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FINISH OF THE KING'S CUP. ADELAIDE.-Donnstei winnini? fiom Petit Tils mid Cnpc Yoik.


Improved Beyond Récognition



Improved beyond recognition in Adelaide the Vic- torian three-year-old Donaster won the King's Cup at Morphettville by five lengths in time which was a record

for South Australia.

Donaster gave a remarkable perform-

ance to win, as a mile from home he was j in front of only three horses, Cope York, | Amalia, and Burlesque. A little later he

began a forward move, but he covered!

much extra ground through oeing forced' to go around a bunch of horses spread wide out on the course In front of him.

Still that made no üinerence. ann on uns

home turn Donaster ran up to the pace- maker. Allnura. He was not troubled to pass that mare at the'straight entrance, and, going on very strongly, he had a very.great margin in his favour by the time the post was reached.

"He could have won by 10 lengths," said his rider (W. Cox) after the race, and that aptly expresses the ease of Don

aster's win.

Donaster was taken to Adelaide mainly for the St. Leger, and his owners (Messrs. J. A. MacLeod and C. P. Taylor) hardly dared to look as high as the King's Cup for him. In fact, the betting on Saturday week suggested that Donaster would suf- fer defeat even in the St. Leger. He was considerably less fancied than The Rill in that race, but he scored a meritorious win, and The Riff finished only third. Then, of course, his chance In the King's Cup appeared much brighter. It seemed brighter still after his very easy win In the Baker Handicap on Wednesday, and the following day Donaster was a firm second favourite at 3 to 1.

At that time Hall Mark was favourite at 2 to 1, but by the time betting opened on the course on Saturday Hall Mark was quoted at 6 to 4 and Donaster at 4 to 1. Then came a rush of money for Hall Mark, who firmed until even money was the

quot«. In the meantime Donaster eased until at barrier rise his price was 13 to 2. Allnura had firmed to second favourit- ism at 6 to 1. |

Nearly Fell j

Hall Mark was the great disappointment i of the race. Excuses can be made for him, as he was crowded for room, and nearly fell when the barrier rose. Then he forced his tongue over the bit, but even taking such disadvantages into consideration his performance was not that of the Hall Mark of old.

Recovering quickly after his stumble. Hall Mark went through on the inside to take third place leaving the straight, and then with The Riff he settled down behind Allnura. So they ran to the half- mile, where Hall Mark appeared to be

going well enough to have a gieat win- ning chance He, however, could not go with Donostci when that gelding ran up to him soon afterward and at the straight entrance it was apparent that he had no chance Hall Mark struggled on for a while, but half-way down the straight he weakened, and eventual!) he was de- feated out of a pltcc He finished only i sixth

1 IVlil Fill, Placel

To onothci Victorian horse Petit Flls, , went tile honour of following Donostci home Petit Fils was well placed all the way, and seven furlongs from the post he was with his stable companion, Break Up, behind Allnura, Hall Mark, The Riff and Mellion From the half-mile post Break Up began to lose ground but Petit Fils fought on when passed b) Donaster Half- way down the straight he hung in and slight!) hampcicd Hall Maik but that horse was well defeated at the time, and Petit Fils stiugglcd along to gain second place in front of Cipe York who by his performance, proved that his Adelaide Cup win was no fluke A mile from home Cape York was in fiont of only Amalia and Burlesque, but fiom the seven fur- longs post he made up giound rapldl), and he was close to the leaders at the straight entrance He and The Riff had a great struggle for the placing The RUT fought on in great st) le He w ill be hard to defeat In the other Important distance events to be run in Adelaide within ,thc next two or three weeks

Burlesque failed again Because of the improved condition of the track on Satin day he was expected to give a better pcr foimoncc than In the Adelaide Cup, and so he was well backed But Burlesque was in no better galloping mood than on Wedncsda) He was lost most of the way, and eventually he finished in front lof only two horses-Break Up and Mel-


Alinura was just in fiont of Burlesque at the finish but she had um a great race It was not thought that she would adopt the role of pacemaker, but rather than fight against her when she was anxious to go in tile earl) stages her rider (R Cann) allowed her to run along She was going ver> comfortably in front all the way to tile home turn, but she could not go with Donaster when that gelding ran up to her Allnura however, was still a place possibilit) a furlong from home, and weakened only In the last 100 yards .

CLUNIAC ATONES Well-backed Winners

Clunlac atoned for his defeat in the Goodwood Handicap by winning the Totalisator Handicap, for which he started equal favourite with Isosceles at Morphettville on Saturday. Ridden by K. Voitre, he jumped away smartly, and he was In front at the end of a furlong. At the straight entrance Segati was nearest him, but he moved away from that mare, only to be challenged by Moom- bana, who obtained a run on the rails. Momentarily Moombarra seemed likely to win, but Clunlac was holding her off at the post, where he had half a neck to spare. Segati was third. Another favourite successful on Saturday was Berehavcn, who finished brilliantly from the ruck in the Clarendon Handicap. Mirthsome, winner of the Kurralta Handicap, was

second favourite. He was one of the I leaders all the way, and was first Into the straight. Kingswood, the favourite, on whom K. Voitre liad the mount, did not gallop generously at any stage of the race, and he finished a long way back.

