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Following Australian National Foot- ball Council executive meeting yes- terday, it was announced that it had been decided to send a letter to Mr Curtin, Prime Minister, assuring him that football would be carried on in the new season as it was last year, having in mind that all sport must be subordinated to the war effort and that it was the council's desire to carry out the Government's wishes in every respect.

It will be stated that football pro- vided a desirable and necessary war- time entertainment, and was an effective means of raising sums for patriotic purposes. In addition, it served a useful purpose for the spon- soring of matches for the fighting


While the council felt that football as at present conducted made a valuable contribution to the develop- ment and the maintenance of physi- cal fitness, especially among youths, the thought was always uppermost in the minds of those in control of the game that sport must in no way jeopardise the war effort, which was the main job on hand.

The executive agreed also to re- quest bodies affiliated with the coun- cil not to open their programme on the first Saturday in May, which is normally the opening day for the League series. This decision was reached, it was stated, to emphasise that, however important football is, the season must be contracted to help the war effort.

The council will conclude its sit- tings today.


Essendon's premiership win is fit- tingly described in the annual report which will be submitted to the an- nual meeting tomorrow night, when VFL officials will attend.

"To much praise cannot be given our players for the magnificent way in which they rallied behind their leader, Dick Reynolds, in their fight for the premiership," says the re- port. "Although all the players worked long hours in war activities, they, nevertheless, found time to acquire the necessary fitness to stand up to a hard fought final series. The committee is grateful to Reynolds and his talented team for a job well and truly done."

It was stated that £190, represent- ing 10/ a match, had been added to yie credit of players in their provi- dent fund, which now stands at


Receipts for the season were £3,024, of which £905 came from 2,130 members and 148 juniors, and £ 1,055 from gate receipts. Players received £923, coaches, trainers, and staff £378, and the credit was £143.


Jack Regan, former captain of Col- lingwood, who recently joined the Silesian Brothers, has now joined the RAAF. Hopes are entertained that he will again be seen in the team. Before the war - Regan was one of the best full-backs in the League, and was the permanent selection for that position in inter- state and carnival games.

BENTLEY TO COACH CARLTON Carlton Football Club committee has reappointed Percy Bentley coach for the coming season. Other ap- pointments were:

Match committee: Messrs K. G. Luke. N. S. W. Chandler, P. Bentley. H. O. Bell, and tlie captain. League delegates: Messrs H R Clover, K. G. Luke. Representatives on ground committee (Carlton Recreation Ground Committee): Messrs J. Best. J. Chandler, R. E. Harding. W. C. L. Town- send, G. W. Westcott. Welfare ocmmittee: Messrs J. Best, C. Davey, G. Millsom. with W. P. Williams secretary. Medical officer: Dr P. B. McCumisky. Finance committee: Messrs K. G. Luke, W. G. Bryson. A. N. Reyment, G. W. Westcott, H. O. Bell. Time- keeper: Mr C. Quihampton. Minute secre- tary: Mr A. N. Reyment.


Expressing the opinion that weekly recreation was necessary to all workers in war industry, the inter- state executive of the ACTU at its meeting yesterday agreed that uni- formity should operate in all States concerning racing and other forms of sport. The executive felt that the determination as to what form of sport should be permitted should rest solely with the Federal Government and not the State Governments.


Falling from a tram while crossing Princes Bridge last night, Greta Richards, 60, of Bower st, North- cote, fractured her leg and was ad- mitted to Royal Melbourne Hospital.


London Delegation

Appointment of delegates to the

Inter-Dominion Trade Union Con- gress to be held in London on April 12 was again discussed yesterday by the full ACTU executive. A tele- gram received yesterday from Mr Curtin, Prime Minister, said that the Government had acted only as an Intermediary In the matter of ap- pointment of delegates.

A reply was sent to Mr Curtin that the executive disagreed with the Government while acting as an in- termediary limiting the right of the ACTU to elect only 2 of the 3 dele- gates, and giving an individual union, the AWU, the right to appoint the other one. The ACTU confirmed Its previous decision not to make an appointment.

HOTEL EXPENSES OF DELEGATES CANBERRA, Tues: It is understood that the ACTU has requested that hotel expenses of delegates attending the Dominions Union Congress In London should be borne by the Go- vernment. To this request the Go- vernment, which has already under- taken to provide transport for Aus- tralian delegates, Is unlikely to ac-


The attitude of the Government appears to be that the finances of Australian trade unions are quite capable of meeting living expenses of their delegates to the conference without Government assistance.


Although the soil of Holland may be in Nazi hands, the air around her coast is still hotly contested by her flying men, according to a report from England, which stated that pilots of the Netherlands Naval Air Arm, operating with the British Coastal Command, recently bombed successfully a heavlly^escorted Ger- man convoy off the Netherlands coast.

Direct hits were scored on one ship, which was last seen with a huge column of smoke pouring from its stern. A hit was scored amidships on another vessel.