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MIIMI liiesila» - A mnw. nirrtlnn f lln (inpl »ees of 1\shr1iIs Ncwn.Mlr M«hnnl«i<l lion »»oiks »»hleli ns a icsili

( a slrlle of plie«««oikers ln\r i ern 1 seil slnri Hu llisl Ihiee weeks f tin »i ii di dried lill» afleinooii lo seek n ron

fin nu »«Ith Hi« innnaReineni on terms i( ii swniptl ni oí »»oik

( items nuil pisir« »oaks now lim a j minni of theil own I lie first number of tin I nu mil »»hiih Is called Calerini;

is a pistr« miks exhibition souvenir »«lill a sjKrlal Mipplement of eight pane« Tin lout nil ¡h font rolled b» Hie Viol ulna Clnmlxi of Cnleilng Indus!lies

In Hie IMstrld ( inirt »rslorda» a man »»as i linked »»Ith ha»liig classed Hie In Iel sei lion of Collins and Fllumbet h street« conti u» to an automatic signal He snld that lu lind not »»ntrhed the signal bul had follo«nd n tram Mr rreemnii I'M

The» nie nlwn»«. doing thnt Dont ( 1 lo«« tiiinis rollo»» the signals in tuturi Jin man »«ns lined ?>

(>oo<l progress Is being made «ii tin* tuet ion or tin lirj,e pn.sse.igii nlr stitl n mid linnt,ni nt Essendon for Austrnllm Isntlonnl Aliwajs Pt» Ltd The mnnnglni, dlreitoi iCnptnln I»un Hohmnni statut »estoidn» thal It was piopnsed to hold nu ollUlnl opening of the ne»» building nboui lui» 1 but no definite date \»ould be fixed until ii »»as known when the bullriliiR would be lead» and Hie furnishings roin

plete Hie building with equipment will etxst about £ 22 000

?Ourlng the month of April the l>i>(» Home mid Animal Hospitnl Inngfoid

street North Melbourne rccened 40-» doc SS cats " hoi ses 3 birds and a cow foi treatment In addition to the nbo»e 1 108 d«r>i,s mid ents were brought to the home miking a totnl of 1 777 treatments

The Spirit of Progicss was It minutes late in reaching Melbourne »estes di« morning It left Albury TS minutes lal

The dein» »»as cnused b» engine trouble to the Ne»» Soulh Wnlcs express which, lost 65 minutes between Sjdncj and Gnu!

burn but mnde up half an hour on Hie run to Alburj

Al a price equal to £15 1 i foot C intri 432 St Klldn load was sold at nuotini »esterdnv foi £5 125 The propert» is m the west side of St Kilda load oppose Toorak road mid comprises a large old two-storied house on land 100ft bj 250ft The auctioneers in conjunction I.. Gard nei and Lang Ptj Ltd and Anders m nnd Hickling sold mder Instructions from (he trustees of the estate of the lite Mrs C B Blnek

Two piralysls r-nses «ere reported to Hie Henil h Department jesterda» mnklns I hi" total of rnscs 2 0G6 since the outbieak Thtv »»ere -Girl aged 12 »ears Cnstei ton girl nged five jenrs Coleraine

William Wanders aired li veirs of Bourke street Bnybrook recel»ed a po*

sible fracture of the skull »»hen he tripp d o»er a dog on the footpath near his home »esterdav He was admitted to the Ro»al Melbourne Hospital

The boil» of nn unidentified min w«' found Wing In front of a small dug nut on the south bank of the Yarra Rhrr near the Punt road bridge jesterdov morning A post-mortem examination of the bodj »«ill bo made nt the City Morgue to-dny

Because Melbourne presents manv dlffl

cultles ns n production centre New Era Films Ltd has decided to complete i*s current plcluie Show Business ii» Sydncj where the technlenl headquarters will be permanently located Mr A R Har»»ood the director of productions snld that ns there »»ere no suitable laboratories In Melbourne for the processing of the company s film nil rushes had to be sent to Sydne» thereby causing rostlv delajs The company hnd also found It Impossible to obtnln locallj fully qualified

studio technicians

When two children from Mildura who are spending holldnjs in Melbourne were plnj ing on the beach at Albert Park nenr Kerferd rond jestcrdav afternoon they opened a newspaper parcel whirl» hnd been burled in the sand and found that it contained the headless body of a bnb» The babv wns a newlj bom female child and had been wrapped In a copj of a nowspnper published last Saturdnv The head wns found later In another parrel beside the body Detective A Wightman of the South Melbourne dhislon of the Criminal In» cstigatlon Branch is in»es tlgatlng

In April the A Soclrl» for the Protection of Animals imestignted 202 enses of 111 treatment or negiert of animals There wore three prosecutions the fines and costs amounting to £10/10/

Clothing for both adult* and children is urgently required by the State Relief Committee Blankets bed linen and other domestic articles are also wanted Those desiring to help may either tele- phone Central 1214 or 1215 for a motor- truck to collect goods or write to the 'Secretary State Relief Committee 613

Bourke street Melbourne

CANBFRRA Tuesday -- The Imperial authorities appreciate the Importance of adequate supplies of wool being available to meet the requirements of the United Kingdom in a national emergenc» and have agreed to measures to achieve that objective This statement was made in the House of Representatives to-daj by the Prime Minister (Mr Ljons) In replj to Mr Collins lUCP NSW) who hnd asked thnt Federal Ministers on their ard» al in London should discuss with the British Go» eminent the advlsobllitj of pro»Iding for the storage of adequate sup- plies of wool in the United Kingdom

S1DNFY Tuesday - Sydney Aubrey Moddocks aged 57 years who was sen." tenccd to IB months imprisonment on April 9 1037 for a serious offence is due lo be discharged from the Goulburn Gool on Fridaj but the actual time is left W the discretion of the gaol governor At the time of his conviction he was com- missioner of Road Transport in New South


AUCKLAND (N Z ) Tuesday - Count Felix »on Luckner the former German sea raider and his wife sailed for Sydney to-dny on the yacht Seeteufel As the yacht drew away Count von Luckner per- sonally lowered the swastika flag at the

mainmast in salute