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8.00 Sesame Street: For pre-school children.

9.00 Inside Creation: Tasmonian Ballet Company 9.30 Play School

10.00 Watch: Transparent things

10.20 Starters: The Gap Between Art and life

10.50 Insial* Creation: Tasmanian Ballet Company 11.20 ExpUratisn Man: All Together Now 11.40 Look Here: Fishing

12.00 Monday Conference (Repeat)

1.00 News

1.10 Horizon-5 1.29 Weather

1.30 Mathshow: About a Metre

1.50 Oeutschland Spiegel: January Edition

2.10 Know Your Australia: Mario il Pescatore 2.40 Science: Animals of the Indian Jungle 4.00 Play School

4.30 Sesame Street

5.30 Nutty Squirrels: The Zoo Revolution

5.40 The Kids From 47A: The Morning After. The kids

cope well on the weekend but Monday brings house keeping problems.

6.05 My Favourite Martian: Martin the Mannequin 6.30 Dr Who: The Android Invasion. Starring Tom Baker.

Or Who and Sarah land in the Fardis to find a deserted English village — or is it? . . . 6.55 Canberra News 7.00 News

7.26 Weather

7.30 This Day Tonight

8.00 Journey Into India: The Moghul Emperors. The

Moghuls, described by some historians as the most brilliant dynasty of emperors in modern times, ruled India from the 16th century to the middle of the 18th century. Keith Adam visits many of the monuments they created and recreates their colourful history.

8.30 Robin's Nest: Piggy in the Middle. Vicky's father

decides that the restaurant needs some colour on the walls and that his young artist girlfriend can do it. Robin and Vicky are not so sure. (A)

8.55 Recipes from the Duchess of Duke Street.

Margaret Fulton prepares trifle in the classic style.

9.00 Hazell: Hazell Meets the First Eleven. Hazel is hired

to check the background of a whiz-kid financier to determine if he's suitable husband-material for a First Eleven family.

9.50 News and Weather

10.00 Contact: Canberra magazine presented by Yvonne


10.30 Perspective: Landscape with Figures: The Art of

Australia with Robert Hughes; and Ten Australians: David Aspden