Replica of King's Cup to

be Made

Mr. J. A. MacLeod is to keep the King's Cup trophy won by Donaster on Saturday, and his partner, Mr. C. P. Taylor, will have a replica made. Mr. Taylor will keep the sash won by Donaster in the St. Leger.


Coming to Melbourne

Woodlace, who has been leased by Mr. C. B. Kellow, will arrive in Melbourne to- morrow to be trained by J. Holt. He ran in the Millswood Steeplechase at Mor- phettville on Saturday, and was rather easily defeated by the favourite, Master Comique. Still it was the first glimpse of form shown by Woodlace for a con- siderable time, so Mr. Kellow is hopeful of further improvement. Woodlace ran lils race In patches, but he went on strongly after the last jump had been


St. Fox, who won the Clarence Park Hurdle, is a Grand National Hurdle Race 1 entrant, and, judging by his finishing run

on Saturday, he is a stayer above the



For Following Fields

Commenting on a suggestion that the following of fields by a stipendiary stew- ard in a motor-car on the Inside of the track should be adopted by Melbourne race clubs wherever practicable, Mr. M. J. Hogan, chairman of the South Australian I Jockey Club's stipendiary stewards, ex-

pressed his great appreciation of the inno- vation nt Morphettville.

"When the motor-car was first sug- gested I was against the proposal," said Mr. Hogan, "but, following good reports of the innovation on the opening day of the meeting, I made a trip in the car on Adelaide cup day and was greatly impressed. I have no hesitation in say- ing that the following of fields in the car Is of much greater volue than the placing of stewards at different points I around the course. The use of the car

at Morphettville will bo continued."



Two miles and 36 j ardí

di »OX bl St Spasa-Terebooka 5 1rs

10 0 (E Johnson i 1 KUrORD aged 0 2 (A Bsnoe) 2 R4MEITON 6 jrs «V (II Braccglrdle) 3

Other starters - Sir Dentan 9 11 (n La* renee) Ktndllla 9 7 li Oakce) Scarlet Dindv fl 1 (V McGahan) Preston Scot 0 0 (N Buck ingham) Lorne 9 0 (R McMahon) Pampoo »0 (J Kean)

Betting - 2 to 1 agst ST FOX 5 to 2 Hamel ton 5 Halford 7 Sir Dentan

Dlvs (for £1) (win) £2/12/ (place) £1/12/ £1/14/ and £1/8/

Three and a half lengths three quarters ot a. length Time 3 441 Scarlet Dandy and Preston Scot fell


Tor Two sear olds)

Six furlongs

MJRTHSOViF by King of Mirth-Lu Anton

8 4 (S Kite) 1 ?VIV. O MING 3 carried 7 4 IE Preston) 2 JOVIAI LASS "7 carried 7 8 (VV Cox) 3

Other starters - Perianth 9 0 (P Slatters) Kingswood 8 11 IK Voitre) Irish Jewel S 1 (S Alford) Paluslrls 7 10 (II Bastlanl

Master Roseland 710 (H Hall) Al Slrat 7 9 (VV Elliot! Youngstar 7 8 J Higson! Ardlethan ""8 (K Bromley)

Bhakkar 7 4 (R earling) Cnlesccnt 7 3 R Medhurst) Lads tvormnndlc 71 car

ried " 9 (D Graetz) Zasu Pitts allowed lib 613 (P Brodie) Musical Romance 7 0 ID Smith) Lord Salisbury 7 0 carried 7 4 H Olsen) Double Speed 7 0 (M Raven) Daventrj allowed lib 6 13 (J Ryan)

Betting - 3 to 1 agst Kingswood 4 MIRTH SOME B to 2 Al Slrat 7 Jovial Lass 10 Palus tri« Irish Jewel

Diva (win) £5/18/ (place) £2/6/ £6 and £3/10/

Length length and o half Time 115J


One mile and a half

»ONASTFR j A MacLeod nnd C F Tav

lora ch g bj Great Star-Donna Marie

3 jrs "6 carried " " (VV Cox! 1 PETIT FILS H R Telford s b g C yrs

8 6 E Preston) 2 CAPE TOBK C L Moorhouse s b g 4 yrs

7 0 carried"! (N Percivall 3 Other starters - Hall Mark 9 5 (K Voitre) Burlesque 8 11 (A Dewhurst) Amalia 8 9 (K Bastian) Break Up 8 8 (J Barry AUnura 8 6 'R Cann) Meillon " 9 (R Medhurst)

Celotex 7 6 (E Badger) The Rtfl 7 0 carried 7 1 (VA EUtotl

Betting - Evens Hall Mark 6 to 1 agst .AUnura 13 to 2 DONASTER 8 Burlesque, 12 Cape Iori. 14 Break Up and Petit His 20 AmaUa 35 Meillon Celotex and The RIB

