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IWiJJ Write for

"The Argus"

Juc!. Oreen Haw thorn R mast success- ful full-forward has rellied from the game nnd he w11! join the formci cham- pions who will write football reports ench reek for ' 1 he Argus '

Because of a Knee injurj, Green plaved

raonlv seven games last jem and kicked 34 goals His rctliement will lie n bcverc bio» to Hawthorn

Oreen who excelled ni the Universitj, plajed Bl games with Carlton before he

transferred to Haw -

thom In 10J4. In three seasons he played 40 games and kicked 107 goals - remarkable Humes when Haw- thorn« struggle in those vasons Is renumbered He «?us also a incmlici of (lie Vlrtoiinn itam that was so successful in Tort li ind Adelaide In 1935, and lie plnved «gainst the Asso

ciaugu m nui

A cool and svstrmiith forward Gieen mabie to inaik mid kirk well and tile number of goals ht, scornl wns not a rutl Indication of his iibllllv for lie was most unîelftsh and timnv otlier (,oals carno indirect)! from his good work He Is u »llcltor bv piofcsslon


ENTERTAINED Much Enthusiasm

Advice to Players

Optimism was the keynote of speeches, ita dinner ghen to playcis of tho root may Footbsll Club lost night It was i most enthusiastic gnthcrlng

Hie club president. (Dr K McCarthy) con miniated all pla>cn on tho senior UM lim ««tors had had n most dltncult talk ho "»ldi '»J excellent plnicrs Had hitit to bo passed J«r The foolWll public ttould bL glad to ? lit lounger plovers mako ihe grnde it u

w ti » unanimous lote of tlit committee Hint uxkendorlt and Ware had bein elected lenders Dotkoidorft (captain) «na an oriminent lo the ¡lu« nd the position was tn safo hands All wit »us necruari uns for Ulm to lune the »no» hearted support o< the plovers Hie chili ¡.?approaching the elson with an optimism Willed bj pirfnrmiinces lit the end of 103(1 u needed nnli slight Improicincnt to become "mt formidable

Capldin'h Optimism

The new cvptaln (Dockcndorrr) auld that ho îanotïant harsh criticism but crttlrism tcm find bj discretion He uri ed for the confl cmao! Hie plajcrs on mid olt tho Held Ho nula not be surprised ir Footscrnj reached tho

Rrt'rrlng to tho policy of Ihn club In regard fjPlayer» the secretary (Mr S Ilamsiiy) snld «liner« »as much lo be desired In tho trnln ttJ As you train so »111 >ou play ho »aid tim pincer slmiild he proud to be pln>lng tor JWUer«) The club hopes to pay £1 a week Hralarljf For Hie committee to carrs out that »meat £600 d needed and it can be found Wrby success on the neld

Br comparison «Uli 1930 the club was £340 «Her oil Ihls >cnr Mr flamsai added but Bo» members nero needed Ycnrs ago Um jrabtuliip nas 6 000 nnd lust vcar It hail »Mied to S 800 VV lth success on the neld nouera) *ould be Ihc best club In the I«nguo "ftjeartho club o»ed P MOO now It owed

JW ttoo mid that, mutt encourage tho

FMIKMV did not »ant champions It «anted »»l»)ers nil \.,n\ to do their part aald Mr

""»«I He did not mind Hie phiiors linilnir "«Hall bul he did duwnprovo of excess unit JiWilin must practise self donlal He urged ¡«tritton In all things and suggested thal

J" yaun« plas er« should not touch strong

Pltnors Musi ho Fil

J!» wach (Mr B Coirnlrvl snld that pim ero 'MU not play the game unless thel wore per

"llySl Those »ho had missed several train it Jilihls should hate known hotter The "Klon had decldrd lo consider only thosn «'lirii »ho »ere fll Players »ould linvo to «jrtneimehes pleasure durhiK the season

p ' 'fln<" running ov er » lth optimism nddnl g"»rjr but I lei I Hint »c will select IS «li Mass plajrrs «ho must pim with that iff""f? .*n<l d»lcriiiinatlon without »Mell »'I'll Iel the dub down I feel that If lou »««¡lb determination on Saturday jolt will J» Cotentrj then explained »hat he wanted "S.Hl'jer to do on Biitiirdni

Jw chairman ol Ha aclcctlon committee "J * Eaion) mid thal pinv«ra could now K",nd thc 'llftlcultles lnst leur In linnroi

"¡Hie team The selectors »ero looking for the SS.ÎÏ" *ouW Play (or thetr fIdt and not for ¡¡¡'J' »nd «ould alton the nirrssnry de

