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No Application Made ïel ,

PERTH Wednesday -Officials of the Subiaco rootball Club said to day that tliey had not íeceiyed any application foi a clearance to Geelong f-om F Williams The matter will not be considered said the secretary (Mr Tom Outrldge), until au application is lodged and that can- not be until nc\t year When it does ar- me it will bo dealt with in the usual


The resident of the West Australian League (Mr W Stool e) said that no question of piotest had been referred offi- cially to the League If the matter Is going to be brought before the League it cannot be considered before the next meeting on August 2 . he said

Ho hinted howevei that the matter had been discussed unofficially

When Williams left Perth several com mitteemen resented his action in leaving that club half yyay through the season and told him that he was leaying at his oyvn


Geelong Bevildered

GEELONG Wednesday -The secietary of the Geelong Football Club (Mr Iyo Gibson) said to day that he had not re- ceived any official notification that the West Australian National Football League would refuse to clear J Williams from Subiaco to Geelong Williams came to Geelong from the West after the recent

interstate matches

Mr Gibson said that before he had eyer met Williams he had obtained per

mission from an executiye of the Subiaco club to Interview Williams with a y lew to his transfer to Geelong He thereto e felt cei tain that an application for a cleai ance would íecelve fayourable considera tion The Subiaco club official had also been informed of the arrangements that had been made for Williams to transfer to Geelong before Williams had left Perth and had also been asked whether Williams had any obligations to the Subiaco club to fulfil Mr Gibson had been Informed that Williams was clear

, Williams to day said I am at a loss

to understand the reported decision of the West Australian League as before I left Peith Mi W Orr secretary of the West Austnllan National League and officials of the Subiaco club wished me ey eil sue cess in Victoria I am happily situated in Geelong and do not intend to return to Perth yvhere I was out of employment I hope that yyhen I apply for a clear- ance to Geelong Subiaco and the West Australian League will remember the treatment given them by Geelong when they obtained the scry lees of Les Hardi-