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Mr. Lee's bright and breezy speech at the A. and P. Society's meeting con- tained a .rathor doubio-edged allusion to an acquaintance of our childhood.

"Tasmania,"' ho said,' "had too long been regarded as the Cinderella State.'* The Premier meant, of course, that the Ugly Sisters-wi intend them no dis- respect, but must speak by the book monopolise too many of tho good things that aro going in thofamily, leaving Cinderella to como short. Still, wo see no great objection to Tasmania being called tho Cinderella State, providing the story is followed to tho end. What wo remember about Cinderella is en- tirely to that young lady's credit. She did not "swank" so much as her Sisters; she worked hard while they were spending money on /dress and face powder ; sho put in a g-cod deal of time nt home instead of on the Cir- cular Quay, Manly Beach, or St.. Kilda shore; sho knew a good deal about practical housekeeping, milking eo*s, lighting the firo on cold mornings, feeding the gentleman who pays inter- est on the mortgage, and managing the gas-stove or the chip-heater; she wa-, quito willing to scrub the hostel flooi or make the hospital beds while the others tried to look arch and pretty selling buttons; and sho lind head euough ou her shoulders to be ablo to pi osent the family fowling-piece at any

wolf that carno to Hie door when it was left on the latch. Ncverthelefs,- fche was at least a.s good as her Sisters at picnicking or .surfing; i-he danced as weil na either of them when rho did go to a ball ; and as sho had the prettiest face and the smallest tout, mid was altogether a healthier sort of girl than any of the others, tho Prince had no difficulty at all in making his choice among the beauteous bevies rf the ball loom, and they lived happily for over afterwards. Wo may have got .'?orno of our recollections -J the story a little mi'ced with theso of the Tasmanian girls' letters that .appeared 'onie time back in 'The aleicur.i"; but these seam to bo the general outlines of Cin- derella's character and carecí. In tlift cireer, however, a wry important part was played by a Fairy Godmother who did tilinga thought wonderful in that day, such as turning a pumpkin into a biagG-coath and a br:>ce of mice into n pair of milk-white ponies. Such feats are nothing to what can be seen now- adays. Wo have seen Tasmanian sheop

tin ned into ornares and pairs and fine Ihoi s and Insmaiiiiin app! into , mctor eis A\ ah potatoes, Cinderella s

-,m'mot h m s c n do wondei Vnd the n ng c is iquall\ possiblo with man "not! 01 tiling i ho ti utli is our Cm dei ella aas not merch ono Tam God mother but seven' whoso names ire

1 gen, LIct.tri Marina, Biitaunn mid co on Sonic di>, toe, cbc will be tno mi for hci îelitiou to Minerva tiio godd"f,s of wisdom, ait, liter »tu c tiste and reason, wlo cal, is fIic chou "s hurl the thunders of Jupiter or piolong tlie lite ot man At lth out doubt, then CmdeiclK Ins a future .Tasmania ought to bo at luist the Scotland of Australia Tho Pro min looks foi «aid to tlio time when Ta inania wil1 be the nuie centre' of tlio Common«cilth, and will ' thiow a

Jue wire across Bis Sti nt to gah an- iso those on tho u iinhud into new life ' Hie Governor, on tin other hand, i ho h is also been on the mainland, has fouud folks theie quito ilivo to 1 isnnnn's possibilities and prospects What wo should personally like to spo auo s Bass Sti nt is not a 'Ino who but a good nig! tly ferry service, bank to bank in twelve hou.s, and con îvcctcd with a train scmco that would not penalise passengers by ranking thom get up ni a morning too earh for breakfast or good temper, and carrj ing thom all da) without anything to fill the aching void lcit hy the ab sonco of tho former to the piejudico of the latter That little detail arranged, Cindciclli might get a better chance not only of seeing her Sisters and be mg seen by thom moro frequently, to mutual ad\antage- but of meeting any stray Punces (of a stuctly Democratic tjpe) on the lookout for life partners or the investment of capital in verj eligible building plot1» and profitable in dustries Tlio jreat need of Cinderella just now is to look after hei own house and garden-in which thcro is much to bo gi own-yet sho might do this all tho better for everjhody con cerned with a little moro sisterly and brotherly assistance But how can you oxpect either Sisters or Bl others to vi=it you if their unvarying report afterwards is that "it was a delightful experience 'sandwiched between two ex- tremely unpleasant ones"-the httor being the soa-and land -journey down and the enmo back' AVe agree with correspondents who aro piotcsting loudly against Cinderella, and especial ly Cinderella's Hobait, being handi

capped in all relations with the rest of the family by su-"h outrageous arrange- ments, or, rnther, disarrangements, and when Mr Lee goes to the Miain land again we hope it will bo to con cert w ith the Ug -wo mean tlio lera charming-.Sisters, som o radical chango for the better that will link up Tas- mania with tho Commonwealth-instoad of pushing her farther and farther out into tho cold as a forlorn and forgotten back number, befoio ehe has over had a fair chance to shine, whether m the character of Cinderella or any other