McKimion Loses Conch

¿."»»rite the former Sandringham Plnjer ffi",thy MiKlnnon of the rVdnrnl lcngiic u J!!,' I,n" lc't to take up an appointment oV.,?ln* co c>' o' the Dinon iori IT I club ti!"J"""»« Framed l.\ the tacKlnnon club &7Ï, .K ^^ "> Murtoa ind K "««ni to Ormond United

Essendon Leugne Permits

. Pitalu jranted ni a meeting of the Essendon S AiL.'r,,.~J w Tailor, Moonee Valley Billi « 5 "«ma»ortli ¿¡.emmie to llel

»coad, ic0î." h Don Iloiers to Sandrlnglinni rwcn"°..Hmo" Asrolvnlo to the hS?."1' JDoI> noiera to Yallourn

t" T n,T;p,nilinl tribunal eonslsls of Inspcc «rdV r"W ¡chairman! and M< ssrs C1 Hnwlo llllm«. P Ä«nkln The oserutlie rnmmlttrc

"»<« In the pat mon uti 1 rldnj ut I) |i in

^«ilcrson'h Diriqiiiiliiicatioii

'»iVini1, w"lnr«da> Al Hie Ilallnrut

"«hfd fSS".,m,f,lni- l0 »'"''I n inter «ns " Ä.,°? ll,e Vlrlorl.n I vitlmll 111 gue lioni 7Íi.lA,,,,rm"l|on »» I" 'he league a lill li

« 0 ais."""« 'b' dlaqiiiillnritlnn Imp sed ÏWlMerte" '"jneill if ti e Hall in I il lb 11 "li .1.1.5 'J'" lw'ln« "> «ht b\ Fssendo i

.Manille -J '.he nlsqimlinrallon lind been «nHai 1.1.1 lhe '"ague »ould nut consider Itn Tl out t personal oppearnnce b> Ander

A'tîiW "ir r w Finia) sonl re

L"* taiàiî;.. »nr<irBU,od that Anderson a Ñírerí il'l, *'ould n°t bn pi rmltlcd by his KgT to play »in, Essendon

been RTnnted bv the Association He asked that Williamson be interviewed bj the committee and after some discus- sion the lcqucst was granted

Asked by Mr J Meere (North Mel- bourne) whcUier he had been offered any monetary Inducement to play with St Kilda Williamson sold No!

Mr W Brew (Essendon)-Has the Northcote club received anj money from the St Kilda club for jour transfer?

Williamson -Not that I know of

Williamson was Informed that lils papers would be dealt with to-moirow and that If they were In order his clear- ance would be granted


Interstate Men

The question of interstate, pial era trans Jerted to Melbourne, for business reason» and not for football »na discussed by the permit

fas?'S I lit Ci th<! V,ctor,l,n F"1"1"»» League

"Jl!}? .»"«""Ion wa» based upon the clearance EWU« to Gnrvln of New Boulh Wales to St Sií" »t the nrev lou» meeting darvln lind produced a letter from hi» employ er« »tatlng i,,Yi!.i.l">,.1>llS b.'!Cn transferred to Melbourtio K.rr!5i "ÎT, bajniiiena reasons Some delegates çoiiiidcred last night that notification from one

"State wa» not enough

i".M"r". >X.i Bïew (Bs'endon) cald Uiat it might KLP°, ? °Jïr ft Player to aecuro a statement that ho had been transferred for business roa Í2ü!,i?hcD «ft«»"» that wa» not tho case Ho considered thal notification should also bo ob !,.lîe«d fro"! '?* °mc<! ,n tno sut<! 1» "blch ho ni.t1iiiolim"l>' bcen emPloyod Thla could quite íhSi .i,íB,l.),p"\ ,,R1MÎ D"w and 1 think that the rule should bo tightened up

n,".mîllonby.Mr J M»»ro (North Melbourne) HÏÎL'Ï.? ""««tary (Mr 1, It, McBrlfn) should

agrooitô P T" to BtaU» wa»

Amoni. the many clearance» granted waa that of Horrie Mason the former St Kilda player ¡mt! coach of Camberwell back to St Kilda Jlasim ha» been appointed an coach of tho St Kilda second olRhleen On hi» clearance papers wll!ii,t?.,r"il!n.t.blr L'w> President of tho Cam- berwell club to the effect that Mason had bcen of wonderful assistance to the Camberwell club both on Rnd oft the field

