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Swedish girls in a |omt camp in Stralsund, together with the Hitler Youth, show the high standard of their

gymnastics - both courage and training are needed for this flying lump.



pERMANY'S "Night Of the

Amazons," recently held at Munich, was spectacular evidence of the growth of a new cult on the Continent-a cult devoted to raising the physical standard of womankind The activities of the movement embrace organised spoit and gymnastics, aviation, skating, and horse racing

Australian women are continu- ally raising their already high physical standard, and greater numbers are taking part in spoit

But whereas the Australians are impelled solely by their natural love of sunshine, exercise, and health, the motives behind the mass movements of women in Europe are political and racial

In Hitler's Germany the cam- paign is strongest But Finland, Russia, France, Rumania, Jugo- slavia Italy, and former Czecho- slovakia are also making system- atic efforts to improve the physique of their womenfolk

German women in scanty attire or none at all - standing on pedestals, immovable like Greek statues, or riding on horseback took pait in the "Night of the Amazons "

Lente Riefenstahl, Hitler's film director friend, made a film fea- turing athletic German women Here she is working on the film

Athletic Geiman women are featuied in a film of the last Olympic Games made by Miss Lerne Riefenstahl, Hitlei s fam- ous film-dnector friend

And in Berlin young and blonde Dorothy von Brück appears on

the stage of the Theatre of Comedians-a veil-dancer earn- ing the applause of the Fuhiei and other big Nazi leaders

But box-offlce appeal is not the object of these shows-behind them lies a distinct political pur- pose

?pOR it is part of Hitler's policy

to improve the physique of the German race First step is the piactice of physical culture which will "beautify the body of the future German mother," as Hitler himself once said

Nazi Germany is proud of her amazons - leading spoitswomen who are considered models to other women "The permanently smoking society girl has to make way for the sun-tanned sports girl," said Herr Baldur von Schlrach, German Youth leader

Among Germany's amazons is Frau Irmgard von Opel, a pioneer of horse races for women, and a well-known jockey

A few years after the war some German women, disregarding all prejudices, started in "unofficial" races, which were scheduled as last events at race meetings

The amazon races drew large crowds, because plenty of laughs were expected There was no bet- ting, and the totes were closed To-day you can bet at German

amazon races

More German women are taking to the air When 13 entered a

safety flying test last year none failed, although weather condi- tions »were unfavourable and the planes out of date

?"THE German amazon who com

bines physical strength and feminine charm is found on the ice There is Maxi Herber, 18 year-old Munich girl, one of the most expert skaters in the world Three days after her partner's skate cut a deep wound m her leg she won with him the woild championship for pair skating

An important part in the Ger- man woman's stiength and beauty campaign is played by the 'Stiength Thiough Joy" oigan îsation which provides foi weekly evening classes in gymnastics

Schoolgnls and business gills have annual competitions Win neis of city and countiy distuct contests meet and ultimately the fittest gills in the German Reich aie presented to Hitler

Geiman schoolgirls have a lec.on in gymnastics every morn- ing This example has been fol- lowed by seveial French schools

In Finland women aie mem- bers of the Lotta Svard oiganisa tion. They form a private ainij, and each woman who joins must take an oath of allegiance to Finland. In war the women's army would assist the regular army The women are tiamed m gymnastics, rowing, and ski-ing

In Rumania, Jugoslavia, and former Czechoslovakia gills prac

Maxi Herber, 1 8-year-old Munich girl, who is an expert skater, com- bines physical strength and feminine charm. She is seen here training for skating cham-


tise sport m the Sokol oiginisa tion a Slavic youth movement sponsored by theil Governments Italian women have organised sport as in Germany

Open-air Children

Mothers who bring up healthy children know the value of sun light They accustom their chil dren to sunlight from infincy Their room Is chosen for its sunn> aspect and sun bathing time is the early morning

The children are exposed to the suns lajs by degrees and ire not allowed to be exposed for too long a period howevei welcom int the sun may seem after v. inter


The Importance of children li\

ing in the open air can lmdlj be over emphasised and pan nts in the town should try to get their childi en into the country parks and playgrounds as much is pos sible '