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Family Notices

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CARROL!_on the 22nd July, at Cambrai. Westbury street. East 8t. Kilda, to Dr. and Mr». Arthur Carroll, of South rosd. Brighton Beach-a son.

SMITH (nee Ethel Mclaughlan).-On the Wv July, at Mercy private hospital, to Mr. und Mr«. OeoIIity Smith-a daughter.

WEBSTER. - On the 22nd July, at St. Davids private hospital. Maffra, to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L Webster. Craigielea, Btrat-I lord-a daughter.


HARRISON-O'DWYER.-Mr. and Mrs. T. W.j

Harrison announce with gratitude and pleasure the 60th anniversary of their wed- ding, celebrated at St. Joseph's It C. Church. Collingwood, on the 24th July. 1889. by the Rev. C Sheahan. "Present address, 27 Swallow street. Port Melbourne.I

WALKLEY.-Mr. and Mrs. Walkley announce   with pleasure the 50th anniversary ol their wedding, celebrated at Collingwood by the Rev. Charles Cherbury on July 24. 1889. Present address, 43 Down street, Collingwood.


ANDREWARTHA.— On the 23rd July (sud- denly), at his residence, 33 Royal avenue. Glen- huntly, Arthur John, husband of the late Adelaide Elizabeth Andrewartha, loved father of Maud, Harold, and May (Mrs. N. Garth), aged 74 years.—Sadly missed.  

nARTIIEYl--On the 23rd July, at 17 Oxford street, Oakleigh. Catherine, relict of the late Bernhard Barthey!, loving mother of Bernhard, Tim. George, Mary (Mrs. Halmshaw, of Oak- leigh), and Ettel (Mrs. J. Wallace, of Gir- garre) . - R.I.P. (omeo papers please copy.)

BENNETT.-On the 23rd July, at the resi- dence of his daughter (Mrs. J. R. Porter), Ormond, William Bennett, aged 91 years.

CANE_On the 22nd July. 1939. at prívalo i hospital East Malvern. Citarles Edward Cane,

of 13 Belmont avenue. East Malvern, the dearly ; loved husband of the late Lillian Cane, and ? loving father of Edna, and Lorna, aged 64


CANE-On the 22nd July. 1939, Charles Samuel Cane, the loved brother of Henry (deceased), William, Herbert, and Myra (Mrs. E. Jones).

CARROLL-On the 23rd July, 1939, at her residence. 3 Portland street, Richmond. Florence, relict of the lato James Thomas Carroll, ond loved mother of Mary (Mrs. Murphy). Paul, Vera (Mrs. Flynn). Sister Ellas, '-* of St. Joseph of Carmel (Nina), Margaret,

Joseph, Oertrudc (Mrs. J. Brennan), and loved nuntlc of Maud and Leonard Carroll, aged 70 years. -R.I.P.

CLARKE.-On the 22nd July, 1939 (sud- denly), at private hospital, Berwick, Agnes, beloved wife of William Hugh Clarke (Officer), and loving mother of Reginald and Marjorie (daughter-in-law), aged 63 years.  

CREIGHTON.-On the 22nd July, 1939, at her home, Euglebar, Wollert, Elizabeth, widow of  

the late Charles Creighton, of Thorn Holm, Doreen, dear mother of Blanche (Mrs. W. Mann), Mabel, Evelyn (Mrs. F. Dean), Elsie   Tyson (Wollert), and Gordon (Doreen), in her   88th year. (No flowers.)  

CRUICKSHANK.-On the 22nd July, at 8 Urquhart street. Hawthorn, Mary (Minnie). ,. - youngest daughter of the late William and

Mary Cruickshank, of Terka, Kirkstall.

«¿VLTON.-On the 22nd July, at her rest

J dence, 32 Frederick street, West Brunswick,

Elizabeth, dearly beloved wife of Arthur D'Alton, and loving mother of Eva (Mrs. Frost), Michael (deceased). Kathleen (Mrs. Stonel, Frank. Lily (Mrs. Self). Celia (Mrs. Ballhausen), Arthur. Annie (Mrs. Grant). Molly (Mrs. Miller), and Hnrry (deceased), ( nlso loving grandma of Harry, aged 71 years,

late of Daylesford. -Requlescat In pace.

