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' T

Geelong Footballer

nv mit \iUImkx wit M i it

STAWELL, Monday.

i Jack Grant, the Geelong footballer, brilliantly won the

1938 Stawell Easter Gift to-day on a track made lodden by rain. He was one of the shortest-priced favourites to win the race in recent years.

! tirant has buen tho most consistent runner tim .season.

He has no1 been unplaced in a heal or semi-final in which he has competed, anti in sown starts in Unáis he has won six times.

Although OiniU ratight tile linn nun in (rout of him ni 30 ^rtlds nlut led li oin i lime lo (ho rjnWi ho wa« haid picfíni b\

I Whitton o\ci tin laM 25 \nttl Oinnl

j appeared to falter n lt»\ jnidf from Ihr

flliUhltig Uno lint ho rognlnod oh bululú e i qtilckh

j Uefoic the wml-flunk of tho Ulft Uikbii

,lt *in nniiounred that J It Da\li¡

(Dookie) wa« Miltciliig from a log Injun I A doctor advhod him not to Hart in tho

I ince DnAls wa« ncratchcd from the Olli I and the Biirint Handicap

A fresh wind no« blowing when ti«

runner« wont down on their marks lor,

the first seml-Ilnol of the Gift All tin ' men appearetl non on» At the slai ti) 13

Wilson dashed to the front bul half-wa\ I Giant foi god to tho lead and won b\ throe I sards Ile rocehed nn otation I

Mccann the Mriual scratch mon nndo I iv gi eat effort to catch the field in Hie I stcond semi-flnnl but he faded away «lion Whiffcn put in a fast late dash to roocli the tape first

In tlie third semi-final Willis and Low- son led the field all the waj to tlie finish- ing line across which Lawson leaped one jurd in front of Willis

Dalton raced ahead of Smith and Cal llck early In the fourth semi-final but he was caught by the field at 90 yards Ho went on again however to win by one j ard

In the last semi-final O R J Wilson had on easy run to win by two yards

More than 16 000 people had crowded into the ground when the final was timed to start Tor the third time in his laces in the gift Grant drew the outside run- ning lane The field got away to a splen- did start, and within 30 yards Grant had otertaken the front markers At 75 yards he was Inches ahead of Dalton and Willis with WliUTen making a fast run In the lane next to him When 30 j ords from the tape WhllTen drew lo\el with Grant bjt )rc " M Urutblc to Suâtnlu ¡na riTun long enough Grant was one yard ahead at the finish There were only inches be- tween the next three men

Grant received a marvellous o\atlon He was rushed by a number of women relatives and kissed

The demonstration did ngt affect him He was as cool under the barrage of affec- tion as when walting for the start of the final, which ga\e him £500 in prize


No Smoking or Drinkiug

Grant, who has played football for Gee- long for three years and was the out- standing man for lils side against Colling- wood in the grand final last year, neither smokes or drinks

Many members of the Geelong Football Club saw the race and several of them Including Mr I\or Gibson the secretary, carried him shoulder high fiom the arena

It has been arranged that Grant will give a demonstration run at three-quarter time In the match between Geelong and Melbourne on Saturday *

Much of the chedlt for the success of

(llalli must I) thin I i Mi S U Uni min his tullin i whi) last toni no mtilwd lilli» as a polinlliil Hill «lunn Ml Uartiilii dnldcd lo lelilí iront ti>iiti>etUtir umhin», and cm leniinit on Hie training ni Oinnt

Oinnt Is nut ii H unrs and is a textile ii01 ker «t Ocilont,

At tel II lind mined inntlllilou«)i ftom Satin dn\ ntteinoon until earl) this morn lim tin \w athel i It nu ii about mlddni

