto io V« a four «ear ol 1. he i<itl miiih better, mid incidental!« demonstrated i that he could i,et u distante earning Tat lib, lu »in oui} beaten half i length b« Knox (Uti

Dib) in tin Williamstown Spring iiamlicip, iini | mile »hill »itli 7«t 2!h up lie euccumhetl lix ti! I head only to (,lut (7«t Titi ) in Hie Henton« Cup I one mi!i anti ii tpiarter Hi« turn tame in Hu i I autumn « liter curri ing 9.1 to ea«) « iclor« in Hu Hamilton (up, one mile ind ii quartir (sk)l-ilt, 7»l iib, second) lie succeeded in the Warrnam jliool Cup, one mile and three furlong«, »ilh the I saint «eight in the s-ltldli Hi carne into Wheeler'il .han I« abort 1« nflc marda. Posture Wat tittil In

the 1 K (* Siliermoor Handicap at the June ilxture, I I ut m Hu* Coreena I lundi, np on« mile and a half,, on tin nenmi ila} of the meeting, he made amends* for hi« defeat li} »inning in a canter, ««-ilh fist j ititi up, Crete (7«t 71b) being second, anil Poa

ture (,st Sib ) third anti the time 2mln 171*vc

His best fonu »nu «bonn not a fl«e-)caroll at the! last ! Ile* Autumn meeting Hi ran fourth lol Cometí} King In the l-vtcndon Stake« (»eight, for 1 age), am! then, ««-iib 7s! Titi up scored in Hie Australian Cup one of the softest of »in« ever ««linease,! at 1 lemington Ile »on In a canter tv half i tlorcn lengths from Atiple Pie (7«t. lOlli)

Dliholo (Tsl 131b), Aurofodlna, 7«l nib. and 10 other«. The going «a« bel«), but «till The Pari

«lan put up Hie spion lit! time of Imln 67|«et for the t«vo mile« and n tjuarter Ile »a« allotted 8«t

lilli in the Sttlne} ( up and took the trip over, hut »em ntriiiu nftir hi« arrii ii at Hand« Irk. Ile n is bowenr a «tarter, hut ma le no »foo«!, nor tilt! lu 'do an«* better in Hie eil« Hantlltap at the «ami I meeting Tlic Parisian I« a »omi vi lut dlfllriilt ¡horse lo tnln If all right on the da) ho««evtr he ««-ill take a lot of hc-tlnr- in the MellKiume Cup 0»-cr I P Mrln Irainer C* Wheeler »tight Caultlell Cup, S«t lilli, Melbourne Cup Hit Olb oge, 8 )eir«, pediiree, In liol-.lil from Hie Pnrl.lrnne, b> Trenton from Marie L-iiltc in Hang lor»ard Colours, blue, gold armbands and tap ___________________