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Family Notices

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BECKWITH (nee Morris). - On January 8, at Epworth Hospital, to Gwenda and John Beckwith, 677 Burke road, Hawthorn East -

a son (stillborn).

BINNlE (nee Norma Hoysted).-On Jan- uary 9 to Mr and Mrs. M. B. Binnie, of 4 Blessington street. St. Kilda-a son. (Both


BROWN (nee Sundstrom).—At Windermere private hospital, Armadale—a son (Milbourne


CAMPBELL (nee Hill).—On December 25, at Nethercourt private hospital Surrey Hills, to Dorothy, wife of Spr. J. A. Campbell   (A.I.F.)-a son (John Trevor).  

DREWS (Dorothy Watson).-On January  

9 at Epworth Hospital, to Flying-Officer and Mrs. B. B. Drewe - a son (Robert Duncan).

FLETT (nee McIntyre).—On January 10, at Bethesda Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Flett—a son. (Both well.)

GORDON. - On January 8, at Bush Nurs- ing Hospital. Pyramid, to Rev. and Mrs. Gordon--a son (David Leander). (Both well.)

LILLYCRAP (née Harold).—On January 10, at Mercy Hospital, to Ina and Keith— a daughter (Susan Elisabeth).

LOGAN (nee Verey).-On January 11. at Bethlehem, to Linda and Russell-a daughter (Gwenda Alice).

MACDONALD (nee Dorothy West).-On January 9, at Windermere private hospital, to Flying-Officer and Mrs. Philip Macdonald —a son (Peter). (Both well.)  

MOIR (nee Joyous Klopper).-On January 9, at St. George's, Kew, to Flight-Sergeant and Mrs. W. Moir—a daughter (Rosaline).  

STEWART.-On January 7. at Bethlehem private hospital, to Lieutenant and Mrs. K. O. Stewart-a daughter (Kay Christine).

SIMMIE.-On January 9, at Kurmala, Bendigo, to Mr. and Mrs. W. Simmie—a


STILL.—On January 5, at Kilmore, to Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Still—a son (Ian Bent- ley). (Both well.)

TRIBE (nee Bingle).- On January 8, at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Hospital, to Hessie  

and Harold - a son (Andrew Harold).


On Active Service

BOWDEN.- Now reported killed in action at Tobruk, May 17, 1942. Lieutenant Jim Bowden, brother of Jewel McKenzie, 20 Testar grove.,Caulfield.  

BROWN.- On April 12, reported missing, now presumed dead, Pilot-Officer Roye Wil-   mott (Bill), R.A.A.F., England, younger son of E. S. Brown, 17 Menzies avenue, Brighton Beach, and Bogunda Prairie, Queensland.

CORRIGAN.-On January 9, at Heidelberg     Military Hospital, Sgt. Thomas Joseph Cor- rigan (R.A.A.F.), of 255 Westgarth street, Northcote, dearly loved husband of Alice and darling daddy of Betty, aged 39 years. - Gone, but a beautiful memory left behind.

CORRIGAN.- On January 9 (suddenly), Sgt. Thomas Joseph Corrigan (R.A.A F.), beloved eldest son of Millie and the late Thomas Corrigan, and loved brother of Don. - Until we meet again.

CORRIGAN.- On January 9, Sgt. Thomas Joseph Corrigan (R.A.A.F.), loving son-in- law of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Grimshaw, of 85 -Westgarth street, Northcote.- Forever to  

be remembered.

CURTIS.- On January 6, accidentally    

killed in aircraft action, Flying-Officer Victor Farley, dearly loved brother of Herbert Farley (A.I.F. abroad), and brother-in-law of Eve Dorothy, loved uncle of Desma and Judith.- Ever remembered.

CURTIS.- On January 6, accidentally killed in aircraft action, Victor Farley, beloved brother of Doris Maud, and brother-in-law of Edwin Adamson.- Duty well done.

CURTIS.- On January 6, accidentally killed in aircraft action, Victor Farley, beloved brother of Violet Mabel, and brother-in-law of Richard John (R.N.), loved uncle of John Curtis and Jennifer Anne.- Dearly loved.

CURTIS.- In fond memory of Flying- Officer Victor Farley, true pal of Alwyn (Bill) Byrne. R.A.N.V.R. - One of the best.  

CURTIS.- A tribute to the memory of Flying-Officer Victor Farley, from H. and M. Byrne and family.- Only happy


DIMELOW.- On January 7 (result of air accident), Pilot-Officer W. (Bruce) Dimelow, close friend of Mr. and Mrs. Gwen, Noel (R.A.A.F.), Gray.- A true friend and pal.

