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i -*- B

I Stalin as Ihe Soviet i i Sees Him g

-- s


¡ (A member of the literary staff of "Th. I

i Argus," who recently visited Mosco/, *

1 "Oui Stalin is tophalc """ 1

Our Stalin is okay 1 We li lue and die for Stalm I , And love him more each day I

Accoiding to the v it of our pam this is an exact translation of t> Gieat Thought and theme son» of the USSR-but I cannot gSar antee it Still when you have fouim these sentiments enshrined hi stone and brass where vei j ou go-and heai them poured forth from cinema, radio, and platform-} ou do feel inclined to enshrine them

in something yourself and doggerei s seems as good a medium as am

Nevertheless there is no doubt of the sinceritj of the Russian citizens retard for the leadei in the Kremlin \ou mleht expect the continual eulogies and cease less tributes to produce a certain cynicism Yet one finds the Russian praising tilt foresight and wisdom of his leaders in a way that suggests that the propaganda machine of the Gov ernment mm be t> ablest in Europe or that Stalm must t something of a uipeiman

The cult of Lenin has now been aus niented by the cult of his disciple and successor an idea delibératele fostered to the sculpture and paintings of the two men together which one linds continu alix in public places

It seems probable that Stalins gtea popularitj may be attributed to thra things He Is first and foremost a mai of the people-n humble Georgian «m a heroic revolutionäre record His man ner of unadorned rather rugged speakii » touched with di y wit and a hint of satfr

has a general appeal Finallv there is ti » I extreme simplicity with which he live. I and his vast daily labours which only

man of exceptional phjsique and abillt could accomplish

Blind Faith

Those who speak of the possibility of dissatisfaction and unrest in the Soviet ovei the attack upon Finland fail to appreciate the absolute con fidence in his Government which seems to fill the Soviet cituen

He trusts implicitly his own Près. and íadlo and will think and feel onl what these Government controlled orgar

maintain to be the tiuth

The Soviet bogy is to das as it ha« been since the revolution the fear of ai invasion by the allied capitalist State from east and west This is a real and genuine fear throughout the Union an I it is not difficult to imagine the Russian whole heartedly concuriing in anj "tep taken to foiestall what thej will h taught to regard as capitalist Intrigue and preparation for attack

The Soviet is still in the midst of th most gigantic national reconstruction ir history She has hei full share of ab 'olbin*: internal problen s

For the solution of these freedom fron j external atgression is one of the cssi ! tials Thete can be little doubt that alter theil experiences of 1814-20 the peopl

cherish a hatied of war as strong is th t , of any European nation But no one wh I has been in Russia lecentlx would doubt , that the Kiemlm will be uble to carr '

the mass of the people with it In th \

conviction of the righteousness of ti

Soviets case in anj war embarked upon Tue power of the Government over the formation of populai opinion Ins to b felt to be appreciated

Al the end of Julj and in tally Au»u.

when our party was in Mo'con and Leningipd there vas still lo rumoui o the Soviet-German pact and no hint ot all that has followed as a sequel The interest of all with whom we talked wa upon internal problems and progiess

"iou felt lather as it j ou were if. tU end of a long and powerful telescopf watching the excursions and alarums of London Paris Berlin and Wai*aw as if thev were those of the peoples of som othei planet >

Power Politics

To the man in the stieet in the western capitals the v\ar threat nevei f ai removed v, as moving evei closei

As the attitude of the Reich to v ard the Poles grew increasing!} tra culent the sense of exaspeiatlon at the perpetual crises had deepened the feeltnt,

that war must come

In Moscow there was strong feeling wit! regai d to the Fascist aggressions of the preceding months but there was little or nothing that could be described as pro-demociatlc feeling Desire was ex presspd for a pact with the democracies as a means of ending the threat of Ger

man attack upon the USSR "iet no attempt was made to conceal the distrust of the demociatlc governments with Milora negotiations were pioceeding

Now it is cleat for all outside the Sollet to realise despite the w av s of idéalisa ¿ piopagaiida that the Sovi°t Governmen is no atom less "laspmg noi mort scrupulous about the rithts of small States than the Nazis themselves The truth would seem to be that given a re

markable oppoituuity the chiefs of the Kremlin have seized the occasion to plav power politics to the top of their bent Yet It is purelj wishful thinking to imagine that the wholesale disillusion mont of maivv formel friends outside the Soviet will find any echo within If Stalin involves Russia in general war jou will find as unanimous a people behind him as the heart of anj totalitirlan ruler

could desire

The Red Army

At this time it is of great import

ance to appreciate the enormous confidence in the Red Army and

the Red Ali Force which has been jj built up within the Soviet g

AU citizens aie conscious of the sacrl I iices which have had to be made in tne jj national economy on behalf of the Rea Al my Thcj ait fullj cognisant of tie wn., in vhich consumption Industrie. have lagged behind Whil» in the earlier stages all their best efforts were flung mto capital industries to day it is tin demands of national security which arc retarding the output of many cominodi

ties ,

In a number of factories our pani found the same thing Star director;, and Slakhanovlteb had been taken ou of the industry and after the necessary technical training put into Red An« Industiics The best brains in the countij just as the best in educational facilities in food clothing and «i1* ment must go to the service of me peoples aimj ,,,"

You found the Soviet citizen spcjkin. of the Red Armj and the Red Air Fore as the neneh speak of the Magul« Line Tlieic was no doubting the sm cerltj of his belief that thej were in vincible ""

It would be rash to male anj precUC tion as lo the Soviet's possible alleviation of the plight of the blockaded Rete« But one important facloi in the économe situation should be stressed if Ino «oin ing position in Geimanj is as acute as the rationing limit of two suit-! per man suggests it seems that the Nazis W best pi ess on with nil speer! in their ne velopment of s-jnthetlc fabiius Arno» who was in Russia immecllitelj mon the wai would be execeriiiifclj seil'" f< if nnv possibllllv or RussUn itsslstwc to this branch of the Nizi win eionomj