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Sir,-The University authorities who direct the course of legal studies and examinations at the institution, havo lately surprised those who attend to its affairs by the inexplicable nature of many of their arrangements. At first sight, ono would think that someone was amusing himself by managing matters in an odd way. Their latest ia this -They havo one sot of men to lecture in law, and apportion to each apparently that branch of which he knows least ; for ex- ample, a Niai Pt nts practitioner to loctuio ni Equity, and an Equity man to oxplam police court procedure Then they got another Bet of men to examine in the subjects that the firat havo lectured in If theBO latter wero themBelvea trained lecturers and examiners, it would not be so bad, but, in fact, they ato clever practical men who aro totally iguoiant of tho science-tho very special Bcienco-of teaching and examining in subjects taught They have had no experience whatever in the difficult vvoik of setting examination papéis You might aa well expect a staid profeBBor to badger and put pro- perly confusing qucstiona to a wituesa m a juiy trial, as require gentlemen whose talents havo run m that channel, to write a set of fair and accurate questions for a class of students The result is that cverjbody IB at sea Tho lecturers ate all the jear teaching according to their method 1 he examiners, ni total oblivion of what boa bien going on, snatch a fow hurried moments from tho toils of their daily practico, and willi their headB full of tho qnibblea and pointe of nui ;>nna, jot down such posers na occur naturallj to thom, and tina for poor BtudentB who have learnt only theory and principles from professors all the year ! abo examiners do their best, no doubt, and quito fuirlj', too, but bad IB their best Heneo wo seo at examination after examination the BtudentB aro victimised, abo other day, of 21 examined only three passed, and 1 bohove that all acquainted with the facts are aware that tina reault arises far moio from the inaptitude of tho oxamiuors than tho ignorance of the scholars My card, which I enclose, will show you that I am not min of tim ntudente. but morely


March IG.

A lnmcntablo accident by fire at Rocklands is reported by a correspondent of the Hamilton Spectator. A young girl named Leslie Cameron, a guest of Mr. Learmonth, set bro to her dreea by going amongst Bomo burning ¡tines, and died tho next day from the nijurioB Bho sustained.^ Mis. Learmonth and Mr, Turnbull bad thoir hands burnt in endeavouring to extinguish the llamos.

Tlio Portland Guardian of Friday reports : -" A fntnl caso of blood poisoning occurred on Monday to the wife of Mr, John Rankin. Mrs Rankin bad, in doing a most kind and neighbourly act to a sick woman sufforitiR from thia diaease, unwittingly allowed a burnt finger to come in contact with the pus from tho patient, and sad to say, after sevon dajs' Buffering, sho succumbed to the fatal diBenso. Much simpathy is folt for the husband and family under thoir painful be- reavement,/