The trnrk on ultim the Stawell QUt was um it nv | ail It uht li henil AHlumul) Hit tiatei had bein dented liol« the surf«" Hie subsoil ii as spmigi

iS«» Hitit) Ijimítuiítc

Hie iliib na-- unfm lunate to lose It« rain iiisiuancc Ino policies lind been ¡ taken oin iimiIiim moic than 25 point« of

rain hi tween 2 n ni and i p m on Satin

tlav and Mondai Prom 2 p m on BaUn -

|di\ until midnight 0'' Sundas 145 points

of lain fell A ft« light showers fell on Monday murnini, bul not itufflclcnt for the club to claim the Insurance In ad- mittance nionei 4.1041 un* taken at gales

The most spectacular ince was the Grampians btnkes of ino mU"s In which the baiefooted i Hillier, A C Morgan com l>cted fiom scratch He conceded stnrtt of 200 \nrds Hie mci dei eloped Into » battle of tactics In the first mile with Wie limit men re]>catedly displacing inch othei in the ltnd At the commencement of the fifth lap Morgan made a ten satlonal dash past n number of rjnners but when It nppenred that he was llkclv to run up with the leaders he was tiv'cc Jostled out of his (stride and then he rccchcd a blott from an elbow Morgan apparently was affected by the blow, a« his striding was irregular thereafter

In the meantime Caulfield Delanej and Burke had laced to the head of the field and each in turn was hulled as the winner by onlookers as they turned into the straight In the run for the finish the ? a" c cf D« n.c »nu wu-i chiilu ruiy yards from the Une Caulfield withdrew from the stiuggle but Delaney, Burke and Downie fought on with only Inches separating them Many people thought that Burke had won but the official scr dict Mas for Delaney by inches It was the closest finish in a distance race ever seen at Stawell Downie was third and W M ( Tickle ) Whyte the former Aus- tralian champion mile runner, fourth

Runner Disqualified

After the race O P Moulden was called before the stewards It was announced later that he had been disqualified for three months for allegedly having inter- fered with A C Morgan J B Bull was unfortunate not to win two events He was defeated by I T Kearney in the final of the Stawell Handicap of 880 yards These runners dominated the race from the start until within 100 yards of the finish when H Richardson supplanted them in the lead Kearney and Bull passed Richardson in the sprint for the line and Kearney managed to last better than Bull over the last few yards


Easter Gift

First £500 medal lind «ash second £1(0 third

£60 fourth £30 fifth £30 130 J «K13


J W GRANT di',) 1 R C MORGAN (11) 3 D B WILSON (li1*) 3

R O Wickham (lit«) «PA Bradley (Sij) S T»o »ard« 0 11 11 10 0/1 on


J R WHIFFEN (10'4) 1 R MCINTYRE (7'«,) a K J BROWN UU4) 3

R O Mccann (8'i) 4 D W Budarlck (10) 9 TI ree jurds 0 13 6/4 on



R II Spanto (8'i), 4 O J Oulney (10'a) S Yards 0 13 e»ena


A W DALTON (11?,) 1 J T SMITH (OMI j O H OAtXICK (11) 3

It J Northeast (los,) 4 A W Sim« (9|M 6

Foot 0 13 5 4


0 R J WILSON (ti»«) 1 W J BS.MBLETT (1P<) n B D DIMER (101j) 3

H N Wilson (10) 14 Tno yards 0 13 I l8


T W ORANT (Geelong) (in.-) i 1 R WHIFFEN (Iinnhoe) dot«) 3 a M WILLIS (Ballarat) (lia,) 3

£ w PA,MON <"<»?>« Pond») (Hi,) 4 p n J WILSON (Albert Park) (lis,) s Vox bj indes Time 0 li li io Wlnner7/l on

Federation Handicap

First £80 second £30 third £14 fourth £6

One mile  

J B BULL (98) 1   A J VANSTAN (90) 2   W M SCOTT (98) 3 E J BUGG (92) 4 Won by five yards 4 min. 11 sec.

