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Aft»r hating suent six vents in the 1 nited Statei, tikiiip an active put n the production ol motion pictures "mi stud ing the hiPinc s ttom cvciv pom of MOW, Mr Arthur Shirley t nati e ot llobirt. has )ust returned to \u tr lia md his loaned i coin] mv m Sydney, with a capitll nf L100 000 fo

the production ot tftotion pit tun ni lustraba foi wot Id wide di«tiibulioit

Mr Shirley who is at picsent on a visit to his 1 ithcr Mi Henty Slnrl v, of Hobirt, is ne1! known in theitn ii cueles throuüioub AuEtralin Ltitenn'' upon a stage tniccr nt in c irlv i" lu rose to the front lank ot his pro lession, uid f rcr.uontlv c une to Hobart willi some of tho befct minti ind com panics lus last yusit here bring with i Nellie stewirt company 12 yens agi Un going to Amoru i, hi achieved ¿re

success on tho bonds, ind later pi ive I fo the sciecn it Los \ngdes when 00 ti i cent of the world's films ire produced lb yv is selected to pliv lo ding puts in i number ol luB pu duct lons and it U d with SUP], "0|| known stns is Bcss.e BirnsciU \\i!

lam S ji,,( Al ii Mumv n W iib mis Cleo M idison P lulim Bush, Julian Eltn gc ind otheis

In in interyjcw vrstordiv with a io prcsotilative of Hie Mercury Ali

Shirley give in interesting outline if tho propos ils of the ne v eomp uiv y th icgird to the production <f \us

ti tliun pictures of the world wide sm ' c<ss of which he is most sing,umc II

st itcd that it w is the intention of tim (onipauv, which is known is '\rlhiii

1 Si uley Pioductiolis ' to produe >

tin Ansti ihan soil pictures m windi I tin ictois ind ictiessrs w11 hi \n

ti iii ins, ind the scenery Australian | But thej will not," lit said ht bush .ringing stones oi the yellow lue

novel stuff fin publie dots not w HID j tb it l,ach picture will be an evcrv ithy story wtittm by i competen

write! I1 tell will (onlam in intorc I

I inf. love stoty ictcd unidst xustriliin I surround in s, showing \usti ihm conn itrv scrncn \nsti iliun buildings ml

\iistrah ,n indiistius md they will s-1!

Ihe clem productions that i child will

li ahlo to soo and cnioy Hie company bus i cipitil ot LlOOOfJO ind I biro just purch ised i biuldin¿ in Sydncv, where our bnr nunrti is yvill Ive ostih hshed 1 ho bulletin,* is i iitissiu stott

structure, situated it Rosp Buv in ( known is 1 llcrslm Mansions It Ins been the home of some fine old \us trait in fitnihcs and ins onto the re<¡i

dence of Sir John Robertson Tins will bo conveited into a modern studio in (MCtlv tho same lines is those at Los Angeles, m windi sonic of the world -, ¡best pictuies are produced VII. mil

hive oin executive ofhees here ind ni the spacious .Hounds it the buk ill oui nitcrioi stout s will be produced in I speenlh equipjic 1 libontoncs lor cur 'cxtcriois vic will go to y irions piitsnt Vuslrnli i In otu first pu turo we will want some tropicil scenery und for tint we will piolnbly go lo 111 y 'Northern Rivers m Queensland It

W( ivnil snow scenes we will go to Mount Kosciusko md if we w int flit country or tivci sieneiv vu will ,-?> to some othci pni b of 4ustriln lo get


I Air Chuley stated tint he is con. 'fdent tint cvcntuillj he will be iblo ¡to pioducc tho pictures with in all

¡ Austrilmi cast but is it would toko

some time to solcct suitable actor« and

ici rosses for tho loiding pirt« he is bungin,* a lending lidy from Vinci ici for the first pioducticjn ind will lum

j self take the loiding male pirt There will also come from 'Vm.crin nu e\ncit emicn man with the most modern

I ipplnnces ncluduig an utificnl li^lit

ing plant loi .the tiking of 'interiors ' 1 i tlirccloi, and i tcchnicil duector V

ehrector," he CNplaincd is a linn who does the st ige inanigin" und ti ' tcchnicil duector' is the one who tit siL'ns md in inges tin A mons scene«

Tie lattei is re il h the minted lor i the v iriou- pioductions The leuiiin 'dei of the coinpuiA will be undi up of Vustinhnn- J vciythmg will le I done on the most modem hues ind c\

ictlv the sanio is it is dom it Lu i Vngclcs," said AL Shitlcv Acrtcrdiv

For it ii onlj In (inplovuig tlion. methods tit it we c m compete sucress full} with Ameilean films is I un con Ainced we shall be ibli to do

| Boluie coinniL. bick to Vusti ihi Air

M îrlev undi i tom of the Liiitid States from Los Vngclcs io New Auik ind buck i^ain ind interviewed son* of the Ingest c\lnbilors in tin States cxpl uning to thom his internions it

"tiding the Vustrilian pictims lliov v eic is lu e\pic*sed it positively I wild' with dehejlit lhoiit tiicm le ills

ing til it the Vnicritin public mini of whom know almost ever} buildiiii, in I bit of countrv it Los angelos tliioucji 1 ivuif stin the «une pim es so often in diffeient pictures, would .îppieu» o «mu thing diftctent in the wiv of Hctois, "ceJlerv, and stones Ali ->lnr lc\ ivis able to male most siti lae ton nanL,oments foi the 'marketing of 1 is Vustrilian productions in Vnienci

One of nu greifest ambitious Ins foi i long timo bren ' slid Mi '-linley in the com se of the interview, to pro duco pictures of mi mtivo countiv

i asm inn, ind it is rnv intuition when vic "ct tulh under vv n to bring the whole eompiUA to this Stile mci po duee two pietuies for winch I will hin»

sjictiil stones wlitten I im convinced til it oin Tasman nu sccnoiv toinis i I magnificent field upon winch to work mil I shall not be satisfied until J !m< produced those two pictuus It should be remembered that wo will be prodtu

uif, pictures, not onI\ foi Austral i but foi th whole woild lliov will be i splendid advertising povrpi for tin i totiou picture spc iks iii hnguve

and can be undei stood bv people n everv eountn in the world minv of whom would not bl reached bv othc ¡forms ol advertisement '

Questioned is ta the eomp inv s fir/-t australian production Mi Shirlev stated tint it would be entitled "Tho Throwback," ind tint the storv had Hist been speciallv written bv Ali Pit O'Cottcr a writer for the ' Situnhi Li cuing Post" for about ten ACirs wli w is ilreadv in SidnoA, under engace ment to tho company A commence ment would bo made with its prodtic

turn is soon as the Jsidnev «tucho WAS [completed

During his short stn. ir Hobirt Air SlnrlcA is combining business willi pleisure ind hi will probiblv spoil

at one of tho loril picture the itres on the propos iks of tho new coiopam Ho leaves Hobait on Safurdii for Afo!

baunic where i hunch offici is to bo established inim«diatoh A stndio nnv ilso bo established there at a liter