Other plavir» oltared wore Murnane and voting tho two promising Melbourne recruits and It McMInn the former Xavier College piajer McMInn wa» transferred from New

»ere - K"dl1 clcnr""<:« «runted _ A , Roberts Melbourne to essendon V F ?.mrlclU 8outh Kensington to Coburg » M Miller Berrigan to Goolong S Howard Terang to Geelong o Rieh Maryborough to Ooelong (subject to tho necessary paper« coming to hand) N F McDcrmott Fltiroy to Fssendon li Murnane Rochester to Melbourne L SJeeth Box Hill to Illohmond A Buldt Myer « Io Melbourne L La Franchi Broekwell to Coburg F Matthew» Wodonga to Melbourne A J Banders ntiroj to Prahran T F Oreen Hawthorn to Brunswick i» J Crosbie Police tu Riehmond O Hooper Ormond Amateurs to Richmond F Morcom West Melbourne to North Melbourne T B Barker St Kilda lo Richmond M Oconnell Kew District to Richmond R Drummond Seville to Colling wood I Hartncy Fssendon to Fltrroy I Walsh Fast Malvern to Hawthorn, F A Sam blebe Teachers College to Hawthorn K li Rosewarnc Carlton lo Coburg H J Clarrie!. Carlton lo Coburg L C Ogilvie Noitheotn lo Smith Melbourne J r Young East Brunswick to Melbourne n McMInn New South Wale» to Bl Kilda F Ferrett, Ararat lo Porl Mel- bourne It Saunders Richmond lo Sauilrlng lum A Ansien Kew to South Melbourne

C F Hanlin« North Melbourne to Fitiroy a li Lewis Footscray to Essendon B A rrcwecl. Carlton to 1'IUroy C Mcinnes Tyn tjrdcr to CnrlUin H r Mason Camberwell to Mt Kilda A Wegner Abbotsford to Northcote A J Fwlns Richmond City to Richmond C mins Richmond City to Richmond R Coutts Cotcv Grammar School to Hawthorn A VV I iigk last Malvorn District to Hnw thorn T Houlint North Melbourne CYM 8 to North M lboiirnc VV Egan, West Melbourne to North M Ihoiirnc J C1 Wills Orclong Saoonds to Geelong C ir Tailor Geelong ««conda to Oeelonp M Smith Werribee to Geelong D F Rankin Clutld Scouts to Oeelong J li Nichols, Oeelong Seconds to Oeelong a Chinchen Oulld Seo its to Oeelong C Bodlrj Ormond Amateurs lo st Kilda S Pomeroj Ormond to St Kilda N Baker Northcott) O Y M 8 lo Essendon K 1 Kennedy Fast Malvern Amateur« to r svendon F sinclair South Melbourne District lo south Melbourne P N Ilott South Mel bourno Seconds to South Melbourne I. J Phillips South Melbourne Seconds to South


K J Capuano Coburg to Essendon H E [ Henderson Camberwell to Richmond F Kiipsch Old Pnradlans lo Trafalgar, F Mathieson Old Brlghtontans lo Warragul W Haicly Camperdown to Tasmania O Thomas Carlton to South Australia K Blackmore Kjnclou District to Caulflold Fast A Mel bourne South Bendigo to Caulfield Cltv P 0 leeson and M Mansell Culllvco to New south Wales D Anderson, Melbourne to Horsham J Gibson St Mnrs's CYM 8 to New South Wnlcv H Ryan, Williamstown District to Warracknabeal It C Besloj Old Mclburnlans

to Dimboola

D Kcllehee South Melbourne to Murtoa R Ramsay Dajlcsforri to Sunshine R Carroll Nfrlh Melbourne to Macedon 11 O Worrell

Carlton to Warragul O w Pogue Brighton Tech O S to Cloidrn Square N Baker Sutur das Morning League lo South Warrnambool

F Kojs Brighton Tech o S to New South Wales 1 F Bonnett Southport lo New South Walts N Itumnev Eltham lo Warragul a B Fions South Melbourne Districts to Lang 1 ong A 1 Sholl sunshine to St Kilda L F Asllng Hawthorn to Belgrave K R Fraser Collingwood to Tasmania F Stephen son Pakenham to Richmond II Flood Bl Pal rick s (Albury) to New Boiith, Wale» R Hancock Now South Wales to Morn- ington Peninsula League O F Orahom Paient!im to Richmond I Patching New South Wales to Flinders Naval Depot