Hurdle Race

first £10 »Mond £3 third £3 130 yards 311


FIRST HEAT -Et O Brien (") 1 K H McLennan (7) 2 Five jards 0 19 9 IS (Only

starters )

SECOND HEAT - R L Miller (13) 1 O T McEnaio (9) 3 lard 0 15 12 16 (N L Scarlett tell ni d did not finish )

THIRD HEAT -TA Sutherland (9) 1 w li Jollfle (II) 2 Tko yards 018 (W C W 8h«r

rock fell and hindered It W Thorpe neither

finished )

FOURTH HEAT -AW Whittaker (») 1 J T Scarlett 12) 3 \ard 0 15 io l8 (A O Sluw a: d c oreen did not finish )


R h MIILKR (13) 1 A W WHITTAKER (8) 2 FIO BRIEN (7) 3 Won by a yard 0 Is 8 l8 3/1 on

Wimmera Handicap

First £23 second £8 third f> 800 yards


H B MCGILLIVRAY (10) t C1 A ASTON (33) 3 R N HALL (17) 3 won by 10 yard« 1 10 4 S 3/1

S tan c11 Handicap

I T KFARNEY (52) 1 J B BULL (50) 3 W L McCREADV (52) 3 Won by five yard« 1 54 3 i 3 1 on

Park Handicap

First £30 second £8 third £2 100 »ard»

FIRST HEAT -T J P Donohue (10U) l A R Maltl eva (12) SHA Mtdlley (8'2> 3 Yard

9 io it 2/1 on

BECOND HEAT - A D Byrne d2'j) i i j Clissold (10Î,) 3 c W M«y (9) 1 Inches 9

12 l8 5 4

THIRD HEAT-D A Anderson (10'j) «nd H O Clough (10><) equal 1 A McP Macdonald (9'<>

B 7 10 Clough 2 1 Anderson 10 I


FIFTH HEAT-W A Pringle (11) 1 C J Werindi'«) 2 A D McDonald (10 ) 3 linne» 9 7 16 2/1 on

SIXTH HEAT-L W Spngue (10'j) 1 r A Bellamr (ID 3 P O ODwjer (10) 3 lard 0 9 16 5 4

SEVENTH HKAT-J O Billi!» ill'«) 1 It 11 Hodges (10) 2 A O Bhaw d2',) 3 lucie»

9 9 10 4 1 on

ElrjHTH HEAT-J Dalton d21 1 O II lid (13'j) 5 W V Reid (lO'sl 3 \«rd 9 la 6 2


NINTH HEAT-L Sandergren OH.,) 1 It I) McNeill (OUI 3 J A Hall (11) 3 lucir«

9 ' 16 6 4 on

TENTH HEAT-W C Jackas» (13">*> 1 A L Imp«> (13) 3 T J Finnegan (iii.I ] Ii ches

9 8 16 5 2 on

FLEVENTH HEAT-li T Smith (111 I II I)

Dimer (9) 2 A W McAuley (II'.,) » Tau Jurds 9 7 10 6 4

TWCLrTII HEAT-W Hjland (83.) 1 A W Morrison III j) 2 J B ào es (P'«) 3 Foot 9 IO 16 5 4

ntlRTEENTH HEAT -T i. I»0ll(13'4l 1 J It Lette (11<3) * R O Elliott (!',) 3 Foot 9 9 16

3 1 on

FOURTEENTH HEAT-M W Cahill Ol'«) 1 O T Kenna (11) 3 N O Colling (lit ) 3 lard D t I« 5/3 on

FIFTEENTH HEAT-R H W«m« Ol',) 1 W J Booth (I0U) 3 J D McMthon til3«) 3 Inches

« S l8 2/1 on

BIXTKKNTH HEAT-A F Gordon <ll»«> I

R T Oreen (I1'4) 3 lard 0 11 16 3 1 on (only


SEVENTEENTH HEAT -Q A L««w5n (111,) I C nurmlster dl'ji 3 D B Phelan <9s«) 3 Yard 9 13 I« (no btttli g)

