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Tho main attractions at the Palace this week iuclude Mac Mulray and Dm id Powell.-in the Royalty master- piece, "On with the Dance," and an excellent Paramount comedy, "Gee Whiz," with Mack Sennett as lauglt


lluxham'b Serenaders are nightlv filliiip- tho Tcnipetnuce-hall, which is the best gtiarnntoo of their popularity. Tho cm lent bill is one of the best m the companv'b icpcrtoire.

Theie is another all-star prouiamme

ini.iimg at the Strand Theatre. Theda H.a i .a is feat in ixl in a Fox production ci'titlcd "When Mon Desire."

The audiences at His Majesty's rl be- title aie well catered for this weott. Theic fe a tin tiling detective film, "Dead line at Kloveu,-' with Corinne Grifhth in the lead. Theio is strong biippoit.

Tito Allen Doone Company is paying a return visit to Capetown, where, >'« <lio course of a four-week»' Henson, thev singe "Tom More," "The Burglar and the Ladv," "Ban v of Ballymore," "Molly- Bann," and "The Parish Pne-t." Mrs. Allen Doone left Syd- ney last yveck for South Africa.

Al a Intgely-atfeiided meeting of Bi itfeh Vaiiety Artists' Federation a n solution was unanimously passed, call- ing upon evciy mendier of tho federa- tion to íeluse to yvork in any engage- ment in winch Germans .are engaged. In tho course ot the speeches it was contended that English artists who had scived in the war were now unable to ,rc.sume w'ork owang to th« influx of for- eigner. .-Mr. Bransby Williams declar- ed that there was no man yvho tvus more against strikes than he was, but if it «ame to a strike on this matter he would bo their leader. Mr. Joe O'Gor man thought that the resolution sliouirt embrace those artists yvho were coming çyer iii tho guise of Americans. He mentioned that he was recently in Glas- gow, when a "German" toppod tho bill and "another American" yias playing. ,-I spoko to the 'Get man' and he told

mo that the 'other Arnotican' was bom in Austria."

Tho producer of "Bran Pic," Mr. -T. W. Jackson, who also staged "Tails tip" and "Oddmente" in Sydney, has a good word to say for the Australian gins whom ho has under his direction in comedy and revue. "They aro worked liiueh harder out here than in London,"' he observed. "Their yvork is renllv excellent, sliuning quick grasp and Inclines.-. Ai the same' tune, their .srpininn is not of such strength ¡i> of the London girls, in mv opinion. 'I hal. ni course, may hu due to tim yit'i cr e-liniatte conditions but when one remembers that bete the samo perform, cr." i cheat sp a new piece, :uid plav Jn matinees a-, we'll, uitnnut rinsing tor a Single night, the ii-nits aihimvd aie «.3'ccdiiigly creditable*. In cli'gnnec and artistic merit, their work fe quit-J u;> to tho best London standnrd."

'J ho launching of the new Gilbert anti Sullivan Company w ill shortly take phire, tec vc ral members of the recent- ly-disbanded .grand opera will be found amongst the ptincipals, and the chorus will lie a. particularly strong one. J. ,C Williamson Limited have that ex-

cellent musician and conductor, Mr. Gustavo Slapoflski, looking after the preliminary details, and no better roan could bo found for tho tusk. Mr. Slap- oflski knows the Sullivan formula and tis requirements thoroughly-was, in- deed, a personal friend of the famed iii ¡tish composer-and will, we may be sure, give a good account of the fami- liar music, remaining faithful to the* best Gilbert and Sullivan traditions.

Two well-romembered English comedy artist/;, each of whom played in two consecutive seasons of pantomime in Australia-a sure sign that they wen*, acceptable to local audiences-are Mr. "Pip" Ponell and Mi. Henry Roxbury. Both these performers hare parts lu the latest London Alhambra revue, "Little Johnnie Jones," the bright par- ticular star of which is the renowned George Hobey. London also has lately ' uitnes^d the« debut of the Australian born actor-vocalist Mr. Claude Flom n.iiig at Daley's Theatre in "The i-outheni Maid." a musical comedy which has displaced "The Maid of the Mountains" after .a run of 1,352 per- formances. Mr. Fleming, it is pleas- ing to lecord, has had a most encourag- ing reception in the part he-as actors put it-?'created" when "The Southern -Maid" was first produced in Manches- ter three* or four yean, ago.

Miss Emolie Polini, yvho may be'been in Hobart at no ditant date, is btill making most artistic «so of tho oopor tunities offered her in "Tho Little Damozel" at th* King's Theatre, Mel- bourne. But for her versatility, the cleverness irith which ehe maries tho diffeienco between the happy, careless little Bohemiau girl yvho doesn't know that she is being fooled and the woman .awakening to deep feeling and resent- ment with tho knowledge that she has

been scorned, the plfiy might («aye an I exchange) quite oasily have fallen very flat indeed. Whilo the support i« quito as good as the opportunity, overytíung really dépends upon the star, and Miss Polini carries ¿.ho burden yvith trium- phant ease. /

Mr. Clement Muy, whose impersona- tions of characters from the works of Dickens .were popular in Hobart, is now appearing in th« English province*.