JOHNSTON.- On January 6 (suddenly), at Bonegilla, VX100555, Sgt. William James, beloved younger son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Johnston, 82 Halifax street, Brighton, and loved brother of Malcolm, Barbara (Mrs. E. Bodsworth), and Elsie, aged 23 years. - Sadly missed.

RADCLIFFE-SMITH.- On January 8,     at Lahore, India, Major Hugh Radcliffe- Smlth, R.E., beloved husband of Janet, and son-ln-law of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Carstairs, Toorak Court, Toorak.

VON ALWYN.- On January 9 (suddenly), at Hamilton Hospital, F.O. Stacey C. von Alwyn, R.A.A.F., dearly loved husband of     Constance (Funston), devoted father of  

John. (Interred, Hamilton Cemetery, Janu- ary, 11.)

VON ALWYN.- On January 9 (suddenly),   at Hamilton Hospital, F.O. Stacey C. von Alwyn, R.A A.F., beloved brother-in-law and   uncle of the Funston family. (Interred, Hamilton Cemetery, January 11.)


BALL.- On January 11, at Winston private hospital, Robert Leslie, darling infant son of Eileen and Athol, brother of Allen, aged 4 days.  

BANNISTER.- On January 10, at the   Murray Valley Hospital, Albury, Emma Elizabeth, dearly beloved wife of Arthur Herbert Bannister, of 73 Collins street, Men- tone, loved mother of Louie, Bert, Dorothy, Thelma, and Phyllis, aged 61 years.

BLINMAN-On January 11.-at Mt. St. Evin's private hospital, Clyde Conway Blin- man, Renown Hotel, Gertrude street. Fitz- roy, formerly of Torrensville, South Aus- tralia, beloved, son of R. H. and the late M. E. Blinman. -At rest.

BLINMAN.-On January 11. Clyde C. Blin- man, loving friend of Pat Davidson, v-'At


BRIGGS.-On January li, at Bush Nursing   Hospital, Lilydale, John Thomas, beloved husband of Maime and loving father of Mavis (Mrs. Baker), Kathleen (Mrs. Tag- gart), and Jack, aged 62 years.

BUXTON-A tribute to the memory of John Astley Buxton, loved" friend of Mr. and Mrs. D J. Tracey. Noel, and John. - Requiescat in pace.

CLARKE. - On January 10, passed away peacefully at Arbury s Hall, Grange road, Toorak, Isabella Mary, widow of the late Stephen J. Clarke, loved mother of Bonnie (Mrs A. J Burnet) and John Stewart; sister of Mattie.

CLARKE.-On January 10 (passed away peacefully), Isabella Mary, loved grand- mother of David Burnet. Ian. and David Stewart. -Their nin.

COCHRANE.-On January 11. at 281 St. George's road. Northcote, George Alfred, beloved eldest son of the late George and Theresa Cochrane, loving brother of Florence (Mrs. Clarke), Theresa (Mrs. Baster). Louisa (Mrs. Cuthbertson). Row, Gilbert. Alfred. Alice (Mrs. Glen wright). Fred, Dorothy (Mrs. McNally), Frank, Mary (Mrs. Richards),

First A.I.F., Ansec.

DOBSON.-On January 11, at the Wil- liamstown Hospital, James George Dobson,  

102 Anderson street, Yarraville, dearly loved husband of the late Sarah Ellen, and loving father of Clem, Tona, Bev, Jess, and Cloe, aged 63 years.

DOBSON.-On January 11, James George,  

of 102 Anderson street. Yarraville, loving father of Tona, Bev, Jessie, Clodagh, and father-in-law of Frank, Len, David, Ken, and grandfather of David,- aged 63 years. -Dear dad at rest.

EWING.-On January 11» Herbert Joseph  

Ewing, Penshurst, accidentally killed, loving husband of Emily, and father of Joe aged 40 years. - -R.I.P.

FAULL- A tribute to our dear brother-in law, Norman Murrell, passed away on Janu- ary 5. A wonderful pal, brother, and gentleman. (Gordon and Vera Arkinstall. Warragul.)

FERGUSON.-On January 10, at her resi- dence. 6 Gordon avenue Elwood, Elisabeth Ellen, beloved wife of William, loving mother of Emma, Rupert (deceased), and Roy, aged / 76 years. -Sweet rest. (Privately cre

1 mated.)

