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Joe Sclwood, the Geelong footballer, trained at St Kilda last night St Kilda officials denied that they were negotiating with him, and said that he had asked per- mission to have a run, as he was unable to go down to Geelong

Several of the missing old players had a run, and most of the others ha\e been In touch with the secretary (Mr E Hannah)

The centre half-back, Jack Davis, showed excellent form for a ill it night George Millard, the 1D3C wine man, who was un- able to stilke form lost yeal, was in good touch

Bates has been told that he is still In- capacitated by the rib that was iujuied labt year Goldstraw reappeaied last night, Ken Mackie is to start on Tuesdw, and Stan Lloyd is expected to be fit lo stait then also

Bakei, of Ivanhoe, full back of the VIc toiian Amateur side, made an Impressive appearance Two former country police- men, Birrcll, from Bayles, and French, from Mologa, had a run Both are sta- tioned in Melbourne

South Wants Rovers

Having received the news that Terry Brain, the veteran rover, may not play this season. South Melbourne officials and the coach (Roy Cazaly) arc scanning the lecrutts for wing men and rovers of promise

Of the íecruits showing form, those most noticeable last night were T Ryan, rover from Waysides, T New, rover from Carnegie, R Dickenson, back from seconds, A Baxter, half-back from Edith- vale, H Bradford, centre from Eltham, D McGee, full back from seconds, and R Paterson, back from Koondrook, a brother of the present member of the


Two Association plajers-Wilkins, the Preston rover, and Male, the Camberwell centre half-forward-were training

New Faces at Essendon

From about 50 reciuits at Essendon yes- terday the selectors are hopeful of obtain- ing a least half a dozen good men There were at least 80 old and new plajers on the ground at different times The coach (Jack Baggott) said that he was seeking a rover to take the place of Keith Foi bes, a full-back, a follower, and a couple of other big men

Keith Thomson of Benalla who trained at Essendon ]a&l yenr, Is piomising Leo Maynes the former Brunswick nnd Fitzroy player, Is verv fit New plavers who made their first ap- pearance included W Downie (Northcote! H Smith (Yarraville! Frank Benle Cloornl J Bubb IToorai Crelmn (Footscray) Riddell (Essendon Secondsi, J Clancy la 6ft Chelsea 17-year-old player) Allan Bergman (a promis- ing reciult from the Essendon District Leaguel

the Graham brothers (from Holdens team In

the Saturday Morning League), and Forsyth

I Essendon Seconds)


North's Innovation

With the object of giving patrons and supporters a better opportunity of seeing the players when the team leaves the dressing-room the North Melbourne Club has prepared a new regulation. This pro- vides that players, on leaving the dressing room before premiership matches, shall stand In a line parallel with the grand- stand for five seconds before going to their positions on the field.

This was announced at training last night, when more than SO men appeared. The couch (Keith Forbes) expressed satis- faction with his material.

Kennedy, Green, und Cmwford (svho has Joined me police loieel me in tominion. A i eel uti ss ho Mtbwed out very well lust night wah H. Lamburn, H champion goul kicker Irom Rochester. More players Irom the Essendon dUUlet aie expected lo lollaw Forbes to North, Among those pie.scnt lata nlRhi were J. Whelan, a North Essendon centre half-foiward, and R. Coidner. a brother of Jock Cordncr.

Seconds and recruits to attract notice were D. Johnston (rover, Ascolsale), M. Jenkins ia Saturday Morning League back). Mullmer ia brother or the Filxroy player); Anderson, (rover ol Glen Waverley); Quinn (Hamilton); aieetft (local half-forward), and White (centre, Ken-


There will be light training to-morrow after- noon. A boat trip will be held on the Yarra on March 30, In connection »Hil the Queen


Six-footers at Hawthorn

Among newcomers at Hawthorn are Harold Stenborg, from Old Melburnlans, whose height is 6ft. and who weighs 12.4, and Russell Whelan, 6ft. 2in. and 13.10. Whelan formerly played with Hawthorn


Recruits who trained for the first time last night were J. Harrige (roverj, from Box Hill; W. G. Walker, from Jerilderie; Ernie Elder (centre half-back), from East Hawthorn; and Leo Connors (back).

There will be two practice matches at Hawthorn to-morrow, the first to begin at

1.45 p.m.

The following players arc requested to at- tend:-Wäldern. Hutton, Wilson, Waters, Har- land. Samblcbe, Williams, K. I. Evans, Randall, Wright, Byrne, Robinson, Angwin, Hlilard, Walsh, Davey. Whelan, Hurley, Lugg, Murphy. Taylor, Dorey, Dower, Jenkins, Ripper, Scott, Allison, Stormberg, Naismith, Dcague, Harrlage, Elliott, Alblston, Barker, Mitchell. Lanntng, Kinder. Wellington. Neeve, Wenhan, Shields, Cameron. Connors, Woodman. W. Taylor. Birch, Biown. Corps, Elder, Ellis, Flcgg, hall Wick-

ham. Nelson, Westhorp. Davidson.

Of the regular players, Les Jones, Fischer, Relifel, Mueller, Gordon Jones, and Gibb were In good form, while Regan, the second 16 full- back, ssho Is considered to have a good chance of Ailing the vacant full-back position in the first l8, moved sery well.