DANKS. - On the 22nd July, 1939, at the

residence of her daughter (Mrs. H. Deane), 18 Monash street, Ascotvale West, Maria, dearly beloved wife of Elijah Danks, of 113 Epsom road, Ascotvale, loving mother of Ernest, Florence (Mrs. McKean, deceased), Doris (Mrs. Waterman), Hector (deceased), Myrtle (Mrs. Deane), and Edna (Mrs. Miller), aged 77 years. -Safe in her Father's home.

DICKENSON.-On the 22nd July, at Chil- dren's Hospital. Carlton. Judith Lillian, dearly loved daughter ot William H. and Dorothy B. Dickenson. IB Gwcnda avenue. Eost Camber ' well, E.7. »gcd eight months. Our bud In


FRODSIIAK_On the 23rd July, at private hospital. Eau Malvern. Kate Emily, relict of Thomas Frodshan. district surveyor. Hobart, nnd loving mother of Grace (Mrs. Creswell). Gladys (Mrs. Sprouts), and Frank, in her 93rd jear. (Remains at Drayton and Garson's chapel, 1217 High street Mähern. (Tasmanian and Brisbane papers please copy.)

rv.SII.-On the 22nd July, after a long Ill- ness, at private hospital. Kathleen Fysh, loved * sister of F. M. Fysh, W. E. Fysh, and Mrs. I Foster. (Private interment.)

*-«J GARTON_On the 21st July (passed peace-

fully away) at Oberwyl. St. Kilda, Adelaide ïllcn. third daughter of the late Richard and Mary Anne Onrton. of Hamilton, Victoria. -The mpmory of the Just Is blessed.

HAMILTON.-on the 22nd July, at her son in-law's residence. 41 O'Hea street, Coburg, Alice Martha, beloved wife of the late William Andrew, devoted mather of Lavlnn (Mrs W. C. T.'mersonl. Frank, Abblc (Mrs. C. J. Wllldlnsi. John. William (deceased), Reginald, nnd Kenneth, aged 73 years. Late of Lardner, Warr«"ti!. nnd Cranbourne. -At rest.

IIEMI'HII.I._On the 22nd July, ot her reBl 1 dence. Mlnvlo. Janet Hay. relict of the late

Joseph Hemphlll, and beloved mother of Eliza- beth. Marearct Jane (Mrs. J. Chaomin), Helena (deceased), william James Francis, Archibald John iBallarat), Isabella (deceased), Robert J., and Gordon H.. aged 88 years.

HILL. - On the 22nd July. 1939. Lavinia, loved wife of the late E. P. Hood Hill, and lov- ing mother of J. F. (Fred). J. A. (Arthur), Elsie (Mrs. F. J. Thomas). Charles (deceased), and A. R. (Alex.). (Private interment.)

JEWELL,-On the 22nd July, at the resi- dence of her son-ln-law (Mr. E O. Smith) 14 Yarra street. Hawthorn. Annie Chaulk Jewell, widow of the late John Richard Jewell loved mother of Albert (deceased), Annie (Mrs. Gilmour). Susan (Mrs Smith) Abigail (deceased), John (deceased), Ivy (deceased), Daphne (Mrs. Somerville) and Lillie (Mrs. Holmes), loved .Grandmother of Jessie, Alan Betty, george. Edwin. Nancv. Isabel. Beryl. Jack, and Joan, and loved great-grandmother of Edwln. Betty. Dorothy, and Peter, aged 82 vears: late of Warrnambool. -A patient sufferer at rest.

JOHNSTON.-On the 22nd Julv ot Warra srul, Oeor-o Beattie, e'dest son of William and Matilda Johnston, aged 68 years.

JOHNSTONE-On the 22nd July, at Mel- bourne. Mrs. Elizabeth Johnstone, loved friend of Captain Arkins. Doris, ond Gordon Arkins.

(Private funeral.)

KING.-on the 22nd Julv, at private hos pltol. Malvern. Robort Edney, belovpd husband of the late Annie Kinc, ond loving father of Lyla (Mrs. Harris) nnd Lindsay. (Privato In- terment at Fawkner.)

MARSHALL.-On the 22nd Julv. 1939, James, the beloved husband of the late Mary Ann. and lorim: father of Mary (Mrs. T. R Arm- strong). Jen (Mrs. Patterson fiDours), Thomas. James, and Lily (Mrs. W. Freeman), need 82 years. (No flowers, by request.) (English paners Please copy.)