EIOIITEENTH MEAT II J Kruger til««) 1 R L Warter <8'<) 2 o J Foley (13*,) 3 Three yardi 6 » 16 i/l on

FTR8T SEMI FINAL-It O Clough (10'«| 1 T J P Donohue (10 «) 3 U A Anderton UO'jl 3 Inches 9 7 16 2 1

SECOND SEMI FINAL -J Dalton (13) 1 J C Bhlels (HU) 3 L w Sprain« (10>j) 3 Inches 9 « ii. d/4

?THIRD eUUn>IAli-M W CihlU (111.) 1


T E Lyon (13'.|) H T Smith (II) 3 tache»

0 5 10 3


Lowson (11,4)

Inchea 9 5 16 6/4 on


H G KRUOER (lil,) .X M W CAHILL (lil«) . ... a J DALTON (12) .3 Inches 0 9 7 16 7 4 on

Pleasant Creek Handicap

First £35 second £10 third £6 440 Yards


G HAGGER (21) . . 1 D M BUDARICK (27) I R N HALL (10) 3 Inches 0 48 2 1

Hurdle Race, 220 Yards

First, £10 ««rond £3 third 3

FIRST HEAT-J A Goonan (27) 1 J Talbot (27) 2 It L Miller (l8) TWO yards 0 26 8 10 3/1

SECOND HEAT-S J Wood« (20) 1 J T Bear lett (4) 2 R L Morgan <13) 3 Fil» yards 0 28 4 16 3/1

THIRD HEAT -C T Booth (23) 1 E W Kellr (17) 2 N L Scarlett (IS) 3 Two yards 027 4. U.

6/4 on

FOURTH HEAT-A W Whittaker (11) 1, T Sutherland (28) A O Slaw (l8) 3 Yard 0 27 4 ID 5/4 Ol




Two yards 0 23 12 le 6/4

Stewards' PnrBe

First £38 second £10 third £S 220 Yards

8EMI FINALS - FIRST- A C Campbell (17 it 1 D B Milson (17 j) 2 F A Evans (l8) 1 Two yards 0 Jl 3 l8 2 1 SECOND-O A Lawson (20) 1 R T Miller (17'i) 2 IV O Blair (IBM) 3 Two yards 0 312 10 no betting THIRD R O Mccann (7) 1 H J Smith d31») 2 A W Whittaker (16'i) 3 Yard 0 310 l8 8/4 FOURTH -d M Willis (l8) 1 T K Doolan (18'2) 3 It N Hall (li) 3 Yard 3/1 on


G M WILLIS (l8) I R c mccann (7) 2 0 A LAWSON (30) 1 1 ard 0 21 S 16 6 4 on

Gianipians Stakes

First £80 second £30 third £14 fourth «6

Two miles

C P DELANEY (155) 1 B BURKE (30) 2 V H DOWIE (85) 3

W M WHYTE (110) 4 Inches a*-».K 7 i

Sprint Handicap

First £40 second £14 third. 6 78 Yards

TTRST fcEMI FINAL -J O Brien (8'k) IMS Drow (it) 3 li A Prtnslo (8 a) 3 Foot 0 7 - 16 3/1 Ol

SECOND SEMI FINAL -T E Lyon (I0'«> 1 R O Wickln» i (7J4) 3 H J Kruger (8U> 3

Inchea 07 4 16 0/4 on

THIRD 8KMI FINAL-F F Northeast (13) 1 H c Johnson II II ' I H Jamieson (lola) 3 Inches 0 7 2 16 1 I .»

FOURTH SCMI FINAL -B Gannon (Hi«) t T K Doolan (7><) 2 H G Clough {.Vi) 3 Foot 07 4 1» 6 4 on

FIFTH BEMI FINAL -W O Oliver (13) 1 J O Shiel» (O',) I J Dalton (10) 3 Foot

07 3 16 4/1 on


W O OLIVrR (1") . 1 1 O BRIEN (8 j) . » B GANNON I11J4) >

Inches 0 7 evens

High Jump