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BAEGADTS Hi BOOTS AND SJHOES. GDACB KID LACB OR BUTTON SHOES, welted soles, pat. cane, reduced to 14/6. Usual price, 1V8. ? FINE GLACE KID LACE OR BUTTON SHOES, pump soles, pat. caps, medium toes and heels, reduced to 13/9. Usual price, 16/6. Cuban Heels, reduced to 19/U. 6MABT GLACE KTT- LACB SHOES, round toes, Cuban heels, giant eyelets, wide laces, reduced to e/11. Usual price, 7/11. GLACE KID I*ACE OR BUTTON SHOES, round toes, Cuban heels, welted soles, reduced to 9/11.' Usual price, 10/9. LATEST AMERICAN BROWN CALF LACB SHOES, round toes, welted soles, Cuban heels, giant eye lets, wide laces, reduced to 17/11. Usual price, 13/9.

BARGAINS IN SILKS. FAILBTTE, 201n, 1b 63sy, Nil, CazxUnal, and Fink, BLACK GLACE, 361a, 2/11%' yd. TrStTAI. FRTCE, 4/6. BLACK MERV., aJin, 1/6%. USUAL l'EIC3El 1/11%. -*?' SPOT JAP. SILK AND SATIN FOULAKDS, In BHaik and WbiOe, Nfevy- aaid 'White, 'Wntte and Black, 1/1% yd. Usual Price. 2/11% and 5/6. DAINTT CHECK CHIFFON TAFFETA, in Black and White, also Colors, i/S yd. Usual Price, S/ll.' 20In JAP. SILKg. IN *t.t. SBJlDES. 7/11 DOZL FOR EVENING WEAR.


AT THE biiOcb: corner. BARGAINS IK FURS AND COSTUaSHS. BROWN. GREY, AND WHTPB HARE FURS. Reduced to 1/-. Vll. 2/11, 4/11. 6/11, 10/6. Usual Prices, 3/H, 6/11, 8/13. 10/6, 13/6. 35/8 A SPLENDID VARIETT OF TWSED AND CLOZE COSTCTMES, Sac Coat and Sttrt Style. PEicEt 12/u. is/n. 18/n. b/u. a/-- «/b. T3SUAL PRICB, 19/11, 23/-. 25/-, 2V6- 33/E, 39/6. TWiiiKl) COSTU2CBS, With %-XieDXth Coat. HBDUCSD TO 29/6 and 37/6. , Usual Prices, 4?/- and fi/6. i OF FASHION,


BARGAINS IN RIBBONS. GLACE SILK RIBBON. 3%d 'STD. ALL PUKE SILK. In White, Cream, Sky, Turquoise, Moss, Light Brown, Flak, Myrtle, Cardinal, Tus can, Light Grey, Nil, and Champagne, 3%tn wide, 3%d yd. The usual value is 7&d yd. HERV. RIBBON, 4 to 6 inches wide. In assorted ' Colors. Reduced to 3%d yd. Usual Price, 10%d. GLACE ribbon, 6 to 7 Inches wide, in various shades. Reduced to 7%d yd. Usual Price, 1/0% yd. GLACE SILK RIBBONS, in assorted shades, 6 to 7 Indies. Reduced to 10%d yd. Usual Price, 1/6%. FLORAL CHENB RIBBONS, beautiful designs and colorings, 6%d yd. Usnal Price, 1/3 yd.

I BARGAINS IN TJNDEKCLOTHING. Reduced TJsnal , Price. Price. LADIES' NIGHTDRESSES— WHITE FLANNELETTE, TRIMMED FRILLS ? 2/7%'.. 3/11 'WHITE FLANNELETTE, TRIMMED t WIDE FRILLS ? - ? 3/6 .. 3/11 WHITE FLANNESLETTEi, TRDQfED LACE ? S/ll .. i/6 PINK FLANNELETTE, TRIMMED TORCHON ? 4/11 _ 6/6 NIGHTDRESSES CREAM FLANNEL ? 16/6 ,.19/11 CREAM WXNCBT, Trimmed Torchon Lace ? I ? _ ? 12/6 .. 14/11 LONGCLOTH. Trimmed Frills ? 2/7% .. 2/11 Do., Trimmed Torchon Lacs .......... 3/6 .. 3/11


A. & A. HORDERN, 695-697 GBORG&STREET, HA3TMARKET. SALE. g*T.r.. SALE. SPECIAL BLOUSE! REDUCTIONS. LAMES' CRBAM DELAINE «HIH?P WAISTS, prettily tucked and stitched, with Puritan Collar. Sale Price, 5s Ud. ? Very Effective STRIPED DELAINE SHIRT WAISTS, with Dainty SUk Jabots to match, 6s 6d, 7s lid. Many Other Original Styles, Smartly Cut and Beau tifully Made, Ss 6d, 10s 6d, 15s lid, 21s. THE SMARTEST SHOP IN ST35NET. SKDPPXHQ. 2T.D.&. -NORDDEUTSCHER LLOTD.) REX3ULAB MAIL SERVICE. To Naples, Genoa, Southampton, Antwerp, ana ? Bremen, via usual ports: — ? _ Steamer. [ Tons. Commander. Sydney m ?SeydUtz. ? 8,000 A. Ahlhorn~ Jolr U £^« ?Boon — ^..^.^ 8,022 C Nahrath... Aug. 8 |S|a ?Xorck ? 8,000 J.RandennanD Sept. E g |5 ' ?Gnelaenan ^.. 8,081 G. Bolte ? Oct. 3 fwi^ *Zleten ? 8.043 F. Prosch...- Oct. 31 & £ ?Twin Screw. ? Leaving MELBOURNE TUESDAY after STDNET. FARES TO LONDON:— I. Single, £71 10s to £82 10s: Return, £123 4». II. Single, £41 l£s to £46 4s; Return. £69 6s. m. Single. £15 to £17; Return. £27. Round the World, £143. with £20 Atlantic Berth. To TyTMiiiiflj China, and Japan, Regular Four-weekly Service, from Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Via New Britain and New Guinea. MANILA. JULY SS. PRINZ WALDEMAR. AUGUST 25. PRINZ SIGISMUND, SEPT. 22. LOHMANN and CO.. General Agent*. ? TeU 698. ? 7 BRIDGE-STREET. SYDNET. P. AND O. COMPANY. ROYAL TUT^TT, STEAMERS. FOR MARSEILLES, PLYMOUTH, and LONDON. FDiST and SECOND SALOON ONLY. Tons. Steamer. Commander. SNotraf* ' 10.000 Moldavia ? [e! 51 Gordon ? J'ly « 6.S38 Himalaya ? W. L. Broun. R.N-R... ?»?'«- » 10,5iW Macedonia ? c. I-. Bennett, R.N.K.. Aug. 16 10,000 Mongolia ? C. F. Prestou, R.N.B Aug. » , 7.9U India..'.'.'...- ? F. W. Vib^rt, B.N.R. Sept. 12 6.512 Victoria- ....:. |r. L. Haddock, ~RJT3t. ]6ept. » PASSAGE MONEY TO LONDON, £41 16a to £8J V» Ditto Return £69 6s and £123 4s Through Fares quote* to New York via Suea, Fares, from £45 Zs to sXi. 8s. SPECIAL HOLIDAY RETURN TICKETS TO CO LOMBO are now issued, and are' interchangeable with the other mail lines. Fares from Sydney, £45 Zs first ealoon, £31 ISs 2nd caloon ' A. GORDON WESCHE. CS Pltt-st. Acting Superintendent In Australia. 