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At the City Court this morning a man named James Darwin, well known to the police as what is now called "a spieler," was     charged on warrant with defrauding a con- tractor from Riverina, named Hennigan, of £75 by false dice. The prosecutor deposed     that he played "Yankee grab" with Darwin on Monday evening, in the Freemason's Hotel, Pall-mall. They only played for 20 minutes,     till he found himself out of pocket to the ex- tent of £75. The stakes appear to have   rangcd from £10 to £20. Mr. Hornbuckle, for the defence, contended that the Bench   could take no cognisance of the charge, for he alleged that it had not been shown that Darwin had used false dice. The case was remanded till Friday morning for further evidence, bail being allowed in one surety of £30, and the accused of £25. When arrested,   Darwin had no money on him.

The autumnal session of the Baptist Asso-   ciation of Victoria was held here to-day in the Baptist Church, and was well attended by delegates from all parts of the colony. The chair was occupied by the Rev. E. F. King- don, chairman of the asaociation. Various matters came up for consideration, viz., aged preachers and widows fund, foreign missions, denominational consolidation and denominational extension. They occupied nearly the whole day in discussion, and various resolutions bearing on these matters were passed.



A well-known resident of Eaglehawk,   named Wm. Crowther, was killed to-day. He   was driving a horse and dray, when the horse shied at a passing lorry. Crowther tried to pull up the animal, but the reins broke, and he fell out under the wheels of his cart. One wheel went over his thigh, and the dray then overturned, falling on his body. He died at half-past 7 this evening. His   elder brother, Jas. Crowther, died suddenly  

about a week ago.

Another accident of a similar kind, but not attended by fatal results, happened in High- street, Sandhurst, this afternoon. A brewer's drayman, named Parker, in the employ of Mr. James Steward, of Sailors' Gully, was driving down the street, when he slipped off his seat, and the wheel of the dray passed across the side of his head, lacerating one ear and in- juring the scalp. He was taken to the hos- pital.

At the meeting of the committee of the Bendigo Hospital this evening, it was decided to extend the system of employing female in preference to male nurses. It was decided as an experiment to employ four additional female nurses. The same system, it appears, is in force, and with success, in the Sydney Infirmary.

This evening a half-caste Chinese boy, named William Ah Loy, attending the White- hills state school, was lodged in the city lock up for stealing the sum of £1 11s. 1½d., the property of one of the teachers, Miss Maude Hill. Miss Hill's ulster was hanging in the schoolroom, and during the dinner hour on Monday the boy extracted her purse, and with part off the plunder regaled some of

his schoolmates.