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46 Goals in Match

GEELONG .. .. 24-10 (154 pts.) MELBOURNE .. 33-19 (l61 pU.)


In a great fighting rtnuh by both side«. Geelong, with a brilliant rally of three goals just before time, captured . flve polnt lead and won by three after Mel- bourne's two last shots had scored be- hind!.

1M match waa on* of those open, spectacular games which »ara rare in League football, and I he marking and kicking «ere better than have

.een seen for years.

Added ^attractions to this memorable tam» were deter, non-stop football by Oeelong, almost per icct team co-operation at times In both aides, rnd the excitement of first one team and then the oth'r taking the lead.

The fault of the match-and a big one-waa in the huge scoring, and this waa due to the almost entire absence of that forceful and determined reslrtance with which back men should play.

Admittedly th* game waa clean, open, and was

pall on the spectators.

Melbourne, as usual, i and high marking, but

drive or persistence in ._ _ r_ _ "take It easy" policy and leaving the rest lo

Melbourne, as usual, rel'ed on Ita long klekln» and high marking, but then wai rarely enough drive or persistence in Its ground play. This the snlendid co-operation of the forwards would

Ball waa hardly the right man for centre-haU back. and Lock, the goal-keener, who has saved Melbourne in the last two games, waa out of 'ouch. The remaining defenders were too apt

*nd this deadly accuracy was another factor In cwlong's success.

It Is also to De-long's credit that. In Bolt« of Its dash and the closen-ss of the scores, the plave-s tere so well disciplined th't thev did not stray from their positions, and that thev kept to n definite piar In attack This forward system wss malnlv to direct play through N. Olenlstv. on the h-if-forward fl"nk In the second quarter, »hen at one staie Melbourne was leading bv ao points, fnd seemrd lo h"ve the Oeelong side at ita me-c. ihre- lightning thrusts through Glenister yielded three goals, and the whole Oeelong team became


In that grept striure!* in the last ouarter. wh-n Mueller's marking. Smith's rhrewdneas, and Otbb's *-<!l'flnce h"d rtvn M^l-.-ju-ne the lead of 13 points, with onlv n few mlmitrs of play left, Oee lonT spp-'red ti *.-» a besten side.

Then Glenisle *, fho han h-^-n keot quieter after

w'th two nulck cos.ïs to ralw Oeelotg H°lmer, r-'so plavlnv spl*nd'd'v. shot on another and In three minutes, from being certiln winners, Mel bo"-no was fighting desperately to regain th-

ies d.

Olbb missed a simple shot from 25 vards out, snd as the bell rang Harass! was trinped on th» ru'lf-to'-wrd line. Th- rrowd tensed and qulet e»M wh'le Barn«! walk»d back to ink" the kkk "h'ch me«nt elth'r vlctnrv or detent fo' Mel- bourne. To the dtsmav of Melbourne and the lov ni c-elong. np-^ssi'» shot went lust outside the -o"i n-r-t. Oe-lopg hsd won

Ol-nti-ter wns flip best nlavcr on th« ground, nnur-hpiv worked untlrlnnlv and bril]tnntlv in .li» ni«k and forward, and Ltnch. Tailor, nnH Hn-w-wi we'e tlfee o*h- great olivers. Knight »nd D»i-n did w11 n"d H>1~" and Sillwood «""snt«»'.«« in the closlnT stages.

Melbourne's ijppt was Olbb. who gave a finished rfte«i-" f,f fn-wrsNl w\*k and fin»"r-tlo mnrkln» Mueller. La Fontaine, O'K»'!- smith. Fischer, and ?"?-?'»i w»"» n"xt best In order.

n»«eott also nl"v»H sni«ididl". although bandi -«"ned bv two In'ured k"e«s. and it w« unfn* . .m.t» for Melbourne tint he was forced to move tm-i centre half-forward to a forward pocket arte" 'i-if-t'mi'.

rinnl« - oeelong: N. OI"nl«ler "). Doiiehertv Ml Hplr-r ft). Lvn-h (1) Or"tt i.11. T»vlor fit

