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Their Excellencies the aovrnor-Gcnèral '»' and Lady Gowrie, attended by member»« I the persona] staff, were present at th*> Naval and Military Club ball yesterday '


Her Excellency Lady Gowrie, attended by Captain Blacker, was present at the annual conference of the National Coun- cil of Women of Victoria, at the Melbourne Town Hall yesterday afternoon.

Their Excellencies the Governor-General (Lord Gowrie, V.C.1 and Lady Gowrie, His Excellency the Governor of New Souui Willes (Lord Wakehurst) and Lady Wake- hurst, Sir Geoffrey and Lady Whlskard

.nd Miss Whlskard are the guests of Hil . Excellency the Governor (Lord Hunting Held) and Lady Huntingfield at Govern,

ment House.

His Excellency the Governor and Lady Huntingilcld, and His Excellency the Go-

vernor of New South \Valc3 and Lady 1 Wakehurst, attended by the personal ' stans, were the guests of the Naval and Military Club at a ball yesterday even- ing.

Lady Huntingfield, at the invitation of the president of the Association of Creches, attended an informal meeting of the metropolitan creochos committee yes- terday afternoon.

Tlie Minister for Lands and Forest« (Mr, Lind) returned lost night from Cann River, East Gippsland, where earlier he opened a new school. To-day he will open a nea tourist road at Mt. Arapiles.

Mr. D. Mccall McCowan, manager at Melbourne for Bums, Philp, and Co. Ltd , returned to Melbourne by plnne from Lon- don yesterday. Mr. McCowan lins been absent from Australia since May.

The Rev. P. W. Stephenson, head inn'- ' 1er of Trinity Grammar School Sydnev. ; and formerly Federal scrtctarv for the '. Church Missionary Society, has been ap- ¡ pointed secretary ot the Commonwealth t Council of the British and Foreign Bible, ' Soclrty In succession to the Rev. A. T, Thompson, who lccently retired on at« count of ill-health. Mr. Stephenson will

take up his new omeo in January. The i Rev. G. W. Sheppard, who ha« bein Acting '. Commonwealth Secretan- since Mr. ¡ Thompson's retirement, will then return te ! England. ',

Mr. V. Y. Kimpton, a partner in the firm ' of Messrs. W. S. Kimpton and Sons, re» i turned to Melbourne In the Marella yes- ï terday after a world tour. He was accora- ; panied by Mrs. Kimpton.

At the meeting of the committee of the : Melbourne Dental Hospital this week Dr. . J. Polack was appointed a consulting den-.- . tal surgeon to the hospital. Such an ep- ' polntment is a very high honour, and has \ been made only on two previous occasloni. ;

At a meeting .of the Council of the Aus- tralian College of Dentistry on Thursday it was reported tiwi the Council of the Uni- versity of Melbourne had agreed to appoint Dr. W. J. Tuckfield, senior lecturer in den- tal prosthesis, acting professor of dental science during the absence abroad in ll>38 of Professor Arthur Amies,

At a meeting of the board of manage- ment of the Alfred Hospital on Thursday Dr. G. A. Birnie was appointed an honor-

ary physician to in-patients until March, 1940, and Dr. C. S. Wood was appointed an honorary assistant gynaecologist until

March, 1939.  

Mr. E. W. Bryant, of the london oflfc». . of the Aberdeen and Commonwealth Vat,

left for Sydney yesterday in the linar , Walpa wa. He will take up a position O» i

the passenger staff at the company"» o-ki j1

in Sydney. I

Mr. E. J. Kennon, of Cliveden MBtMrioM ' East Melbourne, has received a cable ml» ,

sago staling that lils bon, Mr. Colin KMJ» ,1* non, has passed his final examination È0 ¡' the English Bar. Mr. Colin Kennon *M '?'

formerly a pupil af the Melbourne Chnrcb Jj

of England Grammar School, and a «tu» J dent of Cambridge University. »

For the fourth consecutive year, Mr, , W. Forster Woods was elected chairman i of the Stock Exchange of Melbourne 1 yesterday. Mr. Woods Joined the 6tock>J Exchange in 1895, and has beet; a meia

'ber of the committee since 1903. He .

was also chairman from 1920 to 1929.

Mr. R. J. Oehr has been elected a lite ¡

governor of tho Adult Deaf and Dumb Bo- ¡. cicty of Victoria (Incorporated), of which '. he was formerly honorary secretary for ; 21 years.

Mr. John W. Barrett has been elected ] president of the Vlctorlon division of Hie ; Australasian Instituto of Secretaries .' (Inc.); Messrs. A. A. Fitzgerald and J. , Wallace Ross have been elected vice-pre» .

sldcnts, and Mr. W. Klrkhope has been ' re-elected honorary treasurer. >

The Rev. Adam Clarke will begin thai third year of lils ministry at the Cliitos

Hill Baptist Church to-morrow. ]

The chairman of the Buffalo National i Park committee (Mr. C. J. Pollock) and . the chief engineer of the Public Works De- ; partaient (Mr. A. D. McKenzie), who Is » , member of the committee, will leave for , Mt. Buffalo to-day. With Mr. A. W. Keown, tlie assistant superintendent of the rail- ways refreshment service, they will make an administrative tour of the park, and discuss with the newly appointed ranger (Mr. J. Watson) the maintenance of tracks, the ««poundage of animals, car parking arrangements, and similar matters.

Mr. D. P. Manntx, chief clerk of th» ' probate office of the Supreme Court, has been notified thal he has been appointed to act temporarily as registrar of probates and administrations during the absence on leave of Mr. G. E. Wilson.

Mr. J. W. Strong, who has been oity en-. ; glneer at Sandringham for three years, has,, tendered his resignation. The council ha» ' called for applications for the position.

Mr. V. Morrell Wright, managing' director, and Mr. Cyril J. Turner, direc- '

tor. of New Era Film Productions Ltdu will arrive in Melbourne to-morrow from ' Sydney, where they have been supervis- ing the in odurtion of "The Avenger." The picture Is being made Rt National studio« Pagewood, under the dhection of Mr. A. R


| Mi\ AJoxandcr Cooch was elected n

I member of the committee of management

of the Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital and will also act in the capacity of hon- orary treasurer of (hat Institution.