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Notice to Quit

More than 10 'residents' of low-lying   areas at Dudley Flats West Melbourne have received notices to quit their "rude" homes of hessian old tins and pieces of timber on or before July 8.

Other residents of the area which has for long been regarded as a blot on the landscape will be asked to vacate their   shanties by September 1. Notices to this effect will be served on August 1.  

The action has been taken officially by the Melbourne Harbour Trust and the Lands Department but it is believed that the matter has been discussed secretly by the City Council the Railways Depart ment and the Police Department in addi tion to these two bodies.

The reason given for the serving of the notices is that reclamation work is to be carried out in the Dudley Flats area Another important fact is that the Mel bourne Harbour Trust's suction dredge G F Holden which has been chartered by the Broken Hill Pty Co Ltd for port work at Whyalla (SA) is to undergo tests     alongside Dudley Flats as soon as she has   completed recommissloning at Williams town.

The dredge will come up to the Apple ton Dock alongside Dudley Flats where her pumps will be tested. Pipe-lines and outlets used during the dredging tests will distribute mud and silt from the Appleton Dock over the low-lying areas at Dudley Flats.

Text of Notice

The actual text of the notices served by   hand already is as follows -

We William McIlroy Secretary for Lands Victoria and Alexander Carter Cook secre tary of the Melbourne Harbour Trust Com   missioners do hereby give you notice that you are required to quit and remove the premises which you now occupy situated on land between the New Footscray road and the River Yarra on or before the 8th day of July

1938 to enable reclamation work to be carried out. We have further to inform you that you   will not be permitted to re-erect these or   any other premises on the land between the New Footscray road and the River Yarra.