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The Governor General, Sir Paul Hasluck, left, with the Prime Minister, Mr Whitlam, at Government House after the announcement of the new Cabinet

portfolios at Parliament House yesterday.

Labor Ministry


By DAVID SOLOMON, Political Correspondent

The Prime Minister, Mr Whitlam, made only four major changes in his Ministry yesterday, fol lowing the re-election on Monday of his former team and the addition of Senator _Wheeldon.

He has also made a few minor changes, including an increase in the powers of the new Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Cairns.

The new Ministers will be sworn in this morning.

Mr Cameron becomes Minister for Labour and Immigration, in stead of just Minister for Labour.

Senator Wheeldon becomes Minister for Repatriation and Compensation. Senator Bishop be comes Postmaster-General, instead of Minister for Repatriation.

Mr Bowen loses the PMG but remains Special Minister of State, and becomes Minister Assisting the Prime Minister in matters re lating to the Public Service.

Dr Cairns takes control of the Priorities Review Staff from the Special Minister of State, and of

(he proposed Adjustment Assist

ance Agency.

Senator Wriedt is Minister for Agriculture, rather than Minister for Primary Industry (just a change in name).

Mr Enderby is Minister for Manufacturing Industry, com bining his previous responsibilities as Minister for Secondary Industry and Minister for Supply. Senator McClelland, still Minister for the Media, becomes manager of Government business in the Senate. Mr Morrison, still Minister for Science, takes on the responsi bility formerly held by Senator Bishop of assisting the Minister for Defence.

Departments disappear

The changes involve the disappearance of two departments, Im migration and Supply.

Tho head of Immigra tion, Mr Armstrong, will become a special adviser to the Minister and to the

nes^Department of Labour

and Immigration on im migration matters.

Later some o£ the func tions of the former Immi gration Department will later be transferred to such Departments as Foreign Affairs, Education and Social Security.

The Department of Sup ply will be merged with the Department of Second ary Industry, to becomq the Department of Manu facturing Industry. Its head the Secretary of Surnlv, Mr Currie.

Mr Pryor, from Sec ondary Industry, is likely to head the proposed Austra lian Government Purchas ing Commission, which will come under the responsibility of the Special Minister of State.



D;- Cairns's promotion to the Deputy Prime Ministership persuaded Mr Whitlam to grant "him a few additional duties to those in Overseas Trade, but not all that Dr Cairns wanted.

Dr Cairns will have the Priorities Review Staff, and the proposed Adjust ment Assistance Agency, which provides compensa tion in the wake of curren cy changes and tariff changes.

But he will not have responsibility for the In dustries Assistance Com mission, which he wanted to take from Mr Whitlam.

The new Minister. Sena tor WheelJon, has gained a major new policy depart ment, through the addition of some very important functions to the old Repat riation Department.



There were serious suk gestions that Repatriation should be abolished as a separate department, and perhaps incorporated in Social Security.

Instead, however, the Prime Minister, decided to expand Repatriation into Repatriation and Compen sation.

The compensation in the title includes Com monwealth Employees' Compensation and sea men's compensation, and also the arrangements like ly to be entered into on a massive scale following the report of the Woodhouse Committee on National Rehabilitation and Com pensation. This report is due by the end of the month.

The department will also take over important functions from the Hous ing Department involving home-loans insurance and defence-service-homes in


Responsible for


More significantly, it will be responsible for in itiating the proposals announced during the elec tion campaign by Mr Whitlam for an Australian

Government Insurance Of fice.

It will also be responsible for the organi sation to cope with natural disasters and air accidents..

The importance at tached to the new depart ment reflects Senator Wheeldon's high rating by the caucus in the poll on Monday. Though the only new Minister, he ranks number 16 in the Ministry of 27.

Wider total


In a statement issued last night, Mr Whitlam said Senator Wheeldon's functions would be wider than those of the former Minister for Repatrication in that the function was now seen as part of a wider total function of compensation for deserv ing groups in the commu nity.

He said, "The purpose of creating the new de partment is to transform the old Department of Re patriation into a more comprehensive whole.

"There is no question of abolishing the department: it will be expanded, and there will be no dimin ution in the care and con cern for returned service men — only extension of the functions of the de partment to cover all as pects of compensation.

Mr Kingsland


"The Repatriation Com mission will continue to operate as at present, under the chairmanship of Mr Kingsland, who will be appointed head of the new Department of Repatria tion and Compensation".

Mr Cameron would hold the new portfolio of Labour and Immigration. To his existing functions as Minister for Labour would be added control of assisted migration.

Mr Ives would continue to be Secreta.y of the de partment.

"Other Immigration

functions will also be undertaken' for the time being by Mr Cameron but will later be transferred to such departments as Foreign Affuirs, Education and Social Security, Mr Whitlnm said.

He- also said that in becoming Postmaster General Senator Bishop would preside over the establishment of the Postal Commission and the Tele communications Commis sion proposed by the Royal Commission on the

Post Office.

The Leader of the Op position, Mr Snedden, will meet the Country Party Leader, Mr Anthony, in Sydney today to discuss the composition of the Op position "shadow" Minis