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To monow from 3AR the Iii st com plete broadcast of the lamous opera Turnndot w ill be heard The opera has been aiianged by Gordon Ireland and w lil be heard from 7 30 until 9 30 There will be a talk by Mrs E I Moresby en titled YMCA Work for the Fighting Forces heard through 3LO at 6 25 p m

3AR-AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL 9 15 a m -Sporting Session

10 16 am -Current Books \\orth Reading 10 30 am - New Releases Airangtd t Oregory Spencer

12 15 pm-Operatic Excerpts 12 55 pm-Mlddaj News 7 30 p m - Turondot

10 30 p m -ReadliiEs from the Bible

3LO-VICTORIAN NATIONAL 9 30 am -Sunday Morning Musicale 10 30 am -The Handyman s Session

11 am-Holi Eucharist from St Peters Church Eastern Hill

1 30 i in - Questions and Aiis-A ers Rev Di C irvine Benson

2pm - The Composer Performs arranged by Gregory Silencer

3 10 p m -Pleasant Sunda) Afternoon Ser lice

C pm-Poems by Bernard o Dowd the Australian poet

7 pm-Divine Sen leo


3UZs Sunday morning and afternoon presentations have been acclaimed »o the finest on the ali-and this Sunday the programmes are particularly outstanding including many artists exclusive to this station

Moving into the evening programme we And such beautiful musical pi o giammes as The Houi of Charm at 8 30 The Concert Mastei at 6 30

Erin Remembers at 7 30 Memories of the Opera at 8 pm Singing Strings at 8 30 and Theatrical Cock tail at 9 pm This latter programme features some delightful musical comedj


7 45 , ... _...

9 30 p m -B B C News

9 45 pm-important World Affairs Broad cast by Obsener

10 p m - Treasure Chest of Mclod*.

10 20 pm- The Argus Non ork Nous


Tile featuie Organ and Voice with Anthony Strange tenor and Arnold West

garth organist opens The Argus Sun- day matinee at 12 30 after which you will hear the following numbers - Puc- cini Potpourri played by Marek Webers Orchestra Milltza Korjus singing Oh Night of Dieams and Dance of the Geisha played on the piano by Beatrice Tange At 1 15 Mantoianls Orchestra entertains and at 1 30 a feature Come Into the Garden With Middleton will be broadcast String Serenade is fea- tured at 1 45 and at 2 15 a musical revue of East Side of Heaven

6 30 um -Melodies, of Jeanette MacDonaid and Nelson Eddy

7 p in -B B c News

7 16 p m -Veterinärs Talle

7 45 pm-The Radio That Hitler Pears 8pm -Golden Melodies

8 30 p in - Cecil Marriott presents The


9pm -Maples Show

10 30 p m - The Argus, Ntl s


The Al gus midday matinée com- mences at 12 30 and at 12 45 half an hour Is devoted to a feature Cameo of Fame Sundays Cameo of Fame Is de voted to Paul Robeson the negro bass to whose singing the woild has thrilled He sings Love Song (Wimperis) I Still Suits Me (Kern) plantation songs ind a Paul Robeson mcdlej At 115 we riresent 15 minutes of TchaUcowsky s nusic which includes Marche Slave

ilaycd by Boston Promenade Orchestra and None But the Lonely Heart ' sung Dy Lawrence Tibbett At 145 Rossinis Dverture Semlramide will be played *y the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and at 2 o clock a programme entitled Form Foui s will be broadcast this

will featuig world famous local and in strumental quaitets

6 15pm -The Padre

6 30 p m-Comfortable Conceit 7 p m-r-B B c New«

8 pm*-Tcnor Programme

9 p m-The Radio that Hillei leurs

9 45 pin- Obsener on Foreign Affalis


On Sunday 3SRs programe commeuces at 9 am with popular band music and it 9 15 a m Pastor J Ross James w ill conduct the Radio Advent Church At 1 30 p m Reí R Hadden will speak in the Open Pulpit Session Remembei to night at 715 that grand new feature Dr Davey the Happiest Man on Earth

laugh youi cares away 6pm - Golden Houi

7pm - Dr Davey and the Happiest Man on Earth

7 30 pm- The Radio That Hltlci Toals 8pm -World famous Tenors 9 p m -Maples Show

10 0 p m - nie Argus Not-nork News