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Wo do not hold ouraelvMrtiponsiblifor tht opinions

of our'Correspondents.


To the Editor.of. the Gipps, "Land,Guardian.

PorfAlbcrt, April 8, 1859.

• .-As, a S ubscri ber to the' Races I request; to. know"! wlio 'instructed ' vou''to(alter the first " advertisement which' appeared' in your paper containing .tlie programme:of tlie' Races as carriedy at aTpublic meeting convened'for that purpose': ' The riile of

"three to s-lart or, no race",was afterwards

altered'iii your "papeto i 1 i re e to enter dv'norace," tliis to„ sporting. men made a most material difference, and this alter ation,rendered the whole < Races illegal, and renderedythe Stewards, liable .to be called on to refund'th'e Subscribei's rnonfey. : I, yypujd^alspjwish' to. ask jhow^it was^tliat

two' Stew^arfl's'only acted 'wheirTfour we're chosen. Ought/not; a- jpublichriecting to bewailed aud two otherrStewards elected to^carry "'"out^the. 'rules "adopted ^af t]i*e

meeting*. ni>iJ<d'"alter!.them'. -

A, ! • ° • - >!<J > J ,1 , I. II

I!, ;jai.lover of fainjpiiy

' To the iJEdilor, of the - Gi/ips^Zahil Guardian;' *1?

r •: j is <■ • „ d > ~ — f: f*i'i L

What a falling-off was there.— Vide Hamlet.'.?-, t. • // ;_s_ ;[J ■> ■

' Sir;—^ItnisjtAvitbrimucli; pleasure ^'tlitit'• the iiihabitants I'of'. Salerai'nvinfbi'inedj' in yourilast-issue, that the.'services of;a!-com-f ■:j»«tenti'>report€ir * liave' been secured'; >'and'I' have :uo! doiibtnfchafcb;tLie uboo'n .will .::bo>' doubly-received oby,■ryonr.1 subscribersc-re-'' aiding; in the iipper.;and lower districts, as1 miioli >i disssati-sfnestion j.-liasi-lately ^existed amo'ngst;vy our,(■ readers :in' consequence >ofi the :paucit.v soft local ■intelligence.'.respecting; £ the-.northern i or (■^ upper.t:district .of„, Gipps

Iand :which .loresome ^considerable: titno<

past has been discreditably, meagre, if. we'1 exceptthosenai'ticles contributed'.' bj'jyour' (Jmeo ; correspondent.,; who.: ■ certainly.* de-? serves; the ithaiiksj.ofoitliec..public.,'for,.his' praiseworthy eiidc.Mvors to collectv anvs items of intelligence, " whiclr' may be worthy or';notice.~ , • > ■■ .■ > ' '■

It may,readily be believed when'the':

rernnrk -that.?on'e-halfV of. >the .wcrl dadoes 7

■not know >ho,v, the other half.liyr.s—it being a well-knpwn fact that the Omeo and lower districts'are in total ignorance ot passing incidents at Side, the' central) portion of J>

Gii)i)S.L;md -

I trust., I excused Jn pointing out liow-tliis want may be remedied; and,

at, the same time, -that the value of-your • paper .as a: record ofVpassing; 'events, is; materially'enhanced ; ^arid- knowing- your'' i willingness ,to present.everything-, in-.tho

shape of news to' ;}jour. .'subscribers, and,

^also: 'that,jthis." desirable 'consummation is.;, notrlikely to be accomplished until* you ' can; secure the1 services of some person as "a reporter,iof.-'moderate ability,arid energy as . well;: as ^adaptability l'or the office,

(which we are informed in. your 'last- paper < you have done,). I trust I may not he charged with adulation when 1 state that, •"duriiig^tlle "timej_ Mr. ,de Tracy.-used to •:coniriuute^.ro:.;yoiuv'j)a.|)er,- your readers were in variably informed oft, all incidents .worthy; of- notice,, writtenin;good ■g'ramma • tical. .English, -and :ol'ten , in--a:, stylo of ^elegant coinposition ; and l;bave no doubt

that if asked, would •occasionally devote any leisure, time lie :mi<rht liaye in for-, warding you vmahy-'articles which would ,.|be,.n|!prepjated);l^-3,pur-rea.ders.t ' ",v