'I'HT! ABiaLAXDE STEAMSHIP COMPANY, LIMITED. EXPRESS LINE OF PASSENGER STEAMERS (From Grafton Wharf). FOR \ WOLLOWRA. MELBOURNE, 5 TO-MOREOW {FridajJ. jpoj^ \ July ID. at 6 j»jn. MELBOURNK. ADELAIDE, GRANTALA. Transhippiae t« Port ? SATURDAY, July ja, Piri«, at 1 pjn, FRBMANTLE. BRISBANE, ^ WACKAT, - 1 'YXJNGASiA. TOWNSTTLia!, f 6ATDiRDA.T, July U, RIVER PORTS to C at 2 PJn' CAIRNS. J «-T^f/5WEST FARES AND FREIGHT3. EALOON PASSAGE TICKETS are interchanff» able after the first port of call with other Inter state Companies on all services, subject to condi tions, which can be obtained on application to ths Company's OfBce. G. S. TUILL and CO., Limited, agents, « BRIDGE-STREET. HOWAJEIZ- SMITH JJOCEi Fast Passenger Steamers leave as followa-- FOR I BOMBALA. MELBOtTRNE ( 2 p.m., SATURDAY. J July 11. BRISBANE MARYBOROUGH \ ROCKHAMPTON PEREGRINE, BUNDABEBG * 2 P'm'Tnf^VRI-AT' GLADSTONE. L Jnly 1L MACKAT [ GABO TOWNSVZLLE e p.m.. TUESDAX. CAIRNS, Etc. J July 14, Passenger Tickets Interchangeable with other In terstate S.S. Companies. Return Tickets available for Six Months. OFFICES: Equitable Buildings, 350 George-street. WHARVES: Foot of King-street. mHE NEWCASTLE AND HUNTER RIVER S.S. A- CO., LTD. Steamer for Newcastle THIS NB3-HT -Tluirs-layv S-S. HUNTER, at XL. -—-»#» Trams stop foot of Klng-st. F. J. THOMAS, Manager. HUDDABT PARKER USE. NEW ZEALAND ') tHimaroa. Sat.. July 18. 2 p.m. PORTS fWunmera, Wed., July 22, Noon. PUKl-Js. j Victoria, Wed., Aug. 6, noon. HOBART— Westralia, Tues., July 21, noon. MELBOURNE, -j' S.A. and W.A. -Riverina, Sat., Aasr. 1. PORTS. J Office: Exchange Corner, 61 Pitt -street. ( HV^iarves: Margaret and Sussex streets. XT. CAOTS COASTAXi COrOPEBATIVE STEAMSHIP COMPANY, l&mited. PORT MACQUARIE, HASTINGS, and WILSON BXVER: S.S. WAUCHOPE, SATURDAY, S p.m. GEORGE: M'ARTHDE, Secretary. Baltic Wharf, foot of Market-st. Tel. No. 4SH. - UNION LINE. Steamers are dispatched, subject to weather and other conditions, £rom Company's Wharves, Margaret and Sussex streets, as follows: — Zealandia, for Hobart, Tuesday, July 14, at 1 p.m. Wakatipu, lor Launcestoo, via Eden, Wednesday, July 23. at 10 a.m. . - ; Atua (twin screw), for Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga, Tuesday, July 21. ?Warrimoo, tor Wellington, Saturday, July 11. at 6 p.m. Moana, for Auckland, Wednesday, July 15, at l p.m. Offices: 239 George-street, near Bridge-street. FREDE. W. JACKSON, Manager. 'X-INEAPPLE' Bacon. 'Pineapple' Bacon. 'Plne- X. apple' Bacon, 'Pineapple,' delicious 'Pine- apple' Bacon. . ~~ ' BLACSFISH TACKLE. ' Blackfish Fishing- is 3n Full Swing. This spies did branch of the sport of Angling is -well looked after by EAST WAY'S. Special Rods. Reels, Lines, Hooks, and Floats. Special Gut and Gut -Casts for Blackfish. Fresh Green Weed Every Day. Wood, Winch1 Fittings,, Ferrules, Rings, and Tops for Rod Making. - .Blackfish Fishing is the Nearest Ap proach to Trout Fishing that aa angler can get. JBASTWAY'S, , GEORGE-STREET - Just' Below the Post OtBcey. rriAKK it back, gAcer, S ordered 'Pineapple' X Bacon. If yott don't vtock it, .stock tt.

SBIFFIHe. 'WHITE STAB ZJQfE. DURBAN. CAPETOWN, PLYMOUTH, anfl LONDON. Twin Screw Steamers, AFRIC 12,000 tons, to safl on July 10, at noon. SUEvTC, 12,600 tons, to sail August S. PERSIC, RUNIC and MEDIC to follow. FARES:— Capetown or Durban. £15 ISs to £24 3a. . London. £13 to £30. New York, Boston, etc, £25 6s Od to £36 Es Od. ONLY ONE CLASS OF ACCOMMODATION. Pamphlets, Timetables, and an other information on application. XjUGGAOE received Only on Day of Sailing. DALGETY and COMPANY, Limited. Agents in Australia. XHE a ?RTrn.TiTTKTf IJENE. DURBAN, CAPETOWN, PLYMOUTH, and LONDON. CALLING AT MELBOURNE AND FREMANTLE. REGULAR SERVICE. DISCHARGING AT DURBAN WHARF. ?Marathon, 6S00 tons H. A. Schleman Noon. July IS RafaTnta 45O8 tons ... R. M'KilliaKa ?? Noon, Aug. 14 »*Pericles, 33,400 tons A. Simpson . ? Noon, Sept. 11 ? I ? ?Twin Screw. 'New Steamer. Twin Screw. FARES. Saloon, Third Class. LONDON, irom ? : ? £57 £16 to £20 Capetown and Durban, from £31 10s £13 13s to £17 17s RETURN AM) STOF-OTEB TICKETS IISTERCELAXGEAJBLE WITH MIND'S BIjUK ASCHOR LINE. ROUND-THE- WORLD TICKETS, FROM £126 10s SALOON CABINS on Upper and Bridge Decks. THIRD-CLASS ACCOMMODATION Of the Highest Standard. Pamphlets, Ttme-Tahles, etc., on application. LUGGAGE RECEIVED ONLY on DAY of SAILING. DALGETY and COMPANY, Ltd., ? Agents in Australia. CANADIAN . AUSTRALIAN ROYAL MAIL LINE. THE ALL-RED ROUTE. THE BEST ROUTE TO CANADA, UNITED STATES, AND EUROPE. From From. Arrive. Steamer. Sydney. Brisbane. Vancouver. MANUKA* ? 