MARTIN (Grigg).-On the 22nd July, at Heidelberg, Elizabeth, dearly beloved mother of Arthur, Frank, Violet (Mrs. Duncan), and Harold, of 93 O'Grady street, Clifton Hill, aged 80 years.

MATTHEWS.-John Harry (lato Victorian Railways), son of the late W. H. Matthews, loved brother of Mary (Mrs. J. W. Gdllon), Charles. William, Henry fdeceosedl. Crisslc, Dolsy (Mrs. J. W. Morton), Lewis (deceased), Emily.

mcfarlane.-on the 21st July. 1939, at his re'ldoncc. 58 Rose street. Armadale, the Rev. David McFarlane. Presbyterian minister, beloved husband of Mary Kothlccn.

MCGRATH.-On the 22nd Julv. at his resi- dence. 05 Roden street. West Melbourne. Michael James McGrnth. beloved husband of the late Bridget, nnd loving father of Wil- liam (deceased). Ho*c IMrs. Brvce). Julia (Mrs. Horley). Thomas (of Sydnevl. Doll (Mrs. Came- ron). Edward. Noll, and Jack, aged 82 years. Lair» nr warnambool. -Requlescat in pace.

MCKINNON-On the nth July, at her resi- dence. Camp street. Watchem, Margery McEwan, dearly beloved wife of the late Malcolm McKinnon. loved mother of Mary (Mrs. H. Byron, Woomelang), Catherine (Mrs. R. A. Merrett), Massey (deceased), Lachlin (Wyuna), Marion (Mrs. F. Ackland, Woome- lang), Georgina (Mrs. A. S. Walder, Wilkur), May (Mrs. C. I. Richards. Litchfield) ,aged 88 yeors and 10 months. -Until the day dawns.

MONAGHAN.-On the 22nd July (suddenly), John Money, dearly loved eldest son of Mary ond the late John Monaghan, of Warragul, loving brother of Kitty (Mrs. Hansford). Tot (Mrs. Freeneyy). May (Mrs. Reardon). James (deceased). Agnes (Mrs. Atkinson) Alice, Maurice, Anne, and Molly (Mrs. Belleville).

NISH.-On Ih» 3'trd July, at Uis rcsld-nc of.his sister. 25 Walker street. Northcote. N.16 Hairy, deorly be'ívcü brother of Clinrlott? IMrs. Chappell 1, lovir.t uncle of Fred, Winnie (Mrs. Erlksen). and Harry Chappell, aged 70


O'COXXOll.-On the 23rd July, al lils resi- dence, 773 Mount Alexander rosd. Moonee Ponds, Patrick, dearly beloved huibond of th" lote Julio O'Connor, devoted father of Edward (dcccasedi. CIs iMrs. w. Ream, Vera (Mrs. J. Hlvglus), Julia (deceased), Patrick (de- ceased) Eileen. Kitty. Nellie, «nd Jo^k, loved grandfather of Mary. John. Kevin. Kathleen, and Frank RfRon. and Patricia Hißiins, used 78 yeors. late Victorian Railways -Requlescat in poce.

Ol.IXY.-On Ihe 21st Ju'y. at Caulfield Military Hospital. Erne"st Arthur, beloved hus-

band of F!>vl Fron-os, lovln" father of E'h-;1,1 Eve (Mrs Finnis). George, Mnud. *n«l Ohnr'es ailft'iin-t'' Inth-r-ln-'nw of W. E. Finnis and Jlprcl Olley. (Inicrred Springvale Necropolis July 22 1 IEii"llsli pnncrs uleise coiy.l

' ORMOND.-On the 21st Jilly. 1939. Arthur Lindsay, dear'v lo''ed son tot Amy and the late Arthur Ormond

O'SHEA -On the 22nd .In'v. at herlesldence. 120 «ambleton 'in>ct. Middle Pork, Alice Leah r"ror!y bclov»d daughter or th~ Ht« .T-'nes unj Mar" Ann O'S'ien den-- flsici of Cirolinc ide r»ir»dl 'fur" Ann (Mrs PoiutV«t-» i nnd Lury. nnd oir"Ctlnnnte mini of George and Allee Pendiebur' Rlc'vnrd and Connie (Sydney), and O'iv» Tlie'nm. Marjorie, and John -Peacefully sleeping.

