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Sir,-Since my former communication o: the above subject several letters have nr. peared m 1 lie Argua which bave awakens memories of the paat, and aa the variou incidents relating thereto belong to a gene ration which is rapidly passing away, and a they appear to be of interest to the Victoria; public, I will, with yonr kind permiSBion, adi a few particulars which, it seema to me, ough to be recorded. To do so m a very abor letter I find imposaible, but will endeavou to condenae the subject aa far aa I am able "Garryowen" aaya that in the year 184 Captain Clinch took a sample of gold t Hobarton. In reference to thia, I say that was present with my husband on the occauio of hiB breaking a piece of gold off th nugget sold to me by Chapman, which h gave to Captain Clinch, and which h took with him to Hobarton He waa the: in command of a vesael called either th Swordfish or rjyingfiab There are relative of Captain Clinch s living in the colony who can probably bear me out in this Another piece waa given to Captain White w boee vessel WOB then the first on the bertl for England. He returned from England and shortly afterwarda was lost in tho Moan mentnl City on a voyage from here to Sydney Another piece WOB given to Superiutenden Latrobe I remember distinctly that, in con sequence of the discovery of gold by Chap man, official printed notices were poated on ! number of prominent placeB in the town pro claiming the fact that gold had been found n Port Phillip I need hardly Bay that all this caused intense excitement, and onr place o buBineBB waa thronged from morning unti late at night bj poraons deairouB of inspect' ing the nugget, and aBking all sorts o' queetions na to the place where it waa found. I must again revert to the first eipedition made np by my late huBbnnd Although they koptthoir mtendoc expedition as quiet aa possible, by some moana it waa noised abroad The part; started m the morning before daybreak, fully provisioned for a trip of three months I'rom what my huBbarid told mo on his roturn ii eeemB that they wore tracked and followed from day to day by a etringof spring carta and other noudeacript vehicles These, I have no doubt, were the atnng of apring carts re- ferred to in the very intereatiiig letter which nppenra in Iht Argus of today aigned " W US" However,thewho1oparty,trickcra and tracked, returned to Melbourne in about a week'a time Ukey oppeoted to have made heavy inroada upon the good tlnnga they had m the ahoy carta, but they brought, in- stead of gold, large qunntitiea of aome (?killing stuff, which I think they found out nae mica , a moBt practical illustration of the old adage 'all that glitters is not gold I know that it was lying about our front door for Bomo tims na a sort of reproach to the gold scekera 1 he outhontiea of tina time Beeraed to think tbatnoporaon had any right to the pracioua metal Captain Dana and Lieutenant Dana bia brother, then in charge of the mounted troopers and some nativo mounted men, wore eent out to hunt the gold Beckers, and they did order thom to desist from searching for geld The excitement seemed to die out for eight or nine months after May, 1849, and then it suddenly blazed out afresh In the year 1SÔ0 the gold carno down from the country in all direction8 I remember that at first we bought it at £215a pot ounce, and it gradually roso to £3 18a We had great difficult j m Buppljing tho money required for ita purchase, as at that timo the money waa not in the country. In concluaion, I may say, in answer to "Garryowen that I firatcame to Melbourne m 18-11, when Collina street existed only in nome, and when bullock draya wera bogged m Khrabeth street, when the blacks rnnipod in front of Lorimer a Prince of Walea Hotel, in Hindere lane, upon tha Bite now occupied bythepremiBOaof Measra M'Arthur, M Millan, and Morrow I did not atay very long in Melbourne on thia occiBion, but joined some friends m the Island of Tas mania 1 returned in 1845, having married m the meantime, but I again state that the fact that gold had been found in Victoria waa not n matter of public notoriety until May 1849, and that the gold Captain Clinch took to Hobarton must be part of that found by Chapman, und Iahall not bo convinced until " Gnrryowen" can produce some printed record of the circuniBtoncea he refera to.

Yours, ¿Vc,


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