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Football Incident Investigated

A charge ol unseemly conduct against B. Woods, of Collingwood, was sustained by the tribunal of the Victorian Football League last night, but he was given the benefit of an element of doubt and no penalty was imposed.

Woods uns reported by n boundary um- pire (L L Baker), who alleged that lie attempted to kick Beames, of Melbourne, lu the second quarter of the match between Melbourne and Collingwood on Saturday. Mr A E Dummett appeared for Woods.

Baker MI id that the incident occurred alter a scrimmage on the Melbourne for vv ard line After the ball had been cleared by n Melbourne pla. cr he saw Woods make a kick at Beames, who was moving away from the icrlmmaßc. Ho had a clear view of the incident, nnd the ball was 30

i yards away. He told Woods immcdiattlv

that he would be reported.

Woods denied that he attempted to kick Beames. Beames, he said, was standing next to him, and If he had attempted to kick the Melbourne player he could not

have missed him.

Beames said that he was on the outskirt of the scrimmage when the ball was kicked toward the centre, and a Colllngwood player loomed up In front of him. ne couid not say whether Woods made a kick at him

or not.

Confidence in Coach at Hawlhorii

following discussions of the team and coach (I McAlpinc) among supportcis, the committee of the Hawthorn club at a meeting last night, unanimously agreed to the following motion -"This committee has every confidence in the coach and pledges itself to support him in every way possible "

Clearances for Players

Collingwood granted a clearance last night to Hill, a follower, to Coburg Hill

was on the reserve list

S Kirkby has been cleared bj St Kilda as plajlng coach of Berrigan (NSW)

Farrelly, a sliongly built plajer from Tasmonia, has greatly Impressed Carlton officiais, but they arc worried about pos- sible cleai ance difficulties Farrelly will be resldentlally qualified to plav in about four weeks, but his former club, City of Laun- ceston may not clear him, for Tarrelly left for Victoria without communicating

with its officials

The three Tasmanlans at Essendon are

training solidly. Dcayton will probably be avallnble on Saturday week, but officiais arc concerned about the non-arrival of lils clearance. Wntts fa cleanly built, active looking player) and Cahill (who moves nicely) will be rcsldentially qualified about

the middle of June.

Clearances granted by Footscray last night werci-^-J. A. McMillan, to Ensay; J. Carroll, to Red Cliffs; Y. Mirrabella, to Hastings; and J. McDonagh, to Mel- bourne.

Oakleigh Offends St. Kilda

When Stewart Anderson was cleared by St. Kilda to Oakleigh as playing coach It was on the understanding that he was to be cleared back to St. Kilda when required. Now* Oakleigh has cleared Anderson to North Melbourne. When the subject was before the St. Kilda committee last night resentment was expressed. The question was referred to the match committee, which will meet to-morrow.


Edmonds for Seconds

In succession to Sid Coventrj the Footsciav committee last night unani mouslj elected J Kell} as coach of the senior teom and Edmonds was appointed to succeed Kelly as plajlng coach of the


Kellj was a former champion wing man for Cailton plajing 138 games befóte le tii ing at the end of the 1034 season Last veor he was appointed playing coach of the Tootsciay seconds and led the team to the premiership

Edmonds pin j ed 77 games with Col- lingwood before transfirilng to Rich- mond in the middle of the 1034 season He played foi the íemalnder of that «eason and in 1935 and was couch of South Bendigo last j ear

Cooper in Good Foi ni

following the removal oí the bnn imposed upon htm nftir un Incident which occuried in n prnrll.c match early this season lion Cooper the rover lcsumcd training with the seniors nt Carlton jestenlav y Cooper is ex- pected to be chosen in the senior team inline

diatclv Ho was the best man for the second«; last Saturday Sullen n leading follower of hist season nlso trained Ho ia expected to leach the senior team again before lonit Clarke and Carney were the onlv nbsentees from training Neither is llkclv to he available loi the next match