[ fo nuiid acninsí mipo^Uicn Blitli, Marriage

Oeath. anri In M^iicitain Nctlm mut li« mithetitlcnttd bv temi* reputable perron to cmure their ¡meinen lo cun'd asmi-t »nor write eil nnaies clcarlv m clock Kttprs I

Clith. Mirrlagc Death. Bereavement. Ill Mtmorlam,

and Funcial Notice:, up to 6 lines,. 3 : cs.tia hues .t Gd.


IFNRl -On the Slst July 1939 at his rest dence 607 Write Horse road Surrey Hill« John Penry deprly beloved hirband of Marr dearly loved father of Owen and Bill -In God s care 8o.ith Viales papers please copy I

PFr\ES.-On the 22nd Julv 1939 sud 'denl>> at 34 Campbell grove Hawthorn East j James the dearly loved husband of Susie I ov n* brother of Mary father of James (Dim ¡boola Eileen (Mrs V Pope) Winifred Mrs

I 8lmp-on) ITsle IMrs C Little) May (Mrs Mayne) and Bonnie -1rs K Knlghti -At


ROWE.-On the 23rd July 1939 at a private hospital East Malvern, Emily Ada, loving daughter of the late A. F. and S. J. Rowe of Shepparton and beloved sister of Frederick, Rosa (Mrs Youlden, deceased) Annie, Wil- liam (deceased), Lily (deceased), Eleanor (Mrs Hogg), Harry and Bertha (Mrs Grass).

SARAH.—On the 21st July, 1939, at her resi-

dence, 76 Claremont av., Malvern, Bessie, the   dearly loved wife of Hugh Sarah, and beloved and devoted mother of Reginald, Roy, Olive

(Mrs W Brewer), and Bessie aged 70 years.

MIRADrR-On the 23rd July (suddenly) *t, private hospital Armadale Janet of Olenvllle

25 Andrew street Windsor deorl} beloved wife! of the lat Hugh William loved mother of Reginald Walter Harold (deceased) ond Alvina (deceased) aged 65 years

RTANLFY -On the 21st July (after long Illness) at the residence of his brother (George) Rennie street Coburg John (Jack) Shaw son of the late J S Stanley loving brother of R C George Andy Mrs A Hume and Mr« Olson (Sidney) -Privately In


STUART-On the 21st Julj (result of accl dent) at 228 Forest street Ballarat Gordon tho beloved husband of Emily and fatber of Greg and Valda

STUART-On the 21st July (result of accl  

dent) at Ballarat Gordon loved youngest son of Eglantine and the late John Stuart formerly of Mirboo North brother of Mar garet Jack Hugh Jim (killed In action) and George

SWIFT-On the 20th July at Findon Hunt Kennels, Woodstock Harry the much respec ted and lovel kennel huntsman for over 20 jcars -He nt all times gave of his best (Inserted by the acting master and members

of the Findon Hunt Club )

TAYIOR-On the 22nd July at Police Hos p tal St Kilda road Melbourne Horwood Nor man dearly beloved husband of Lucy Taylor of No 88 May road West Preston loved father of James Norman late of Victorian Police


THOMSON-(By Cable 1-On the 20th July In England Lilian Sarah wife of the late Pettr Thomson of Cantcrburj oner mother of Margaret and Elizabeth sister of VV J Tuckfield

WILKINSON-On the 22nd July at Rokeby. Eliza beloved wife of Alfred George and loving mother of Ada (Mrs S Hickson Mirboo North) Alfred, Edna (Mrs A Gallus Rokeby) Vera (deceased) and Cyrll -At rest

WOOD. -On the 21st July at Bendigo Hos- pital, William, beloved husband of Priscilla (deceased) and loved father of Ernest, Hazel (Mrs. Gaasch),) Glyn, Rae, and Jim, aged 69 years. -At rest.

ZIMMERMANN. -On the 21st July (suddenly), at his residence, 46 Sycamore street, Caulfield, Frederick Andrew, loved son of George and the late Daisy Zimmermann, loving brother of Else, Richard (Germany), and Herman, aged 38 years. Sweet rest.


