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Dramatic Finish to Final Game of

League Tour

There was a' dramatic finish to the last game of the Rugby League tour, England snatching victory with a magnifi- cent try two minutes from time.

It was a hard and spectacular struggle, Australia being quite overshadowed by the Englishmen in the first half, but dominating the second half, and drawing level, 14-all, by brilliant football, only to lose with victory in sight.


GATESHEAD, January 13.

The try which gave England victory in to-day's game was a real gem. Hey had gone within inches of scoring. Then, from the scrum, the ball was toed away. Cliff. Pearce failed to gather, and Jenkins, following on, got possession. A burst of perfect hand- ling followed, Harris finally scoring near the posts. It was a dramatic finish to a game which Australia had seemed sure to win, when, after being down 12-4 at half-time, she drew level, 14-all, and dominated the whole second half, but met with a defence quite different from that of recent matches. Three times the Australians went close to scoring. Their form in the second half was really fine, but in the early stages, when England got the points, the Australians were only a shadow of themselves. At the finish the play- ers joined hands and sang "Auld Lang Syne!"

The attendance was 15,576, and the gate takings totalled £1116.


(From Harry Sunderland.)

The Newcastle United Soccer ground not being available for the match, the promoters secured the Gateshead Soc- cer ground across the Tyne River. The weather was beautiful, like a Sydney June day, resulting in a big crowd, which almost completely filled every corner. At the civic reception ten- dered by the Lord Mayor, Mr. H. Sunderland, the tour manager, fore- casted the formation of a Newcastle ' team in Rugby League next season.

Denny replaced Curran in the Aus- tralian team.

England started well. In the first five minutes they were in Kangaroo territory. Jenkins, Brough, and Smith had chances, but they handled badly. Then right on the Kangaroos' line Dalton sent Little over. Sullivan converted, and England led 5-0, after six minutes' play.

Saddington was quickly on top of Thicknesse around the scrummages, but w^s penalised for not allowing him to play the ball, Brown failing to goal. The ball was lively, but the Kangaroos, facing the sun, broke away with a great passing rush from their own quarter. Prigg. Cliff Pearce, and Ridley handled, but Smith dived, drag- ging Ridley down with a spectacular tackle at his bootlaces. Sullivan kicked a great penalty with an easy


England 7, Australia 0.


Hey made a great attempt, nearly sending Gibbs over, and in the struggle on England's line Stehr was cautioned. Australia was awarded a free kick for a ruck infringement, and Brown's kick hit the left post and bounced between the sticks. Neumann, who was act- ing as touch judge, being hesitant about raising the flag, was asked by the referee to verify it.

England 7, Australia 2.

M'Millan, trying the scissors idea, crashed into Gardner. Both were tem- porarily hurt, M'Millan retiring, and Prigg acting as full back. Saddington came through, serving Little, but Syd.

Pearce downed him.

The crowd applauded wildly when Saddington gathered a high punt, and crossed In the corner, but he was off- side. Thicknesse was very hesitant on his own line, and Saddington and Troup both smothered him, Sadding- ton getting the ball out of his hands and touching down near the posts. Sul- livan converted.

England 12, Australia 2.

Thicknesse served Pearce and Rid- ley along the right wing, but Jenkins and Smith both tackled Ridley, down- ing him heavily.


There was plenty of life In the next ten minutes' play, but the handling on both sides was not good. Sullivan unsuccessfully attempted to pot a goal just as M'Millan returned after 15 minutes' absence. There was a thrill when M'Millan served Ridley, who was downed by Smith, and Troup picked up the ball as it fell loose. He was clean away, when Stehr overhauled him. Then Jenkins evaded several by clever side-stepping, but was un- supported. Gibbs made another burst, but lacked support.

A ruck penalty in front of the posts gave Brown a chance, but he kicked the ball Into the backs of England's forwards. Just before the interval Brown scored a penalty from out near


England 12, Australia 4.


England had great chances early after the resumption, but both Harris and Jenkins knocked on. Then Hudson was dangerous, but Australia came back with a sweeping 60-yard dash, Gibbs, Ridley, Prigg, Brown, and syd. Pearce all handling before Pearce was stopped in England's quarter. England swept back, Hud- son running straight through to M'Millan, who tackled him wonder- fully, low down.

Jenkins dropped a pass near half- way. Brown, flashing through, snapped it up and ran Gardner into position, and sent him flying like a greyhound from the quartcrline, Sulli- van failing to reach his heels in a dive. Gardner grounded near the posts, and Brown converted.

Sullivan kicked at goal. It fell short, and M'Millan ran It out, back passed to Thicknesse, and awav went Brown. Cliff. Pearce, and Gardner with a certain try. All the defence wero beaton, but the runaways wer?

recalled at halfway for a forward



Sullivan scored a penalty from near quarter-way.

There was an incident in the scrum, Referee Brown vigorously blowing the whistle and stopping a passing movement. Watson was car- ried to touch amid cries of ''put them off!" Australia went to the attack on restarting, Ridley being forced into touch after fast passing. Aus- tralia unwound several wonderful at- tacking movements here, Gardner fin- ally flashing through as extra man on the open field. Brown converted, and the scores were equal, 14-all.

With 15 minutes to play the crowd was roaring, "Come on, England!" Prigg flashing through served Gibbs, who Juggled the ball twice, gathered, and was then downed In posses- sion. M'Millan made a wonderful pick up off his toes. It was hard, more than brilliant, play, now, with Jen- kins getting opportunities, but failing to master Hey's wonderful defence. Australia came awav with a 60 yards' burst to Gardner's wing, but Sullivan hurled him into touch.


Prigg came through from the scrum base and sent Hey flying goalwards, only to be tackled right on the line. From this scrum the Australians se- cured, but Cliff. Pearce mishandled. Jenkins, kicking through, picked up, and started a movement which swept the entire length of the field. Several handled, and Harris scored, Sullivan converting within a minute of the


The final scores were:-England 19, Australia 14.