Old Tasmanian theatregoers will be pleased to learn that Miss Daphne Pol- lard, a member of the well-known Aus- tralian theatrical farailv, is at present appearing in "Joy Bfclk" at'the- Lon- don Hjppodiomc, hutt is contemplating a visit to Australia npxt year./ In the course of an interview in England she commented upon tho fact that, thoufih she had'acted in four continents, «ho had never appeared in hot- native city, Melbourne. Miiss Pollard beçan lier .career yvith'the Pollard Juvenile Opera Crmpany, in which she played the boy curnndy parts. One of her most intcr e-stine,,experiences .was the leceptjon

extended to her by the diggers in Paris, «here abenas mvpearing m "Zig-Zag" at the time of the ai mistice.

31.'. Arthur Hobcrts, t«ie comedian, has received, fiom Mr. Charles B. Conhraii an rtfe-r of "l.Of'O u jonr tor life-jsiiliout any .«tipnlation an to the ¡numluM- of perfoiniiinvas. Mr. Robert,

liiLs decided to mccpt. While theatri- cal managers .arc t-c.nehiug high tun. low for l'.oiv comedian«, Mr. t'oi'i-i'.sii I lins thus turned to the '-old school,' ¡lor Mr. Roberts, ss-bo nindi' his Iii st. Inppeainnco cn the v.metv staj;o l'i years ago, is 68. _ "Mr. Re'-iiU'sen {ragennont still begin .as soon us bo signs I tho contract, hut h'.s fn-b appeiir-uicv under Mr. Coclnan's mnniigemenl, ssil! 'probably ha in tho ntsi levue. 'Lon don, Paris,' and Nm Yi rk," ¡it the i London Pavilion--hN old home-in

September. -Tie si ill be mimi rhiofly ii' e-li'iiJii'tri' ¡.kcu-lios." Mr. Tto iiLM'US' siutcv sins us the uç to-date ciibmun 'ii "Gentleman Joe.'

in ss-hich ha appeared suth Mi-- Kitts L.fttti. His "loss: e'omeds" is inimit- able and t>pcntaneous in its, oiiginalits

During next Minmnr 'l.ismiiniii is '?

bo visited for the fi'st time in ii s h - tory'bv a ceiiipany ol motion pic-tur.

actors'and actresses, sshole task it will bo'to pioduco a Ta.si11an.a11 los'o stoi s for the screen. The company will. vCrv fittingly, be under the direction of a Tasmanian, Mr. Arthur Shirley, who. us alieady sta*ed in "The Mercury,'' has just îetui'iicd fiom Amciica, svhor he spent six yens at Los Angeles, ti < headquarters of the motion picture in clustry, and has formed a company ii Sydney, known a.s ''Aithtir Shirley Pro cluctions," for the making of Austra- lian motion pictures for siorld-siido dis tribution. Mr. Shirley has secure«! two stories ot Tasmania very suitab'* for tile screen, already ss ritten, and li- lias made jircliininai.v aiiniigprneiits f'

their production. fine is "The Cap- tive Singer," by Mi-s Mario Bjclke Petersen, si Inch ii a.s published aiioiii tss'o vcat'B ago, and had a is ¡do eil dilation, and the other is a second svork by tile same' nutlioirss, noss- in ? the publishci s' hands". "Tho Captive S'nger," as those islio have read the svork will remember, is ¡1 los'e story, the plot of is'likh is laid ¿mon'.; the mountain and cas-e sceneiy ot Northern Tasmania. The second svork, the name of which has not vet been disclosed, is a story of the A\ost Coast, and deal5 with the Mount Lyell mines and the Gordon River-one of the finest beauty spots in tho ssbolo of Austialasin. They .should make very beautiful pictures, and should, incidentally, be a very fine advertisement for Tasmania. One das lust ss'eek Mr. Shiiley lunched at Gov ernment Ilouse, at 'the invitation of the Governor, Sir AVm. Allardyce, and His Excellency displayed a keen in- terest in his undertaking, and offered to allosv him to photograph any part <>f Government House or its grounds thai ho might wish to include in any Tas rumian picture. Tho diicctoi- "of the Government Tourist Bui eau iMr. E. T. Kmmett) also undoi took to supply any information requited icg.irding ' Tas- manian vbeauty spots. Mr. Shirley left Hobart yesteiday morning on ipturn te the mninlinul. After arraiiRm« foi the establishment ot .1 brunell office in Melbourne, bo coes to S.sdnrv, si bei e the company's studios and laboratorio are noss- being elected at Ko-e B.iv. He expects to bo ready in ahoiit .1 month to commence the production ot his first Australian picture, iihi<-h is entitled "The Throwback." Tho Tasmanian pic-

tures srill be undertaken in the .sum- mer, when the v.-irion, benutv spots to te included are looking theil 'best.