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Withdrawal cjt Permit Meeting

Laurie Nash withdrew last night his League application for transfer from Camberwell to South Melbourne after suggestions had been made by members of the permit and umpire committee.

Nash told the committee he had not played competition football since July, 1942, when he had two games with the 6th Melbourne Scouts in the Footscray District League com- petition, for sentimental reasons.

Mr P. Mitchell, chairman, said that the League definition of "competition football" covered the two matches played by Nash with the Scouts, and under the present rule definition he could not play League football before July.

Mr R. B. Hogg (Melbourne) sug- gested that the matter be brought before the League for a definition of "competition" football.

The committee agreed to the sug- gestion.

Permits granted were:

To collingwood: W. E, Elfller (Subiaco, WA), G. P. Moore (East Coburn Colts).

To Richmond: B, G. Williams (Hawthorn), K. A. Barnewell (new player), K. J. O'con- nell (new player), B. O. Barry (Culgoa). To Melbourne: Ii, L. Sligo (new player).

To Hawthorn: C O. D. Clyde (Auburn), J. Lucardlo (Mittyack), J. V. Crowley (Yarra Junction), B. M. BeU (Auburn), W. Pearson (Brighton TS), K. Twltchett (Lake Boga), K. Shea (Carlton). J. W. Shea (East Mai tern Juniors).

To Footscray: P. Kenney (Yarraville).


Carlton: 2.45pm, McAlistor: O'Brien; Bollan, Kent. 2.45pm, Carlton: Hooper: Hayes. Batty.

Collingwood: Ipm: Beach. 3pm: Lane; McLellan, Blair.

Essendon: 1pm: Schweder; Cole, Smith. 3pm: Galvin; Sutherland, Harrison.

Fitzroy: 2.30pm: Spokes; Sullivan, Price.

Footscray: lpm: Leverett; Bartel, Lee. 3pm: Mcintyre; Cleland, Campbell. Geelong: 2.45pm: 8awyer.

Hawthorn: 2.45pm: Jennings; Dodsworth, filler.

Melbourne: J.30pm, Xavier College: Perry; Miller, Crank. 2.30pm, Albert ground: Ireland.

Nth Melb: 2.30pm: Thomas; Morgan, Doo- lan. 2.15pm, Fleming Park: Watt. Richmond: 1.15pm. Kent, McLe ?ipm: Jamieson, Heal, Hardiman,

Sth Melb: 2.45pm, Old Scotch ground: Mahon: Hughes, Manning.

St Kilda: 2.45pm: Bums; Pricker. Rankin.