Roll of Honour-On Active Service

hTUART-MURRAT.-In ever loving memory of our beloved brother Stuart H T (Terry) who died or wounds on the 24th Julv 1916 Fleurbaix France an Anzac original 8th and 60th battalions (G R. and G )

VB1JOTT-In »ad and loving m"inorj of our dear father Thomas who passed away al Elsternwick on 24th July 1933 also our dear mother Helen who passed away at Elstern wick on 23rd August 1936

Memory is a loving cUaln

That binds us till we meet again -(Inserted by their loving famili )

ANTON -In loving memorj of mj dear hus

band and our father Charles Theodore vi ho passed away on July 24 1938 at Perth

A life of Inspiration

- (Inserted bj his loving wife and family)

ANTON -In loving memorj of Charles Theo- dore who passed awaj July 24 1038 at Perth WA (Inserted by his loving father brothers and sisters )

ANTON"-In loving remembrance of my dear brother Charlie who passed away at Perth WA Julj 24 103B (Inserted by hi« loving brother Les )

CHAPPPt -In loving memory of Thomas Arthur »ho passed awaj 24th Julv 1938 loving father and father in law of Keith and Uno loved grandpa of Margot and Liurls

-At rest

CHfcATFR -In memory of our dear mother who passed awaj July 24 1935 also our brother Ern killed in France 1918 (The family )

CIHSIIOIM -In loving memory of Dad who pan.«! awaj July 23 1938

It is onlv those who have lost can tell the sorrow of parting without farewell

-(Inserted by his lovinp son Don. and daughter ln-law and grandsons Stuart and

Rig i

DONOHUT -In loving memory of my dear husband Thomas Lawrance who passed nwav on July 24 1938 -Dearly loved sadlj missed (Inserted by lils loving wife Eva A Dono

hut) I

Wo... ..... r_ ...... _ beloved husband of Nora Gallagher also loved father of Lorella (Mrs Moore) Frank Bar bara (Mrs Kelly) ond Mory (Mrs Hinch Hire) -For ever with the Lord

GILI -In treasured memory of our beloved parents E R Olli ond E C Gill also our onlv brother Horace who passed away at their residence 95 Stephen street Yarraville-Father July 22 1938 mother April 14 1934 Horace

Februarv 17 1037

We miss jour company and your love

Your fond devoted core

How sad and changed It all is now

We miss Dad everywhere

But Christ will link the family chain St II closer when we oil meet again

- (Your loving daughters and granddaughter Cora Vera Leila )

GIASHELD-In fond memorv of our loving mother Jeanie Glanflcld who died at Mordl alloc on 24th July 1931 -Treasured mc inories (Inserted by her lamil} )

MACKIF- In loving memory of our father John Mackie who passed away at Harcourt July 23 1037 (Inserted by his family )

M\UDSLri -In loving memorv of our deal father who passed away 21st Juli 1938 and mother on 20th Januar} 1939 grandparents of Karl and Ted (Inserted by son and ramil} )

MCINTOSH-In loving memors of our dear mother Irene Frances who fell asleep on Julv

24 1930

Not Just to day but every da} In silence we remember

- (Inserted by loving ¡amllj Bendigo)

MCINTOSH (Irene Frances Dorrlty Ben digo) -Treasured memories of Irene dearl}

Mary and Fred (sister of Jessie Mrs Page and David A Colac)

Still living still ours-mother

-(A F Dorrit} St Neots Domain road

South Yorra )

MciHKIlhON - To the everlasting memory of my loved brother Murray Worcester who passed to a higher life 24th Julv 1936

Thinking I hear thee

Thinking I see thee smile

-(Inserted by his sorrowing sister Gwen J

McVtIGH-Sacred to the memory of Edith Florence beloved mother of Beni and W11

Ham who passed to a hlgliei life on the J3rtl Jul} 1935

Mil I WARD-In loving memory of mj dear husïmnd Walter Arthur and our fothei who

.parsed ona; July 24 1036 -Ever rcmem bcred i Inserted b} his loving wife and sons Charles and Walter )

NEIL-In loving memorj of in/ beloved husband James Mccallum who died on Jul}

24 1038

NEIL-In loving memory of my dear dadd} who died on July 24 1938

SCRFFN.-In loving mentor) of our dear Jim beloved only child of the late James and Bessie Screen passed away 24th July 1927 aged 19 years -Loved and remem bered (Inserted by his loving aunts St Kilda )

