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"10,000 waiting to go'

to Indonesian Timor

JAKARTA,. Wednes day (AAP-Reutcr). - The . Indonesian Home Minister, Mr Machmud, had'talks on the problem of refugees from Por tuguese Timor today with Lieutenant-General Widodo, the military commander for Java and Nusa islands which in clude Timor. ,

Genera! Widodo who has just returned from a tour of the border between In donesian Timor and the ad joining Portuguese Colony, said about 10,000 refugees fleeing the bloodshed in the colony were reported to be waiting to cross into .In donesia.

After his one-hour'meet ing with the . minister, General Widodo said, "The

talks are urgent' in view of. the growing number of refu gees fleeing to' Indonesia Timor".

General Widodo said 700 refugees had crossed' into Indonesian Timor since the outbreak of the civil war three weeks ago.

"We must take immediate steps to accommodate them otherwise there can be social repercussions in In donesian Timor", he said. .

The Governor of In donesian Timor, -Mr-Em El Tari, was making prepara

tions io meet a request from the Portuguese Timor Governor, Colonel Lemos Pircs, who had asked for one tonne of potatoes, 1,000 bottles of beer, sugar, coffee and other daily needs..

"Indonesia is regarded by the people in Portuguese Timor as thcyr saviour who can take them out of tho current war there". Genera] Widodo said.

On the situation in Dili, capital of Portuguese Timor, General-Widodo, said Fretilin had managed to gain control of most of. the


Portugal's special envoy, Dr Santos, is expected to re turn to Jakarta tomorrow after ' holding talks with

Colonel Pires at the. .head-, qtiartcrs he had set up at Atauro Island off Timor. \

More than 170 evacuees on board a Japanese trawler are heading for Darwir

from Timor;

In a ' statement issued ir Canberra, the Minister fof Labor- ? and Immigration Senator James -McClelland said the trawler, the . Kon pira Maru, would arrive ir Darwin this morning. '

So far 2.238 people had reached Darwin from Timor. .

.He said 167 were repat riated to Portugal on a charter flight which left Darwin yesterday, bringing the total repatriated to 689.

Of those remaining in. Australia, 1,168 had been

flown 10 Sydney, Mel bourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

The Opposition's spokes man on foreign affairs, Mr Peacock, said yesterday that the Government's refusal lo become involved in the pro blems of Portuguese Timor might force Indonesia into "reluctant unilateral, inter


The Campaign for Inde pendent East Timor said last night that the Government was , stopping journalists from going to Timor in the name, of not taking sides.

. "Now that the fighting had ceased, the. Australian Government should remove immediately the ban on jour ; nalists travelling t to Timor

and should establish official .representation in Dili", it


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Digitisation generously supported by
Friends of the National Library of Australia