FERGUSON-On January 10. at her home, Gordon avenue. Elwood. Elizabeth Ellen, - loved mother of Rupert (deceased), mother

in-law of Ivy.

FINLASON-On' January 9. at her-resl , den<*e, Doveton street Castlemaine, Eunice

Kezia, beloved mothar of Walton and r- Rupert. - (Interred privately.) -


GRIFFITHS. - On January 11, Richard George, the dearly beloved husband of Isa- bella Christina Griffiths, of 263 Williamstown road, Yarraville, and loving father of Jean, Cal, Dorothy, and Mardi, late of Warrack- nabeal, aged 59 years. -Peacefully sleeping.

HAYES. - On January 11, at Broadford, Susan, the beloved wife of the late John Hayes, of Broadford, and loved sister of William (Cobram), Bridget, and Ellen (Mrs. Connell, Burramine South), aged 86 years.

- R.I.P.

HINE-On -January 11, at 41 Somerville street. Bendigo, John Glenmore Hine, beloved husband of Margaret (Mrs. R. A. White, 41 Somerville street. Bendigo),- Athol (Bank of Australasia, Melbourne), and Grace (Mrs. Seymour, Queensland). (Private cremation.)

HUCKSON.-On January 10, at Springvale. Kenneth James, the dearly beloved son of Albert Victor and Grace Elizabeth Huckson.

of Springvale roed; Springvale, and loved

brother of Alex, and Nancy, aged 5 days. (Private iMerment.)

JENNINGS.-William John Heyfield (result of accident), husband of Kathleen, loving father of Henry, Angus, Isobel. Robert, Neville, Austin Kathleen, David (deceased). Alice, Gordon. Margaret, and baby Peter, aged 45 years. ,

JENNINGS.-On January 11 (suddenly) f at Heyfield. William John, second son of the late Edward and Adelaide Jennings, loved brother of Tom, Albert, Ada, and Jim

LAKE.--On January li, at his residence 30 Blenheim street. Balaclava. Charleb Thomas, beloved husband of the late Frances Mary, loved father of Lenore (deceased). Viola, and Charles. -Reunited. (Floral tributes to Apps and Sons* parlours. High street. St. Kilda.)

LAKE.-On January 11. at his residence. 30 Blenheim street, Balaclava Charles Thomas, dear grandpa of Frances (Mrs. Eastwood) and Lenore, also little Tibby. -Peace. (Floral tributes to Apps and Sons' parlours, High street, St. Kilda.)

LANE.-On January 11, st St. Vincent's Hospital. George Robert, beloved husband of Emily (Gormandale), and loving lather of Dulcie. Ted, and Keith, ageds46 years

LAWSON.-On January li, at the resi- dence of his daughter (Mrs. G. Baker, 21 Watt street. Sunshine), Alexander McNeil, of 103 Beach road. Sandringham, dearly loved husband or the late Christina Lawson, loving father of Agnes, fond father-in-law of George, and loving brother-in-law of ¿^fL6 v Menzies (late H. V. McKay-Massey


LUCAS.--On January 10, Leslie J. Luces, accidentally killed, loving husband of Vera. aged 32 years. -R.I.P.

MIDDLETON-On January 11, at a pri- vate hospital, Melbourne, Percy Montague, dearly beloved husband of Florence Eliza- beth Middleton, of 4 Bent parade. Black Rock loved father of Monty.

MILLER.-On January 11, at Royal Mel- bourne Hospital. John Omand beloved hus- band of Harriett, loving father of Nellie (Mrs. Lacy Albury), Leslie (A.I.F.). Elsie (Mrs Mortlock. Woomelang); grandfather of Leslie, Ted. Jean, and Pet. aged 68 years.

MILLER.-On January 11. John Omand, loved son of the late William and Eliza Miller, loved brother of Mrs. Munro, Wil- liam (deceased), Mrs. Cree, Mrs. Williams, Peter (deceased), Edevln, Mrs. Carter, Bert


NEWMAN.-On January 9. at his resi- dence, 8 Carlyle street, upper Hawthorn, Edward, dearly ldVed husband of Hannah Louisa, and loved father of Sydney, Leonard, and Walter, in his 82nd year, (Privately


OTTAWAY.-On January 8. at 68 Railway road. Carnegie, Arthur, beloved husband of Helen. (Interred January 11.)

PIGGOTT. - On January 11 (suddenly), Islay Mary dearly beloved wife of Alexander, late Victoria street, Hamilton, loving mother of Barbara, aged 31 years.