»'»hot Knight. M«ihoiiTne: B««*ott (6t. Smith



Best and Fairest

Norman Ware (Footscray) aud Herb. Matthews (South Melbourne) are in lead 'mr nrtsitions In votlne; bv soccial writers "f "The Argus" in the best and fairest League player ouest, with Ware in first nlace. Votes given on Saturday are: FOOTSCRAY v. SOUTH MELBOURNE

N. Ware (F.). 3 II. Matthews (S.M.). 2

Jo« Ryan (F.) . 1


J. Kelly (St, Kilda). 3 R. Reynolds (Essendon). 2

K. Walker (St. Kilda). 1


D. Fothergill (Collingwood) ... 3

C. Curtin (Fitxroy). 2 A. Pannam (Collingwood) .. .. 1


R. Williams (Hawthorn). 3

D. Bragg (Hawthorn. 2

J. Francis (Carlton). 1 NORTH MELBOURNE v. RICHMOND L. Smith (Richmond). 3 G. Kennedy (North Melbourne) . 2

R. Harris (Richmond) . 1


N. Glenister (Geelong). 3 G. Dougherty (Geelong). 2

M. Gibb (Melbourne). 1


AiurMiuu, .* muuer. i-unipoeii oesv atarsnam

Toyne Willis N Tucker Palmer Bartlett) d MELBOURNE 7-15 (Hall 2 Bravo Adams Bald win 2 Williams belt Lennie Archibald Maher Williams White Daley)

FITZROY1 13-18 (Dennis 4 Dyrlng 2 Ruthven 2 Shenfield 2. Clay Moore best Shenfield Clay Dennis) d COLLINGWOOD 11-14 (Pimm 3 Richards 3 Mears 2 Jackson 2 Nichols best Mears Jackson Pimm)

CARLTON IS-14 (Mann 7 Shields 4 Davies 4 Oreen bett Mann Brown Connelly Davies)

d HAWTHORN 10-12 (Cutter 2, Curran 2 Lees 2 Barelli Brain Dower Vanderblst best Austin Farrnnt Brain "\oing L Murphy)

ESSENDON 14-10 (Hunter s Hird 3 Mobbs Lane Beckett Webster best Hunter H 8mlth Lane Green C1 ristensen N Smith) d ST KILDA 13-0 (Raines 3 Taylor 3 O Collins 2 R Collins Perkins Kyne Collie Bray best Raines J Bray Fltzslmmon Tavlor Mudge H Bray)

RICHMOND 25-"3 IO Connell 7 Jennblg J Quinn 3 Baillss 3 Milgate 3 Nagel 3 R Qi

Dwan Perkins Randall best White J Quinn, Brett Rni dall O Connell Perkins) d NORTH MELBOURNE 0-0 (Jones 3 Paulka Toole Sprat ling best Kenny Lander Spratllng Mcfarlane



FIRST ORADE -Parkside 12-17 (Crehan Arm strong 3 Henderson Burgess) d North Foots era) 11-10 (W Ouy Taylor, McLeod Bollon) Brajbrowk 10-15 (Ftshe Harris Lewis J McFad yen) d Seddon 8-0 (Larsen Wilkinson Farrell

Mcorath) Slith Melbourne Scouts 15-23 (King 9 White Fry Tomlins 4) d West Footscray 3-C Williamstown District, 24-21 (Orleve 13 W Seal 3 Brewtr McGrath McTaggart 3) d Spotswood Citizen*. 5-7 (Clancy 4 Arklnstal Cummins Dixon) ICI (Deer Park), 30-31 (Pope 4 reatherley Howell 6 Graham 11) d tscu-port

United 6-7

SECOND GRADE-Weat Footscray, 16-8 (Mil

llchlp Britt Yarwood borraghan 71 d Victor ScclalB 13-15 (Stafford 4 Adams.2 Clough 2 Instgate 2) South Footscray 13-20 (Eason Hickey McDonald 4 Atkin») d Kingsville 8-0 (Reeves ¡I Meagher 3 Evans Detener) Oom bine 22-22 (H Self Ballack Hamid Buttle 7) d -larravllle Socials 8-13 (Thompson Burgess McKenzie Collin* 3) Williamstown United 30-18 (K Selvldre Ryan 13 Punshon Mackie) d St

