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Wave Lengths and


Reallocation in Victoria

To come into effect on September 1 a new allocation of the wave lengths and frequencies of national and commercial

broadcastlng stations has been arranged' by the Postmaster-General's Department Many Victorian stations will be affected. The establishment of new stations, the de- partment states in a circular, has made the change necessary. It has also be- come imperative that more attention should be given to the maintenance of the authorised frequency of all stations. In Europe and America a variation of only 50 cycles off the assigned channels is al- lowed, the circular states, and this stan-

dard had now to be aimed at in Aus-


An officer of the department stated last   night that the changes would be bene- ficial to listeners. Those who had marked   the dials on their sets with the names of stations would have to make a few altera-


The changes in Victoria are shown in the following table which includes three new stations 3WV, the new A class station which will operate in Western Victoria

3GI the new A class station which will operate in Gippsland and the new com- mercial station 3XY (Young National


Existing Position on Position on Sept 1

Kilo Wave Kilo Wave

Station cycles Length cycles Length

3AR 610 492 630 476 3LO 800 171 770 390 3MA (M'dura) 900 331 960 333   3DB 1,180 254 1,030 291     3TR (Sale) 1,280 234 1,240 242         3BA (Bal'rat) 1,300 231 1,320 227       3KZ (Melb) 1,350 222 1,180 254       3GL (G'long) 1,400 214 1,350 222       3AW (Melb) 1,425 210 1,280 234      


3WV 580 517' 3GI 830 361 3XY 1,420 211  

The wave lengths and frequencies of the following stations will remain unchanged

-3UZ (Melbourne) 3BO (Bendigo) 3HA (Hamilton) 3YB (mobile) 3FH (Swan Hill) JWR (Shepparton) 3Hr (Hor sham) and 3AK (Melbourne)

Changes in New South Wales

SYDNEY Triday - Station 2FC will move from 451 metres (665 kilocycles) lo 402 metres (610 kllocjcles) 2BL will be 405 metres (740 kllocjcles) 2GB will move from 316 metres (950 kilocycles) to 345 metres (870 kilocycles) and 2UE will move up to occupy the channel which will bo vacated by 2GB Other changes arc

-2KY will move up to 204 motics (1 020 kllocjcles) and 2UW will move to 270 metres (1 110 kllocjcles) 2CH will chango to 252 metres (1 190 kilocycles) and 2SM will retain Its existing wave length 236 metics (1 270 kilocycles) Covowa will occupy practically the same channel as

2rc now uses