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Four Injured Men

Dcapitc lour Injured players three of whom will be nuable to pins on Saturday and one who Is sers doubtdil Melbourne Is tooling lornnrd lo Hie match against Carllon willi confidence The players nre keen and In t,ood condition and after their cfTorU. against col

llngwooel and St Kilda arc hopeful of enlerlng

the four

Thou Injured nie Taylor 1 ostei Ball and McNnmara Hearnes did not train as he Is Mincrlng (rons a sllgliils strained muscle In lil- leg He will be lu Tor Smirday

The co-ioh iw Ched cr Hughesi lui! ?simm and Kinnear ifull bnck (rom tie féconds) mstclicd ngilnst each other and both I ci formed stell Ralston had ills first run for a lorlnight ind lewis Les Jones Mucllei llirassi Hclflcl and Li loniatnc worked well


Slight Injuries at South

Pralt South Melbourne s star forward was

Bison employ nu nt it a brewery at Abbotsford I lis i leadme, club fupporler scslcrdns He « Iii benn work to morrow Hie work is per ni ineiil nnel Prnlt salel yestcrrias that he ni sllsfied Ile «111 remain at South Melbourne

OtTlciits it holt11 Melbourne said yesterdit Hint »hi n It was learned tint Pratt was seek Ing eiiiplotinerit they had recclted lite oilers (rom suniorlirs who came forward quick!« t ce inte (hey ltared that Pralt mlglil be lost

to Hie club

South had a nunibcr of men with minor In juries tesierday None was serious hoistser biggins tbrulsed ribs! anti Matthews usted Int. also rceeitcd some hard knocks last *-Hurd is and lu did not train nlthougli he should be atailable for Saturday Dinton Is expected to play next bntmdiis He was re ported to be showing considerable Improvement

McKenzie had a cold and he recels ed a rub down and n shower Hillls who Is maklnc, a rapid recoscry from lils recent Injury trained well yeslerdas

sbscntees were Ritchie! (Injury to leg! and Thomas tlnjtircd ankle) Both should resume

in about two weeks


"Worst Crop" for Years

Essendon has seien men on the Injured list -llat'h Bruce Anderson Moltbs I'atttnaon Cussln Coutts and Rippon lie serretary iMr Frnnk Reid! snid at training yesterday that he did no1 remember such a large num.

bcr of Injured players tit one time It was disappointing to the temi to be handicapped In this wat especially when It was doing so well

Six of the men would hate been selected to play against Gcclonx on Saturday it liles were asnllnble Hopes were entertained lu Hie dressing rooms that some of these men would hase recoscred bs Thursday cscnlng and thus make the task ot the selectors easter

Coutts a teacher dislocated a collnr bone when playing willi the sccondr on Satúrelas

Ho would probably base been one of the hie, men selected for Saturday Rippon has sullcred a recurrence of tin Injury sustained tn a police mulch on Wednesday last He could not train and had to recede treatment The best of the reseñes who played willi the seconds em Saturday were Turner and Nicholls a local Junior who was born neal the l^scndon


CHU Shaw aged lu years n centre half for ward from Romsey lind a run and shaped well Keith Walker the Lnst Maltern mun

tcur who lias been signed up bt Essendon lias decided to remain for Iho present willi lils old


The FsFendon team and statt will lento Spell

ccr street for Geelong bs the 11 IO a ni train on Saturday arris Dig at 12 35 p ni


Smeaton and McCormack Fit

In anticipation of one of the mo-t Import mt mntchin of I Ile season Ihnl against South Melbourne on Saturday Richmond trained solidly last night Because he considers thnl »peed will te the deciding fueior Henil« y con- centrated on sprinting pnsslng handball and general match practice Players responded magnificently lo Hie severe test through which they were put und llicie Is great confidence thal tho team «III win ....

Stiang trained again last night but kicked with his lett foot only Although his knee Is showing decided Improtemcnt it still be n fct weeks before hi Is able to play Smeaton (In Jured on Saturday) has rccotcrcd and trained well last night Wisdom wiso was rcmoted to SI Vincents Hosnltal willi n broken leg has no relatltcs in Melbourne and would wel

como ttslis from frki ds Mccormack should be ready for play this week Dickson Huyes nnel Nicholson arc also displaying tmprcsslic

A pla«crs tea will be held at the Victoria Cale Bridge road to morrow night when plans »111 be discussed for the South Melbourne match on Salurdit The curtain miser will be plated by St Patricks College Billorat and

bl Kel in s Toorak


Hickey Gives Satisfaction I

GEELONG Tic-day - Allhotigli tin re w stiong feeling lu Geelong lnst -seek that

Cly mo, loíth oí Hie Gteloim -Ide should he nnircd the position follow Un. on tho retire

menuot C. Dibbs the form displaced by the team on Slitut-ajy egnltist South Melbourne aller the two nights that It Hickey lind been In charge of training operations made tt Im possible for the committee to oterlook him

