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The Australian Ulm ndusttj seems in- capable of keeping Its home screen talent for any length of time In icccnt \ears

I It has last Errol n>nn and Maij MORUITP

to mention onl> two Ulm plajcts who made their first break. In Australian

¡Ulms before reaping higher lewards ' abroad Incidentally Miss Maguire s first

starring film for Warner Brothers Scr I gcant Murphy will be seen at the Lj ceum on Frlda>

Trcsli e\ldenoe of this unfot túnate stnte of affairs comes from the Melbourne pro ducing company New Era Films which is scorching high and low fir two young women to play the feminine leads in its "?econd production Show Business based on a «tory which the company purchased in the United States They want a MM na Loy type and a Janet Gaynor it>pe but failed to get them after the I director (Mr A R Hal wood) had lntcr

\ lew ed 730 Melbourne applicants Mr Harwood has engaged more than loo people as extras but of his two leading ladles there Is not a sign

Meanwhile the companys flrst pictuie The A\cnger Is awaiting release In


i Laughton Turns Lowbrow

] Charles Laughton, whose first film for

his own producing companj, "Vessel of Wrath," is attracting the attention of the 1 English critics, has changed his opinions

about the clpema stace he gave his first starring film role In ' Pay ment Deferred" five years ago He says -

"When I first went into pictures I intended to make some money and then return to the stage I had no Intention of allowing Hollywood to rob me of my correct' opinions But after I had been hi the films for a veai I was Invited to attend a play produced by the Oxford University Dramatic Society After the show the students sat me dow n in a corner of a room with a glass of w lne and began to air their 'correct' opinions about Ibsen Molicie, and the rest It was just so much hot air,' so many words To them I was a 'ham' actor who had sold his soul for gold

' I began to see thot the emotional sin-

cerity of the niasses was Infinitely more I important than the 'coirect' ideas of ii

I few sophisticates Aftei my peifoim- i

ance in The Private Life of Henry VIII ' lone ciltic accused me of playing to the i

gallery j

" 'Quite right,' I told him 'the people

in the boiled shuts don't interest me My ' public Is in the shillings I

' Fundamentally, both cinema and theatre are places foi emotional lelaxatlon, and most of the theories aired by hlgh bious are nothing more Ulan snobbery "

Well, well Another loss to the higher

cinema '

Capru is> Busy

What Frank Capia Is doing or intends to do is news of firstrate importance hi the film "'orM rino «ova», allows when ne is about to produce another academy w inner like "It Happened One Night" or "Mi

Deeds Goes to Town,' or make another film of the stature of "Lost Horizon "

Rumours that he was returning to his native Italy to take contiol of the entiie Italian film industiy at the request of Signor Mussolini, and another stoiy that he had been offered control of one of the largest producing organisations ta Gi eat Britain, may lie discounted Columbia

studios announce with an air of finality i

i that Mr Capia has signed a new contract

to remain with them for an Indefinite l>eriod ills first picture to be an adaptation of the play . You Can't Take It With You," for the screen rights of which they poid £100 000 The cast will Include Jean

! Art hut, whose squabbles with the studios jha\e now been settled, Lionel Barrymore,

Una Merkel, Zosu Pitts, and Alice Faye

Under llic Sen

Word has been received that an Aus tiallan film, "Typhoon Treasure." which I has been In the making for the best part of a yeai, Is In the final stages of cutting and editing under the supervision of the author and director (Mr Noel Monkman). Tor nine months camera and sound men, dhcis, and technicians formed a colony on the Great Barrier Reef, with Green Island as their headquarters, where authentic under-watcr pictures were taken of the coral reefs and their fauna. Mr. Monkman has had considerable experi- ence of this branch of cinema photogra- phy The cast Includes Campbell Cope lln, Joe Valli, and Gwen Munro, a young Melbourne actress.

Lady Kennet Objects

Plans made by the Gainsborough studios in England to remake the old silent film of Captain Scott's last journey to the South Pole have fallen through because of the opposition of his widow, Lady Kennet. The proposal was to impose dialogue upon the official film of the expedition made by Mr H G Pontlng. Admiral Sir Edward E\ans, who was second in command of the ill-fated expedition urged upon Lady Kennet that tho film could do no harm but she felt that the tragedy of Scotts death might be o\er-dramatised, and per- sisted with her decision that no new film should bo made In her lifetime

Screen Calendar

"1 he Lady Fights B.iok" (State Fiida<) ¡ -New supporting film for ' 100 Men and | a Girl " the highly successful musical Ulm which Is drawing recoid houses to this theatie 'The Lady Fights Back' is a lomantic comedy, with Kent Ttnloi and Irene Haivev In addition all the othPi

suppoiting featuies will be chmged In- ¡ eluding the stace presentation Belt Howells band will pla\ new music and the \uiiety act will be piovidcd b\ Challes Cook American colomed negro dancer

"Biff Town Girl" (Lyceum, Trldaj) - Film drama, with music for elalie Tre\or, Donald Woods Alan Dlnehart md Alan Baxter Support "Sergeant Murphy "

melodrama with the Australian at tress i Mai y Maguire in the leading role I