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League Decision

Three Brownlow medals-the original one to bo kept at the League head- quarters, and the other two handed to the joint winners, with an inscription denoting that it was shared-»as the decision of the Victorian Football League delegates at the meeting last night.

Mr. I. Gibson, chairman of the permit committee, reporting the result of the voting for the Brownlow Medal for bast and fairest player in the League, said that In every respect H. Matthews (South j Melbourne) and D. Fotherglll (Collins wood) were equal, and it was decided to refer the decision to the League. i

Mr. L. H. McBrien, secretary, said that j the advisory committee considered that It had a. solution of an unusual position. It could be argued that tile Brownlow Medal had not been won, nor had it been lost, but it was one medal and one award. It was proposed that the medal be struck and that it be given a per- manent position in Harrison House, with the inscription "Two best players of 1Q40." So far as the players were con- cerned, they would receive a medal of the same type, with the addition of the details of the tie, and with a suitable certificate, the gift of the League.

Mr. J. K. Stewart (St. Kilda) endorsed tile suggestion, despite, the fact that the rules provided for only one medal. He felt that the players concerned would be delighted.

The proposal was adopted, the advisory committee to decide on the wording on the renlicas.


Inferences that some clubs Had c\aded the decision to reduce payments to players from £3 to 30/ a week by placing the difference into the players provident fund were made The question was raised by Mr B Hogg (Melbourne), who asked that the point be elucidated, as it had been maintained that clubs which could afford it should not be debarred from placing money into that lund.

Mr K G Luke (Carlton) said that his recollection was that when the re- ductions were made it was understood that no such payments to provident funds would be permitted

According to Mr H Clover (Carlton) there were rumours that players of some clubs had been promised that the reduced pajments would be made in that way

It was a cut that was not a cut in those circumstances ' he said

It was waste of time to deal with the subject at this stage Mr W Brew said, because some clubs had already made arrangements, and should not be asked to alter them

Mr Gibson said that some clubs ap- parently confvised a bonus (which was forbidden) with the provident fund, which was not mentioned

Mr J c Blair (Melbourne) maintained that it was a domestic matter only, and every club was entitled to foster a pro- vident fund

Mr Luke said that before the season was begun his club had a credit of £1 300 Now, because the team had not played well there was nothing like that amount in credit It was much too late to dis- cuss provident fund payments, it should have been done at the time

It was breal ing the spirit of the reduc- tion to increase the payments by clubs into the provident funds said Dr W C McClellend president

The advisory committee was asked to discuss the print

Dr Mcclelland said that he had been asked by the War Comforts committee for pel mission to allow Mr L H Mt-Brien secietary to become honorary administrator of the fund The League unanimously accorded permission Dr Mcclelland said that it was gratifying to know that the League opinion of Mr McBriens great ability had been recog- nised in othei quarters

In congratulating Mr McBricn Dr Mcclelland said that his knowledge of conditions his ability to hand'e intricate problems and lils facility for carrying out any undertaking would make him

<r.i ni,,"Kin

Requests that tho League should sup- port the Lord Mayor's appeal for victims of German bombing In England were re- ferred to the finance committee.

Mr. G. Cathie (Geelong) suggested that a considerable amount could be raised if the premier team played a combined i team from the other three teams in tile [ four, or if the South Australian and Vlc ? torian League premier teams played a , match for the appeal.