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The 8 3am down train from Mel- bourne divided at Newport station j ester day It was found that a screw-coupling pin was missing At Ballarat yesterday the derailment of an engine caused de- lays of 23 minutes to the Maryborough train four minutes to the Geelong train and 14 minutes to the Melbourne train

Arrangements have been made (a broadcast the announcement of prize winners in the 150th annlversaiy ltteraiy competition by Mi Dunningham ML A chairman of the celebrations com- mittee and Mi S Elliott Napier at 9 25 pm to-day through 3AR

As part of i plan to improve the approaches and appearance of Morell Bridge the City Council jesterda*, ap proved the construction of four electric light standards on each side of the bridge at an estimated cost of £452

The Preston sub-branch of the Re turned Soldiers League will hold a memoilal service in the Preston City Hall on Anzac night It will be attended by the Mayor (Councillor G H Mott) and members of the Preston Council

. * ? *

An electrical transformer neighing 60 tons will be unloaded from the Shaw Savin and Albion liner Waipawa when she berths at the big crane at No 16 North Wharf this morning The trans- former is consigned to the State Elec- tricity Commission

The overhead footbridge at the Burnlev railway station will be removed by the Railways Department The Railways Commissloneis said yesterday that access to the station was available along a full*, protected ramp at the level-crossing The footbridge would have to be almost completely renewed If it were retained

As a deputy chairman of the Metro- politan Tramwajs Boird has not been appointed to act in the absence oversea of the chairman (Mr H H Bell) the

board will have to appoint a temporary chairman at its meeting to-day It is considered likely that the appointment which carries an additional salary of £1200 a year, will be made from Mr J V O Connor Mr W J McGrath and Councillor W K Park

. * « . .

Gladys Cadman, aged two >ears, of Tivoli road, South Yarra was admitted to the Alfred Hospital last night suffering from the effects of having accidentally

swallowed kerosene

. * . . *

Safety Lane tests were held again jes terday 107 cars and trucks being ex- amined In two days 309 vehicles have gone through the lane The tests will be concluded at 4 30 p m to-day All types of v ehlcles may be tested free for brakes, steering gear, wheel alignment and other mechanical adjustments

The Australian fllm "The Avenger," which was completed at National Btudlos Pagewood Sydney, last December, has been purchased by Atlas Films, Sydney, for Australian release The English and American rights had already been sold to the Columbia organisation Directed by Mr A R Harwood It Is the first motion picture made by New Era Film Produc- tions Ltd, a Melbourne company.

The bi-annual model plane competition for the Shaw challenge trophy will be held at the East Kew flying ground, at the end of Panoramic road, at 3 pm on Saturday. Entiles should be handed In at Uie ground by 2.50 p ni, and are open to any type of rubber-driven model There is no limit to the number of entries from each competitor, each plane making three flights for the competition The trophv which has been competed for since 1929 goes to the owner of the plane which makes the flight of longest duration

Free Union Jacks will be distributed to all pupils of Victorian State schools on Empire Day, May 24 This was decided yesterday at a meeting of the e*ecutlve o( the Victorian Empire Day Movement in tile Town Hall

The world supremacy of Germany In the physical fitness of her youth was at- tributable to the physical instruction and training taught in German schools, said Miss P. Page, physical instructress and dancing teacher, of Sydney, who reached Melbourne in the Shaw Savill and Albion liner Waipawa from London yesterday In Australia children were fortunate if the} leccived one physical culture lesson a weeV and it was time that the Australian Go- vernment looked into the matter

The body of Fortino Zanetti, aged about 34 years, of Drummond street, Carlton, was found in the sea near the beach at St Kilda pier yesterday.

BRISBANE, Wednesday. - No altempl was made to-day to refloat the steamer Dalla from Mecca Reef, outside Thursday Island Harbour, because the pumps, which were in working order again, were unable to cope with the inflow of water. Arrange- ments have been made for a supply of cement, sand, and gravel to be obtained from Thursday Island, and an effort will be made to cement the leak from the inside.

SYDNEY, Wednesday. - The Sjdney office of Burns, Philp, and Co Ltd ad- vised to-day that their passenger steamer Morinda, which grounded on Malo Island in the New Hebrides, on Monday anj floated off under her own power on Tues- day afternoon, had apparently escaped damage serious enough to cause undue delay to her return voyage. She was ex- pected to sail from Vila to-morrow or on Friday, calling at Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands, and returning to Sydney on April

6 or 7.

SYDNEY, Wednesday.-Referring to- day to the recent remarks of a magis- trate In Western Australia, that certain types of cheap literature imported Into the Commonwealth could not help taint- ing the minds of any adolescent bov or girl, the Acting Minister for Customs (Mr Perkins) said to-day that he was referrlnj the matter to the Book Censorship Com- mittee in Canberra for report.

SYDNEY. Wednesday.--The meeline o' bankers, over which the Federal Trea- surer (Mr. Casey) presided in Sjdney on Tuesday and to-day ended this cvenfns Most of the day was occupied by discus- sion between Mr. Casey and a suo" committee appointed by the conference The sub-committee probably will nw again.