3 Aug. 5 Aug. 27 Aug. MARAMA* ? 31 Aug. 2 Sept. 23 Sepu A.ORANGI ? 2S Sept. 30 Sept. 22 Oct. MOANA ? .» 26 Oct. 28 Oct. ? 19 Nov. ?Twin-screw Steamer. UNION S.S. CO. OF N.Z., Ltd., mrawaet^g Agents. : ? 159 George-street. Syap.ey. _^ ?.-'., A.IT.S.W. CO.. 1TD. ROYAL MAIL COASTAL SKRV1UUL ? FROM LIME-STREET WHARF. MELBOURNE. — Kanowiia, Saturday, noon. July 11. ' Arawatta, Tuesday, 5 ixm, Jnly 14. ADELAIDE, ALBA-NY, and- FREMANTLE. — Ka- nowna, Saturday, noon, July 11. BRISBANE and PORTS to HOCKHAMPTON. — Komura (Cargo OnlyJ, Saturday, noon, July 11. 'W^yandra, Tuesday, 7 p.zn-, July It BRISBANE and PORTS to COOKTOWN.— Wy- andra, Tuesday. 7 p-m-, Jnly 14. THURSDAY ISLAND, NORMANTON, and BURKE TO WN -Transhipping at Brisbane). — Arawatta, 7 p.m., July 21. ' LAXJTOKA, SUVA, and LKVUKA, — Suva. 'Wednes- day, 5 P-m., August 5. | CURRENT FARES AND FREIGHTS. BURNS, PHXLF, and CO., Ltd., Agents^ 10 Bridge-street. . THE HXAWABEA & SOUTH COAST STEAM NAVIGATION CO., LTD. From Market-street Wliaxf, Bars, 'W^ea-ther, and Other Circumstances Permitting.— Moruya, Narooma, Wagonga: COOMONDERRY, FRIDAY, 10 a_m. Ber magui, Tathra, ilerimbula, Eden, UlLadnJla: S-S. EDEN, FBXOAT. 10 a.m. BatemajTs Bay CE^ssen gers Only): S.S. EDEN, FRIDAY, 10 a.m. Wol longong, TTiaTno, Ulladulla, Bateman's Bay, Nelli gen: S.S. MORUYA, FRIDAY, 7 p.m. Nowra, Bomaderry. SheUharbor: FRIDAY. 7 p.m. Benry, Shoalhaven River Wharves: TUESDAY, 7 p.m. T. H. JACKSON, Manager. TeL 93 and 1749. Offices and Wharf, toot of Market-st. THE NORTH COAST STEAM NAVIGA TION COMPANY. I.ITVITTEP. From Company's 'Wharf, 3 Bussex-street. Ears and Weather Permitting.— CLARENCE RIVER: .Kyogle, Saturday. 8 p.m. RICHMOND RTVER: City of Grafton, Tomorrow, 2 p.m. MACLEAY RIVER: Yulgilbar, Tuesday, 4 p.m. MANNING RIVER; Electra, Monday, 2, BELLINGER RIVER: Rosedale, To-morrow, S p.m. NAMBUCCA RIVER: Rocklily, To-morrow, 5 p.m. FROM 'D'RUXTT- STRBET.— BYRON BAY: Cavanba, Saturday, 9 a-m. COFF'S HARBOR: Cavanba, Saturday, 9 a.m. COFF*S HARBOR and 'COOLGOOLGA: Dorrigo, Sa turday, 8 a-m. TWEED RIVER: . Duranbah, Early Next Week. Passenger Office: 70 Pitt-street, next Union Bank, where Guide Books can be pur chased. Tel., IB*. ROBERT A. BELL, Man ager. 'X-INEAFFLE' EACON tops the Pole; XT Pineapple Bacon and 'Pineapple Roll. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Advertisements under this beading of 16 words are charged: 1 insertion Is, or 3 Insertions 2s 6d prepaid. LXPP Model Magnificent New PIANO. £35. Terms. Geat Sacrifice. Old Pianos Bought. G. H. .Lee, Music Teacher. 62 Johnston-st, Annandale. 'VTEW German Iron Frame Pianos, just ia-n/Hng per .IN S.S. Seydlitz. £30. Gordon's, 40 Flinders-st Only. STERLING Special Records delight the world. One Shilling Each. Feby. and March Titles now ready, also Edison March, American Titles. Sterling Parlors, 299 Pitt-st. (opp. Criterion). PIANOS, first-rate order, good tone, £8. £10, £12, £14; Iron Frames, £16, £1S, £20. casn or terms. 176 Devonshire-st. MAGNIF. Walnut and Gold Piano, gnar, £25. Gor ? don's. 40 Flinders-st. near Oxford-st Only. MX NEW PIANOS ? NO DEPOSIT7 NO ADVANCE IN PRICES, 3/9 WEEKLY. O'REILLY and CO.. SO BXNG-ST. aREAT Variety Second-hand Pianos, all makers, from £10, £15, £20. Gordon's, 40 Flinders-st Only MEETINGS. Advertisementa under this heading of 16 words are charged: 1 Insertion Is. or 3 insertlonE £s 6d prepaid. TIJTUNICD7ALITY OF MARRXCEVILLE. A PUBLIC ME3STZNG will be beia In the Con gregational . School Ban, Hlawarra-road, I'Hts -Thursday) EVENING. 9th July, at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of arranging for proper representation on the .Deputation to wait upon the Railway Com missioners to protest against the present service and overcrowding of the trains on the Belmore Line. The Mayor (Alderman W. T. Henson) will pre side. ' ? BEMBY V. BROWN. Ttown derfc. FLAVOR, Quality, ths Cost, ana Satisfaction, mate ??pineapple' Bacon such .an Immense attraction. BOCSBS ASO JUtOSO POE SALEU Advertisements under this heading of 16 words are (barged: 1 Insertion Is, :or 3 Insertions Ss 6d prepaid. ABOVE SEA UK V ill. — 3OO FEET. SOMETHING UNUSUALLY GOOD. FRONTAGES TO NATIONAL PARE. RIGHT AT SUTHERLAND RAILWAY STATION. £23 PER LOT. . EAST TEBMS. TORBENff. E*TERCOLONIAIi 3CNVESTMENT COY^ Tja t ? M Moore-street, City. - ? T EWISHAM. 766 Parramatta-rd.. attractive W-B. J-^ Cottage, 4 rms, «very convenience, £10; dep. 10/- weekly- _ Price £225 ? mat ''Pineapple' Bacon for 'breakfast to-morrow; J_ xry ?^Pineapple' Sreakfast ol Baooa to-morrow.

