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Why do so many people prefer the Oriental Tea Company's Standard l'acket Teas to all others? First, because the rely best teas only are used in mixing; second, because the blending is carried on under the eye of an experienced tea taster; third, because a uniformity of quality can always be inreed : fourth, because the teas are pure and unadulterated; fifth, because they are the perfection of science in tea mixing; and last, because you always ensure fall value for I your money when urchasing the "RIoyal." "Challenge."'IStandard,, and- Uuirersl" mixturas of the Oriental Tea Com psny.-Axsr.

Government Advertisement. Department of Public Works. Perth, May 12th9 1879: rTENDERS FOR PUBLIC WORKS AND O SUPPLIES.-Tenders are invited for the following Public Works and Supplies. For full particulars see Government Gazette, a file of which is kept at every Police Office in the colony. . No tender wiill be taken into consideration unless the terms of the notice are strictly complied with. I The Government does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. Dates to which Nature of Works and upplies Tenders can be received at this oI ffice. Northampton*, Railway I Station ... ... ... ... I . June 9. JAS. H. THOMAS, Director of Public Works. On Tuesday Next, THE 10TH INSTANT. LIOINEL SAMSON & SO, (Government Auctioneers), HAVE been favored with instructions from the Mortgagees to sell by Public Auction, at the Platform near the South Jetty, Fremantle, on-TUESDAY next, the 10th in stant, at 11 o'clock M ATTHEW KELLY'S 32-64th shares in the schooner KATE, 28 tons register, ad she . now lies in the South Bay, Fremantle. Inven tory of sails, &c., caun be' seen at the office of the Auctioneers. AT THE 'SAME TIME WILL BE OFFERED-= - 2 Anchors and a quantityvof Chain, recently recovered at Lockville, lost from the brigantine " Salve.".. A quantity of 6 x 3 Kauri' Deck. Planking, 5 sacks'Barcelona Nuts. -Terms-CA8H. Fremantle, June 4, 1879. SALE OF PRII M EECIANCEFiELD PO TA TO S, Ex s.s. Otway aud Rob Roy, ON Friday Next. Lionel Samson & Son (Government Auctioneers,) EiAvE received inustructions to- sell by Public Auction at. the -Platform, near the .Sonuth Jetty, Fremantle,, on FRIDAY next, the 13th instant; at 12 o'clock. 52 '0 BAGS Prime, Lancefield Po tU tatoes, ex' e.s.: "Otway rasiabipped into the s.e. R'Rb Roy." . Fremantle, 6th June, 1879. . ITBANTED two "or three intelli V- V.' gent'lads as APPRENT0CES t" th.E p~ ithig businAess. Apply . OFFIoE OF THIS PAPER. Cliff Sgtreet' Fremantle,- " 6th Julie, 1879. JUBILEE BEER! SJUBILEE BEER! .. JUBILEE BEER!!! AT THE.. STANLEY- BREMWEIIY! --0 B.W. Harwood & Co., .N returning their sincere thanks" ro -- the inhabitants of Perth aihd'Fre mantle, and the public generally, for the liberal support accorded . them *inceopeoing the above old-established' Brewery, desire to apprise their 'cus: tomers that -the.. presen -time an?e enisiveSuppy-yof--FI~RST4 OLASS . COLONIAL BEER   BREWED EXPRESSLY   FOR THE JUBILEE       ANNIVERSARY,     only awaiting their customers', com- mand. D. W. H. & CO., while wishing prosperity to their numerous patrons,   trust that nothing will be wanting on their part to facilitate their rapidly increasing business, and they guaran- tee that the fame of OLD STANLEY BEER shall by their efforts be preserved for generations. Perth, June 4th, 1879     : [A CARD.].. W.3. NUGENT, Saddle, Kartess- COillar Maker MARKET STREET, FREMANTLE (Nex~t door to the .National Bank) Repairs executedwith neatness and despatch. Country orders punctually atternded to ANTED 'a good HOUSE SMAID, one who can wait at table. .. Apply to MRS. HERBERT Freemas,,sn' Eo6el. Fremantle, May 31st, 1879. The National Bank of Australasia. OAPITAL ..... £1.000,o0O OAPITAL PAID UP £8oo00,000oo RESERVE 'Uz;D .. £287,500 A DIVIDEND at she rate of twelve and a half per cent. per annum has been declared on the paid up capital of the Bank, and will be pay able at its snveral Brench. 8 is this elony on and aftur WEDNEdDAY, the 28th instant. Perth Office, 26th May, 1?79.

