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MELBOURNE, September 13.

Though his representative, Malzen, had to be content with second place In the third heat of to-day's Trial Handicap Ascot, the Wangaratta trainor, H. F, lloystcad, will have happy memories of his present visit to Melbourne. lloystcad won at Ep- som with Silver Oak, and gained the honours this afternoon with Plum King in the Flying Handicap. %

Plum King was not too well served at the start, but put in a smart run at the turn, The oxtreme outsider, Ynroplan, fought the Issue gamely in the straight, but Plum King scored by a neck. Third place went to Moro Cyllene, which Is par tlnl to this course. Plum King started at 7 to 4. but his backers on the totallsator nero paid at the remarkably good price of even money. Details:

RIVER HANDICAP, 5 Furlongs.-H. R. Anderson's bk.m, SATINETTE, by Dom- ination-Satlnella, aged, allowed 51b, 8.9 (J. Price). 1; W. Mazzolllti's br.g., GREEN TOY, 6 years, allowed 71b, 7.9 (A. Ayres), 2| G. McPherson's b.g., BOBART, aged, 8 7 (S. Tomlson), 3. Other starters: Little Earl, Minna Rose, Deen. Betting: 2 to 1 SATINETTE, Bobart, 5 to 2 Green Toy, 15 to 1 the others. Dividends (for 5/): Win, 15/6; place, 7/6. Won by two and a half lengths; one and fl half lengths between second and third. Time, 1.5.

TRIAL HANDICAP, First Division, 5>,!> Furlonss-D. McCrae's ch.m. MERCOO, by Manfred-Laveuse, 5 years, 7.5 (E. Badger), 1; W. Thomson's ch.g., CYANUS, 6 jears, 7.13, carried 7,13 (J. Daniells), 2; W. Loldlaw's ch.m., MISS YIN BARUN, 6 jears, 9 9 (J. Stocker), 3. Other starters: Carse, O'Gowrle, Wildwood, Bon Gamin, Starr Faithfull, Electric Flyer, Glendale, Queen Malka, Bill Potoa, Pooley Bridge, Great Orb, Ocean Raid, Havering, Auto- matic, Lady Meteor. Betting: 5 to 2 Miss Yin Barun, 3 to 1 Cyanus, 9 to 2 MEROO, 10 to 1 Queen Malka, Hovering, 12 to 1 Great Orb. Dividends: Win, £1/12/; place, 11/6, 8/6, 8/6. Won by half a length; half a neck between second and third. Time, 18',i.

TRIAL HANDICAP, Second Division. B McEntree's ch.g., KOBELIK; by Violoncello-Twitter, 5 yeors, allowed 71b, 8 0 (A. Clarke), 1¡ G. Harrison's ch.f., GAY HUNTRESS, 3 years, 7.12 (A. Dew- hurst), 2; D. G. Officer and C. R. Mas tell'i. b.g., RODDA, aged, 7.12, enrried 7.13 (L. Healey), 3. Other starters: North Rood, Indignation, Burshlre, Filspower, Walter Raleigh, Goodna, Acts, Continua- tion, Pro Quid, Kaween, Restlessness, Bachelor's Joy, Pirate Lass. Betting: 3 'to 1 Gay Huntress, 5 to 1 KUBELIK, Bache- lor's Joy, 7 to 1 Kaween, Burshlre, 8 to 1 Walter Raleigh, 10 to 1 Rodda. Divi- dends: Win, £1/10/; place, 11/, 8/6, 19/6. Won by five lengths. Time, 1.8Vi.

TRIAL HANDICAP.-Third Division, 5',i furlongs.-D. M'Dougall's gr.g. DAY PAT- ROL. The Night Patrol-Híspanla, 5yrs" 8.0 (p. Courtney), 1; H. F. Hoystead's bg. MALZEN, 5yrs., 8.0 (J. O'Brien), 2; L. Parkinson's b.g. GOODORBAD, all. 71b" C7 (J. Godby), 3. Other starters: Jam nagar, Curtlse, Golden Hind, Arcooe, Graconda, Wise Judge, Crow!lower, Strobius. Mariposa, Silver Samt, Bertha's Hope, Pulsator, Miss Qulnty. Betting: 7 to 4 v. Jamnagar, 3 to 1 Malzen, 4 to 1 DAY PATROL, 8 to 1 Pulsator, 12 to 1 Curtlse, 33 to 1 Goodorbad. Dividends: Win, £1/ 9/; place, 10/, 8/6, £1/1. Won by half a length, with half a length between sec- ond and third. Time, 1.9'¿.

TRIAL HANDICAP.-Fourth Division: E J. Jenkins's b.g. SORANUS, by Amanus La Baton, all. 21b., 7.7 (M. Campbell), 1; P. O'Halloran's b.g. DOUBLE BARD, 3 yrs., 8.0 (H. Foster), 2; E. Muldoon's b.g BOROIAN, 5yrs., all. 71b" 7.12 (H. Reed), 3. Other starters: Honour Badge, Orna- mental, Mountfield, Winnaway, Yarodan, Windarra, Keep Baron, Babean, Aloglo, El Darna Royal, Sun, Rak. Betting: 2 to 1 v. Honour Badge. 3 to. 1 Double Bard, 9 to 2 Aloglc, 8 to 1 Sabean, 10 to 1 Yorodah, 12 to 1 SORANUS, 14 to 1 :3or 1 clan. Dividends : Win, "£3/17/; place,

£1/7/, 8/, 15/6. Won by a long neck, with one and three-quarter lengths between second and third. Time, 1.10.