PH i I.T.TP MEWBUB-Y, WMTTiT SPADA, H'wwpr 6TAS2LX*. IjAUBANCB hhii JJP SYDNEY SCOTT. J. Mil fc\^ ATtT- 6X3S23-» WEST SATXTKIXAT NIGHT. TOWN HALL, TOWN TTAT.T.. Popular Prices— 3s (Reserved), 2s, end Is. Tlcfcete at all prices now obtainable at Paling'*, BRIGHT. POPULAR PROGRAMME. s H. N. SOUTHWELL, / Concert Manager. Paling's. mOWN tt^t.t^ SATURDAY. ISth. Direettet . ? ___..„.... J. and 17. TAIX. MASK HAMBOTJBG, TmA^TT HAMBOURG. ? PLANS OPEN MONDAY. AT PALINCPS. PLANS OPEN MONDAY, AT PALING'S. FLANS OPEN MONDAY, AT PALING'S. PRICES: 6s, 4s. 33. 2te- ? ' THEATRE R O T A I-. Lessee and Manager .. 3. C WILLIAMSCMi. Every Evenlnr at 8, and Wed. Afternoon at 3. XiAST TWO NHSHTS ' THE PRINCE OF PHtSEH.' SATURDAY NEXT, « THE tfETi yjrrr.T.y PRICES AS USUAL. Box Plan at Elry*. ? . THE GIcACIARIUaL REAL ICE SKATING, THREE SESSIONS DAILY. ID to 12, S to 5, S to 10.30. At the Approaching Grand Fancy Costume ICE CARNIVAL. Only Fancy Costumes will be allowed within the Skating y?n*»i*vm I nft No Ordinary Evening Dress or Advertisement Costumes. PROFESSOR VICTOR ALLAKDEB. Wm give an Exhibition of Fancy Ice Skating THIS (THURSDAY) AFTERNOON. TO-MORROW (FRIDAY) NIGHT, HOCKEY MATCH ON THB ICEi AMATEURS V. PROFESSIONALS. Miss DENT and Profeasor LANGLEg. NEXT ~SA3rOTtna.Y EVENING. Admissicm. 2s. Children, Morning and Aftwmxm only. Is. Fkattf. £Qre. €d. tttw GLAdARIUM. GBORGB-GTREEt Opposite Railway Station. DUNBAR POOLK. Manager. ♦Phone, 432 Glebe. . ? ? BOBBERY Under Arms. £1000 Pictnre Drama. OXFORD HAUL. NEST SATURDAY. EOBBERX~TJnZer Arms. Thrilling Bosnian giTig Picture Drama- Oxford HalL Next Saturday. r\ slTt erios t h e a t k b. EVERY EVENING AT 8. - HERBERT FLEMMING'S NEW ENGLISH COMEDY COMPANY. HAST TWO NXGHT5 OB* THE MORALS OF MARCUS. SATCEDAY NEXT, JULY lltlj. 'IHB RED LAMP.' MATPvEE. EVERY ?VTErDNESPA'E; A3? 1 PJL TIVOLI THEATRE. Sole Proprietor ? Mr. HAHHY BICKAHDS. Ee-appeaxaace after his serious lndlspositioii ot Mr. JOHN HIGGINS, Champion Jumper. First production of an original impossibility by THE DEANE TRIBUNE TRIO. ? liast Night of THE RIGOXjETTO BBJ0RB333BS. Continued Success of THE DLjMOND SISTERS, Fred Bluett. Will Lochrane, 3 Gibson Girls. Ida Berridge, Harry Linden, Olga Montez, Clarence Tls dale, Naomi Tanna, Beatrice Mercer; Bab? Watson. Geo. Bentley, Alberto, etc. ? MATINEES WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 2.30. KATIONAIi AMPBXTHEATRE. Sole Proprietor ? Mr. JAMES BEE2STNAN. Xreasurer ? ^.......M ....„.— Syd. Brennan. EVERY EVENING, at 1.45. MATINEES EVERY SATURDAY AND 'WEDNESDAY;. AN ESTABLISHED POPULARITY. THE NATIONAL. VAUDEVILLE ENTKRTATO ERS. Crowded Houses Nightly. 25 BRILLIANT STAR ARTISTS, and the GREAT MIORAMA. Prices, 1/6, j/-. and 6d. J. C BAIN* Business Stanagor. ' T- A I. A C E T H E A T B E. Direction of T. 3. WEST. NIGHTLY, S. MATINEE, WED. and BAXURDAT. WEST'S FICTUBSS. **i'H K FINEST IN *i*n **s WORLD.** SEE «|'H W! FESTIVAL OF 'CORPUS CHRISTX.** Prices. 6d. Is, la 6d, and 2s. Plan at McholBOn'ft. fn H E IiYCEUU. Sole Director _._.^...._.«™ C. BPENCEB, SPENCER'S THEATRESCOPE COT. We Lead; Others Follow. EVERY EVENING AT 8. MATINEES, WED. aad SATS., 2.30. H'utiM'iaT. PRICES FOR CHILDREN. We Still Triumphantly Lead the Way. ANOTHER BATCH OF NEW SUBJECTS^ for which we stand alone. Amongst them. The Greatest Comic Ever Seen, THE MERRY WTDOW_WALTZ -2BAZE» THE NIHIIJBTS— A WIFE'S DEVOTION. GUSSIE GETS ST. VTTUS' DANCE. And a Host More Novelties. PRICES: 1/6, 1/-, and 6d. Plan at Paling's, 2/-- Day Sale. White Rose. NEW SUBJECTS EVERY WEEK. SYDNEY SKATING RINK, IiTIX, PRINCE ALFRED PARK. TO-NIGHT, SPECIAL CLUB NIGHT. TO-MORROW. FRIDAY, LADIES' NIGHT. POSTER AND FANCY DRESS CARNIVAL, :' WEDNESDAY. JULY 22. DURING FLEET WEEK-4-GNE MILS! AUSTBA LASIAN CHAMPIONSHIP, and BICYCLE) V. SKATES. . . ? . ? 'rtutES SKSSIONS DAILY. QEATING. SEATING. 6KATING. i MANLY PALACE RTNK. Tickets, including Return Steamer fare, Admission,' and use of Skates (sold at Ko. 3 Jetty), 1/6, ? THE JOHNSON PORTRAITS ATCTi y.l h'MI .1 U liL, , ? OUR aCTNIA-TTIRES, 12 tdr J/ POST CARDS, from 2/6 per doz. I v FEDERAL PORTRAITS, 9/6 per doz! - OLD PHOTOS COPIED AND ENLARGED. THK JOHNSON STUPIDS, ? c/o PITT and MARKET STREETS. ? WTT.T.TATVrS' PHOTOSW 12 FOR 1/-J CaSInetE, 8/6: fbst Cards, *f- -3o*en. WlUlBinE. The Strand. George-rt enfl. Take tttt. Prof. Henry Jones aafl Phrenology* fT.T. SOULS', LEICHHAEDT, THURSDAY, J9th anst. Admissioa, Sliver Cola. t*»™»*| rtfHnp* . OOK! I «kt. why not tetler 'Ttoeapplei' BaooaT ^^^ t**! tart; nrFir**-'*fr^s^JnT IQiB&ftf ^''i ?y*M«\

