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bir -As the curiously interesting question as to how and when the first Victorian gold macio its appearance in Melbourne has been recent!) ventilated in tho correspondence tohinius of )our journul, I will thank )ou for permiBB on to add a brief contribution to tho


lhc li rat intimation the Melbournians bad of tne probability of the existence of the pre cious motal in Port Phillip was in 181J when a Air David Bowie, a reBident at kings Island, picked up amongst the rocks there a few metallic lumps tbe size of a pigeon s egg Ibinking they vvero gold, he hastened with his treasure to Melbourne, where the eggs

were ascertained to be iron ore and the linder iv ii s laughed at, and returned home sadly dis appointed

Une day m March 1817 a shepherd entered tho shop of a Mr 1 orreeter, a jeweller in Collins stieet and exhibited somo metal, which he desired to have teBted It waB a sample as big OB an average apple, and tho shepherd thought it was copper Ile said he had found it amongst the roots of a tree blown down by the wind, at a place some 00 miles from Melbourne, where there was plent) mote, like it, but the precise whore ibouis he declined to disclose Forrester si ] lied tome tests w hen the specimen proved to bo a veritable golden apple, inasmuch as it contained lu per cent of pure gold Forrester became its possessor, ana the shepherd left, promiBing to soon return with a larger quail til) butforBomenever discoverable reason did not Keep lim word lhere happened to be in Melbourne at the time a, well known Cap lain Clinch, the master of the i lying I ish, n popular craltwbich traded between Melbourne and llobarton, and Forrester being on terms of lntmiaey with bim presented him with a slice of the " golden apple, ' but to nowa papéis or no one else did he appear to have imparted any intelligence of his transaction with the shophord Upon Clinch lelurnniK to Hobartou, he was moro open minded than tho Melbourne jeweller for he communicited the facts as I have detailed them to the llobailon Couuei, and it vfas the reteipt of tint journal of the nth Moj 1S47, which informed the Mel Lounio noi S| aperB that gold was indigenous lo lort Ibillip Ihey shrugged their Bhoulders opened tht-ir ejes Btoteducre dulouely, and wcro disposed to treat tho whole thine, ns a hoax

)No furlher gold intelligence turned up for moro than a )cnr, but in Jul) IMS auothe

shepherd put in an appearance with a paper of w hat ho declared to bo gold dust gathered OB he protested under a treo onl) a fow miles out of town but the locality he would not name On examination the saniplo did cou tain a small proportion of cold

About tho sime tunea shephord boy cilled at the shop of Mr Kobe, a jeweller in Col lins Btreet and displayed some gold, which ho alleged had been found by lum at tho P) ronces, but it waa a v ery poor specimen

In Januar), ]M9,the Btarthng intelligence of tho golden wonders of California creatod an intense sensation in Melbourne, and thero WOB a partial exodUB to the Eldorado

It was during tho same month that another shepherd boy nomad Thomas Chapman, made his appearance at tho jeweller Brou tom s with Borne gold ho had picked up at the P) renets Brentain had the metal asBojed b) a Mr Puchenor who adjudged it to bo tho real thing With Brenton! and Duthener might bo said to havo commenced the gold hunting which led to thodiBcovery of tho regular goldfields by tho Tsmonds the Bruhns the Campbells, and others This earl) gold questing is the most amusing episodo m tho early histor) of the colony, but to write moro about it at present would neither accord with my timo nor jour patience -TiourB, \.c ,


Moy 21,