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Melbourne's Injured

As Melbourne's list of Injured plnyers has now risen to 10 It will be at a dis- advantage against Richmond in the grand final on Saturday.

Of those who were In the team on Saturday Lock, the full back, cannot pos- sibly play. He was carried off with a severely »pralncd ankle, and was on crutches yesterday. Fischer also has a damaged ankle and is doubtful. Bag gott suffered "cork leg," and may not be able to play. In addition, Roberts, who could not play on Saturday, Is still suffering from a ieg in Jury and cannot be considered.

Furniss, Rodda, and Anderson had minor injuries, but will probably be fit. Gordon Jones, who had Influenza, played under difficulties. He collapsed after the game, and did not recover for an hour.

It Is considered likely that Truscott will be fit enough to play on Saturday. Fan- ning and O'Keefe arc also well, and either would be welcomed by any club. Dullard is still another ruck man who will be con- sidered.

Ball gave such a superlative exhibition at full back that he seems sure to be stationed there against Richmond. Thus another ruck man must be chosen, and Fanning or O'Keefe arc favoured.

As It is likely to be Thursday before It will be known definitely whether the injured men will be fit, discussions of the team or prospects arc profitless, but Rich- mond, with practically every man avail- able, is easily favourite for the premier- ship.

By comparison Richmond selectors will have an easy task on Thursday, Scott seems likely to be chosen, and Merrett will be considered. McDonald, the wing man, was limping yesterday, but may be fit; and Edwards, the other wing man, has tooth trouble.