The (appointment of Hickey lins met with oencral npproial nt aeclong HL was coach of the tenm Iii 1132 tie ni hi'ln he Is adopt Ing In the I raining bus left little to be desired He Is determined to hate the men Ht nud on luesday had Hie players operating until after dark The Improienicnt shown on biturdty indicated thut he Is on right Hue" On iocs tiny he had the players dltlded Into e.rou|is and was glthu» them work according to their rcspcctlto needs Each group caine In for special attention , .,

Coles appeared after his injury Biid will be asallnble on Saturday L rictherell who it was announced after his ml hap at Hawthorn Intended retiring trained hard ind lils form was most Impressive Oinnt (Injured shoul- der) did not train but should be mallabie for Saturday J Finns Is Improslng and should be available A Muller Is progressing but is not likely to be thoroughly fit for ii week or two Glenister did ser> good stork


Gaudion Will Lead Side

Burke (groin injury) rceeitcd electrical treat-1

mt nt at North Melbourne last night He muy train to moi row Skinner found yesterday that there was no fracture of a bone In lils huief as Icarcd but It was seserely Jarred Ile

ii o rccelsed electrical treatment and should be usallablr for Saturday Kemp (Injured arm) was much improted last nlxhl but Is doubtful for Saturday L Smith the 19th mun who «titi on In the lnst quarter dislocated his


C Gaudion w11! lend tho side next Sittirday, and the selectors »111 have dllilcults because of the quain- ol talent mallabie North Mel

bournes recent smashing finishes hase recalled some of Its tilumphant last quarters in days of Barker Hardie and Raw le

Morcom ti leading West Melbourne player


Among a number of social cscnts that are being arranged is Illa annual bal) on August

Mr Tftbcrncr of the British Hotel a former sice president and Mrs laberncr who is n member of the social committee have promised to entertain the players and officials at a smoke social if North Melbourne scores within three souls of Collingwood To night a picture nlf,ht will be held in the Loco Theatre when players will be the guests of the management

T Llewellyn now pluying coach nt MiiTy

borough trained with lils old club last night as ho I» suiting Die city on holiday lease from



Fund for Widow

Delegates at a meeting of the Association seconds last night agreed unanimously to open a fund to assisi the widow lind two children of the lntc R L Rowe n Port Melbourne foot- baller »ho died on Sunday after Injuries which he recels ed accidentally against Northcote on the près lons day

The chairman (Mr A McDonell) said that the Association should act Immediate]) and it was decided to send subscription lists to

each of the 12 clubs

Mr A Ashton ICoburgl said that he believed that his c'ub would subscribe £10 to the fund Mr McDonell and ti HTc membei IMr J J O Connor) each hase promised ¿".1/1/

The deleítate to the \ ictorian Football Union (Mr VV II Das Is) Informed ofiicials that afcl

tatton among Junior football clubs to share

were entitled to use the grounds on 24 Satur dass and the cricketers on 28 Saturdays

Mr McDonell believed that if two more Saturdays were granted to Hie footballers less trouble would he crpcrienced in play lui, the

final matches

Tile Association seconds honour board will be uns« lied at the nest meeting on July M


]{ii!s-.cll Dihtjiiulified

The Independent tribunu! of Hie Saturday Morning League lnst night disqualified for four week« VV Russell (Dunlops) for lim hit, at tempted to kick VI Knott (Victoria Brewery) during a match at Bruuswlcl on June 0 Mr Hay Brew (chairman) said ihut had It not been for his good record Russell would has o been disqualified for a longer period

A charge against Miller (Holdens) of has Ing attempted to strike E Goodwin (Raymonds) on Suturdny was dismissed The umpire ad- mitted that Iho blow might base been acci-


At a meeting of delegates Messrs H Nama (former treasurer of Carlton Football Club) and E Rowan were appointed proxy members of the independent tribunal The appointment* were made to obviate delays In hearing charges

ngainst players

The following registrations were granted - F L Wilkins (Carlton Brewery) R h. Burton IRuymunds) M Joyce A Edwards J E Young L Bazin E J Ouest T Woods (JJusc locks) VV Riper (Carlton Brewery)

Drapers' Association Team

The selectora oí the Drapers and Traders An aoclatloti base cho&cu the tollón lug teuni to play Hcnlehtlllc nt llcalcsilllc on Monday -

Backs J Blackman J Cleary (cant ) eettslcr Half bacila Lester Cleary Keck Centres Almond Connors Hnrrls Hull forwards Macks Ilalnslord CiimpIVId Forwards Kenyon Lim Mc-Cimutc lollowera McMahon li Clears Uoter Hartcy loth man Orccly hmcntcnclc* Neary Slccth

Payne s team to s lill Vea Is -

Backs R Cousin T Reilly D Doolan Hall backs M Smith N Oieely n Read centres S nope II Mitchell c Owen Hall lorwards J Sullivan J Croto-uan L Irainnun.« Forwardf H Slccth II Verdon J- Wolab I olio» eis I Kcnncaly N Hedí« Roser ) I'lowte Hub man