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The cricket match betwcon eleven ama- teur riders and the same number of profes- sional jockeys, arranged aa a benefit for the mother and siBter of the jockey Dodds, who died in tho Melbourne Hospital from injuries received when riding Suwarrow in thelaat Mel- bourne CupRace, was playedonthe Melbourne groundyesterday, theuae of which waa granted for the occaaion. The attendance waa much smaller than was anticipated', not more than 200 spectators being present. A large number of tickets bad, however, been Bold outside prior to the day fixed for the match, and the proceeds, with variouB donations received, will amount in the aggregate to about £203 'The cricket shown in the match waa of a very fair description, considering that the majority of the playera were not experieaced in the game, but they made up in energy what they lacked inBkill. The amateurs, captained by Mr. Watson, were the first to bat, and ran up a total of 73, Mr. Watson contributing IS, and MeBsrB. Palmer and Pender 10 each,, At their second attempt they improved on this performance, obtaining 14G for the loss of ei'tht wicketB, Mr. A. Chirnside Boorin» S3 not out in fine style, while Mr. li. Watson played a veiy good innings for 31. The jockeys, who were captained by J. Wilson, scored 85 in their first and only innings, Red I |fern 20, G. Wilson 19, and Chifney 10, bein»

the higheat scorers. The jockeys therefore won the match by 12runs on the first innings, Appended ure the acores :


yinsî imíikos 8ECOSD iKsisas.

Rowe, o and b O.Wilson .. 0 b O. Wilson .. 0 T.Watson,bO.Wilson ..l8 bo. Wilson ..15 Smith, cJ.WilEon. bo. Wilson 1 b O. Wilson .. 0 P. Watson,b Redfern» ,. 1 bKin-r- ..31 Palmero Boj Holds, b Wilson 10 o Redfern, b O.

Wilson .. 8

A. Chlrnsldo, b J. Wilson .. 8 not out- ..63 W*. Pender,b G. Wilson ..10 bKlng_ .. 0 P OlcniBter, c Batty, b O.

Wilton .4 biting.. .. 0 M'Bao, b G. Wilson " .. _ 0 b Q. Wilson .. 9 Frazer, notout.. - ..8 H. Chlrnsldo, b O. Wilton ..O

Sundries .. .. ..17 Sundries ... 10

Total.73 Total 118


FUST i-tsmos.

J.WIlEon.bRowo.0 O. Wilton, b Watson.l8 Redfern, o and b Watson .. .. -20 Bally, cM'Rno, bHovvo - .. ..0 ll'Ivor, b Rowe.0 St. Albans, o Rano, b Wat on ., ..1 Pcjnolil», c Pol-Her, b Wation .. .. 0 Floyd, bRowo.0 hine, o and b Watton.5 I hlfney, b Watson. -10 t,. Davis, notout .. .. .. .. 2

Si-ndrlce _. '.. 18r

I __»____ 85