AaiTJSEMEWTS. E R MAJESTY' S. Lessee and Manager ? J. C. WILLIAMSON. EveninsB at S, 'Wednesday Afternoons at 2. J. C Williamson presents MARGARET AKGIXff, the Distinguished American Actress, In *h«- Emotional Play, entitled, ' THE m'hikF.' Box Plan at Paling's. Prices as usual. PUBLIC NOTICES. Advertisements under this heading of 1£ words ara charged: 1 Insertion Is, or 3 insertions Ss 6d prepaid. Department of Public Instruction, Sydney, July 8th. 1308. I^OOOSING OF COUNTRY SCHOOLS IN CONNEC \J TION WITH THE FORTHCOMING VISIT OF THE AMERICAN FLEET. To enable Teachers and Pupils to visit Sydney to witness the Celebrations in connection with the approaching Visit or the American Fleet, all Country* Schools will be CLOSED from 19th to 2Sth August proximo (both dates Inclusive). There will be no Mirdiaoimaa Vacation this year for such schools. Metropolitan Schools will remain open during this period, and will Close for Michaelmas Vacation at the usual time. P. BOARD, Under-Secretary. ?Schools beyond a line drawn from Narrabeen to .Horosby, thence to Wentworthville, thence to Liver pool, and thence to Sutherland, are to be regarded as Country Schools for the purposes of this T^r^iiv* (8a9j ? m O W N HALL, R A N D W I C K. TO-MORROW. FREDAY. 10th JULY. 1 ' An ADDRESS on FEDERAL POLITICS, by SENATOR COLONEL NEELD. Commonwealth and State— Financial Relations— Po- sition of the Senate— The Tariff— The New Protection— The High Court— Defence— Federal Capital, etc ? His Worship the Mayor will preside. ? PETES CASEKATY, OF 664 GEORGE-STREET. desires to notify the General Public that he has taken over the business of A. Comino, 235 PITT-STREET, which In future will be carried on as a Branch Shop; and trusts that by CLEANLINESS, CIVILITY, and STRICT ATTENTION TO BUSINESS to retain the Patronage ot Old and New Customers. ? A TRTAT, IS SOLICITED. ? i POST OR BRING all your old Broken Jewellery and have same Remade Into any nice and fashionable Jewellery or Rings you require. Silver Geneva Watches Cleaned, 1/6; Wal thams and Kngllsh Levers. 2/-: Staffs and Cylinders, 2/6; Mainsprings. 1/6; Glasses, Watch-hand. 3d; Keys, Id each. Chronographs and Centre Seconds Stop Watches a Bpeciality. ? ;/ ''*??? WATXSHM^tegR^H'D-OTWEIi.t^---'-'- ' ? 1M CASTLEREAGH-ST.. SYDNEY. ? fTOWSULT ALFRED A. BUCKLEY. Clairvoyant \J and Herbalist. S3S ELIZABETH-STREET, CITY. Over 11. years in Brisbane, and has had over 12 Thousand Consultations. Send or call In for a. Free Pamphlet. Highest Testimonials. The Wonderful Cures Resulting from the Paw Paw Fruit. Hours: 10 to 5-; Sat., 10 to L ? SMOKE -'OLD COLONIST' TOBACCO. ? Most 'Fragrant' In Commonwealth. YOU CAN'T GET SKILLED WORK CHEAPER ? and unskilled -work is dear at any price. Watches Thoroughly Cleaned and Regulated.. 2/6 Best English Mainspring ? 2/6 ALL REPAIRS GUARANTEED FOR 1 'YEAR. FOEKCITSi 14 PAR3C-ST-. 6 Doors from George-at. ' Cleaned and Regulated, 2/ (With a Written Guarantee for 12 months.) BEST ENGLISH MAINSPRINGS, 2s. GOLD (Hall-marked DRESS RINGS, from 3s each. GOLD BROOCHES (Hail-Marked), from 3a each. SPECTACLES — Pebbles, Is 6d; Crystals. 3s. NOLAN, TIME, AND CO., 702 GEORGE-STREET, HAYMARSET,' SYDNEY. SAFETY Without Numbers, harmless, certain. Send Notes 2/6 and Stamped Envelope. Box S66 G.P.O. ? XVARISIAN ART i»'-w I..I .rmpv — Latest Designs, x. Earrings, with silver wires, 1/- to 1/6; for unplerced 1/- pair. Brooches, 1/- to 3/6. Nickel Butter Dishes. 1/-. Also large stock of Second Hand Gold Jewellery and Cutlery at half original cost. HARRY DAVIS, 197 George-st. West, near Grace _^ ? Bros. ? MADAM DUNLOP. Clairvoyante. Truth Only. 162 Llverpool-st- Developing Class starts Wednes day, S o'clock. rraSY -JOHN. BULL' TOBACCO, -L Light and Dark, Plugs, Packets, and Tins. MOVING ALONG. C B- VlNTiAUCK AND CO.. FOB CAREFUL REMOVALS AT LOWEST KATES. IBS JPITT-ET. 'PHONE. 2070 CENTRAL Furniture '.S'orea. George-street. Camperdown. Fyou are sensible, you should try our famous Sac Suit, to ICeasure, from 30/-. Myerson. New Address, 752 George-st, Haymarket (only). DON'T SACEftFICB TODS FDKNITORE BT AUCTIOK fa 4X.13 when you can STOKE it with SANDERS AND COY., HEAD OFFiCE: 43 KING-ST.. .CITY, Whose Stores are CLEAN. WELL LIGHTED, and THOROUGHLY UP TO DATE. TeL, 476. BILLIARD TABL1J MANUFACTURERS.— Every Kequisite of ths Game Kept, Heiron and Smith, 214 CasUereagh-st -Gold Medal. Chicago, 1S93; Brisbane. 1898: New Zealand, 1907. 'TJINEAPPLiE' Bacoti, 'Pineapple, 'Pineapple' X. Bacon; 'Pineapple,' 'Pineapple,' 'Pineapple' Bacon, Bacon. ? ',_ ? DELICIOUS, economical; reliable, tryable, buyable, **Pineapple' Bacon tlv& Quality is undeniable. 'TJINEAPPLE' BACOW tops the Pole; JL Pineapple Baccj ani! Pincaople Roll. / AUCTIOHS. Advertisements under this beading of IB. words are charged: 1 insertion Is. or 3 insertions 2s 6d prepaid. TTTfRTiPBFiM KfP PIiEDGES. JOHN P. UESTES will sell i-y public auction, AT HIS eOOMS, 247A Pitt-street, ON TUESD^AY, July 14, 1908. the Unredeemed .Pledges pawned with A. FXENBE1RG, 74 Eegent-streit, Rfdfern, on dates as tmder: — * 3907.