There is one subject which I see you have omitted to mention, viz., an account of Mr. Neilson's death (or inquest if there was any). I do not suppose the same has

been caused through any neglect or wish to slight the public, but has arisen from a far purer motive, which induced you to forbear all mention of so painful a subject in order to spare the feelings of his family and relatives. Now, however laudable   your intentions may have been, I do con

sider that there ought to be no distinction' made between a wealthy person or one in more humble circumstances, and that an  

editor, in order to succeed, ought always

to follow out and bear in mind that noble

quotation from Burke, " I am in the place

where of conscience I am demanded to speak the truth—and therefore the truth I speak, impugn it whose list." The late Mr. Neilson was much respected by many of his old fellow-colonists—-and though,

at the same. time, truly sorry to hear of his death, would have liked to have learned the full .particulars.    

f I "_v\' ■ i *•> -'y « r

Many of yo.ur rea'ders feel disappointed in hearing-' the;.ac(]uii,tal of Chamberlain and Armstrong- lor ..'the murder of Mr. C.

Green at Orneo, not talcing' into considera- t tion the danger of circumstantial evidence,;, however strong-, without actual, proof, and

that"' excellent code' in 'the British , law,.( 'i:that it 'is better that ninety-nine guilty " ■•men ,should .escape than- 'that,one innocent ' man should suffer." . , , ,

.There is one .subject,: however,xtliat will

befuva little more investigation,viz.,the mys- >; terious disappearance of William Henry Clare 'alias 'Ballaarat: Harry, and Thomas

Took becoming- possessed;with<his proper-^ ty : in the trial of-this v case;»either tho shepherd by whom he was last seen was examined nor Arthur Orton who was in

charge of, the Darg-o station, and with • whom- -tliey rem'ainecP/rom the 1 l^tlr iof March until the 2nd of April; and from

the remarks I have -been enabled to gather

from Orton, it appears, thatVfooke., had. told1 Ballaarat'Harry many-falsehoods inJ' order to inveigle liirnto Dargo. Tho

statement'of' Orton is as follows :—"Ire-1 member Thomas Tooke and Ballaarat

r Harry coming "'to-Dargo on tho'lfith or

17th of March.; Tooke inquired whether

Michie the Frenchman was there—T said fno. They remained-"until the 2nd of -April'/*-Jj Jnj cpnv^ej'sationrfwith i'lGlare,! he-!

told me that Tookejiad informed him that Michio liad shown hiin*(Tooke).a..nugg<,t of gold " weighing1 !i 13.J o'zs"., and. that

Michie had • promised: to. meet (Tooke; with;* his mate. When I asked Tooke why they were to'meet at Dargo, he said that .Michie had found ft- gold field tit Glen 'maggie, and that Johnstone, Esq. had given Michie the Bruthen station for three years—to -keep it1-* s'eorat^an'd-itoiati1 they, were going to-cross tthe '^mountains; tlfaf1 nobody should see them./' _ . y? £»j«tA i' j Some time after this JI saw-Micliie, and 'islce'd' >fiinS'«VliHfcprevented him from, ;comirig,::'vhe';appeared quite surprised, and

said .he had neither found a nugget nor had he promised to meet them.

Arthur Orton also states that he knew Clare to have monejr with him, also a quantity of gold, (about a double handful,) and he showed him from amongst the lot a nugget resembling the shape and size of the first joint of the little finger. Toke told Arthur Orton, whilst he remained with him, that he had no mohejr, hut that as soon as he got some, he should go hack to .Omeo, as he was indebted there. Tooke has long borne the character of being a doubly convicted expiree and a reputed horse and cattle stealer; and the universal opinion is, that Glare has met with his death by some unfair means. And it is to be hoped that diligent search with the aid of some intelligent aborigines will yet be made along the banks of the Guanno Creek for the remains of Ballaarat Harry.

There are many other items of interest I could give you, did time and space admit; therefore, at present, you must

take the will for the deed from

Your humble subscriber,

~ ' EDWARD WATSON. Sale, 8th April, 1859.

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