FLYING HANDICAP, 514 furlongs.-H. Hoystead's br.g. PLUM KING, by King's Treasure-Plum Blossom, aged, 8.7 (J. O'Brien), 1; R. Brown's ch.g. YAROPIAN, '¡6yrs., 8.5 (O. Calllnan), 2; A. H. Mackie'^ bg. MORE CYLLENE. aged. 7.12 (R. Bones), 3. Other starters: Duality, Belle Marie, Kalon, Bluewyn, Green View, Patrician, Malden Hair, Nellie's Tip, Top of the Morn, Attempto, Gold and Green, Arrastar, Dunlora, Howford, Balling. Bet- ting: 7 to 4 v. PLUM KING. 7 to 2 Patrician, 7 to 1 Gold and Green, 8 to 1 Belle Marie, 15 to 1 More Cyllene, 33 to 1 Yaroplan. Dividends: Win, 15/6; placo, ,10/, £5/10/6, £1/4/6. Won by a neck, with one end a quarter lengths between sec- ond and third. Time, 1.834.

THREE-YEAR-OLD HANDICAP, 1 mile. -J. E. Smedley's br.c. HOSTILE, by Simeon's Fort-Voltean, all. 51b., 8.9 vJ. Maher), 1; H. Leete's br.f. BEAUTIFu

GIRL, 3yrs., 8.6 (K. Bracken) and H. Grant's br.f. LA OANNETTE, 3yrs. (L, Whittle), 7.10, dead heat, 2. Other starters: Selgnor Grande, Andromeda. Beaumetz, Ekard, Saurian, Sunlta, Bet- ting: Evens HOSTILE, 3 to 1 v. Beautiful Girl, 5 to 1 Andromeda, 10 to I Selgnor Grande, 33 to 1 La Cannette. Dividends: Win, 10/6; place, 6/6, Beautiful Girl 3/, La Cannette £1/10/6. Won by one and a quarter lengthB. Time, l.W.i.

WELTER HANDICAP (FIRST DIVI- SION), 1 Milo.-H. Fisher's ch.g. EASBY, Eaton Lad-Bahloo, aged, allowed 71b 7.13 (F. Myers), 1; C. J. Bannan's a.m., De Joie, 4 years, 8.0 (W. Cox), 2; R. Glider and A. O. Hoster'e br.g., Auriga, aged, B2 (F. Wright), 3. Other starters: Kaka, Devamond, Lord Amantes. White Dove. Betting: 11 to 8 against De Jole, 3 to 1 Kaka, 7 to 2 Auriga, 7 to 1 Easby, 8 to 1 Devamond. Dividends: Win £1/18/; place, 15/, 9/. Won by (Ive lengths; two lengths between second and third. Time, 1.45.

WELTER HANDICAP (SECOND DIVI SION).-T. J. Hayes's br.g.. BOUNDLESS, Thrice-Lucette, 6 years, allowed 51b. 8.5 (J. L. Meagher), 1; R. Brown's b.g., Thrl cap, aged, 8.9 (O. Callinan), 2; R. Shad bolt's br.m., Binalong, aged. 7.12 (T. Cain), 3. Other starters: Gladadder, Irony, Spear King, Firmament, Matestic Bridge, Not Infallible. Betting: 6 *o 4 Boundless, 2 to 1 Gladadder. 4 to I Thrl cap. 12 to 1 Irony. 15 to 1 Binalong. Dlvl. 'lends: Win. 13/6; place. 7/. 8/, £1/1/6.

vYon by two and a half lengths: one >ud a half lengths between second and hird. Time, 1.45%.

ESSENDON HANDICAP (FIRST DIVI- SION).-W. Mclnncs's ch.m... PATSY 3TARE, Stare-Lady Chance, 6 /eats, 9 5 (H. Badger), 1; B. Woods' rh.m., MissWp, aged. 7.2, carried 7.3 (R. Rollinson), 2; A. W. Lester'6 b.g., Earl Nation, aged, ".0 (D. Smith), 3. Other starte«: Gal- lery Girl, Homeville, Sevrene, vlarshon. On Time, Royal Regret. Betting: 6 to I on Patsy Stare. 7 to 2 Gallery Girl. 5 to 1 Misstep, 12 to 1 Marshon. 25 to l Earl Nation. Dividends: Win, 8/; Place, 5/6, 7/6, 14/. Won by six lengths; inlf a length between second and third. -Ime, 1.9.

ESSENDON HANDICAP (SECOND DIVI ION).-W. O'connor'«! b.m., PHILEVA, 'acolct-Etta, 0 yenrs, 7.0, carried 7.1 W. Cox), I; L. T. Reynold's ch.m., lellades, 3 years, 8.7 (H. Foster), 2; H. ». Anderson's ch.g.. Glengoran, 6 years, mowed 31b, 6.13 (G Wennon), 3. Other itartcrs: Keep Smiling, Say When, Bob, ivon, Bobart, Ml«s Woo. Betting: 7 ?0 4 Hellades. 2 to 1 Keep Smiling, . to 1 Glengoran. 6 to 1 Phllcva. Divi- dends: Win. £1/16/; place, 10/, 8/. 7/. Von'by two leDgths; two and a half enuths between second and third. Time,