— May— 31st, picture. Septe-ober— 20th, 3 s rings; Sth, she lever 190367; 2Sth, :s m chain. October — 1th, 6 o f r watch and chair; Sth, g albert and pendant; 21st, g c bangle; 22nd, g hi elgin S2S76S3; 24th. e neck, pen, and brooch; Sith, p and b brooch; 29th, s n r watch (J. A. K. o;i case); 30th, g etg ring; 31st, d and s ring. Norveii£-ei--lst, 1 g h «k: ?watch 327301; ISth, g brooch; ISti, 1 g o £ -watch; SSted, d and s h h ring; 25th. g neck and pendant; 26th, s h k watch 297346 and a albert; 28th,' d and s locket, and g b ring; 29th, a h 3t, wal 1740921. De cember—Sad, she lev 34S71; 9tt, picture; 10th, . g albert, loctcet and medal; 16th, ' g w and s b rings; 28th. t doth; 31st. rem and lining. 1308.— January —2nd, eac coat; 4Qi, b coat;. 7jth, silt; 10th, suit and traotri; Dth,. black dress and grey \skirt; 17th, bine dress; ISth, revolver ,12387; 20th, s: clock; 29th, 2 sheets, 8 p cases. Febniar?— ls)Ui, inAtlng case, lot big Jars; 21st, 1 r coat, m rifle; 27 1&, .Mack skirt and blouse. , Maxch— 2nd, g ooat and trousers; 6th, suit;. 7th, rem' serge; 11th, g mac coat. Also pledgfes of 6e and nnder, has 1-een lent on. and goods previously advertised and kept back by xeqoest «* pawners . 'T-INEAPf'lB' Bacon makes *^he' tri-sakfast. and JT -breakfast makes the man who \eats 'the' breakfast. S v ~' IjOSt, ass vousd. Advertisements under r^ila beading «t 16 worts are charged: 1 Insertion' la, or 8 Jnaerfloa* jBs 64 prepaid. FOUND' That X«st Boyt6er*netr Bapcy. CfUMr tog HENOEBSON-S JTBRBAI, OCWOH »BOP8! ? Id Packets. An f-ftrffffM^toruiy. -_ '

? MUBtlClPAI. ELECTIONS. f± ° TO THB POLL TO-DAT. ELECTORS OF BLIGH WARD. You sre called upon To-day to Return a Representa tive in the City Council; exercise the Franchise, and VOTE! FOR HUGH D. ariNTOSH. The Reform Candidate, A Vigorous Young Australian, who has the time and ability to serve you. POLLING PLACE: Presbyterian School Hall. Palmer st, S a-m. to 6 p.Sn,, TO-DAY, THURSDAY, July 9th. ' ? EL W. BUTLER, Secretary. COAX. Advertisements under this heading of 16 worts ar« charged: 1 insertion Is, or 3 insertions 2s 6d prepaid. TTSE THE FAMOUS V AJL Eebbnrn Eoasebold Coal. Hakes Cooking a pleasure. Used the world over. Wholesale ead Retail, JONES BROS., Bathuzst-st.. City. ?Phones. 1145 and 2M3. ? HOWARD SMITH CO.. I.TD. Coal Depot: Pyrmont Bridge-road, Blackwattle Bay. Newcastle and *«»it«»~- Coals, Household. Steaming {Large and Small), and Bla^smlth'a. Telephone, Glebe, 36* MATREttOISIAX. Advertisements under this heading of 16 words are charged: I insertion Is, or 3 insertions Ss 6d prepaid. MARRIAGES DAILY tin Churcn or privately).— Rev. George Kay (Only) at 279 Eliaabfcth-st, nr. Llverpool-st- Hours, 9 till 9. Fee, £U TeL, E108. Tl /TAHEIAGES Celebrated, Church or Privately. Rev. 1V1 Dr. zaLLMANN'S Office, 457 Pltt-st, opp Rail way Station. Fee, £1. Hoars. 9 till 9. ? -' MARRIAGES Daily, Church or Privately by Or dained Clergyman. 393 Pitt-st. Hours, 9 till 9. Fee, £L 'Phone. 4688. ? F [PRESS upon your cook that you want 'Pine- apple' Bacon for breakfast to-morrow — delicious. TO LET. Advertisements under this heading of 16 words are charged: 1 insertion la. or 3 Insertions 2s 6d prepaid. SABXIHG POINT. ?VTEAE S. Mark's Cfcnrch, Semi-Tllla Besldenc«, J3f contali^ng nine raoms. Independent of Icltciiea. laundry, bath, rtc. .Further particulars, O. H. Lewta, Architect. 90 Pitt-etneL. FOB SAIiC Advertisements imder this heading of 16 words are charged: 1, insertion Is, or 3 insertions 2s 6d prepaid. WEATHERBOARD COTTAGES SUPPLIED BY US TO ANT SIZE AND DESIGN REQUIRED. We have a large number of STOCK: PLANS, from two to six Booms which will be forwarded to you. together with ~ Prices, Free of Charge. Everything sent out ready for putting together, exclusive of Foundations. ALSO THE HOME OF THE 'SIMPLEXr BUILDINGS. The only really so-called Portable Cottage. Can be put up in one day, and taken down like a Bed stead without the slightest damage. Send for Foil Particulars. SAXTON & BINHS, Ltd., TIMBER, JOINERY, and BUILDERS' SUPPLY MERCHANTS. PYRMONT. SYDNEY. Telephones. Nos. 364 and 966 Central. Also, ISO Glebe. LANGDON AND LANGUOR, DIRECT IMPORTERS OF OREGON, REDWOOD. KAURI. WHITE PINE, BALTIC, ETC., GALVANISED IEDKT. -TKMKNt1 GLASS, OILS, COLORS, rRONMONGERY. MANUFACTURERS OF JOINERY, MANTELS, TURNERY, STOCK. AND DETAILED MOULDINGS. HEAD OFFICE AND 'WORKS:— ILAtfGDOirS WHARF, ANNANDALE. Branch Yards: North Sydney and Petersham. City Office: Bonders' Exchange, 32 CaBUereagh-st. 4?O 'WORTH. Is €d Weekly. All kinds of New Sw/iiu aad Second-sand Furniture in Stock; Coaches from 12s 6d- Goldsmid's,. 231 Ozford-st. ? jrtpj WORTH, 38 Weekly; £10 Worth, Ss weekly. 3J*y Suites. 50s; Sideboards, 30s. Country Orders attended to. Goldsmlfl'a, 231 Oxford-st. ? COUCHES 'Upholstered, from 10s; Chairs Caned, from Is 6d; Mattresses Re-made from 5s; Fur niture Repaired and Polished. Goldsmid's, 2a Oi ford-st. FURNITURE.— £1 Worth, is Weekly; Double Bed steads, from 12s Cd; Spring Mattresses, 3s 6d; Tables, 4s 6d. Chairs, 2s. GoidaaUd'E, 231 Oxford-et. BEDSTEADS Repaired and Enamelled, and Orna mental Brass 'Work Re-Lacquered, or Nickelled, from 7s €d. Letters attended to. Goldemid'E, 231 Oxford-st. ? : ? TT will Pay and Sorprise you if Furnishing to Visit X ELLIOTT'S Tremendous Stock. English, American Furniture. 