CRANWORTH HOUSE,     MARINE TERRACE, FREMANTLE. PHILIP WEBSTE HAS much pleasure in intimating that he has REMOVED from   " GROSVENOR HOUSE," High Street, to his NEW RESIDENCE, " CRANWORTH HOUSE," Marine Terrace, South Beach,. next the Custom House. BUSINESS ENTRANCE, COLLIE STREET.   PRIVATE ENTRANCE, MARINE TERRACE.   Winter Goods! Winter Goods! o HAVE TO ARRIVE Per "Ocean Queen," A LARSE =SHIPMENT OF WINTER GOODS COMPRISING Ladies' and Gentlemen's CLOTHINGI, Dhn PERY HABERDASHERY, MILLINERY- 9 &~- &. C "M H. & SONS would call particular attention to the extensive assortment . of Carpets, Hearthrugs, Ohairs, Mattings, Bedsteads, Fenders, and all other requisites for furnishing. ALSO ON HAND, 1000 PACKAGES TEA, ex, "Spinaway," in boxes, halfchests : and chests from common to best quality. (t"o A liberal discount will be made to the trade. 1 INSPECTION INVITED. LAD SALES. -0 : "Cr'own .Lands O~ce, Perth, :May 14th, 1879. T HE undermentioned Allotments'of Land will be offered for sale at Public' 1. Auction, on the dates and at the places specified in the Schedule below; a*.one o'clock p.m. C E U . i ....:::·80KSEH DULE, E .. . Date of Sale. Places of Salo. j Description of Lots. No. of Lots. (Quantities. Upset Prices. 1870. IIa. r. p. 136 0 8 24 ; £7 10s. per lot. 12th Jane Northam Northam Town. 107 1 0 3 1h76 2 3 22 £110s.peracre. 12th unne Northam. Nortliiim Suburban* - MALCOLM FRASER, Commissioner of Crown Lands. I PORTANT AININIO IC IT FOR THE SO UTrH ERN_ DISTRICTS._ MiESSRS. W. SPENCER -ASON I. AVE new on sale, just arrived per P. & O. Steamers, from London, a JHI' choice assaitment of WIN TEtit OODS, consisting of Sergis, Ho,espuns,. Satin Cloths, Galateas, Cashmere Twills, Pereian ; Twills, Mohairs, Urossiver Mohairs, Liuiseys,. Winceyse.Tweed Mixtures, Colored Cords, Norwich Twills, Alpacas, :'elange Alpacas, Fancy Twills," Fancy -Materials, Flannels,l Balmoral Crape, French Merino, Blue Serge, k(aliuods (Loi;goliths, Unbleachod and Sheeting), Drab and White Moleskin, Tartan Oloths, &c. S ALSO, Black Glacs Silk, Foulards and Japanese. MILLINERY DEPARTMENT. Ladies' liats .(tri:nmedand untrimmed) in Felt and Straw; Flowers, Orname'its and other Trimmings.'" CI OTHING DEPARTMENT. ' _ "Mens' and Buys' Suits, .Moleskin, Tweed, and Doeskin' Trowsers, Ridiag Pants, Boots, Rats, Shirts, Ties and: Oravats. Hosiery of all descriptions. - Azxee, Adzes, Augers (all :sizes) Hammers, Planes, Gimblets, Saws, Wr cWdtiha, Lwevlr ,Ril?eArehinedean Drdls-Spokeshave?, Niiis--Se&rews1-- Tomahawks, &c. in ALSO.--Sia shoveis, Prom-Forks, Sickles, 8cythes,;&o . SAll.the ab,,v being on sale at the most moderate advance on cost, offer at splendidl ~~pportuzity for Country Storekeepers to whom- a liberal:. disc unt will be allowed. Buil?bory, May 24th, 1879. 5f HIGH STREET, FREMANTLE. RIDNSDAI, & CO., with new and improved machinery for the manufactire of Swe.ts and C _nfectioery of every dlscription. orders and quality of goods to merit a continuation of past esteemed favors. FrWmatle, April 6, 1879.O F'resnautler, April 16, 187i9.

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