SMITH-In sacred memor} of our dear mother grandma and great grandma who passed peocefull} away on 24th July 1911 at St Andrews P O Queenstown aged "4 years and 5 months also her many loved ones who have gone before and since -Safe In God s gracious care (Inserted b} her affec- tionate lamil} I

si \rr -m loving memory of Bertha the dearly loved wife of Thomos Storr and mother of Leslie Ivlc and Winnie who passed away to lhc hishr-r life on the 22nd Julv 1933 -Wearv and languid her Father led her gently home

WARD. - In loving' memory of my dear friend. Isabel, who passed away July 24, 1936; also her mother, on July l8. 1938.

When life's Journey's ended

Some day we will meet again.

-(Inserted by their loving friends, E. Saw nnd faml'y.) . '

WEST.-In loving memory of my dear hus- band and my father. George Bulvvor West, who died on the 24th July. 1938. -Loving memories, Unsertcd by his loving wife. Marj-, and George.)

VVIDDOI'.-In memory of my dear husband and my loving father. Porcy C. E.. who passed on on the 24th July. 1938. (Inserted by his wife and daughter. Marjorie.)

WILKINSON'.-In sad and loving menfoiy of t mv darling elster. Ettye. who died July 23.

1934: also my darling mother, father, sisters' Beek mid Hilda. -Always remembered. (In- serted hv Eil Phillips.!

WILKINSON.-In loving memory of my be 'oved sister. Ettye. who passed away July 33. 1934. -Gone, but not forgotten. (Inserted joy Welter.I

WILKINSON_In loving lemembrance of my diirlln- auntie. Ettye. (Carmen Phillips.)

WILKINSON_In memory of our dorling Ettje. who passed away on Julv 24. 1934. -Sadly missed. (Inserted by Hilda, Vic, and children.)

WILLIAMS.-In loving memory of our dear cousin, Bert, who passed away on July 24, 1937.

Deep in our hearts a memory Is kept

Of one w'c love and will never forget. Alwoys so rood, unselfish, and kind.

A few In this world his equal to find.

—(Inserted by his loving cousins, Joyce and Gwen Donnell.)



V NDREVVAr-THA - live 1- tends rf the late l-V Mr ARTHUR JOHN ASURLVV 4IÎT1IA ore re

¡"pcclfulls Invited to tollow Ills mu ins to tire I

plru of Interme t l te lelbourne Cemetery ¡ 1 Callion

I The tuneral will leave his residence 33 Rojal I avenue alirhunth THIS DA"V (Monday Julj 24 ) at 3 p m

R ROIJSON Funeral Director comer Brunsulck

tretl and St Georpe s roid North ntzro Tele I .plroic JW ¿345 I

I"»Aimir.}!. - The F cid» ot tip I te

> CATHFRINF UAftlHEYL «re rcfpcilt ill li

er-»d th t her finen! mil love the b cred He-rt Church Woitlcfll rodd OsUrtgb Tomorrow (Tire* ' In "Stli Julv I « I pm fur the piare of Inter I nie h in the Necropolie Dandenong read Spring


RA1BOULDS PTY LTD IC Ml »toil rd Oak leluh LMI4"!


CANE - The Friends of the late Mr CHARLES

SAMUEL CANE are respectfully Intoimed   that his remains will be Interred in the Burwood


The funeral will leave his late residence No 13 Belmont avenue East Malvern THIS DAY (Mon dav 24th July) at 3 30 p m

HERBERT KIVO and sola Funeral Directors 1"4 Lennon street Richmond Phone J3462

CiAKROLL - The Friends of the late Mrs

' FLORENCF CARROLL arc re»pccttully In

formed that a Requiem Mass for the repose of her soul will be celebrated at St Ignatius s Church Church street Richmond THIS DAY (Monda) July 2«) it 8 45 am

The funeral córtese Is appointed to leave the I hurch at 2 p m for the Melbourne Ocnc-al

Cemetery Carlton I

HERBERT KIHO and SONS Funeral Directors I

Lennox street Richmond Phone J3462_ j


(Officer) are respirtfully Informed that ti e remains of his late beloved wife will be Interred In the Berwick Cemeterj