Andrew s 5-0


Sunshine 20-10 (White 13 Clarke 6 Howard 5 Clayton 4 M Wilson Howard), d Fairfield B-10 (Dunstone Broadhurst White Newham Lever Cullen) East Brunswick 10-15 (Walters, Wilkie McCnbe Richards Simms Jones) d West Melboun e 0-0 (O Brien W Lewis Mcinerney Moran Woods Davies Gow) Abbotsford 10-21 'Aldredge Tuttle Bain Matthews crane McQre gor) d Richmond 8-8 (Jonas Dorev 2 McOrath Ma ee Barr Thompson) South Melbourne 12-13 (O Callaghan wlllalms Kendrick Huggins Boyd enoff -' ' - - - - - Flanagi shall)


Kilsvth 10-18 d Croydon 10-0 Bayswater 4-12 d Ringwood 4-8 Boronia " " Ringwood Eaat 5-9


First Grade-Mordialloc 13-20 ti Caulfield 14-10 Darling 23-3« d Mentone 9-3 Moorab- bin l8-18 d Cheltenham 0-13 Second Grade -Black Hock District, 30-32 d Mordialloc 3 3 Camden. 18-18 í Clieltenhnm 7-4 tdlth vale Aspendale 15-33 d Mentone 3-13


10-20 (Goode 11 Thomas 5 Potter Champion), d Glendean- Drove Methodist 6-5 (West 3 Muir Garner Schofield Box Hill Adelphlans re- ceived a walk over from St Marys C of T

SECOND ORADE - Glen Iris United. 13-16 (Rennie 5 McHutchlnson 2 Sharpe) d West Hawthorn United 7-11 (Short 2 Kewell McCurrj) Gardiner C of C 16-17 (Watkins 6 Kruger 5. Blakely 5 cunningham Thomas White) d Elsternwick Methodist 7-4 (N Lim bert 2. Smith, Williams French) Burwood Methodist 11-19 (R Mace 4 Goold 3 Watts Mawby) d Balwyn C of C 3-7 (Drew Roe)

Hartwell Presblterian 21-23 (Dickson 5 Shores 4 Benbow Fry) d Hawthorn Methodist 5-0 (J I Boldlston Champion)


I Berwick. 12-5 (Daniels 6 McKenzie Hamilton

Horner Black Smith) d Ferntree Gully, 11-2 (Few Picket Baker J Picket, Limon. Down) faprlngvale 10-10 (A îoung Weir W Voi-ii MeBrien) d Noble Park 0-7 (Dayton Power I-own »-vers Fielder) Dandenong, fl-14 (Cameron Kane Mcmahan Ashby Dean) d Pelt ivp 8 ' (Harris Fitton Grant Eeamer Mattuusley)


Auburn 11-16 d Deepdene 11-12 Tooronga in-18 d East Kew 0-6 Box Hill 14-23 d Canterbury 11-12 Caulfield City 20-23 d Sur rev Hills 10-7 East Hawthorn 18-27 d East Malvern 4-8 East Burwood U-lo d Caullell District 0-8 Glenferrie 10-10 d Mitcham 9-IB Balwyn 15-11 d Burnley 8-17 Olen Iris 12-12 d Blackburn 5- IB Doncaster 13-19 d Richmond City 11-15


FIRST ORADE -Ascotvale, 11-22 d Moonee Valley 6-12 La Mascotte 14-14 d Keller 6-3 West Moreland 11-23 d Fawkner 4-6 SECOND GRADE - Coburg Sons 14-16 d Fawkner 11-18 Od Coburglans, 7-17 d Christ Church 3-16 Essendon United 13-14 d Ascot Wan deters 8-li Essendon Imperials 22-20 d Essen

-Ion star» 5-4