4S3 George-st.. near Bathurst-st. KIRK AND DICKINSOHV SLATERS AND SLATE MERCHANTS, Direct Importers from Lord Penryhn's Bangor Quarry. Estimates for all kinds of Roofing Work, Town or Country, 79 Dtxon-*treet, Haymarket. Bepaits and Stripping done. 'Phone, SS38. ITVANKS, Gal. Iron, Portable Forges. Stoves, Baths, X Sinks, Coppers, Doore, Sashes, Ladders, Wheei barrows. A. Tur^^niny, 339 Pitt-st: , Tele.. 5101. FOR Sale. Multi-Boiler, 30-i.p. working pressure lOOlbs, all mpunting complete. Puntop, BosjBtl. FOR Sale, Tangye Hor. Pump, 12 x 6 x 10, also Tangye Sinking Pomp, 9 x 4 x 6. Burns, Box 841 v ? ? T7tOK. Sale, 30-head Battery, 9001b Stamps, Tables, J Plates, complete. Leigh, Box 841. ? FOB Sale, Steam Winch, Double Cylinder, Gin, ? aew, £75. James. Box 24L. ? ASK Your Grocer xor rrorpedo Brand Self Raising Flour. Fall weight. 81b Packages. Coupons given.. Strawberries— X^resh StxatwliexxieB. CODNTSY- TRASS end SHIPPING A SPECIALITY. JAS. SLATER,' Corporation BuPdlng.1 Haymarket. BOGBBS BROS, BIERS, ,GENT.*S FELT HATS CEBANED OR DYE©, sgl OxtordrBt, and 775 Geo.-^t. cyp. Christ Chmxh. SjiVASHt flrst-cfltess grocer stoeka TTiaeappler* Bacon, ^|24 Th» tmsbana-s |— - ***jf_ ^Jtgfct

AN EXHIBI3?roN ? N!EWSP,A:PJEJR. One of the many attractive FEATURES at to* FBONCO-BRITiSH EXfflBrEEOM is tb» NBWS PAPEPJ PRINTED and published EVEBX DA2T ia one of the PAVILIONS. The whole PROCESS of PRODUCING the PAPER is OPEN to pnbtte QJ SPBCTION. from the OPERATIONS of the aTOCKftp NICAL TYPESETTEE, the LINOTTPB, to U» latest creation of GENIUS in the printing world, the FAST-RUNNING ROTARY PRINTING PRESS, which runs off TENS OF THOUSANDS of copies EVERY HOUR. \ ? We mention the INCIDENT' of modern KEWS PAPERDOM merely to INTIMATE that the ABT of CAXTON has ADVANCED with the TXME3, and ENABLED the PUBLISHER to offer SIX PENNY EDITIONS of HIGH-CLASS LEEBBA1TU&B and POPULAR BOOKS. The INCIDENCE of ANTHONY HOBDBRNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES on the aforesaid SIXPENNY EDITIONS results in OUB PATRONS securing SIXPEN'OBTil for FIVE PE-NCH. We have about 1200 «3TLES to SELECT FROM, any one of which will MiAKK PLEASANX F3LRESIDE reading for WINTER EVENINGS. SOME OP OOB FRTSPENNY BOOKS. Here are a few of our five-penny books, by post 7d:— GJSANT ALLEN'S: -An African Millionaire. General PassavanTfi Will, Hilda Wade, Miss Cayley*e Ad ventures, Tents of Sbem, What's Bred in the Bone. ? J. SL BARRD27S: Aold Licht Idylls, Window ia Thrums, 'When a (Man's Single. WALTElR BESANT'S: All Sorts and Conditions -& Men, Children of Gideon, Dorothy J-'Vister, For Faith and Freedom. M. B. BRADDON'S: Captain of tho Vulture, Dead Man's Shoes, Fenian's Quest, Hostages to Fortune, Just as I am. One Life One Love, Phantom For tune, Run to Earth, Sir Jasper's Tenant. Gold Calf, Trail of the Serpent. CHARLOTTE BRONTE'S: Jane Eyre, Shirley. BUCHANAN'S: Shadow of the Sword, God and tha Man. HALL CATNE'S: Son ot Hagar, The Bondsman, The Christian. The Deemster, TQ*** wra ti^y^o ti_ Tho Scapegoat, Prodigal Son. ROSA CAREY'S: Life's Trivial Round, Not Like Other Girls. WILKIB COLLINS'S; Antonia: Armldale, Dead Se cret, Man and Wife, Moonstone, New Magdalene, 'Woman in Wlilte. MRS. CRAIK7S: A Brave Lady, TTonTmii, John Hali fax Gentleman, A Noble Life. MARION CRAWFORD'S: Marzios Crucifix, Paul Patnffj pflTqr*lnf-pf*a-. S. R. CROCKETT'S: Cleg Kely, The Red Axe, Silver Skull. ' B. M. CROKER'S: Beyond ths Pale, Johanna, Bird of Passage, Pretty Miss Neville. CONAN DOYLE'S: Exploits of Bigadier Gerard, Rod ney Stone, Sign of Four. GEORGE ELIOT'S: *^»Tn Bede, Felix Holt, Mill on the Floss, Komola, Silas Marnpr, Scenes of Cleri cal Life. B. L. FARJEON'S: Aaron the Jey, An Island Pearl. Grlf, Sacred Nugget, House of White Shadows. E. T. FOWLER'S: Coocerning Isabel Carnaby,- Cu pid's Garden, Place and Power, Sirius, Fairing dons, Cruise of Make-believe. TOM GALLON'S: Aunt Phipps, PeploWs Paper Chase, Ric&erby's Folly, Dead Ingleby, Jarwick the Prodi gal. MORACE GERARD: Check to the Elag, Queen's Mate, Man. of the Moment. B. E. GREEN'S: A Difficult Daughter, The Family Next Door . MAXWELL, GRAY'S: House of Hidden Treasure, Re proach of Anersley, Last Sentence. GEORGE GRIFFITHS: Honeymoon in Space, Rosa of Judah. A. C. GUNTER'S: City of Mystery, Conscience of a King, Empty Hotel, Fighting Troubadour, Phil Conway, Prince in the Garret, Man behind the Door. , ? SILAS HOCKXKG'S: A Human Face, Awakening of -Anthony Weir. EJEDBR HAGGABD'S: Allen Qoatermain, Beatrice, Dr. Thorny Jess, She, King Solomon's 'M-t-^. Pearl Maiden, Montezuma's Daughter, Stella Fre gelius. The Brethren, Witch's Head. World's Desire. BEATRICE- HARRADEN'S: Hilda Stafford. In Vary ing Moods, The Fowler, Ships That Pass in tba Night., HEADOK HILL'S: By a. Hair's Breadth. MHlloos of Mischief, One Who Saw, Shadow of a Bear, The Duke Decides, Plunder Ship. ANTHONY HOPE'S: Change of Air. Double Harness. Chronicles of Count Antonio, Dolly Dialogues, Father Strafford, Half