The funeral will leave the Union Church Officer THIS DAY (Monday 24th Jull ) at : 30 p m

JOHN GRANT undertaker Berwick Phone 25

C1REIOHTON - Friends of the ¡at» mK

' ELIZABETH CREIGHTON are respectfully Informed that her remains will be Interred in the Preston Oenrral Cemeterj

The funeral Is appo nted to leave her home Euclcbar Wollert THIS DAY (Monday 24th July) ot 1 p m arriving about 1 40

HFNRY J R LEWIS Funeral Director 154 Johnston street Fitzroy 658 Hieb street Regent Phone Jiorc_ CRUICKSHANK-The Friends of Uie late Miss

MARY CRUICKSHANK aie respectfully In formed that her remains will be cremated at the Crematorium Springvale

Tlio funeral is appoli IM to leave her resl

dence No 8 Urquhart street Hiwthom THIS DAI (Monday July 24) at 3 30 p m

A W PADBURY and Co Funeral Directors 13 Cotham rood Kew Phone How 31_

DsLTON - The Mends of Mr ARTHUR

DALTON aro Invited to follow the remains of lils dearlj loved wife Elizabeth to the- Fawkner


The funeral will leave his residence 32 Frederic) street West Brunswick, THIS DAY (Monday 24th July) at 3 30 p m


rood Brunswick FW1746


funeral will leave the residence of her daughter (Mrs. II. Deane), l8 Monash street, Ascotvalo West. THIS DAY (Monday), at 3.45, for the place of Interment, the Fawkner Cemetery.


tors, 676 Mt. Alexander road. Moonee Ponds,,

VV.4. Phono FC545I._ I l^RODSHAN. - The Friends of the lat« Mrs.

[ Cemetery.

Tile funeral will leave Drayton and Carton's

HAMILTON.-The Friends ol the late Mrs.

ALICE MARTHA HAMILTON are respectfully informed that her funeral will leave the resi- dence of her son-ln-Iaw iMr. C. J. Wilding). 41 Oileo street, Coburg, THIS DAY (Monday, 24th July, 1839), at ball-pan 3 o'clock, tor the place of interment, the Fawkner Cemetery.

| JOSEPH ALLISON PTY. LTD., Funeral Direc-

tors. 7a8 Sidney road, North Brunswick. Phone

FVV4510 (2 lines).

TEWELL- The Friends of the late Mrs. ANNIE

CHAULK JEWELL aro Informed that her funeral will leave the residence of lier son-in-law (Mr. E. O. Smith), 14 Yarra street, Hawthorn, THIS DAY (Monday, July 24), at It a.m., lor tito Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton.

KENTLE and HOLDSWORTH, 225 Pork street, South Melbourne. MX1J50.


ARSHALL. - The Friends of tho late JAMES -MARSHALL of IO Wentley street, Hawthorn East, are invited to follow his remains to tho Crematorium, Springvale.

The funeral will lpavo our parlours Burke road. Camberwell, THIS DAY (Monday, July J«),

MARTIN (nee Grigg).-The Friends of the late

Mrs. ELIZABETH MARTIN are respectfully informed that her remains will be interred in the Melbourne Cemetery, Carlton.

The funeral will leave her residence, 93 O'Grady street, Clifton Hill, THIS DAY (Monday, the 24th

July), at 3.30 p.m.

J. FERGUSON and SON, Funeral Directors, 712 High street, Thornbury (tel. JW3037):176 High   street, Northcote.

MATTHEWS -The Friends of the late Mr.

JOHN HENRY MATTHEWS are informed that his remains will be interred in the Burwood Cemetery.

The funeral will leave the chapel of B. Matthews Pty. Ltd., 102 Toorak road. South Yarra, THIS DAY (Monday, 24th July), at 11 a.m.

B. MATTHEWS PTY. LTD. Win. 66 (2 lines).

MCFARLANE.-The Friends of the late Rev.

DAVID MCFARLANE are informed that his remains will be Interred In the Brighton Ceme-


The funeral will leave his residence, 56 Rose street, Armadale, THIS DAY (Monday, 24th July),

at 3 p.m.

