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Talking of... THIS and


Of Janet Johnson

TVTEWS has been received by airmail

li f/om London of Miss Janet Johnson,

younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Johnson, of Illawarra, Toorak, who went to England about l8 months ago to con- tinue her stage work. After returning from Hollywood she rejoined the Lilian Braithwaite company, which was playing In London. *

She was offered the part of Miranda in "The Tempest," to be produced in the Regent's Park open-air theatre. Miss Braithwaite uiged her to accept the part and offered to help hei. as she hld p'ayed the part of Miranda liersulf Miss John- son said that she loved the Shakespearian work, and will play In the ni>Nt produc- tion.

In English Lanes

TITISSES E. and J. MOORE, of Cuira

?'.*?*? Jong avenue. Camberwell, returned

In the Ormonde yesterday after an ex- tensive tour abroad. While motoring In Cornwall they drove for four miles through lanes hedged with flowering fox- gloves and bluebells. They cruised to Norway and Sweden In the Orion at the time of the Midnight Sun, and while in Holland went to the Island of Ma-vrken, In tile Zuydcr Zee. where the inhabitants live In an atmosphere fully 400 years behind modern times.

Art Show Opened

SINGLE peonies, deep red and palest

pink, with half-uncurled petals, were arranged In quaint low holders and In squat pottery jars about the Sedon Gal- lery when the exhibition of paintings by Mr. Norman Macgeorge was opened yes- terday afternoon.

Bowls of deep wine purple wallflowers, pure white fruit blossom, and bush flowers and tea tree wcie placed here and there In delightful effect.

Mrs. Macgeorge wore a tam-o'-shanter of black velvet, with a very long pheasant's feather waving right across the crown, with her black frock and black coat. The coat had a soft fur collar.

Hiking in Europe

"RTRS. DOROTHY DARE, daughter of ?"-«. Mrs. I. H. Moss, who left for Eng- land six months ago with a party of trave'lers to the Cor-na'i-" ""'u . i the Ormonde yesterday. Before the Coro- nation she took her party mot ing through about 2,000 miles of rural Eng- land, Scotland, and Wales. She has left three of them behind her walking in Europe.

Misses Helen and Nell Winter-Irving and Elspeth Warde ure hiumg iro.ii Gothenburg to S ockholm, and Miss Mona Rogerson is walking in Austria.

Yesterday Mrs, Dare was wearing two quaint little Austrian dolls pinned to the lapel of her coat. These amusing little mascots arc made of wood, with carved movable limbs, and they are dressed In gay little coloured peasant frocks and aprons, with Tyrolean hats with waving feathers. They are about an Inch and a half in height.

Wedding Soon

FRIENDS of Miss Elizabeth Dutton

Green will be pleased to leam that she has recovered completely from the attack of Influenza, which caused the post- ponement of her wedding a month or two ago. She returned yesterday after a wonderful tour of the Pacific Islands, and her marriage to Mr. George Draffin, of Adelaide, will be celebrated on October 4. Her bridesmaids are to be Miss Margaret Peterson and Miss Mary Boyd.

To Live in Melbourne

ONE of the most attractive peoplo

seen at the iuri;c cudui nu.

the Mooltan yesterday was Mrs. Alan Bickell, who was there with her husband, a former officer of the P. and O. line. Mrs. Bickell was Miss Joan McLeod, eldest daughter of Mrs. McLeod and the late Mr Scott McLeod, of Terrica Ststi Inglewood, Queensland, and it is not quite a month since her marr:aje was ceieb.\i«.i

p -, ?>-. i

She was married soon a ter she returned fit- -... - .« -.... n ile .ame sh.p as her fiance, and they have come to Mel- bourne to make their home. Yesterday Mrs. Bickell was In a beautl'uMy taili-ed b'ack suit, with a white blouse hand embroidered, and a quaint little black Hussar cap, with long coq feathers curling out of the crown.


(Left lo right) Miss Anne Philhps"Mrs A J Phillips and Mrs. Stuart Idguson found a \wndy but excellent \nntngc point on top of a car nt

the Melbourne Hunt Club's Point to Point jestcrdn*,.