a Hero, Phroso, Man of Mark. Mr. Witt's Widow. E. W. HORNUNCS Peccavi, My Lord Duke, Bride from the Bush. Rogue's March, Tiny Luttrell. FERGUS HUME'S: Hagar of the Pawnshop, Lady Jezebel, Mystery of a Hansom Cab, Mystery of a. Shadow, Woman the Sphinx. CUTCLIFFE HYKE-S: Adventures of Captain Kettle. Captain KetOe, K.C.B., Tbo Filibusters, Ixist Continent, Little Red Captain. CHARLES KINGSLEY'S: Alton Locke, Eypatia, Two : Years Ago, Yeast, Westward Ho! . WILLIAM LE QOEX?Sz Her Majesty's Minister. : Secrets of Monte Cario^ Eye of Istar. Han front Pownlng-stret. DAVID LYALL'S: Intervening Sea, Gold that Per lsheth. ' ' ? ? EDNA LTALL'S: Boreen, Hope the Hermit, Way- ; faring Men, Hinderers. ~~, - GEORGE MACDONALDfS: Alex Forbes, Donald Grant Malcolm. IAN MACLAEiEN'S: Days of Auld Lang Syne, Toong Barbarians. (A. ~W. IHAECHMaNTe: Dash for a Throne. A Mo ment's Error, By Right of Sword, For Love or Crown, In the Name of a Woman, Sarita the Car list, The Greatest Gift. RICHARD MARSH'S: Strange Wooing of Mary Boi ler, Death Whistle, The Goddess, The Joss, Tije Metamorphosis, The Twicken&am Peerage. BSIL.'EN MATHER'S: Cinders, Honey, Grit of Grif ftthscoart, Sam's Sweetheart, Lovely ISalincourt- i 2&. -5E«A!XO£? TVi M^HfTMT^Tc^j?^ Sarlascli at the -Suard. - From One Generation to Another, In Kedar*s Tents, Slave of the Lajob, The Grey Lady, TEbe Sowers, The Velvet Glove, The Vultures, With; Edged Tools. HAWJjEY SMART'S: False Cards, Great Tonttnn. Social Sinners, Tie and Trick, Frank Farldgh. Lightly Lost. . UOTJIS TRACY'S: An American Bmperor. Pniar of Light. F. M. WHTEETS: Cardinal Moth, Crimson Blind, Edge of the Sward. Mm. HEESEjT WOOD'S: Ashley. Danedbury Homv East Lyrnie, Pomeroy, Abbey, Tiie caianniSBi Trfivlyn 'Hold. Verner'6 Pride. IFaTTTin ZOLA'S: A Love Episode. Xjtmries, 7&xi& Otome, The Downfall. ANTHONY HORDBRN AND SONS, ONLT msnTEBSAIj PROVIDERS, NEW PALA.CB EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL. SYDNEY. FOB SoLB. SOW OR SEVEB. HOW OS NEVER. MEN, do you know -we are once more on to Ha eve of the Drapers* Bag: Sales so dear to the hearts of the women, and while yon still have a few bob left, drop in at ELLIS DAVIS' and get for yourself one of his famous Tt ATT .WAY COBSECT TIME KEEPERS. Not a tobacco Toy. hat a WATCH that tells no lies, and which we Guarantee tar S Yean. Don't be fooled by other Imitations, which I can supply for 5/6 and 7/6. Ask for the FAMOUS CALEDONIAN NICKEL BHOBTWIKD, 39 Rabjr jewels. ? 12/6 - RAILWAY' 'I'J WTSVK ^ifciPFTR, 12^6 To be had only from ELLIS DAVIS, MS GEORGE-ST., HAYMARKET. opp. Mick Simmons* FtTRHITUBE — FtTB.NITTJH£ On TIME-PAYMENT, at CASH PRICES. £5 Worth. SB deposit, 2s 6d weekly; £10 Worth. ]A- deposit. 3s 6d weekly; £15 Worth, 20s deposit, 6s weekly; £20 worth, ,30s deposit, 6s weekly. HOUSSS FERMSHED TO £100 ON BABY TERMS. OPEN TILL 10 EATUKDASa. J. 3EVEKISH, 313 PITT-ST., BETWEEN BATHURST AND PARK STREETS. - ' i BEDFEBN GtASS WORKS, 7AMIA^ST., REDFEKN. 'PHONE. 204 Redfezm. Mirrors and Mouldings tor All Purposes. Cheap. . FULL Size, Italian Top, Thick Post, Brass-mounted Bedstead. £2 Us 6d; Sideboard, with Plate-glass Backs. 32/fc Noah's Ark, MS Oeorge-st West. FS 'Pineapple' Bacon here; ire 'FinettppiD-' taeta: It's 'Pineapple' nearly everywhere. ? £E WORTH FURNITURE.— 6s Deposit. Sa Cd weekly. Wardrobes, large bevelled mirror doors, / drawer, from £S; Wasteland*, Ss Cd; Chest of Drawers, 20s; Rockers, 6s. C. FORSSBEK.G, 3 Wtlllam-Etreet, Sydney. WenhPim Sewing Har chines- ? /ajo FtJRNITDRE.-U8 Deposit, 3s «d weeUtr. Si Bed Linen, Blankets, Carpets, E.P. Ware, Cnfc lery. and all Kitchen Utensils kept in Great Variety. - C l«'»»ggTtigTtG. 7& 'WUUam-st. Sjat £1E FURNITURE.— His Deposit, fis weekly. . Srav inr and .Dining- Boom Suites a Speciality. Agent for K.S.~W. for Werthebn Sewine Ua. macnines. Cash or Terms. -C. FORS&£E&£1 7B WUllam--treet. Sydney. - ? £20 FURNITORE.— S06 Deposit, 4s Weekly. Occa sional Chairs, .Ss Ed; Walnut Oyemmntrin, 8S« pretty 'Tables. Is ed to 10s; EearthrugB, 3s «d; Go-Carts, Ms 6d. C. FORSSBERG. 7& WUllanm. /?30 FUBNITOBB and Upwards.— Terms In propor & Uon. tVerthelm- fiewtng- Machines, ?? CaAh ar Terms, from £2 ISs. All are cordially XNVXTBD TO INBPBCT SHOWROOMS. . CLOSE WBD NESDAYB 1 pm. SATPRTXAYS 10 p.m. C FORBSBBBG, 38 WilJiam-Wreet,. Sydney. StSGHB'S Sew. Uachlnes; laloo ' otner xnakea. new' and 2nd-hand, CS la £( Ktved by purahaatnc from Bagge. 6t5 Oeor»»-gt.. wear Ltverpoot-at. ? BCTLDENG MATERIAL, new and sec-hd. anyQdiv and «jvecjiUilng. tree delivery. 'Watson. SnssCK-at. mEE deUctoOi 'Ttneappie' ttranS of Bacon i» * X tonoirjr mil mar tatrtato of— a fcaeoMaast JeUairt. IJIOB Saver and central excellence, 'Ptaaappie** JD Bacon Is ancuipaKed. A perfect and economical ?teeat; ? : ,; ' ? ^ ASK Tow Grocer tor Itorprto Brand Self Satainc . gtonr. gall .?weitfrt^ Pb Package*. Coapgns Ktvwa. ;. TT» *rPiMaptff Saaon tmn U?* ^TbnapnWMlMMS ' * * ' A

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