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2CC Top 30

This Last week week

1 3 Lc Freak (Chic)

2 1 Music Box Dancer (Frank Mills)

3 5 Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? (Rod Stewart)

4 2 C'mon Aussie C'mon (The Mojo Singers) 5 4 Rest Your Love on Me (Bee Gees) 6 6 Darling' (Frankie Miller)

7 9 StumbTin' In (Suzi Quatro ' Chris Norman) 8 8 Too Much Heaven (Bee Gees) 9 14 Don't Look Back (Peter Tosh) 10 7 Y.M.C.A. (Village People) 11 18 Promises (Eric Clapton) 12 11 My Life (Billy Joel)

13 10 Six Ribbons (John English)

14 19 September (Earth Wind & Fire) 15 23 Hold the Line (Toto)

16 25 You Thrill Me (Exile)

17 12 You Don't Bring Me Rowers (Neil Diamond

& Barbra Streisand

18 20 Time Passages (Al Stewart)

19 17 Lotta Love (Nicolctte Larson) 20 13 Strange Way (Firefall)

21 15 Macarthur Park (Donna Summer) 22 16 Kiss You All Over (Exile)

23 18 Everytime I Think of You (The Babys) 24 Every Night (Phoebe Snow) 25 26 Still in Love (Dragon)

26 30 From Rochdale to Ocho Rios (10CC) 27 21 You Needed Me (Anne Murray)

28 Forever in Blue Jeans (Neil Diamond) 29 22 Part Time Love (Elton John) 30 Chiquitita (Abba)

Top albums

1 Spirits Having Flown (Bee Gees)

2 Blondes Have More Fun (Rod Stewart) 3 Breakfast at Sweethearts (Cold Chisel)

4 You Don't Bring Me Flowers (Neil Diamond) 5 Dire Straits (Dire Straits) 6 Toto (Toto)

7 52nd Street (Billy Joel)

8 Armed Forces (Elvis Costello)

9 Night Flight to Venus (Boney M) 10 Time Passages (Al Stewart)

2CA Top 30

1 1 Lc Freak (Chic)

2 2 C'mon Aussie C'mon (Mojo Singers)

3 4 Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (Ian Dury

& the Blockheads)

4 3 Darlin' (Frankie Miller)

5 9 Don't Look Back (Peter Tosh)

6 6 Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? (Rod Stewart) 7 27 Music Box Dancer (Frank Mills) 8 8 September (Earth Wind & Fire) 9 14 Make Love to Me (Kelly Marie) 10 15 Hold the Line (Toto)

11 19. Don't Throw Stones (The Sports) 12 26 Tragedy (Bee Gees)

13 5 Stumblin' In (Suzi Quartro and Chris Nor


14 7 Instant Replay (Dan Hartman) 15 11 Too Much Heaven (Bee Gees) 16 20 The Gambler (Kenny Rogers) 17 13 Y.M.C.A. (Village People)

18 10 Six Ribbons (Jon English & Mario Millo) 19 17 My Life (Billy Joel)

20 12 The Tour E.P. (The Angels)

21 18 Lotta Love (Nicolette Larson) 22 22 Run By Night (Midnight Oil)

23 21 You Don't Bring Me Flowers (Barbra

Streisand & Neil Diamond)

24 16 I'll Put You Together Again (Hot Chocolate) 25 23 How You Gonna See Me Now (Alice Cooper) 26 33 Bring Out the Magic (Air Supply) 27 Chiquitita (Abba)

28 Lucky Stars (Dean Friedman and Denise


29 29 1 Love the Night Life (Alicia Bridges) 30 40 Heart of Glass (Blondie)

Top albums

1 1 Spirits Having Flown (Bee Gees)

2 2 Blondes Have More Fun (Rod Stewart) 3 3 52nd Street (Billy Joel) 4 4 Toto (Toto)

5 5 Against the Wind (Jon English & Mario


6 13 Best of Earth Wind and Fire (Earth Wind and


7 6 You Don't Bring Me Flowers (Neil Diamond) 8 8 Nicolctte (Nicolette Larson) 9 9 Dire Straits (Dire Straits)

10 10 Living in the USA (Linda Ronstadt)

Hard times

a' changing

Hard Times has a new image from tomorrow night. Hard Times will change from heavy rock to something a little quieter and relaxed.

People will be able to sip their coffces and teas

and talk at the same time.

These are some of the alterations that have been effected by the two new organisers of the Hard Times Cafe in an attempt to lure the under-25s and the unemployed back to the fortnightly venue, at which attendances have been dropping in reccnt


The cafe, organised and run for and by the unemployed youth of Canberra, aims to give people a cheap night out. And with cover charge of a dollar and 20 cents a cup, the HTC is just that.

Featuring at HTC tomorrow night will be the electric folk guitarist Navara, acoustic guitarist Eddy Nicholaas and blues pianist Gerry, each in separate brackets.

The organisers, Robert Howson and Eric Pool, have been working for about a fortnight to get the new format into shape and are hoping there will be a good turn-out for the night.

It starts at 8pm upstairs in the Griffin Centre, off Bunda Street, Civic.

"The idea was to have something fairly low key", Howson told Timespan.

Both Howson and Pool are without jobs and see this as providing a place for people like themselves

to go.

But HTC is itself facing hard times. It has lost about $100 from the past three times round (it is

held on alternate Friday evenings) and needs support.

All the others who work at the cafe are volunteer

unemployed people. The venue has been surviving

with the financial assistance of Jobless Action and the moral support of the Foundry.

Everyone's welcome — so try HTC tomorrow night.

Mi-Sex in Canberra

Mi-Sex, the group that has been hailed as one of Sydney's major acts, will return to Canberra on Tuesday to play at the Captain Cook Hotel.

The group played at the Union during Orientation Week on a very successful night.

Mi-Sex were a New Zea land group but have been in Australia for six months. Before leaving New Zealand they re corded a single 'Straight Laddy' and 'High Class Dame' for EMI.

They recorded another single in Sydney last week, and will leave to tour New Zealand on March 19.

The line-up in the band is Steve Giltin, vocals, Kevin Stanton, lead guitar, Don Martin, bass guitar, Murray Burns, keyboards, Richard Hodgkinson,


Support for the night will ' be Stilts, a new band in Canberra formed out of old bands like Kev and the MO, Peter Dobson from Ritz, Scotty Ingram from Ruff 'n' Reddie.