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Essendon Persistent


MELBOURNE 12-IB (90 pis i ESSENDON 12-13 (85 pte )

Finishing strongly although two of Its men were too Injured to be ol any use, Melbourne defeated Essendon in the League preliminary final on the Melbourne ground on Saturday, and will thus meet Rich- mond in the grand final next Saturday

Heavj min In the Inst quarter made (ho ground almost a lake Melbourne W5 more adaptable In those conditions although Essendon was three points ahead »t one stage In the wet

As the weather looked doubtful in the morning, tile attendance (47 348) and takings (£2811) were satisfactory In Hie corresponding game last v. car the (¡pures were 60 848 and £4291 respec- tive!} Half an Inch of rain fell on Fri- day night and as the ground had been watered In the afternoon it was fairly heavy However, the afternoon was fine until the torrential downpour In the last quarter

Melbourne deserves congratulations on achieving i fine vlctoiy, despite injuries It finished with only 10 sound men and others were handicapped by Injuries Kodda suffered a blow on the head in the second quarter and officials seriously considered replacing him at half-time However he was allowed to go on again although he remembered nothing about the game at the finish It was just as «ell for Melbourne however that he was not replaced, because Lock came down heavily eaily in the third quarter, and liter attention on the ground was car- ried off suffering from a severely spialncd inkle Baxter replaced him a» full-back but he also ci ashed heavily In the fiist Uo or three minutes a team-mate spreadtngling him Trainers woikcd on him for about five minutes and sutTcr inj from n knock on the head and a stiff neck he wandered slowly to a forward pocket He also was dazed for the rest of the game and did nothing Ball took over the full-back position, where he plajed remarkably well

Essendon did not fare so badly Bcglcy injured his shoulder in the first quarter, and was replaced after half-time by Wil- son who took over his old position at half-back and Hird went to holf-for »ard Torney was handicapped by a kick on the hand in the third quarter, and Oreen had a head injury There acre several minor injuries

Although defeated Essendon s fin» effort plcnsed supporters, and it might casll) have won There was much good play on both sides and tile crowd went home wet but well satisfied with the stan- dard

Trophlis for best players were awarded as follow -Crockford trophj L Griggs Frank Held trophy H Lambert, W French trophv E Plummer, supporters trophj, E Bryce

Mans tclegiams weie received wishing Essendon good luck, and a cablegram carne from Palestine from Captain Martin vínose father is an official

Among the visitors to the room was Jack Djcr (Richmond) who received a warm welcome He caine to wish good luck to the captain

Essendon players and officials will hold a wind up social at Hie clubrooms on Thursday


Melbourne s ruck superiority and clever I foninrd woik weit winning factors Es-

sendon fully e\pectcd to win in the nick butMuellci lepeatedly rose, above Torney io hit the bill to his lover Melbournes second ruck was also full of life The sipcrlorlty of Bnggott ovei Buttswoith \asnnoiher big factor Buttsworth is neicr at home on a heavy ground, and lils opponent moved too quickly for him rhe co operation between Baggott and Smith (full-forward) was masterly and had Smith kicked with reasonable arcu rac} Melbourne would hnvo had such n "real, lend in the early stag«, that Essen- don would have been toiling all day In the first quarter foi example Smith kicked 1-5 from sl\ shots and all might hate been goals He kicked 3-7 for the da;

The defence was not notable despite the fact that Essendon s nttackcis with iho exception of Ciilggs and Bryce were too slow in their movements Fischer «hen not following maiked grandly in a back pocket On the other side Em felle turned many attacks but his sturdy opponent Bryce kicked four goals which tells the story McLean on one half-back flank was solid all day and Hingston on the other began slowly but finished brilliantly Lock handled Watts fairly ».eil until he was hurt

Across the centie thcic wrs little be- tween the players . H Lambeit probably had a little the bettei of La rontninc al- though he occasionally tried to do too much HowLvei he looks as if he will develop into one of the best conti e-men m the League On the wings Anderson and Wart man weie a little ahead of their ?maller opponents whose resistance hottoicr tuis spiiited and who were often seen in useful play Anderson did , not play as brilliantly as he did in the ! previous match but Wartman lmpioved

The high mai king of Ball and Fischer »no. to a lesser extent of Mueller was loo much for Essendon and it was this advantage that was one of the chief rca ?¡ons for Melbourne s success

Having led bj three points at quarter line Melbourne raced to a 14 points lead in the second Then after an in- cident near its goal which is referred to elsewhere it seemed to lose its calm- ness and poise From that stage It was «mays struggling


Melbourne i rurk osccndai ey »nd Its superiority i5.îî.,lr ""° u "1L 1PIU| b> *~ 1 to J-« In if J...11mnrt , Emendo» teemed anxious and 1 írlíA*.* pi"irtlc,',,r,i laclte[l "«urncj Orlggr S"T«1 "s '.kill bj wurta« lim goal ol the SÄA " """ nt " b Brime» to Mueller