PIGGOTT. - On January 11 (suddenly), Islay Mary, dearly beloved eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson (Lance- field), loving sister of Will, Alex., Jim, Jack, Eric, and Elsie, aged 31 years.  

ROBINSON. - On January 9, at East Mal- vern. ^EJiza. widow of the late Thomas, late oí Albert Park, loved mother of Mrs, James, Mrs. Nash. Walter (A.I F., deceased). Ernesi (deceased), Charles (deceased). Mrs. Gilbert. Bert (A I F.. deceased), Mrs. Dadswell. in her 91st year. (Privately Interred.)

SMITH.-On January 8, at Warragul. Isabella, relict of late James Adam Smith. Warragul, loving mother of Isabella (Mrs. Tirrell). James (deceased), Martha (de- ceased), Julia (Mrs. Pearce), William (de- ceased). Margaret (deceased). Edward, Jessie (Mrs. Shandley), Bert, Fred (Ade ceased), George, and Albert, aged 80 years. -Our mother at rest.

SEDGWICK.-On January 10, at a private hospital Geelong, Jane Victoria, dearly be- loved wife of Arthur Thurgerland Sedgwick, and loving mother of Stanley, Bert. Clar- ence, and Corrie (Mrs. Dean), aged 75 years.

-At rest. >

SHAW.-On January 11. at Ivanhoe, Jane, beloved wife of the late Joseph shaw, loved mother of Joseph, loved mother-in-law of Doris, and loving grandmother of Ross, aged

85 years.

STEEL. - On January 10, at private hos- pital. Hawthorn. Annabella Stewart (Nan), youngest child of the late Robert and Jean Steel, of Wedderburn, loved sister of Cathe- rine (deceased). Robert (deceased). Margaret (Mrs Nicholson). Jean (deceased), John, and Janet (deceased). (Private funeral.)

TAYLOR -On January 6, at a private hos gi tal, Lindfield, New South Wales. Elizabeth

¡annan Taylor, late of Bowral and Kirribilli, N.S.W., beloved wife of the late Frank Taylor, and mother of Reginald (deceased), Irene (Mrs* A. P. Hosking), Elvas (deceased), and Dorothy.


Roll of Honour-On Active Service

BRESNAHAN.—Daniel, 409021, L.A.C.,    

R A AiP-.f died in the service of his country January 12, 1942. -Badly missed. (Dad, Mum. John >

GORRIE.—In memory of F.O. Peter Gorrie,   killed on active service. South Pacific, Janu- ary J 2, 19*2. -Memories live on. (In seited by Miss Dorothy Glover.) (Adelaide papers please copy.)

BROWN-In loving memory of my dear wife, Rene, who passed away on« January 12 1942. -A mother's sacrifice.

BURNARD.-In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away January 12, 1941 -Ever remembered. (Inserted by her loving daughter, Alice: son-in-law. Jack; and grand- children, Valeria/ and Geoffrey.)

BURNARD.-In loving memory of my deer mother, who passed away January 12, 1941. -For ever in my thoughts. (Inserted by her loving daughter. Annie.)

DOWNIE.-In loving memory of my be- loved sister, Mary Elizabeth (lily), who died January 12; 1942. r

GRAHAM. - Treasured memories of my

loved ones-Gilbert Elliott, the loved hus- band of Elizabeth, who passed away January 12; also our dear only child, Elsie Maud, who passed away May 24. -Sadly missed (Inserted by his loving wife, E. Graham.)

GRANT.-In loving memory of my dear wife. Fannie, devoted mother of Gordon and Dorothy; who departed this life on January 12, 1940. (Inserted by her loving husband, 4 Long'street, Elsternwick.) ,

GRAY.-In sad and'loving memory of our darling nephew. Jackie. -As we loved you, so we miss you. For ever in our thoughts. (Insetted bj his loving auntie. Thelma, and Uncle George.)

GREGORY.-Thinking of Mary, "my pal from girlhood aays, who passed away at Murchison January 12. 1940. -Sweetly rest- ing after a life brimful of joyousness. (H. M. Buckeridge, Elsternwick.)

KING. - In loving memory of my dear cousin. Doris, who passed away on January 12. 1941. (Inserted by V. Carter.) > . ^

LANE,-In loving memory of my. dear husband and our dear father, who died January 12, 1937. (Inserted by Lane family.)

PEARSON.-In remembrance of our only son, Keith Charles William, who passed away January 12. 1931. -At rest. (Inserted by his mother and father.)