Melbourne will play practice games against Brighton, Brunswick, and Prahran, bul tho matches will be played under Australian Na- tional Football Council rules onlv.

There will be a dance In aid of the Infantile paralysis after-care fund In the pavilion to-

morrow night.

Holhngsheatl Returns

Carlton supporters will be delighted to learn that Holllngshead, the promising young follower, whom illness kept out of the game last year, hopes to play this season. After playing with the seconds the year before last he distinguished him- self in three first eighteen games before he became ill. More than 6ft. in height and 14st. in weight, he should prove an

asset to the ruck. |

A leading amateur, Pollard (State Savings Bank) seems the most outstanding so far. He should make the senior grade. Mcllroy, who has returned from Brunswick; wilkins (Or- mond!, Henry (Violet Town, forwardl, and Brooker (Bendigo, half-back) show promise.

Greatest hopes seem to centre In last year's Juniors. Fox, Askew, and Schmidt, who Joined the club last year, are now League standard. Parker, who Is aged only 17 years, and Ayres are In splendid form.

Two country defenders, Tom Howard and Bernard Green, made their first appearance at training yesterday. Green is a brother of Bob Green. McGregor and Mackie also began pactlce.


It was announced at Carlton yesterday that the long-distance kicking competi- tion between Carlton and the Stanford University, California, would be held again this year. The Carlton representatives in this contest will probably be Gill and Hux table, for the drop kick, and Vallence for the punt kick. Brighton Diggins also may be Included. The first of these competi- tions will take place at the half-time in- terval of the practice, match at Carlton on Easter Saturday.



Although the Geelong recruits this season are considered to be the best batch the club has had, regular players are showing such good form that few of the new men are expected to reach the final

training list.

It is expected that the first reduction of the list will be made during the week-


At training last night the form of Rich- mond, a centre player; McDonald (half f 01 ward), M. Nicholson (half-back), McNamara (half-forward); the Norton brothers (forward and follower), Marsh man (forward), Ivory (wing), Julier (wing), Milte (half-back), and J. Dougherty (half-forward) was impressive, while second l8 players and local Juniors

stood out.

There is a feeling that J. Methr-rcll will leturn to Geelong before the season com- mences, and that he will again be in the side, while supporters hope that Collins will agree to rejoin his old side. The players will train again to-morrow.

Footscray's 76 Men

Seventy-six men trained at Footscray last night under J. Kelly. Ambrose Palmer had a rub down. Alf. Sampson, formerly full back in the seconds, has re- turned from the country. J. Crow, of Collingwood, who is likely to become coach oí the second l8, was present.

Among the most impressive recruits were O. Parks and R. Rawson, from Yarra- ville. There vvlll be further light train- ing in the Hanmer reserve to-morrow.

La Fontaine or Truscott?

Although Melbourne has just begun training, supporters are already discussing the possible placing of the team. The

centre position is causing the keenest


It is considered in some quarters that Truscott, In view of his play last season, should remain in the centre, and that La Fontaine could be played in a forward


The coach ("Checker" Hughes) gave the men hard work last night, and most of them stood up to it well.

New men who appeared Included Arthur Thompson, a big mon from Prahran, and New- ton, the former Melbourne Orammar School follower and half-back 8 Binns and D. Hing- ston again showed good form, and both have excellent chances of reaching the team. Rodda, the Stnte Savings Bank rover, also stood out

among the recruits.

Seventy Train at Richmond

Seventy players were out with Rich- mond last night. Five more recruits be- gan training. They were Doug Ryan, from Oakleigh; Ben Flynn, Balwyn; Gor- don Lawson, Eaglehawk; Ernie Dale, Co- burg Secpnds; and Alan Turner, Yarra- ville. With Yarraville Turner missed only one game In two years.

One of the several promising players is T. Gledhill, a stocklry built man from Ormond Amateurs. A big man. over 6ft. among the newcomers Is Don Brown, from Dunlops.

A. Jenkins, a wing man. from' Box Hill, who trailed with Hawthorn on Tuesday, was out with Richmond last night.

Three of the Richmond regulars have not been out yet. They are Dyer, who Is still playing cricket; Chergwln, who Is training for footrunnlng; and Symons, who is in the police

force and Is on night duli'.

The teams of "curtain-raisers"-under 17 and under IB-will begin training on Tuesday at the corner of Swan street and Punt road.

Richmond's first practice match will be played on Baturday week, March 26.

Work at Collingwood

With the exception of Morgan and Knight, Collingwood'« full list of old and new players turned out yesterday. Morgan has influenza, and Knight will not be able to take his place in the team for

some weeks after the opening of the


Two more new men began training. One of them, R Gibson, was unable to continue with Collingwood last year because he could not get the time off from his employment. He has plnyed with the first eighteen previously, and apjiears In splendid form. A tall, strongly built player, he should make a good follower.

The new men. some of whom have been In training for-feveral weeks, are shaping nicely; but it is doubtful whether any of them will

make the senior ranks without experience with

the ceconds.

Already préparations are being made for the > club's annual ball to be held in the Colllni

wod Town Ball on August 1.