'Walled the score Farndon continued to m muL^?' nM01 I'fWne ince ol Hie merk írííLí. ° "IPrtinltiM be/oro nunolda turn BSISISÍ . ?rl-d * sood "oal Iro"> »n "'I«1« " tail tail.10 '*r"'"i Welbourn», »inch used hand uiilï1 iÏ!L*ron?. nlacw drills» playing bril

rffiï "í** OViíí."1 üvcr Jon,"i »"' «"i"** »"o tai .t,.0." olbb «"I Baggot! mode openings Sät is!.f*i *;re bcin» m|sMd o»1» <" ,n<! Ä £ Í.In, "10 ?»">««? *os it dash by ney m» ia *h0 plcke<1 oul w,"s ior *n lÄ£iie.,dtinct! ** Essendon «a* a (enturo of ?J £Ä ÍH*"." « 'he Td of »hlch Melbourne SiWi'î'r? Melbourne howeier missed liff »nïïi,lndc<:l5U<! <°r*ard play There More nm Mnj,u0"j A fumble by McLean let Bryce IhiS Vi00. and ,hen Hlrd ««« through beau ¡TÍ. . ÜY\Bnce nnother Essendon then nS.^Li. P"1"1 , A clt>« Kit out by Hearnes 52T«,!^*»*°?' ,nd fl"° co-operation between trffi' i."" Srallh le<1 "> «wolfier Then the luA? ta, '?*er ovtr JonM In ">o air and c1 Ila "(wamuch beUcr mad<> UP nl0st WM'1.,^.MrV »a« » leature of plaj in the u« marier when Melbourne kicking 1-S to r.ti~in. *\. ",B last change by 0-18 lo 0-11

«KA. ht".cv« Essendon looked the more iratM .IH I1"1 »»»»In« and position pIo> Im iMv n,..nd," I"" "sslsted by Melbourne lilting miîL ."y '"* k,cks Mueller marked well bul nSVV" m> ,»oal H»rtl In the quarter Tor

SSi ?.?ir,li,ar^ k<T' Essendon In nltack but mralm\Jul blrï seemed lo be eterj»here UiSLÄs bel",8 magnificent Passing neallj. hi ffS,?ffe r, °n 'of the return poss nnrl

kilniS \tu'irl '» |0"<"1' applauded

benn SriÍÍ l?"d »««fled late fn tho third quarter SSi .»if*" '«"I"» in the last nunrter Amid ".i!' «CleniMt lürd tore for«ord to glie He) tai nÄM*0*' ,nfl l0°k Essendon Into the lead Au?,?" 8"*' Immediately atlemard changed M5 iS" if""1 .. essendon snunu »1th «rent ÄWu'"'* bu' n"lls «iiperb marking nts ki. " "d0 "i»1» Then Hliuston carno iiS fliî..0ïn ,",nd »"h «r«" na«, ni* dash shdKiiv i "»ndlln« he beat Essendon off ngnln umlieä g"*í «''termination lionever rssendon ¡S!ií",»nd »hen Eielb) Iron a tree kick

»lill «í.h"1" Í*" »inning Melbourne caine down nu .«ii "nd '""''"?. '"» «If«' »«» '"'ed na«

¡of Äi?<*m.M "dded goals Brvre srorcd again

BuSS"1"! bu± ">e raorl »as loo lale

isdT^ii «Ior hu nseendanc) oter nuttsnorth tlUi ik. "if^co operation »llh Bmlth sharei h«Sur M J¡'!h Parking Ball and Fischer the ¡S ¡* ¡fn player tor Melbourne Fischer alsr «täui*!'?,ln. !.he ruck ,nl1 B»n * datn ,,ld ""

W»S w.'f '""»«ck were valuable Imselle 5S .«H ."'""J dashln» gam- Mueller, in the Mtii.n .pl,ced »». more than a useful ulnyer uTu!J Ti ,lf?d» »id reliable »t hall bock ond lU ELÍJ~1 ,nc Hingston plajed gloilousl) li uiSSiïï "'" I* ronlalne Beamer Smltn

OrKr' ?"' probably the best of Iho others

Sr" V c,nlre half forward »os Eswndon t »uki .«?* *". iu» of life loe k many good Tc«SulnSd..K",,d nlct>'y to P"«l"0" Hnnolds Spï£3?«*l played one of his best tumcv for tbî ïiï"\i He ".» continually In the ti Ick of lïïafcï.' ",. oulck lead out giving him manv dSiPdM - !. . Lambert robust fast and iii .Ir i¿">1 in ">. centre Torney excelled In wSs»..?"1? »orked hard in the nick Bryce tMnïïJÎ,. * da"íer In attack and Plummer was .3 InS'.i1"' lurdnorklng In defence Oreen

-BrSrffi1 .?' La Fontaine Beomrs Es enilon

Orliii (j, ReJn°lds (21 Enelby (2) Walts (21

iltSS?. "H,8"!1" the umpire nnd again he «as iritli» in* nf. h»ndled n hurd game »Ith dis *S Si Í?. "". occasionally did not iliense ? Se i»n i"1 h,a Interpretation or ti o dropplnt. ao¡£5J'c(¿,w he could be excused In the clr