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FOR 1,644

Special Acoustic Design

Promenade walk around the stair well of the circle foyer '

Workmen busy putting the finishing touches to the exterior of the new j

Rivoli Theatre at Camberwell I

Citizens of Camberwell who have lived there 25 years will

find in the new Rivoli Theatre facilities for viewing pictures which they would never have dreamt pos- sible when moving pictures were first screened in the municipality in the open in Canterbury Gardens.

There is a big gulf between this old form of picture

entertainment and that now offered .to residents of Camberwell by the new Rivoli, which opened last night with a gala charity performance for the Red


I Wide spaces between the seats is a

feature of the circle seating.




The New



is controlled by



CO. I'TV. I.Tll..

203 Collins St.


Situated close to the Camberwell Junction, in Camberwell rd.. Upper Hawthorn, the new building re- places the old Rivoli Theatre in Burke rd., Camberwell, which has been closed. It is owned and operated by Junction Theatres Ltd., and is under the direction of Mr. Robert McLeish.

There arc 1,004 scats in the stalls, and 640, including 304 lounges, in the dress circle, making a total of 1,644.

Tho new theatre can Justly claim to be easily the most modern suburban plc turo theatre in the Commonwealth. It has cost almost/ £50.000, and in its con- struction 500,000 bricks, 70 tons of struc- tural steel, G5,000 super, feet of timber, and 1,000 tons of concrete have been used. More than 10 miles of steel tubular scaf- folding was used on the job.

The building is of reinforced concrete frame construction, with light brick panel infilling. The steel work was fabricated by Johns and Waygood Ltd. During ex- cavation for the foundations of the build- ing an underground creek was encoun

td ed i unning paiallcl with the main auditorium wall This culled for special engineering design to overcome tho diffi- culty

The geneinl contractor for the build- ing was T R and L Cockran! Pty Ltd This construction company has in the last few years built eight theaties, includ- ing tho Regal Theatic, which is controlled by the same management as the Rivoli


The external brickwork is blended ot palo pinks to coloured oatmeals with horizontal effects obtained with bright oiange ilppletcx bricks and lines of dnrk heelers The whole has been carefully graded from top to bottom, and is mi excellent example of the decorative effect which can be given to wall massas with brickwork The base of the building is tiled in deep cieum and orange, and mod- ern shopfronts are fitted to a series of shops on the street frontage The veran- dah awning has special piovlslon for pio gi anime displays, tile fittings being set at an angle with the footpath so that they can be easily read from any approach to the main entrance


Lighting plays an important part in the exterior decoration of the building At night the large masses of wall suiface arc lighted with yellow sodium floodlights, and coloured floods are provided to win- dow openings

Tho name Rivoli Theatic is bulli up In metal letters, Oft in height, and flxed along the low parapet of the roof garden The sides of the letters are painted blue and the face Chinese red The blue picks up special lighting, and at night the letters stand out in silhouette against the flood- lit wall In the background In daj light they also f>tand out conspicuously against the light brickwork

The Neon slgnb ' Rivoli" fixed on each side of the main vertical fin of the fiont elevation are against a backgiound of metal lettcis In Chinese red baked enamel which stand out from the wall in sil- houette InU»eating lighting with move- ment and lntei changeable colours is used with tills Xeatuie The fin carrying the name is surmounted by a flagpole, the top of which is Duft above tile foot- path.


A form of construction new to theatic1 work has been adopted for the Internal walls It is a development of the brick veneer wall now used extensively foi do- mestic work A complete suspended in- terior wall, faced with fibrous plaster sheets, Ls entirely independent of the main structuie This form of construction plays an Important part in the acoustic treatment of the auditorium

Thioughout the auditot lum of the theatre the dccoiotlve fibrous-plaster work Ls executed in sweeping streamlines and, although not too heavily enriched I the ornament is Introduced to punctuate

tho masses of plain surface and give added interest and character to the work This is stiikingly exemplified in the tieatmont of the proscenium splays which lise vertically and then sweep away in eccentric cm ves to the leal of the main ceiling, thus making a very definite and giaceful connection between the pros- cenium and main celling

Another striking feature of the fibrous plaster is the grille work on the side walls which selves to cover an acousti- cally treated wall surface, thus decorating a part of the intei ior which would other- wise bo uninteresting These gillies in themselves arc designed to play an im- portant part in the acoustics of the auditorium The flbrous-plastci grilles which cover the inlet ventilation in the splays of the pioscenlum also ha?c an acoustic function All the fibrous-plaster woik was carried out by W H Brilliant and Co Pty Ltd


The inteiloi is essentially modem, yet with tiadltlonal feeling and restraint The whole effect is linked witli an in- direct lighting scheme There arc no visible sources of light in the theatre to cause glaic and a beautiful restful at- mosphere Is obtained with shadowlcss lighting Fibrous plaster has been used extensively in connection with the light- ing to form troughs and coves to con- ceal the lighting units The whole in- terior colour scheme lias a predominating tint of rose coral, and an attractive feeling of warmth Is obtained


The mechanical ventilation Is of an cnoimous capacity and is housed on two floors at the stage end of the building The exhaust fan machinciy room Is at the othei end of the building The plant Is capable of delivering 50 000 cubic feet of fresh ali a minute, cooled and evenly distributed over the entire auditorium Piovision has been made in the sjstem for warming the ali in winter and, in addition, individual foot-warmeis arc provided to eveiy seat in the theatre Separate exhaust Ians extract 30,000 cubic feet of air a minute, so that the whole system is oversized and thoroughly capable of dealing with the vagaries of Melbourne climate The heating and hot-

water engineers were McGregor Bros '

A corner of the dress circle foyer.