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11.30 Here's Humphrey 12.25 CTC News

12.30 Daytime Movie: Caxambu. A gang hijacks 2,000

carats of raw diamonds. En route the aircraft crashes in the Amazon jungle inhabited by the Caxambu tribe of headhunters. Starring John Ireland, Carol Ohmart,

Keith Larsen.

2.00 Days Of Our Lives (A)

2.50 The Young and the Restless (A) 3.15 Woman's World

3.20 Switched On Living: Cooking with electricity.

3.35 Cartoons

4.00 This Week Has Seven Days

4.20 Huckleberry Hound (G) (Repeat)

4.45 I Dream OF Jeannie (G) (Repeat) 5.10 Community Billboard

5.15 Young Rebels: Suicide Squad. Three young

Americans in the War of Independence. (G). 6.15 CTC News

6.30 National News

7.00 A Current Affair

7.30 Barney Miller: Escape Artist. American police

comedy (G).

8.00 M*A*5*H: Of Moose and Men. Comedy in the

Korean war.

8.30 Special: Murcheson Creek. An Australian movie

drama - the setting, an Australian backwater town; the plot - the conflict between a young doctor and the suspicious, old-fashioned townspeople with secrets they would rather not reveal. Starring Mark Edwards, Sandra Lee Patterson, Abigail, Gordon McDougall, Rowena Wallace. Phillipa Baker. 10.00 CTC News

10.05 Number 96

11.00 Movie: Assignment Terror. A doctor receives a

message from another galaxy informing him that two reincarnated scientists will become his assistants and together they are to destroy the earth-creatures, taking advantage of their greatest weakness - human emotions. Starring Michael Rennie, Karen Dor.

12.30 Close

Digitisation generously supported by
Mr John B. Fairfax AO and Mrs Libby Fairfax
Digitisation generously supported by
Mr John B. Fairfax AO and Mrs Libby Fairfax