Plovers will be entertained al tea nfler train IIVB to morrow They will nftcrwnrd hold u meeting at which the coach «ill address


Moot. Buck «U South

no} Moore the half forward trained ves

terdav at South Melbourne for the first time for eight wcel s and had a solid run Ile li in good condition und mu) pla) on Htturdu)

fern Brain who kicked six Boalo for the seconds last weet nlso tr lined well and he too moj return

Diilten iknee) and Welsh (broken bone lu his vvrlstl ure unfit however and will not be avail- able Kobe)Ison trained well and will pla1, on Snturdn) Laurie Nash was at tin. ground but cannot pla) until Snturdiiy wcel

Foolbcraj on Crest oi Wine

Fvonls of the last week have effected a re

mnrkablo change in the atmosphere of the Footscray training room and It is doubtful If the plasers have ever been more enthusiastic and confident about the future Not onlv did the win over North Melbourne come as a tonic after a period of non success but the mnnnei of the win has restored the plnvcrs confidente In ofnclnl6 as shrewd tactlcluns on whom even reliance can bo placed

No» evervonc Is looking forward to Riving Melbourne the shock of the season Plovers will be on their toes and if 1 ootscruv can find a counter to the Melbourne tactics that left Collingwood powerless it must take its place In tho front rank

Theio Is unxlct) whether Ceorge Bennett the efficient full buck will be fit for the game He Is receiving treatment twice daily from the masseur Mr r V\ rcn In the hont of curlni j

severely bruised leg Three other plajt

received minor injuries on Saturdiv-Morrison I Iknee injuryl O Brien (nnklcl nnd (hlpi -hut nil should bo fit

Plavcrs will be entertained at dinner to morrow nlRht aftei which a full mid frank discussion of the match last Saturday will take plncL On Monday a smoke social In celebration of the premiership won last bcason by the seconds will be held

-.-.eildon Pldjeib Cleared

VV Lowenthal and M McFarlanc whose names were removed from Essendon s trolnlng tist last week have both been sought b3 other League clubs The committic after training lnst night cleared Mci arlanc to North Melbourne Ho c ime to Essendon 1 ist sea

¡>on from Cobui Lowenthal will nrobabh go to

\\ low I MUM

Richmond though it (s iindcn-tood that he was Approached bj f t îftifit half a do/en I CAUIC cluljr Leo Mastics tho former Brunswick nnd ritz rn\ iilnjT who hns liten trnlning nt l-sandon hns uhlted I it7ro\ to clear him to Ksseudon where he will plu\ with the «.(.conUs in nn effort to quullf\ for the senior trninlnff-list itc t ni in rd with j,rent ktcnnciS yts ttrd is

White supporters nt Essendon were

..hocked bv the poor show hu. nguini-t Richmond hope that the tcnm will impíos e its position lins not bc_n lost Injuries to some pla sers mid Inck of form by others nins lend to the introduction of players from the seconds Contes {follower) Tom Rej noldh (fuit forward who has kicked IB ROU Is In his lust two mntchesl and Arrell (who transferred recently from Carlton) are plnjcrs mostlj dfî-cusscd

Rippon (knee lnjurs ) w lil miss the next match und Bruce Anderson (thlRh injurj) is doubtful Others uho rcistcd vesterdaj were Frejer Cnssin (shoulder) Torney (back musclct and Korbes though Forbes had a short run Lu hi IT was n Usent on his honeymoon

Baleb Injures Ankle

Simons nnd Djer did nat train at Richmond jesterdtii Both are fit und will pluy lu police matches to du j Bates trained for only n short period and wns nttended for uti Injured ankle Ile maj be nblc to train to morrow Maple was at the Riound but did not train Crane Is recalling special treatment for n thigh Injuiy and experts to resume trninlnu lo morrow Hooper linn returned from a visit to another State und will probably resume to morrow


CroM c Imprcn ing

Crowe (badi, bruised groin) was unable to train at Collingwood jesterdaj He is making Koo c1 progiess howestr mid should be avail- able for Saturdaj Regan and Coventry rested The other men turned out and trained vlgnrouslj Morana who could not play Just week because of influenzn lind n run

