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St. Kilda made a poor fight against Fitzroy at St. Kilda on Saturday. During the first and scored quarters they were on fairly even terms

with their opponents, but they collapsed at the

commencement of the third quarter. For the   reminder of the play the Fitzroy backs had little work to do. The strong wind materially aided place kicking towards the Fitzroy street goal.

Fitzroy played M'Cluskey, Lamont, and Clarke, in         place of Kiernan, Lamhert, and M'Millan. Hunt, Parker, and Lowendtein took the places of Ryan,     G. blard, and K. M'Kenzie in the St. Kilda team.    

St. Kilda, aided by the strong wind, made the place in the first quarter, and Woodcock kicked a       behind. the play continued in Fitzroy territory     until Eicke, with a magnificent long kick, scored   St. Kilda's first goal. Immediately afterwards   Woodcock from the ruck, again raised the two   flags. Fitzroy made several determined attempts   to score, but the only result was a behind. Shortly, after the play started in the second quarter, a pass Com Parratt in Lamont resulted in Fitzroy's first   goal. Indifferent football followed. Players left that places, and jumped in a general struggle for     the ball. At one period there were only four players, two from each side, on the northern side of the centre line. Naturally, with so many players on the ball, someone was bound to be hurt.  

Many men were temporarily "knocked out" Gant,  

to St. Kilda half-back, wrenched his knee so     scarcely that he was advised not to return to the       field after half-time. He persisted in playing,     however, but could only limp painfully after the   ball. Before the bell ring both Parratt and Camp-     bell secured goals for Fitzroy, giving them a lead       of six points.

Fitzroy had charge of the game for the rest of   the match, goals by Campbell, Parratt, M'Lellan,   and Parratt again, following in rapid succession. Plegge snapped a goal for St. Kilda in the early   stages of the third quarter, and it was their last     score. During the last quarter Holden, Rahilly, and Lamond scored goals for Fitzroy without any     trouble. Thomas, Ficke, and Woodcock led for-   both hopes for St. Kilda, but their efforts were  


Rearden, M'Cluskey, Rahilly, Holden, and Par-   ratt were among the best players in the Fitzroy   team. Woodcock undoubtedly was the best for   St. Kilda, while Eicke, Pierce, and Thomas, also     played their usual good game. Several decisions           of Field umpire Tulloch around the resentment of       the St. Kilda barrackers, by whom he was loudly heorrd as he left the field.