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Winning in the ruck all through the game,   better in the air and with a greater sense   of position play, Melbourne won the League seconds premiership defeating Richmond by 22-12 (144 points) to 17-13 (115 points). The attendance was not as large as usual being 4,100 and the takings £ 167.

The game was not of as high a standard as usual. Few players kept to their posi-  

tions which made the game crowded and there was a great amount of fumbling Mel-

bourne playing the more expert game led at every change, superiority in the air and pace giving at a great advantage over the more in-

dividualistic Richmond.  

Fanning the young full forward for Mel-

bourne, was Richmond's chief obstacle. Although   aged only 17 years he is strong and tall and his marking was superb. He kicked 12 goals,

and his eighth from a long way out on the boundary was a gem. He rarely missed a mark and when he did it was because he was pushed out He should be a valuable player  

in the seniors in about two years.

In addition lo Fanning Murnane Gray Dals and Sltch were Melbournes best plas ors Murnane dominated tht> play in the ruck and was frequently in evidence for good marking Adams the captain conch had to leave the ground in the last quarter suffer inn from a leg injury

Grant (captain in the absence of roster) Rrills Currie Waldron and Platt

, Goal kickers-Melbourne Fanning 112) Hall 13) Adams 13) McLean (2) Williams Barton Richmond McCrory (51 Hall (5) G Giant 13 Plilt 12) Waldron (2) Hodges


AU the ura

._ _ _ _«,- f the League football preliminary final on Satur

day have been omitted by the umpires Board in appointing the officials for the grand final on Saturday The umpires omitted are Hill (field) Aplin and Austin (boundary) Wlbley

and Oaten (goal)

The official statement Issued by the board as lhat five umpires appenrcd before the board and all said that the} did not see nny mci dents that wnrranted reporting After an e\ hnustiae Inquirj and careful consideration the board vas of the opinion that olïences which 'bauld have been reported took place The board therefore decidfd that none of the umpires concerned would be considered for selection DOM Saturday


Because many Prahran ccccer ula>cr* are ei gaged in cricket the club cannot raise a Unm

oppof« Jubels in the rewn e championship nnd Nobola Milt therefore win the trophj bj tie


A replaj 1 rs been ordered between Heidelberg and South Melbourne United in the semi final of the reserves conflation cup because the ground

not correctly mailed out In the previous li Tor these reasons the programme has

been altered

The replay will be at Olympic Park at 130 _ m and at 3 15 p m Brighton and Coburg v,-Ul content the final of the consolation cup The junior c ip semi final (South Melbourne United A

Moreland) «ill bt at Middle Park and at Deer

Park and Northcote respects ely the home teams]

ill oppose Collingwood and Satoia in the third

round of the Salmon Cup I