Dlvs (win) £"/8/ (place) £2 £4 6 and £6/8/

Amalia and The Riff were first to show out ¡rom a good start and going out of the straight The Rift was a length clear of Celo rex then coming Hall Mirl AUnura and Amalia At Elders The Riff was lust In front of Allnura and Hall Mark but pissing the nine furlongs Allnura had run to the front and she led past the mile clear of The Riff then com ing Hall Mark Meillon Amalia Cclotex Petit ills Break Up and Donaster At the «,lx furlongs Allnura was still In Iront two lengths clear of Hall Mark and Meillon who were foi

lowed by The Riff and Petit rils Allnura led round the turn from Donaster The Rift and Celotex with Cape \ork moving up fast Don aster Joined Allnura Into the straight with Hall Mark Petit Flls Celotex The Riff and Cape York the nearest of the others Donaster .rent right awaj from the field to defeut Petit Flls by flvt lengths with Cape York who carne home weU tv neck owa- The Riff was half a

herd aw ai fourth then coming Amalia Hall Mark Cclotcx Allnura Burlesque Break Up with Meillon last Time 2 31 (State record)


Two nnd .> half miles and 56 vards

.SLASTLR LOMIQIF bj Comique-Vs snare

aged 10 3 (G Dallj) 1 ¡JOOBUCt aged 110 IH Brnccgirdlc) J nUSTICIANA ngcd 10 12 (R McMallon) 3

Other starters - King Bridge 1011 (C Power) Atamboea 10 0 (E Wilson) Red Earl

0 4 carried 9 5 (H Smith) Scorlccn 8 0 (E


Betting - 0 to 4 agst MASTER COMIQUE 0 to 2 Atamboea 5 Woodlnce 0 Rttstlclana 13 to 2 King Bridge 10 Red Earl

Diss (win) _2 12/ (place) £1/10/ and



Nine furlongs

BHUHASFS bj Ble hoir-Low)nc 5 vis

7 13 (H Bastian)

lAILFlACKt aged 8 11 (II Patching! KISO WOITA 4)rs 8 12 IN Scanloni

Other starters - Prince Virgin 810

Stocker) Ooldsoinc 8 7 (K Voitrc) Ashridge di ID Graetz) Collector 712 IO Calllnnn) Glenanton allowed 51b 7 6 (C Malavlchl Esandcr 7 10 (N Pcrclsal) Trnsersc 78 (li Elliot) Drim 7 8 (R Medhurst! Toxawas allowed 71b 7 0 (r Brodie) Salundl 7 7 (Ë Lcesue) Rojal Opera "7 carried 7 8 (S


TO DAI -Acceptances at 2 p m for

Moonee Valles (Maj 20) entries closo Bacchus Mnrsh (May 26) Mornington

(May 28)

TUESDA1 -Races at Ses maur Wjong

(NSW ) Entries close for Ascot (May 37) Moonee Valley (May 30)

MEDM-SD4I -Races at Moonee Valley

Coleraine (first daj) Rosebcrj (NSW ) Murra) Bridge (8 A ) Albion Park (QI Entries close for Ascot trotting (June 1)

Titi ItSDAV -Races at Ballarat (first

daj) Coleraine (second day) Accept- ances at 2 p m for Williamstown (Ma/


Fltmil - Races at Ballarat (second


S*TIRDA1 -Races at Williamstown

Hamilton Wangaratta Bairnsdale Moorefield (NSW) Gassier (SA)

Cnnnlng Park (VV A ) Kalgoorlie (WA) Doomben (Q 1 Toowoomba


Gill) Pctherlon

King 7 7 carried 7 " - (E Preston)

Betting - 3 to 1 agst BEREHAVEN 7 King Wolta 8 Goldsomc Traverse and Salundl 10 \allcjacrc Prince Virgin Esander and Rojal


Diss (wini £4 8/ (plicci £2 8 £C and Doubles Tote -King s Cup nnd Clarendon Handicap- DI s (for 5 ) £7 0/ and £13 5/

Length and a half three quarters of » length

Time 163 (race record)


SU furlongs

CIIMAC bj Cistercian-Cool Melba 4 srs

9 0 (K Voltrei 1 MOOMBARIM 6 yrs allowed lib 6 13 (r

Brodie) 2 SEOATI 6 srs allowed 31b "11 (C

VV right 1 3 Oilier starters - Isosceles 8 10 (VV Elliot) Old Storj 8 3 (O Calllnani Sister Florence 7 13 (J Hopwood) Orinda 7 5 (R Medhurst) Lady ormsby 71 carried 7 5 HI Olsen)

Wjeela 7 0 carried 7 1 IK Pcrclsaii Scotch Valour 7 0 carried 7 3 IS Kite) Présate "OU Marshall) Pcng-ange 7 0 (C Cox) Marjwhtn 7 0 (R Flecti

Betting - 3 to 1 agst CLUNIAC and Isosceles 6 Orinda 8 Segatl lOWseela 14 Moombarra

Diss (wini £3/10 (placel £2 2/ £4 8

and £2 16

Half a neck two lengths Time 131.