Once again Fothergill was adjudged best and faires-1 junior on Snturdnv Tils performances iiuse been so consistent that oiflciuls are beginning to consider including him in the senior side He Is aged onls IO venrs and it

was the Intention of the selectors to leave him with the seconds until he had settled down Other consistent second 1« pln\cr¡ who nhossed up ssell at linlnlnK were Newton Carter and D Tricher

Oíllcials nre not perturbed bj the team s first defeat on fintmdnj rho chalimau of ftclcclors iCounrllloi M Seddon) said that Melbourne deservid its victors Collingwood however did not rcvcnl Its usual form It war not uncommon for a team to go right olf for u match in the middle of the season He nnticipntcd a good match against Carlton on Saturda}

Nine hijurctl at Fitzroy

Training nt Fitzroj jesterdaj t vening Stott ruptured n thigh musclL He will be out on Saturday The accident bringt, rimoj s present list of Injuries to nine Smnllliorn (ti u Id on Ince) Henri) ishouldti Injury In

lloved to be a dislocated collnrbont > Wait tstrnlned rieht ankle nnd fluid on left lino

will be unable to plnj on Snturdnv II is feared that Ledwidpe (knee lnjurj) will be out for the rest of the Benson

Hie other injured men ure IrewePl ibiuVeti nose) L HughMm (Injun to sciatic nene)

Sharp (Injury to nrm muselés) and Hall <1 nee lulurji fhej should bo avnllnble although Huflu-on Is doubtful Tf llenrn Is unable in lila) his loss will be felt 1 renlj as he is n

carded ns the most consistent mau in the »ide this reason

L Maj ni s the tall follower who has regained his form with the reconds will nrobabij return to the senior side although t-ouant bj 1 s sen dun Mcinnes also performed well nnd he and McConchie may be given nnother trial White mny return lo the forrard poeket and the full forward position A111 probnblv bi filled bi Bunworlh f-owcnthnl from Est-endon und K Reid who plnud fur Fitzroj lnst year trained for Hie flrt>t time jesterdaj



Promise to South

A deputation from Orton, consisting of the president (Mi D Croncl the

Isecietoiy (Mr N. Chandlet), and Mr K

Luke, visited tile South Melbourne ground last night seeking pci mission to Interview Biighton Diggins, the follower who had said that lie would not pla) with South Melbourne again South Melbourne decided not to giant the request

Giving tue icasoii foi the lefusal, the president of tile South Melbourne club (Councillor Ciofts, M LC ) told the Carl- ton officials that, before going to Perth on holiday, Diggins lnd piomiscd lilni that immediately he returned from Western Australia he would lesume plat- ing with South Melbourne

A message from Horsham si itcs that an cffoit is being made to scenic the services of Diggins as plajliig coich Dig- gins intci view ed when passing through Horsham on his way to Pt i til said that he would consldei the ofToi

Diggins is being picsscd also to re- main In the West and play foi Perth

Hawthorn Experiment»

Hawthorn mo) make furllu r chimes lu lis team but thev uri. li ki ly to b inalnl) la field positions Olllcials un Lonfldent tint tim experiments undertaken lo stiuigtlieii the leam »111 be successful I hi v ure no1 unduly perlurbid about the poor shuulni, oí Hit nain In the hist half of tin. match IIt Geelong as the) realise that the team was weakened because of chances madi UCLCS<-IU\ In injuries to plu)ers

Pool I Injured lilpi Nccsun ilnjured I nee

Pnvcy linjuiiri leg) and Clements did not train )Cbtcrdu) evening but Pave) Is Un mil) plater unlike!) to be niallible on Suuriiii) Allison Is still suifcriug from n riuinmce oí an old Injun and did not train Simmons und Randall have lecovirrd. and rr uimd training

nundall will bi medlLHli) examined lo morro« anti mnj be /It lo pla) on faaturda)