F J Griffin ritiroj to Kew W N Knight Coburg to Williamstown District O F Hosie Coburg to Colac District F O Hjdo Prahran to Tasmania T Wallace Coburg to Sea Lake R Promnltr Camberwell to Nhill Distrlrt W Oallownv Brighton to Boulh Bendigo P Power Northcote to Western Australia, K 1 urnle T lurov to Boronia r B NUoktn 1 itz rov to Fish Creek K llead "Fitzroy to Don- caster D Calverloy I clihvlUr lo ritziov second eighteen U Hardman West Preston to Fitzroy second eighteen VV H Earle Fssen don to Stawell E I Coutts Essendon to Mary- borough C E Zclnert, Collingwood to Wodonga S L Judkliis Richmond lo Alhun a Ward Richmond to New South Wnlcs A F Raine Elwood to Garrison


Henderson's Services

R Henderson the tall Camberwell riefender whose clearance to Richmond was granted this week by the Camberwell committee received lils permit from tho Victorian Football Associa

lion last night Several dettgatc» referred to the fine hen lees which Henderson had given to the Association in the last six ¡un J' Green a brother of J Oreen a lcodli B Haw-

thorn plojcr received lils permit to play with

Brrhé"àppllcatlon of E J Capuono for o permit

to play with the Don Rover» who arc affiliated with the Essendon League club also was sue ressful The application was mentioned os n

test case, which was discussed by the stand

ing committee" of the league and Association

on Monday Permits were granted to the foi

10A'"V~ (Horrie) Mason Camberwell to St

Kilda Seconds A 3 Sanders 1'IUroy to Prahran Ï lo Franki Brocklesby to Cofiurg WN Knight Coburg to Williamstown District

T r Green Hawthorn lo Brunswick B K 0 Brien Fssendon Seconds to Coburg BJ Capuano. Coburg to Essendon J A Moorr Maddingley Rovers to Oakleigh F Blackman 1 r" Ion to Coburg N L flow Prahran o Prahran City R Henderson Camberwell to Richmond jt R Rosewarnc Carlton lo Co birk F J Garrick Carlion to coburg E Perrett Ararat to Port Melbourne n Saun der" Richmond to Sandringham * Wegner Abbotsford to Northcote F G Hjde Prall

f n to Newtown IT) P Power Ookle gh to Western Australia; W Gallowaj Brighton o South Bendigo li Promnlts g«mbo"'ll to

A ^.Ä^n^tS>StSS? iSfr-lÄ CA' Craw«hCa°wb,,r(lPor0tCMÎlbourne.f who ha»

completed a period of «u»P«>n»ljn of «U weeks

was reregistered by the Association

League Snb-dislricL

Clearances granted by the League Sub dls

tr8CtSA1°Pt..mridKe!Cp°rT Melbourne V F A lo eouthAMemo"lr!.e District O A Oii'ver Mill

urovo lo Richmond D strict A Wegner Alinots

Ford to Northcote V F A , p A Hí¡5Íl.íratlr«.t C1T to lllghfleld DapllsU V HIMI « W«»t Ui linswlck Amoteurs^to Wesl Mclboiirne r lilt Hy Thornbury o South Melbourne District e vvl.llaker Abbotsford to Fairfield N L Gow Prahran V F A to Prahran Cul JJ Vlt'rol Bunill) to Alphington h 3 a rd r uroj V» to Abbotsford J F Caldwell Flliroj i. derail to.Rlcninond District J VV Anderson

F îro> Assoc atícTSub dl^^'l'»HK»»t Brun«,

wick H VVenrne, Filsrov Association Sub dls irlct« lo East Brunswick, a »»»'?"" $?lv CYM S to Kew Sub district Loague H SI Mr r I «it Kew Junior» to Kew BJ T?»'»». AW"Bt

lo Wtst Melbourne, J T Lewis Altona to vvest Melbourne. C F howard. Bast '"* ,n0>îc'°

Ko» Hub district League W J J^ Coniii «.cw

iFrihtä r^K^s^i^Ä

KVhe lollowlng pln>ers were «"«¿«gP".'"'^

m Vii» «lili Hie undi rmen oneil .ubs-J A

Mo in»r> 1' B the' fl, N Murr« W J»"«''«"

ii i aiir- 1 I* Killv 1 lurncr RD Morrl

on' mi O A Ro.s t. ^.'\VXlcó O

1 nscocMilP


for Pl.yhit Coach for North Wagga Australian reXdÜO,Clu1bCanbd. ÄÄ'"^«'«¿'««3«? ÂAtlonf'cïosî"Wh April «-"h S"1"" L

Collin» North Wagga Ne« Botttli Wales