MCGRATH. - The Friends of the late Mr. MICHAEL J. MCGRATH are respectfully in-

vited to follow his remains to the place of inter-1

ment in the Melbourne Cemetery, Carlton.

(Monday, July 24), at 2 o'clock.

ALFRED ALLISON. Funeral Director (estab.   1854), 221 Victoria street, Melbourne West. Phone'


NIND.-Friends of the late Mr. HARRY NIND are respectfully informed that his remains   will be Interred in the Melbourne Cemetery, Carl-


The funeral is appointed to leave the residence of his sister (Mrs. Chappell), 25 Walker street, Northcote. To-morrow (Tuesday, 25th July), at

3.30 p.m.

HENRY J. R. LEWIS, Funeral Director. 154 Johnston street. Fitzroy; 247 High street, North- cote. Phone J1065.  

O CONNOR-Requiem Moss for the repose ot

the soul of the lote Mr. PATRICK O CONNOR will be celebrated at St. Monica's Church, Mount Alexander road, Moonee Ponds, To-morrow (Tucsdai), at 7 am.

The tunerftl will leave the church at 10.30 t

(or (he Coburg Cemetery. rriends ore invited

io attend

REEVES-Tim Friends of the late JAMES

REEVES are invited to follow lils remains to the New Melbourne General Cemetery, Fawkner.

The funeral will leave our parlours, 841 Burke road Camberwell, THIS DAY (Monday, 34th Jul>),

t 3 l8 p m

LE PINE and SOV, Funeral Directors. JU04.

ROSS-The rriends of the late Mrs. LEILA

ROfcS ate Informed that lier remains will be bi'crred In the Brighton Cemoterj.

The luncral Is appointed to move from vv. G Au s and Sons' chapel, 3fl5 High street. St. Kilda, THIS DAY (Monda!, 24th Jilly), at 2 p.m , arriv- ing at cemetery gates about 2 IS.

APPS AND SONS PTY. LTD . Funeral Directors :t Kilda. Phone, Wind. Ex 70

ROWE-The Frlenos of the late Miss EMILY

ADA ROWE, of 50 MacGrcgor street. East Malvern, arc respectfullj informed that her re- mains will be cremated at the Sprtngvalo Crema-


The funeral is appointed to leave the parlours of B Matthews Pty Ltd , 102 Toorok road, South Yarra. THIS DAY (Monday, July 24), ot 1 30 p ra

H MATTHEWS PTY LTD 215 Dandenong road, JVst Malvern Phone UY58D5_

SARAH.—The Friends of Mr. HUGH SARAH are repectfully informed that the funeral   of his dearly beloved wife, Bessie, will leave his   residence, 76 Claremont avenue, Malvern, THIS   DAY (Monday), at 2.15 o'clock, for the place   of interment in the Box Hill Cemetery, arriving

at 3 p.m.

RAYBOULDS PTY. LTD., op. station, Malvern.


STUART-The Frlerds of the late Mr GORDON

STJART are respectfully Informed thit his funeral will leave Rojboulds parlours Cecil street

Prahran THIS DAY (Mondavj, nt 1 p m . for the pl.i"c of Interment in tile Brighton Ocneral


BAYBOUI.DS PTY LTD . 4 and 6 Cecil street

--'. /..,...- ni« i-:, al 0 &t!lti01, s(rcct I

rpAYLOR-The menus oí the lair first-constable | X HORWOOD NORMAN TAYLOR ire Informed, :th,t his remains will be Interred in the Coburg' Cemeien with poliro honours

The funeral will move from AKred Allison's! parlo,]], 488 William street (near victoria street)

Melbourne West, THIS DAY (Vondaj, July 24) 0t

3 30 p m

ALFRED ALLISON, Tunera! Director 221 Vic torla street, Melbourne West rhene FI380


ZIMMERMANN -The Friends of the late Mr.

FRr OERtCK ANDREW ZIMMERMANN are re p<-et full, requested to folio«* his remains to the plice oí intermtnt, the New Cheltenham Ceme ler>. Hello* av nwd.

The luncisl ia appointed to leave hi« resi- dence, 48 S>camore ntreet. Caulfield, TÏIIB 1MY (Monda j, July 24). *t 2 30 pm.

BATHURST and DECKER (late ALP.), Funeral Dr'cio-5. Caulflplrl Phon» L6337.