Phuei- nie to attend (ia aller iriinln. to

morrow when even mau on the triliiing h t is expected to uittnd

Chandler at ¡Melbourne

Melbourne vvclromed Dort C li miller at tra a

big last night and he had his first run »lill the club Although it was brif f Chindlir «HU


out i tending li ni- si If showed really 1.0011 foin) Hi is llkel) lo lu included iiumidliteli hi» clear

inn s tram Pirtli ir\p ited this «e(u und lliwthorn ar

Cil iss md Itcltt!! Tri still somenliit doubliiil (or El» [lui mill Ogden ma) no1 bl able lo |ll>}

Clio s tralllld and Itrtllil will run mi I liursdn Osilen ibrulsed thlghi had

a irst

Hu other player! hld a shar|) run last night ! en of Hiern

Milne nre nlío show lue torm with lue *cconds j I nnd m»> be consldeied

A tropli*. Riven b> A Snhndn

[ Ogden" for Bcncrnl elfectUeness

New Pla)cr-, at Norlli

Stuart Anderson the ronner St Kilda pla)« | nlio resigned ns conch ol Onkleleh this ."*.« »on nnd lui« been cleared to Norlli Melbourne r mndc lils first nppenrnncc un the training track I « here he silo» coi his polish

Two recruit» from Werribee mode nn appear !

ance nnd nn Impression I bee »ere RojJ Smith ii speedy wing mun and V Do» line " nn excellent roi cr «ho pa beautiful)} Ho Is blJRhtly on the small (.ide but in -pile of that seems sure of bein** ret mied

McFnrlnne of Essendon who lins rectlin his cleiirnucc nlso nppenrcel and Penn* lu Dillnrnt follower and forward lins also oï lalncd his papers

Les Allen the former pocket forwird »no retired tinco seasons URO on nccount of 111 health is perfectlv ill nenin omi beean train inn last night In the hopi of makins n com« back His bebt foolbnlf In the ps t »ns »lill Carlton before ho cunio to North and lor that club he scored 58 coals In one -eason

Si. Kilda Injuricb IS'ol Scrioiisj

St Kilda s Injuries nre not so wrlout ¡

the*, nppeared after Hie inntrli on BnlurcM I

Llojd Is rccoiering from his Injured ankle aim| is almost certnin to play this we;k Sut««.[ Innd »ho lins been out for sciornl »«"I" "__| n broken tinner will be mullnbli « .Co}','l lorn ItB ligament Is responding to treatmeii* 1 He will be i,iecn n trial to monow rhere li| a possibility that O Hooper will be able! lol plnj on Snturdns llio eonditlon oí His J" f loented thumb pleased the doctor Inst *"fi" L Hender who hud etliches Inserted near tiifjl on Snturdnj will be mallabie I he coach li«J

gil cn Mohr a spell until lo morrow

Geelong Pla)eis Krctnci

although Geelong s pcrfoi munee ngalMtj

»thorn on Saturday lett room lor Imp"» ment the fccncrnl stnndnrd ol pine «as piru

Ing but It Is felt Hint Geclong's n ii test «W: take plncc at Richmond on Snturdnj in« curate Kicking wns the chief enusc lor coo

plaint with the forward work on S ttirílu*' Jn'J defect Bhould be absent on Snturdnj as "'«J» ga*,e his forwards useful "uni kliUiiB prntlW last night ,, ,, . h". h.

Mahon wns nblo to do llfcht work but » ., still worried b\ lils Injured ankle and u

not likely to be available Ornni trained JT

showed Hint lu wns sound Muller s »ort. »« most imprcsslec Prisent inclín lions arc in« Mahon nnd Rich will be the onh pla jen no nenllnblc tor sclcetlon und Un e mini lee »>" be fared with n dimcult problem lo make room,

for »fuller It Ispossible Unit ,^% ffii

Interfere with n winning side Muller » "ra with the seconds on Snturiln- lu Mio» mai re has not lost lils farm