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Political refugees 'flock' to Indonesian


; JAKARTA, Monday (AAP-Reuter). — Indo nesia's semi-official news agency Antara reported, today that hundreds of political .refugees from the Portuguese colony on Timor Island had crossed over to the Indo nesian half, as a result of intimidation by leftist forces in the colony.

'Owoting 1 a ■ roving correspondent ■ from 'At tamuya, on the In donesian side of the' bor der,, the agency said, ten-, sion was mounting. in Portuguese Timor, where effective control was now in the hands of 'leftist forces.

• While a Portuguese Embassy spokesman in Jakarta said latest reports ihowed the situation in Vinidr to be calm, events have been moving swiftly fever the past few weeks.

On January 22 the two main political parlies on the colony, both seeking eventual independence, formed an alliance which , was clearly aimed at iso

lating the third party, Apodeti, which supports the colony's total in tegration with Indonesia.

The two parties, the Left-leaning Revolution ary'Front for Timor East (Fretilin) and the Demo cratic Union of Timor (UDT) agreed in a joint statement on "the rejec tion of the idea of in tegration into any foreign country, particularly In




Though the two parties are thought .. to have about equal support, In donesian sources 'said the language of the statement was that used by Fretilin, accused by Indonesia .of being communist.

Indonesia is known, to tie very concerned at the prospect of a left-wing independent eastern Timor, an economically poor country right on its doorstep, which it would see as easy prey for satel lite-seeking big powers or insurgent groups opera ting in the area..

Last week the alliance parties called for the in definite postponement of general elections to a constituent assembly, ■which Lisbon had pro posed as a first step to


Antara reported also that the Governor of Timor, whom at least one ' high-ranking official in

Jakarta, has described privately as a Maoist, recently issued a permit to Fretilin to buy arms.

• Indonesian Defence Min istry officials dismissed to day as totally untrue Aus tralian newspaper reports that Indonesia planned to Invade Portugese Timor within the next few weeks.

An official in the De fence Ministry said in reply to a question that the reports were "false, to tally without foundation".

Strategic headaches. —

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Digitisation generously supported by
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