SINCLAIR -In ever loving memory of our dear mother and father, who passed away on January 12, 1932, and November 29, 1939. (Inserted by her loving daughter. Olive, and son-in-law, Alan.)

SMITH.-In memory of my dear husband, George, loving --father of Bruce, died Jan- uary 12 l?a. -In our garden of memories we meet each day. (Loving wife and Bruce.)

(Bereavement Card' and Funeral

Notices. Appear on Page 9)


MRS. J. W. PATTISON would like

THANK all friends and relations- 1er card floral tributes in her recent sad bereavemen Please accept this as my personal than 02 Head street. Elwood.





BANNISTER.-ine Funeral of the late :

EMMA ELIZABETH BANNISTER, OÍ .. Collins st. Mentone, will leave Alfred AU1* son's Parlours, 488 William st. (near Victoria Ht.), Melbourne West. THIS DAY, at 11 o'clock, for the Fawkner Cemetery. LESTER & SONS. Albury, in conjunction with Alfred Allifi-n. Melbourne West. F5480.

BLINMAN.—The Funeral of the late     Mr. CLYDE C. BLINMAN will leave Alfred Allison's. 187 Queen's parade, THIS DAY (Tuesday), at 3.30. for the Boroondara Ceme» tory. Kew. ALFRED ALLISON. CSifton Hill. JW1708._

BRIGGS.-The Funeral of the late JOHN THOMAS BRIGGS will leave Burton Bros.' mortuary, Lilydale, THIS DAY (Tuesday), at 3.30 p.m.. for the Lilydale Cemetery. BURTON BROS., Lilydale. Phone 11.

COCHRANE.-The funeral of the late Mr. GEORGE ALFRED COCHRANE Will leave 281 St. George's road, Thornbury, THIS DAY, at 4 p.m.. for the Coburg- Cemetery. .J. FERGUSON & SON. Thornbury. JW3037.

CORRIGAN. - The Funeral of the late Sgt. THOMAS JOSEPH CORRIGAN, R.A.A.F., will leave 255 Westgarth street, Northcote, THIS DAY (Tuesday, January 12), at 11 o'clock, for the Springvale Ceme tery. B. MATTHEWS PTY. LTD. Win. 60.

DOBSON. - The Funeral of the lato JAMES GEORGE DOBSON wiU leave 102 Anderson street. Yarraville. TOMORROW (Wednesday), at 2.30, for the Footscray Cemetery. WALTER A. WARNE. 291 Barkly street. Footscray. MW1203._

GRIFFITHS.-Tl»e Funeral of the late . Mr. RICHARD GEORGE GRIFFITHS will leave 263 Williamstown road. Yarraville, THIS DAY (Tuesday), at 3.45 p.m.. for the Footscray Cemetery. NELSON BROS., Footscray. MW1301._

HAYES.-The Funeral of the late SUSAN HAYES, of Broadford, will leave her resi- dence, Ferguson street. Broadford, THIS DAY (Tuesday), at 3 p.m., for the Broadford Cemetery. GRAHAM DIGGLE. Funeral Director Broadford 17. and branches.

LAKE. - The Funeral of Mr. CHARLES THOMAS LAKE will leave W. G. Apps <fc Sons' Chapel, High street, St. Kilda. THIS DAY. at 2 p.m.. for the Melbourne General Cemetery. Carlton. APPS & SONS PTY. LTD.. Funeral Directors. St. Kilda. LA1271.

MIDDLETON.-The Funeral of the late PERCY MONTAGUE MIDDLETON, of 4 Bent parade. Black Rock, will arrive at the Springvale Crematorium TOMORROW (Wed nufduy), at 11 a.m. ALFRED ALLISON, Mel- bourne West. F5480._

MILLER. - The Funeral of the late JOHN OMAND will leave 76 Roseneath street. Clifton Hill. THIS DAY. at 2 p.m.. for the Heidelberg Cemetery. J. FERGUSON & SON. JW3037. _

PIGGOTT; - The Funeral of the late ISLAY MARY PIGGOTT will leave our narlours. 712 High street. Northcote. THIS DAY at 11.30 a.m , for the Fawkner Ceme- try. ' J. FERGUSON & SON, Thornbury. .TW3037._____ - SHAW.-The Funeral of the late Mrs.

JANE SHAW will leave E. Taylor and Son's, funeral parlours. Ivanhoe. THIS DAY, at 11 a.m.. for the Coburg.Cemetery. & TAYLOR & SON. Phono Heidelberg 55.